Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What does the RED in Red County Blog stand for anyway?

You've seen the Red County Blog right?

Jerome Stocks Red County Blog post, My Answers to a Questionaire (he spells questionnaire wrong in the his blog post title).

Posted by: Jerome Stocks | 08/21/2008 11:08 PM

It comes as a surprise to some first time candidates for public office that various interest groups send out questionaire's to get a feel for where you as a candidate stand on issues they care about. Candidates receive these from public safety groups, the building industry, the right to life folks, the sierra club, organized labor, and more. This blog is a sample of one from a local group, along with my answers...

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Jerome does not mention that the questionnaire is from the Encinitas Taxpayer's Assocation. In the comments section somebody ask where the questionnaire came from. ETA president Kevin C. then posts a comment and says, The select questions came from the...

The answers are not yet due and after they have all been returned we will comment on all the responses. I can say now that Mr. Stock's responses include some positions that will be welcomed but there some serious problems in other responses.

Until we gather all the responses, check out our latest newsletter at:
Here is where Kevin adds a link to the ETA website but that link is quickly edited out and this comment appears, ...Sorry. We don't advertise other blogs for free here...

Kevin attempts a follow up post with a link to Encinitas city council candidate and republican Joe Sheffo's NO Tax Challenge, but again his post his edited with, Sorry. We don't advertise other blogs for free here...

The San Diego Red County Blog is run by an anonymous person who calls himself The Mighty Thor.

It is odd that "The Mighty Thor" would edit a link, especially to a taxpayer watchdog group. The Red County Blog often post links and stories relating to the San Diego Taxpayer Association. I wonder why Thor is so nervous about the Encinitas Taxpayers Association that he felt compelled to resort to censorship?

The statement "we don't advertise other blogs here" is just downright bizarre. It's hardly advertising, it's not like it's an ad for Monster Energy drinks or something, it's a link to a public taxpayer watchdog group made up of mostly republicans. The whole point of the internet is to link to each other, that is why it's called the web.

There was some serious avoidance of mentioning the name "Encinitas Taxpayers Association." on the San Diego Red County Blog.


  1. Vote for Stocks at Jerome risk!

  2. check out the RCB blog -- the San Diego county blog editor is an avatar suffering from hemorroids. The other editors actually have first and last names -- why would "Mighty Thor" want to hide his identity -- isn't he a proud republican? Anyway, that blog reads like a high school newspaper -- its all about us! Yawn.

  3. 10:26

    Then he should cut out meat for every meal each day and add fiber. Problem solved.

  4. Who said Thor did the editing. Barry Jantz is a redcounty blogger and he seemed to lay responsibility on Jerome. Jerome has the power to censor and it looks like he did it.

    Was he afraid that his track record story would crushed by the light?

  5. Somebody is worried. Redcounty just closed Jerome's blog post to anon comments.

  6. The local GOP has supposedly endorsed Jerome Stocks, Joe Sheffo and Harriet Seldin (who?). They past over old Jim Bond and try again Doug Long.

    Christie Gurien is rumored to be Seldin's campaign manager. The witch is back.

  7. Ahhhh Haaa Haaa Haaaa, I'll get you my pretties!

  8. The local GOP has made no such determination.

  9. Red County Blog knows that Thor was gay right?

  10. the pod people will get youAugust 26, 2008 9:43 PM

    From Jerome: The actual name of the group is irrelevant. They're a local Encinitas group with their own particular axe to grind, but they could be from anywhere and any town.

  11. RED = Redundant Effluent Diatribidians.

  12. long time San Diego politico with an impressive network of political insiders -- does Mighty Thor have tapeworms? Ouch...

  13. it stands for the phrase:

    "'In the red'-operating at a loss."

    (Funk and Wagnells New College Standard Dictionary)

  14. Jerome Stocks is a wimp. What is he afraid of? The answer: losing the election.

    I saw his post on Sunday evening. Cummins had already posted. The Encinitas Tax Association link was there. He censored it later. Stocks is the man who has given us floating closed-door session times, who sneers at public speakers, and who usually puts Oral Communication speakers at the end, if there are more than five. He will do anything to avoid public scrutiny.

    In his answers he seems to have forgotten ENRON. Here an outside forensic audit, even an expensive one, would have saved billions and the conniving accountants, Arthur Anderson, would still be in business. Auditors tend to give the result the client wishes. After all they want to continue to do business.

    Stocks also knows that Kerry Miller did some fancy money shuffling with the San Dieguito Water District and the Hall property bonds. The same with the library construction bonds, only the Encinitas and Cardiff Sanitation Divisions (not called districts anymore) and the Fire Department are on the hook to pay the bonds too. Only Leucadia Sanitation escapes the avaricious grasp of Stocks because it is independent of the city.

    Stocks now wants it all. The city is no longer hiring for the SDWD. As the old employees retire, the district will be absorbed into the city by deceit.

  15. C'mon JP. Even Jerome knows the answer to that one:

    Red States and Blue States refer to those states of the United States of America whose residents predominantly vote for the Republican Party or Democratic Party presidential candidates, respectively. According to The Washington Post, the terms were coined by Tim Russert,[1] and began to emerge in mainstream political discussion following the 2000 presidential election. Since then, usage of the term has been expanded to differentiate between states being perceived as liberal and those perceived as conservative. A blue state may therefore be any state leaning towards the Democratic ticket while a red state may be any state leaning towards the Republican ticket.


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