Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Art Walk Dead Zone: Phoebe St Post Office Area

The recent Leucadia Art Walk was a reasonable success with an estimated 2500+ visitors. All the small businesses looked like they were really benefitting from the foot traffic, so I found it odd that the owner of the small and perennially slow Leucadia Surf Shop had posted hand written NO PARKING signs. The above photo was taken on Art Walk day!

This would have been a great location for artist and musicians and a beverage cart and the surf shop could have sold some Leucadia t-shirts. Why wasn't this location utilized?


  1. The reason this location was not utilized is because the owner of the Surf Shop doesn't want people parking in the lot and walking away to see the art and not shop in his tore. So he requests that NO ONE park there and then no one shops at his store either.

    Next question please.

    I am the answer man!1

  2. It's kinda like when Artistic Pianos was in the lumberyard. They used to bitch about the weekend long fesitvals that interfered with their business. Until one day Peder Norby got a letter from the owner saying that someone from the event had peeked into his window and ended up buying a $25,000 piano. "I'll never say another word" the piano man wrote Peder. When you have hundreds of new people walking by your business it behooves you to welcome them regardless of what you sell, not put no parking signs up. You can't buy that kind of immediate exposure. That dead zone also broke the link in the cohesive chain of Artwalk (even though the new sidewalks helped overcome that).

  3. Last year LeucadiART was kicked out of the entire lot, even though the year prior, the leucadiART group blocked off all the area by Leucadia Surf to assist his business.

    There were more people by his shop than any other day of the year,and music. Why he thought this would not be good for his business is baffeling.
    So be it.
    It seemed a great succcess and all the businesses seemed to do well and certainly will benefit throughout the year with return and new clients.

  4. For most businesses in Leucadia the Art walk is a waste of time!!!

  5. Well, maybe for your kind of business. But you don't see artists going down by the pier and slapping sailors out of your mouth.

  6. On the more positive side, businesses and locals were very supportive.
    Jerry from KENO'S gave out 1000 iced water bottles to the crowd.
    Jack from RHINO ART donated paper for the kids art area.
    AUGIE’S had LeucadiART specials.
    The PANNIKAN had their own art show and music.
    PAPAGAYO had their own music.
    And all along the way, good music and, of course, ART
    L101, the city, the volunteers, the businesses, restaurants and our locals all joined in to make it a great day and were gracious hosts.
    I find it hard for anyone to say that 2,500 plus people being in and around our local businesses could be a bad thing. All along the art walk locals and visitors experienced
    Our Leucadia. They made new discoveries and will be back. Locals enjoyed the company of their neighbors. There were more folks out on that Sunday enjoying our community than ever before in one day.
    Why could this not be good for businesses.
    I say thanks to L101, the city and all the others for putting this on.
    I am looking forward to bringing my family to it next year
    We will ride the magic bus and walk on our new sidewalks
    IT’S ALL GOOD, as they say.

  7. We all know that "ANNON> September 10, 2008 2:36 PM" does not like anything or offer anything positive. He is very consistent.
    His best quality is he can type.

  8. Because the business behind the post office's actions, Caldwell's was outside the art walk map.
    That was not all his parking.It was also post office parking(closed), and that very unique restoation store,(closed, but for good reason and nice honest people)too.
    Sorry Fred.
    Bad business juju L.S.

  9. That was a bummer being outside of the Artwalk map this year, but it really didn't seem to matter. There was a constant flow of great people in the shop all day. The most I've ever seen (outside of marathons but no one stops during those to shop). I blame the new sidewalks for most of that!

    During one artwalk a few years back, a couple who live in Sea Bluff now stopped in to show me a picture of an oil painting my mom did for them in the 60's. She died in 1981. What a perfect day to see one of her paintings I barely remember. They had been all over the world but the painting (a seascape) is still above their couch. You never know whats gonna happen on ARTwalk day, but there's something prophetic about what Ms Bell said "IT'S ALL GOOD".

  10. JAMES BOND, BOB NANNIGAN and MAGGIE HOULIHAN are the TRUE environmental choice for this November! After watching their comments, votes, lifestyles and talking to individuals on the City's Environmental Committee, I feel confident in my endorsement.

  11. I'am very glad that this topic has finally come up on the blog.For most of the years(33) that I have lived in Leucadia, I wanted to have a business in Leucadia.I loved the eclectic, local,"friendly" flavor of the area and to be able to work in the community that I live is a dream come true. I have always considered that all the surrounding shop owners helped make the area a destination for a unique experience whether you are shopping, eating,going to the beach, walking, riding a bike the list goes on. Leucadia is a unique and special place.LeucadiArt is an opportunity to promote the entire area, and all the businesses. In the past L101 has tried to work with this surf shop owner to include him in this event.He says the event ruins his business on that day.He is not the only one that thinks this way, and I just don't get it. LeucadiArt may not be the best day in $$$$ for me, however the exposure and the incredible positive energy that the day provides is a blessing.In this struggling economy having a small business in Leucadia is not always easy, however IT'S ALL GOOD.

  12. 8:36

    for pete's sake, if you're going to vote as schizo as that, at least know the name of the friggin canidiate you're voting for. And 4 more years of Bond? You're an idiot.


  14. I liked the art walk. I thought it was fun. When I was a teenager, I used to do these kind of art shows and that's how I got my start, and for others, this may be the way they gain confidence, learn how to sell themsleves and their art, and if for nothing else, it's time well spent. And Jerry from Kenos is a saint. There were a lot of thristy dogs and it was nice to see all the dog bowls that people could use for their pets.

  15. I liked the people, but that road sucks. Fast, LOUD, Unsafe to bike, crowded to walk, and Ugly.

    Man- that thing needs to be fixed quick.

    The bottom line was the road killed the Leucadia Soul Mood.

    I will never bring my children down that stretch of hell until that roadway is re done.

    City - Please make it sooner than later.

  16. Your children won't be children by the time the Street Scape is completed. Please take them to Carlsbad to stroll so they don't have to be exposed to more 101 hell.

  17. wishing I could walk in my communitySeptember 11, 2008 10:59 PM

    No worries. I will drive to Cedros. Thats nice. I will drive to the beach in Leucadia. God knows we can't safely walk there.

  18. Places to walk and shop:

    Target shopping center
    Carlsbad outlet mall
    UTC shopping center. You can take the bus.
    Shop online, then walk on the beach
    Buy nothing. No consumption is the greenest alternative. It is also the most socially responsible, because all those shops and restaurants exploit cheap labor.

  19. Walker O says: Buy nothing. No consumption is the greenest alternative. It is also the most socially responsible, because all those shops and restaurants exploit cheap labor.

    Obviously, Walker O has never employed anyone, as, if one follows existing laws, there is no such thing as "cheap labor". Add in workers comp, social security, disability, and unemployment taxes and it adds 25-30% to whatever the wage costs are, not to mention needing to pay an accountant to keep it all straight.

    Workers' comp is calculated on risk, so a roofing company may pay 50 cents on every dollar of payroll just to have the government mandated insurance. No wonder people hire off the books...

  20. Too bad L.S. owners have no art to hang and entice people into the shop. Dudes you should team up with a local surfer/artist and share in the wealth and customers they may bring into the shop. Missed out no another opportunity to connect with locals who could spread the word about your shop. Surf shops are a tough business and every opportunity you pass up to bring in customers is a lost opportunity.

  21. I always assumed the majority of busineeses in leucadia and del mar were drug fronts because they have no pedestrian traffic.

  22. Neighborhood watchSeptember 12, 2008 9:41 PM

    Not true, but I did hear one has liquor in the front, and poker in the rear.


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