Monday, September 15, 2008

Build the Hall Park at Ponto Beachfront Village in Carlsbad

Wow, empty land right on the lagoon and by the ocean, neato.

Shopping centers instead of sports fields? Why does Carlsbad hate children so much?

Since so many people from Carlsbad showed up to an Encinitas city council meeting demanding that Encinitas taxpayers pony up the $35-$50 million it will take to build the Hall Park sports complex, I figured it might be easier if we all just built the park at the 50 acre future site of the Ponto Beachfront Village instead of the 44 acre site in Cardiff.

City of Carlsbad website: Ponto Beachfront Village

Propaganda website for the Ponto Beachfront Village:

SignOnSanDiego: Panel to discuss report on beachfront plan

Soccer is a favorite game of elitist liberals who want their kids to grow up to be socialist Europeans.

Imagine, soccer fields with an ocean view! Carlsbad is kid friendly right? So no doubt that Carlsbad will embrace my idea and build soccer fields instead of shopping centers.

"Friends" of the Hall Park website: ENCINITAS: Park supporters play hardball

Coast News: Residents still divided over Hall property

Many Cardiff locals are concerned that the tall field lights will shine directly into their homes at night. Panel denies permit for park project, suggests changes to scale back plan ENCINITAS: City voted one of country's most playful

Check out this quote from Encinitas city councilperson Dan Dalager from this SDUT story on Aug. 24 2008:

“When I was a kid, we always had open fields and vacant lots and nobody used them, so you'd go out there and get exercise,” Dalager said. “Kids obviously can't do that. As we get more densely populated, you have to plan and you have to create these places.”

Dalager is on to something here, why does the park have to cost $35-50 million play soccer?!?

Soccer is popular all around the world in every economy. It cost almost nothing to play, you just need a ball, some friends and an empty field. Why can't the Hall Park just be wide open grassy fields? Why the mega-park?

At the very least, we could grade the land, plant grass, and water and mow the fields and the let the kids run around and play soccer. The adults can even keep score and write GO LINDSY #1 on the windows of their SUV if they want.

Soccer in Sierra Leone. Our soccer fields should probably be nicer than this one.


  1. Our kids will use the soccer fields. Why such hostility to them? Kids are kids whether from Carlsbad, Encinitas or Africa. It's not a "socialist" sport. It's a team sport.

  2. sick and tired of the BSSeptember 15, 2008 10:48 PM

    The Encinitas Soccer League ramped up big time to shove this sports complex down our throats -- just what is the ESL? According to its website, it is ENTITLED to the Hall Property "The City of Encinitas has been promising to build active-use fields for nearly 20 years. The first proposed site (where Encinitas Country Day was recently built) was sold and the Hall Property was acquired in 2001 with intention of building an active-use park in what had been a thriving commercial nursery."

    When has Encinitas promised fields before -- and who did the promising?

    ESL has both competitive and recreational leagues. The Rec league has @ 1,000 players from N. County of 80+ teams, and participates in the Commissioner's Cup " The post season offers a chance to participate in the Commissioner's Cup. ESL encourages its Div 6 thru 3 teams to play in what has become one of the biggest recreational soccer tournaments in the state. The Commissioner's Cup is held the first weekend of December, with most games played in the Encinitas and Carlsbad area. Each team is guaranteed at least three games. Teams from all over San Diego County participate."

    The competitive league has an expanded schedule "Competitive teams usually begin conditioning practices in mid- to late-May. Teams begin their competitive play by participating in two to four pre-season tournaments through the late spring and summer months. The competitive playing season begins in August and concludes in November/December. There are league and state cup competitions in January through March for the younger teams under 13 and from April through May for the 14 and older age brackets. Our competitive teams also participate in one to two post-season tournaments depending on their age bracket."

    The competitive league employs professional coaches and is not cheap -Fees:
    Under 8: $595
    Under 9: $695
    Under 10- Under 19 :
    AA-A and below : $975
    AAA and Premier: $1125

    Having looked at the public comments on the City's website, it is obvious that over half of the ESL supporters of the sports complex don't live in Encinitas!

    If our Encinitas kids really need soccer fields for recreational purposes then the competitive league should go buy their own fields and quit hogging the recreational fields.

    No public sports subsidy for private soccer leagues!

  3. Great observation, J.P.! Carlsbad should love their children instead of high impact foo foo strip malls. You are what you build.

  4. I love old EncinitasSeptember 15, 2008 11:03 PM

    Great Post JP-

    The clear reason is Carlsbad, Jerome and Danny D want Encinitas to pay for the $100,000,000 (you needed to include the cost of land, interest, and overhead costs) regional sports complex, so that Carlsbad saves their acreage to so they can build more strip malls and boxes.

    Jerome once again wants to stick it to us Encinitas residents for a special interest group. He never stops.

  5. I was told that Maggie Houlihan supports 5 sports fields - is that true?

  6. I hope Bruce Ehlers employer knows he is on this blog...

  7. Anon 12:36

    Great question for tomorrow night's forum. Let's ask both the incumbents and the new candidates whether they want to build a community park with 4 fields and room for other activities or five concentrated sports fields.

    Frankly I don't see why the soccer people are panicked about one more field.

    Look at Carlsbad's largest sports park, Poinsettia Park. It is 42 acres and only has 1 large soccer field (splittable into two youth soccer fields) and 1 dedicated baseball field. The remaining acreage is used for tot lots, tennis courts, pavilions, a natural amphitheater bowl area and buffer space.

    Gee ... It sounds like the original Hall Plan.

    Is someone fanning the flames of discontent for political purposes? Could they be manipulating the ESL to their benefit? I smell a rat.

  8. I am bummed, I can not attend tonights candidate forum. I really want to see how the candidates present their platforms.

    Please, can some one please video tape the event and post it on you tube?

  9. Let the organized sports people pay to maintain public school fields that already exist and use them after school hours and on weekends. The schools already have parking lots and bathrooms and the facilities are unused half the time anyway. The schools can use the money to ease their budgets. The dedicated fields out by Target are almost always empty. Let the soccer leagues buy portable lights and put existing fields to use.

  10. Maggie does not support five fields. We all want soccer fields,just not 80% of the park devoted to the needs of, maybe 20% of the community and limiting the ammenities as a result.
    Below: portions of a well verified letter to planning.

    Biased Plan and EIR. The Plan and EIR are not objective. Its bias is immediately evident
    from the stated Plan Objectives2: “1) Provide ... recreational facilities that are
    predominately active ...; 2) Maximize the number and use of athletic fields ...”. Acceptance
    of these fabricated objectives is counter to local community desires, and of course allows
    objections to the current plan to be easily squashed. Furthermore, it is stated without
    question and without reference that there are “unmet needs” for athletic fields in the City

    No validity to “unmet needs” claim. Appendix P of the EIR includes a Needs Assessment
    table from the Encinitas General Plan3. This table lists the National Recreation and Parks
    Association (NRPA) estimated required need of one soccer field per 10000 residents, with a
    service radius of ½ mile. With the population of Encinitas at about 63000, this estimate
    suggests a need for 6 or maybe 7 soccer fields. The Encinitas Soccer League's web site lists
    12 city locations in the city with soccer fields4, many with multiple fields.

    The current plan is not what the community asked for.

  11. good questions for tonights forumSeptember 16, 2008 7:02 AM

    Forum questions for Jerome-

    Ask Jerome why nothing positive has been done in NCTD in 8 years

    Why Leucadia has been zoned for a scortched earth policy?

    Why is all the money in City's general fund going towards a regional sports complex?

    Why is upgrading all the City's fire stations to 5 star commercial buildings the City's highest priority?

    What has he done that is positive for Encinitas in the last 8 years?

    Question for Jim Bond-

    Can you remember one years ago?

  12. FYI, Poinsettia Park has three dedicated baseball fields not one.


  14. The complaint repeated [by the Carlsbad? players] about the existing soccer fields was divots. Does that really require spending $60M? There are many other problems such as the dangerous, unhealthy at-grade tracks and chronic flooding. Those should be addressed before spending any more money on more projects.

  15. The pieces are falling into place...Stocks and Bond are members of the Rotary Club, the Rotary Club sponsors a tournament each year run by the ESL, this is the biggest money making event for the Rotary Club. Stocks and Bond's sell out of our town is alive and well. BUT WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! Show up at the forum tonight -- show them we are mad as hell and demand straight answers, not the usual evasive self-serving responses.

  16. I would rather have baseball fields and a skate park than soccer fields.

  17. Stocked and SabinedSeptember 16, 2008 9:19 AM

    Scene: Closet at City Hall, our heroes are conferring amidst buckets and brooms.
    Stocked: Glennboy, them thar spies and anemones are circling our wagons! I’se not feelin real right about this meetin tonight. Hell, what’s the point o’bein Mayor if youse expected to palaver with the great unwashed. Don’t folks know the Mayor gots more important things to do! Can’t I’se jess bow out seein I almost dun choked off that thar tater tot and my trachomotogy scar ain’t been healed yet.
    Sabined: Jerryboy, jess you calm down. Youse don’t show up, folks goin think youse a wimp. I’se got a plan fer tonight’s forum. Youse got your BB all charged up?
    Stocked: nods
    Sabined: Gud, now listen here... real close like...closer Jerryboy
    Stocked: (moves closer)
    Sabined: No, closer, Jerryboy, closer....
    Stocked: (moves closer)
    With barely a gnat’s wingtip space between them, our heroes plot their strategy for tonight’s forum.
    Stay tuned

  18. Business members of the Ad Hoc Committee formed by EUSD to develop a plan for the Pacific View site along with residents on that comittee are upset because; while they were 'informed' about The Naylor Act; they were NOT informed that the property was NEVER offered to the City, nor that there was a time-limit component to The Naylor Act that was running out. Most members of the committe, believed that the City had been offered the property and took no interest in it.

    This was by design.

    Feel free to ask any of the business members of the ad hoc committee if they knew the property hadn't been offered to the city and that there was a time limit for enforcing The Naylor Act. They will tell you,"No."

    So when Dr. King was interviewed by a reporter and explained that the entire intent of exchanging the property with John DeWald was specifically so the surplus property would not "trigger the notification component of the Naylor Act". The public and council watchers realized suddenly that neither the district nor the City was being entirely candid about the attempt to upzone the closed school.

    No one can blame Dr. King for doing what he believes is in the best interests of the school district.

    But when Mrs. Regan claims in the NCT Commentary last Sunday that she is stating 'facts' in reality, unless she wrote this piece last May, she is in 'fact' knowingly misleading the public about what the ad hoc committee currently feels about the development.

    Claiming that the playing fields component of Pacific View is not covered by the Naylor Act because "In this case, the Pacific View site has been used as a fenced maintenance and storage yard for the past five years," one has to wonder if that was indeed the idea all along; allow the city to cover the fields with asphalt in exchange for them convienently agreeing to use it as a public works yard long enough to disqualify the property for the Naylor Act. Voters should be grateful for this 'fact' from Regan.

    No wonder the Council is hiding behind the City Attorney on this one!

    Council people were quoted today at a DEMA coffee for Council Candidates as saying The Naylor Act does 'not' apply to those playing fields.

    Should they have added, "because we knowingly used it as a public works yard to help nulify the Naylor Act so the property could not be used as fields and would have to be developed?

    Unless the issue is placed on the City Agenda and a Public Hearing is held where there is legal accountability for all five Council people to disclose their meetings with DeWald, Norby, Dee Snow, Dr.King and other district representatives; then the public will NEVER know the facts.

  19. Bob, or, anonymous 2:32

    Clearly misled the public into thinking they could get something for nothing and steal the pacific view site from the school district) sure that was going to work?

    So his way out now is to concoct a conspiracy theory lining up the school district and the city council and the ad hoc committee, who conspired and created a devious plan to allow the city to use it as temporary public works yard thus thwarting the trusting BOB as he drove to cost the tax payers $20 million, don't worry will get free money and grants and stuff, to buy the most expensive property near the beach for another pocket park beloved by RSPB and friends.

    The aftermath of typhoon BOB, will be to work with the district again, I would not blame them if they did not want to, and get a project that works for the neighborhood, and preserves the old schoolhouse instead of a 60,000 medical office which the current zoning allows.

    Typhoon BOB does not want a zone change thus a 60,000 sq. ft. medical office building that is a permitted use by right will most likely one day be built there.

  20. As a health care provider, I would love to have an office that overlooks the office. If you build it I will lease it!!

  21. Chiroquaks are no health care anything. They are rip off artists.

    Build the regional sports complex at Ponto on Carlsbad's dime!

  22. The Naylor Act requires the district to offer the surplus school site to the City first. Therefore, the medical office building was not a done deal, nor is the proposed zone change. A Naylor Act lawsuit is not time barred yet. However, I don't see anyone at the City pursuing it. Of course, the City attorney is hand in glove with the developer interests, so it is no surprise.

  23. Typhoon Bob? I like that.
    Although I would prefer Councilman Bob.

    With all due respect anonymous 7:46I always blog under my own name because it is the name my parents gave me, and I have nothing to hide.

  24. 8:22
    I hope you never get a sore neck or back for longer than 2 weeks like I have before. Chiro's can pop you back in shape immediately. But be sure and drink lots of water cause when your muscles get dehydrated, that's ususally what makes your spine tweak anyway. (Learned that preventative tip from guess who? A Chiropractor and haven't had a problem in years.)

    But I fully agree with you on Carlsbad!

  25. Vote ACETI for Council!
    Less Sport Fields
    Smart Woman
    No development ties

  26. Betsy Aceti is a lobbyists's lobbyist.

  27. It's cute how Steve Aceti attempts viral marketing for his wife on this blog.

  28. I just want to thank Bob for making the Pacific View school devolopment discussion to the table!
    I live two blocks from the school and all I have heard is half truths and pure BS from our city council and the school board on the direction of this property!
    There was hardly any discussion until Bob brought up the Naylor Act and then all of a sudden the talk begins! Bob is consistently at public meetings dealing with important community projects...leading the way and forcing the discussion!
    Our city council is out of touch and in my opinion getting real close to be charged with fraud by knowingly withwholding information to the public.
    Thank Bob Nanninga for doing more public service on your dime than our manipulaive city council.
    My vote will not go to any incumbant time for new blood!
    My first vote is going to Bob and not sure who else will make the cut for the other two postions!
    Speak the truth and get my vote!!

  29. With all due respect, Bob was not the first time the Naylor Act was brought to anyone's attention regarding the Pacific View School site. The first mention / question came from the Planning Commission on the evening they heard the issue. Bob was in the audience.

    If your reference was regarding this blog alone, you are correct.

  30. I took up the issue because the neighbors of Pacific View asked me too.

  31. Keith Olbermann-SoldanoSeptember 17, 2008 8:59 PM

    I'm glad this has become a left-wing wacko blog

  32. The city f+++d up. Pacific View was closed. THe District offered to lease the land to the City -- hello, that triggers the Naylor Act -- "sell or lease" -- the City Attorney, Sabine, had to review the lease -- do you think he was looking out for our interests? Do you think he mentioned the Naylor Act was triggered by the "leasing" -- if he didn't he should be FIRED. If he did, those who ignored him should be KICKED OUT OF OFFICE.


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