Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coast Hwy Traders

The cool and funky gift shop Coast Hwy Traders in downtown Encinitas is currently running second place in the Channel 10 News contest for best gift shop in San Diego county. Hop over to the Ch 10 website and vote Coast Hwy Trader's in the #1 slot.

click here to vote

Voting ends October 3rd.


  1. After careful review as a Community Environmentalist (18 years), I strongly recommend NANNIGA, BOND and HOULIHAN...

    Don't be fooled by the others!

  2. After careful review as a Community Environmentalist (18 years), I strongly recommend NANNIGA, BOND and HOULIHAN...

    Don't be fooled by the others!

  3. 11:37
    Could you repeat that please?

  4. Or even better:
    Rachelle, Maggie and anyone else but

  5. Are they having televised debates?

  6. I love the dream of the USASeptember 27, 2008 11:02 PM

    Hey JP-

    How about a piece about how to live like a good communist now that we have our government owning companies, health care, welfare and banks.

    We have turned the corner and are now in worse shape than China.

    Wow how quickly times can change.

    Just like the fall of the Berlin wall.

    End all current incumbents reign. Our current governments sucks and does not follow are God divine constitution! Keep your firearms close and in good working order.

    I Love The USA constitution and what our forefathers’ tried to establish.

    I guess the human race cannot sustain a country of democracy and Liberty for more than 300 years.

  7. God help our Children

  8. How about "Anyone but the incumbants"

    It's time for change. Maggie, Jim And Jerome do not represent change.

    Vote Collier, Nanninga, and Brandenburg.

  9. I have to agree with Pam.

  10. an ashamed baby boomerSeptember 28, 2008 1:04 PM

    Why doesn't Congress and the Whitehouse just give each citizen and company in America $10,000 each.... What a great bailout that would be.

    After all it’s only our kids and grandkids that will need to repay our debt.

    Our generation sucks.... total complacent generation which depends on the government to take care of their own personal inability to manage their consumer habits and debt.

    I never want to hear about any politician or baby boomer talking about caring for childen. Complete BS.... if they did, they would not be spending their money on for our own personal comforts.

    Absolutely Disqusting!

  11. As a "baby boomer" and an activist to this day, I have to agree with the comment above. My generation, a generation that had JFK, MLK, and others as mentors, has failed everyone, including themselves. We were asked to do something great. We did not come close to achieving this. Instead, somehow many got lost in the status and money game. How did it happen? I have no answers. All I have are questions. My own profession, psychology, is still complicit in torturing detainees at Guantanamo. And, it is sanctioned by the American Psychological Assoc. I quite over this, and was labeled a "troublemaker". If that is the definition of a troublemaker, I am good company with the likes of a few people still left fighting the fight. I urge all of you younger people, don't let this happen to your generations. The planet cannot stand too much more of it. I cannot apologize for my generation, as I have never been a part of the "money and staus is everything" crowd". I will do what I can, with what time I have have left in this world, to fight the "powers that be" to make a difference in the lives of the younger people. You all deserve it.
    With love,
    Dr. Lorri

  12. JP-

    thanks for the Iraq occupation debt clock.

    Do we have that kind of money in our savings?

    Should we continue to build our debt for the occupation and build our debt to China?

    Do we have needs for that money in the USA?

    Maybe we have plenty of money, and debt and credit is not a problem?


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