Saturday, September 06, 2008

Economy, Location Wilts Paper Rose

From the inbox--"After struggling for months to pay the bills I am now closing down the store. Currently we have everything on sale at cost price 50% & our last day of trading is October 18th so we need all the help we can get to get the merchandise sold by then. Many thanks for your past support,"
Kind regards,
Kerrie Stewart
owner Paper Rose

705 N Vulcan Ave
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 436-2855


  1. You can add the City to the list of reasons. They keep the blighted unsafe conditions on that road.

    All this talk about building $100,000,000 regional sports parks, when the City ignores creating safe streets.

    I when to the paper rose many times. I love the store but could not walk there and even driving there sucked with the speeders on Vulcan Avenue.

    For all the surveys the City has completed, every one reports that residents are unhappy with the road conditions. No one ever mentioned building a Regional Sports Complex or rebuilding existing fire stations to the Ritz level as a priority

    Its easy to see who is getting special treatment with the City funds and its NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

  2. Nice store but bad location with no sidewalk + rude shop owners + slumping economy = fail.

  3. Sorry to see them go. Put a taco shop there.

  4. All they needed was hope and change.

  5. They got change, they needed dollars.

  6. They should rename it Palin Rose and sell fake librarian glasses, guns and moose hide skinning knives.

  7. This has something to do with the election? Palin has a lot of people (see: Kool-Aid drinkers) scared shytless. Does anyone still buy the Obama marketing? Is it too embarrassing to admit this far along in the game that you've fallen for the hype? Getting laughed at with that stupid "Got Hope" sticker on your car? It's only going to get worse.

  8. I am really sad to see them go and want to thank them for being so personal in the running of their business. Wished it would have worked there for them. I wish them the best.
    Would like to see more shops and businesses I could use on Vulcan.

  9. I wouldn't wish Vulcan Ave on any business as inaccessible as it is. Glad the bike shop and Seewalds have done well but they are the acceptions. The Paper Rose I believe flourished in the Lumberyard for over 10 years. That seemed to be the right location for such a business. From the pictures it looks like they painted and landscaped and did everything they could to make the Vulcan location presentable. And that still didn't work. A business district has to have a plan, with tight knit complimentary businesses in a walkable environment. Vulcan is not that. But Cedros Ave obviously adopted that rule.

  10. Sadness. I liked the Rose.
    It kinda reminded me of the Third Bird. I miss them too.

    Not all change is good.

  11. Paper Rose we are so sad to see you go!
    It is like loosing a good friend! Always had the right thing to say!(On a card) Always had the right pick me up on a cloudy day!
    Who is going to brighten the brunch visits? or the dinner wait lists? when they are gone! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US!


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