Monday, September 01, 2008

Encinitas CC Drinking Game

I thought it would increase civic involvement to share the rules of the increasingly popular City Council Drinking Game.

Encinitas City Council meetings air live Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.
Cox Cable - Channel 19 at 6:00 PM live on the Wednesday evening of the council meeting.
Time-Warner Cable - Channel 24 at 6:00 PM live on the Wednesday evening of the council meeting.

You can watch the meetings live via the city website:

Find your liquor or beer of choice and take a shot/chug it down whenever the following things occur:

  • Whenever Stocks has to remind Bond what is going on.
  • Whenever Houlihan repeats herself.
  • Anytime Stocks checks his blackberry.
  • Anytime staff says, "Because that is the way we have always done it."
  • Whenever Dalager fondly reminisces about something he plans to destroy.
  • Whenever Houlihan makes a motion before anyone else speaks.
  • Whenever Stocks says to a citizen or councilmember, "You have a right to an opinion."
  • Anytime Stocks looks like he is holding back a nasty remark.
  • Each time Dalager says "its for the kiddos."
  • Anytime Lynn gets a time donation.
  • Whenever Barth smiles the "what planet is this" smile.
  • Anytime the camera catches Dalager looking out into space.
  • Anytime a counselor can't operate their mike.
  • Anytime the city attorney actually says something.
  • Anytime Dalager reminisces and then doesn't talk about the issue at hand.
  • Anytime Barth makes a motion and nobody seconds it.
  • Anytime Stocks says something phony.


  1. That last one is a deal breaker. I know I'd be too drunk to watch a full meeting.

  2. Clean Encinitas livingSeptember 03, 2008 9:28 AM

    JP- What happened to the last few posts about the Leucadia Art feedback and the Youtube John Daley Posts?

    Is there some editing of free speech going on like Fox news?

  3. Perhaps J.P. deleted the last 2 because they were garbage. The You Tube thing was funny, but after that it went downhill. He is the owner of this blogsite and given the commentaries going on about Dr. Lorri, who is actualy a very nice person, it was time to say "That's a Wrap". Now onto the Planning Commission tonight. Anyone interested in the fate of the Hall property might want to show up and be heard. If you decide to play the Encinitas Drinking Game, don't show up at the planning commission because some of us do take a real concern in improving our City. Although that game does sound like a lot of fun J.P. Think I'll try it another time. I would be drunk by the end that is for sure.

  4. Hi All:
    Some interesting comments from you folks out there. I don't have a clue as to what started all of the sexual stuff about me, however, I would like to take this opportunity to state the truth. I did not ask J.P to remove the posts, if there is a question in anyone's mind about that. Actually I was kind of flattered that so many of you wanted a "piece" of me, so to speak.
    So, for the record, I am happily married. I have 2 grown kids. I am a legitimate psychologist, who also happens to also help people grieve the loss of their pets. My website, so all can see how I look is: I do have a published book entitled: Saying Good-bye to the Pet You Love. My cousin is the Lt. Governor of California. My brother was not here last night, and I don't believe that he would find it amusing that someone used his name, which is Bill, BTW. I do play the clarinet. as well as the piano, and guitar. I have lived in Cardiff for 25 years, and will hopefully die here. I spend time in Africa helping the Masai people. I am a Parks and Rec. Commissioner. Did I leave anything out? If so, please remind me. So, as Cardiffian said, show up at the planning commission tonight and share your thoughts on the Hall property. That is much more interesting than I could ever be.

  5. Looks like a fun game. But I'll have to supplement it with O'Douls.

  6. Looks like a fun game. But I'll have to supplement it with O'Douls.

  7. I haven't started the game yet, just accidentally posted twice.

  8. This blog is not about Dr. Lorri.

  9. that's right, it's all about ME!

  10. Fricken advertisement for Dr. Lori.... oh brother.

    Whelp the blog is definitely censored.

    Should I watch fox news or the fun loving meaningless anti free speech blog?

  11. A friend of Dr. Lorri'sSeptember 03, 2008 1:27 PM

    Good grief people, can we move on? Dr. L was responding to a bunch of crap about her. Then she mentioned the Hall Property meeting this evening, which she said was more important and I agree. I don't know why you all have your heads up your ass but get a clue soon. I am sure if Dr. Lorri wants advertising about herself, she does not need this blog. She isn't even running for anything. What is the problem with all of you idiots. How would you feel if you were the one you just got big time trashed? Don't be so quick to judge others unless you are Jerome of course, who probably started this whole thing. Did you notice what time the postings were? All late in the evening when Jerome and his friends at the Red Blog drink the most. Are they scared of her?

  12. I've started the game already Fred and I guess I will have to miss the Hall Property event at City Hall tonight. Oh well. It's already a done deal anyway.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Dr. Lorri is proof of how no good deed goes unpunished. Thank you Dr. Lorri for denouncing homophobia on this blog, and being a stand for issue oriented politics and an advocate for change.

    Your willingness to engage in the dialouge under your own name is a testiment to your integrity and pride of purpose.

    Thank you.

  15. I'm new here and all I can say is, Jeez. What a bunch of wierdos. Everybody talking about someone named Dr.Lorri and then some guy named Bob. Arguing about trees and whatnot. And then this art thing comes along over the weekend, I'm worn out from trying to understand all that goes on in this town. Somedays I think I should have stayed in orange county.

    I still haven't figured out who this Fred guy is and what he does and why he has fans??

    We don't have anything like this in the OC.

  16. a friend of Dr. Lorri'sSeptember 03, 2008 3:52 PM

    All of you that are sick of Dr. Lorri posts can now shut the f--- up. She may really be sick (medically), so all of you that trashed her can feel really good. Could be she may have a lot less time to help out the City than she thought. Proud of yourselves? So, when you don't see her tonight at the planning comission, think about it. Her voice and courage to speak out has made a difference to some of us and even to this community. And those of you who did not have the courage to post something to stop the nonsense that Jerome and his buddies probably started, it's a bit late. I saw her today. No need to say more, as this is not a Dr. Lorri blog. She will probably be pissed at me when she reads that I even sent this, as she doesn't want people to know. Sorry Lorri, but I know you will forgive me.

  17. I don't know who wrote the observations about the Council in the new Encinitas Drinking Game.

    But whoever you are, write on!

  18. Dr. Lorri.

    This is a blog and you are fanning the flamers. You and "your friends and relatives" should let it go.

  19. To Freind of Dr. Lorri-

    Thank God your not my freind. Who would want a freind like you blabing all over the internet about a problem Dr. Lori has with her health.

    Now do us all a favor and let people die in peace. We don't need to hear the details.

    And Bob- Quite flaming the gay thing. Of course there are homophobes.... thats as natural and a minority in civilization just like gay people. Geez- can gay people just be gay. You don't see straight people jumping all over someone when they make a joke about having sex with a hot chick do you? Whats the big deal.

  20. I'm confused,

    I thought Bob was married?

  21. Enough already. If the person who broke into my car last night and stole my computer is posting all of these flaming things then please return it. The sheriff has enough to do. And, whoever thinks I am flaming the flamers, why don't you attempt to catch the thief? What a show.

  22. JP...thanks for the live broadcast info about the Hall Property Park meeting. Now I can get up and walk around during the boring parts! My liver's not big enough to try your game.

  23. Can council members play too? Or is Jim already playing?

  24. Just got home from the planning commission meeting about the Hall park. You know, it's not about soccer fields -- but why did the proponents show up with their kids all dressed in soccer gear, didn't see anybody in baseball, football or lacrosse gear. The kicker was some of the proponent speakers live in Carlsbad. Give me a break!

  25. Should I watch fox news or the fun loving meaningless anti free speech blog?


  26. 2:17

    It's spelled "weirdos" (that catchy "I before E, except after C" rhyme is one of the first misleading "rules" they should ditch, if anyone ever improves our inconsistent language IMHO).

    Oh, and I'm just a guy who's lived here forever and sometimes I can correct, corroborate or just add to a local subject from my own experiences here (like knowing how to spell weirdo. I thinkk I learned that in the 60's from either Big Daddy Roth, Mad Magazine or my mean older sister.)

    What I do: Graphic design, some civic involvement and run the family antique shop.

    Why I have fans: Just as clueless as you. But note they are careful to remain anonymous.

    Be happy to compare this blog with your favorite OC blog.

  27. Stocked and SabinedSeptember 03, 2008 11:16 PM

    Scene: Ferny wine bar in C-bad
    Stocked: Glennboy, that thar JP dun stole our drinking game and dun changed the rules, ain’t nothin sacreds no more?
    Sabined: Jerrybody, youse so right. Sure is a pity folks see the need to poke fun at a serious endeavor.
    Stocked: Damn Glennbobbit, once again youse hit the head of a nail. Youse as right as an angle in an Isousedaleez triangle!
    Sabined: (takes a glup of red wine) Hay Suess, this here hog’s waller ain’t nothin compared to a shot of Jack, Jim or Charlie!
    Stocked: What we doin here is educatin our pilates, so’s we can attend all the PAC parties and not puke from the alcoholic beverage of choice.
    Sabined: Jerryboy, youse always got yur mind a twirlin and connivin, I jess don’t see whys you ain’t more “preciated by yur electrolytes.
    Stocked: (pulls bag of tater tots from pocket and pops 10 into his mouth) Wulllllllll, ya see, Glennombuonitsl, I’se think smovhsogskdlkglsd, and of course, meimmmeughghghg, ack ack ack ack.
    Stocked chokes on tater tot, his face turning a paler shade of white, Sabined calls 911, ambulance rushes to scene....
    To be continued

  28. After attending the Hall Property Meeting last night. I have confirmed my votes for Aceti, Collier and Nannigan.

  29. Beware. Nanninga will always play to his current audience when he's on stage. He's a chameleon. Wait a bit an he'll change positions. Two elections ago he opposed Stocks and the building industry, last election he supported them and, apparently, this election he says he is opposing them although he hasn't been very vocal in his opposition.

  30. Kudos to the City of Encinitas for televising the Hall Property Environmental Impact Report.

    While the heartfelt pleas for playing fields by the parents attending were genuine, what became clear after five hours of testimony from both sides is that the current council and Danny Dalager in particular are consciously destroying a neighborhood. Shame on them for for forcing their staff to execute legal contortions to create this plan and putting the poor Planning Commissioners in the position of defending this monstrosity of a regional sports facility.

    If ever there were a reason to throw the bums out in Encinitas then this design and the incredible falsehoods put forth by the staff with pretzel logic should be Exhibit 1 at their trial.

    Dalager was once removed from the Parks and Recreation Commission for chicanery like this, again over property owned by the flower-growing Hall Family.

    This is some kind of demented dream that Dalager is forcing on this poor Cardiff neighborhood that should never break ground in that community.

    Watch the next Planning Commission meeting Tuesday, September 9th to see the five Planning Commissioners attempt the impossible, defending one man's twisted desire to triumph over all that is right about our city.

  31. The scene was the Encinitas council chambers and lemme tell ya brother, you cudda cut the tension with a bowie knife. Funny how ordinary citizens become big shots once they ascend the podium, and room was crawling with plenty of primevil examples. I knew we were headed for a long ride. One of the Planning Commissioners was barely able to complete a sentence or convey a thought. Maybe he had a lot on his mind. Maybe he has no mind. That alone puts him in good company with the pro-sports- complex groupies.

    First, we get the Hard Sell from the city staff. A lot of 'em looked like rats caught in the corner with cheese in their paws and grease stains on their ill fitting dress shirts. I wish they'd speak English, fer cryin' out loud. I didn't know a park needed:
    -"splash spray components"
    -"garden experience walls"
    -"serpentine walkways"
    -"shade gazebo components"
    -"a little water wall structure to help mitigate sounds"

    Hey, where I come from, a park is a big grassy lot with some trees. Maybe some birds or some squirrels, y'know, some nature stuff. You have a picnic and run around. Eat some pasta, drink some wine, hang out..the usual. Y'know, keep it simple. But, no.....

    Then we got to hear from the Great Unwashed, the Salt of the Earth, the PEOPLE, the concerned parents and even three cute girls dressed in their uniforms. They were from Carlsbad, but that doesn't matter-they were SO CUTE.

    The first speaker called sports fields "Training Grounds". Now there's a good militaristic metaphor, you betcha. We'd better get our kids ready for a life of consumerism, conformity and conflict. This wise guy tells us that all our concerns about a sports complex are "myths". The lighting at night? problem! The problem! The noise? problem!

    Six more speakers and I realized something...there's a lot of MONEY to be made here. A lot of frogskins...a lot of "opportunity", as they say in the Old Country. There's a phony concern here that has nothing to do with kids and everything to do with a lifestyle the adults crave and that, my friends, is POWER and CONTROL. And hey, what's with the way everyone was dressed? Sloppy faded t-shirts, flip flops, shorts...what are ya... A buncha slobs? Oh yeah, I forget, you're just NORMAL people who love kids, sports and the American Way.

    I got the message, oh yass, I got the message. I turned off my computer,and decided to walk down my favorite alley, get a moon tan, and think. Sometimes this town is a sleepy li'l beach grotto. Sometimes the natives get restless, and boys will be boys, but all in all, it's a quiet town, a friendly place to hang your fedora. But lemme tell ya brother, if the sports Nazis get their way with the park, it'll be all'll be a... Town Without Pity.

  32. Anonymous 12:27pm

    Not vocal in my opposition? Your're kidding right?

    As a environmental journalist I have denounced unsustainable growth, bad planning and overdevelopment for more than two decades.

    As for Jerome Stocks, he's history. Like Barrett Homes his time has passed. It's time to move on.

    I am ready to make the case for change at the candidates forums. I would much rather talk about the issues. Pacific View and the Naylor Act, Leucadia 101 Street Scape, and encroachment ordinances downtown, the Cardiff Specific Plan and off leash beach hours for dogs.

    Encinitas is ready for a change in "leadership."

  33. Lower and cover the tracksSeptember 04, 2008 6:29 AM

    Damm it Bob-

    You better keep saying "lower and cover the railroad tracks achievable by leasing the area above to city and developers for various land uses including park/openspace"....or you don't get my vote.

    After 8 years of hearing the same achievable message, you would think someone would figure out this is a good idea.

    I know Rachelle is for it.

  34. What’s the schedule for the candidate forums?

    We need to make sure those events are videoed and put on You Tube for all Encinitas Residents to see. They are going to be muy entertaining and enlightening. The news papers and press could do a story to educate the public on the links to the videos.

    I can't waite to see Jerome tell all his insincere comments with his smirky smile that tells you its pure BS..... and poor Jim is going to get stumped so many times he might blow an aneurysm. He should have stepped down.

    If we could only get a Paris Hilton to run against James Bond. He wouldn't stand a chance without ficticous special agent name association. That retired mind wouldn't have stood a chance at re-election. His solution to everything is building more homes and widen the roads- that’s how you create a nice community like Carlsbad.

    PS Jim and Jerome- Thanks for approving all those new water meters and creating a huge water shortage problem.

    Who is going to bring the video equipment?

  35. I will always be an advocate for lowering and covering the tracks with a linear park. Concession leases is worth pursuing as well.

  36. concession leasing will not foot the bill... we need multiuse like retail, commercial, and residential, a portion of the area should be for parks/openspace. You need a revenue source to pay for the bonds. Otherwise it won't happen. The Feds are bankrupt and have only useless paper to give.

  37. From what I heard, the main problem that the uniformed players (from Carlsbad?) have with the existing fields is "divots". Surely, divots can be repaired for less than $60M.

  38. Last night, the planning department did it again. The city staff didn't present a report on the resolution that they stuck in a hugh report. The resolution was the "official" Planning Commission making of the required findings including a statement of overriding considerations, certifying the final environmental impact report, and adopting the mitigation monitoring and reporting program, for the Hall property.
    This is a very lengthy legal document of findings THAT WASN'T DISCUSSED BY THE STAFF.
    The Planning Commission held a public meeting without hearing about the overridding considerations to approve an EIR.

  39. anon 11:23,

    Why on earth would anyone vote for Aceti? Are you a Stocks and Bonds plant trying to disparage Collier and Bob by associating them?

  40. The feds have plenty of money to lower the tracks. All they need to do is start the printing presses rolling again. It works for Iraq.

    Besides the government will pay for everything. It won't cost the taxpayers a cent

  41. Hey, I am sorry about your car being broken into, Dr. Lorri.

    And I've not been keeping up here, but glad to see stocked and sabined, lol.

    dragnet was funny, too!

    Hey, some good stuff amidst the flaming posts. I'm kinda glad JP deleted some of the trash talk, if that's what he did. His privilege!

    I didn't see why this Harriet person came into the picture so late? Someone is suggesting she is linked to Guerin?

    I wasn't going to vote for her, anyway. Or Betsy Aceti. She has too much of a "conflict of interest" with her husband, Steve Asceti's income based on his lobbying for enough sand to protect all the property owners along the bluffs, without consideration of the surfing conditions or the natural habitats. They are filling in the finger reefs!


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