Thursday, September 11, 2008

Health Alert: West Nile Virus Found in Encinitas

We received this notice at city hall today from the County Department of Environmental Health:

On August 28, 2008 the Department of Environmental Health Vector Control
Program trapped adult mosquitoes as part of the routine monitoring of
adult mosquitoes in the Encinitas Creek area. One mosquito sample (17
mosquitoes) from the trap was analyzed by U.C. Davis for the presence of
mosquito-born viruses.

The results were returned to Vector Control on
September 5, 2008 as being positive for West Nile Virus (WNV). The
location of the mosquito trap is in the Encinitas Creek region near
Village Square Drive. To date there have been 12 West Nile
positive dead birds retrieved from the City of Encinitas.

The WNV positive mosquito sample, as well as the presence of the dead
birds is strong indicators of the presence of WNV in the area. The
Vector Control Program is taking the following actions:

1. Mailing out precautionary letters to the residents of Encinitas in
the potentially infected area.

2. VCT staff will canvass the neighborhood and conduct an aerial search
for un-maintained swimming pools

3. VCT staff will be searching the adjacent creek and storm water
drainage courses this week for evidence of breeding and treat with
larvicide as needed

4. VCT staff has placed more mosquito traps in the area. These will also
be sent to U.C. Davis for testing

5. A press release has been issued regarding the positive mosquito
samples and personal protection information.

We wanted to make you aware of these actions we are taking in your city.

Gary Erbeck, MPH, REHS
Director, Department of Environmental Health
County of San Diego
619-338-2088 fax

Detailed pdf report click here.


  1. If you get sudden flu symptoms, and haven't been exposed to sick people, do yourselve a favor and check the severe symptom list at the CDC website. Most at risk are those with supressed immune systems and it could be deadly. Our 40+ Macaw just died, was very healthy, but last week or two, lethargic. Don't know what she died of, but I am leary now because I average 50+ mosquito bites in a year. Apparently, birds do not exhibit symptoms until the last stages of enciphilitas - brain swelling, where they look drunk and can't fly or walk. Crows and bluebirds are very susceptible, so if you find them dead, report it to the County. Most people get mild or no symptoms, but if you are at risk, i.e., older, immune system compromised, etc., you may have severe to deadly reactions. The CDC website is very helpful. Keep healthy!

  2. Neighbors will be happy to know the city just marked out the synchronized swimming pool at Hall Park.

  3. how about the white elephant called the Teen Center?

  4. It’s impossible to avoid mosquito bites completely. Even Dr. Lyle Petersen, the CDC’s lead authority on WNV, got it last summer when he was bitten by mosquitoes on the way to his mailbox in Colorado.

    Telling people about the only published treatment for WNV would be much more useful advice.

    GenoMed has had 80% treatment success rate in people (23 of 29 improved) and horses (8 of 10 survived), and 50% in birds (6 of 12 survived). Our first 8 human WNV patients were published in a peer-reviewed medical journal in 2004 (1). This is sufficient for our treatment to officially exist in both the medical and legal senses.

    The earlier our treatment is begun, the better the outcome.

    We're offering our treatment again for free this summer, hoping to record the outcomes of anybody who uses it. Anybody who wants to download our WNV treatment protocol can do so for free at any time by clicking on the "West Nile trial" link on our company’s homepage at

    Dave Moskowitz MD
    CEO & Chief Medical Officer
    GenoMed, Inc. (Ticker symbol GMED on OTC Pink Sheets)
    “The public health company™”

    1. Moskowitz DW, Johnson FE. The central role of angiotensin I-converting enzyme in vertebrate pathophysiology. Curr Top Med Chem. 2004;4(13):1433-54. PMID: 15379656 (For PDF file, click on paper #6 at:

  5. FYI: the best thing to reduce the itching of a mosquito bite is aloe vera, not from the bottle, but from a fresh leaf. You may have to apply it a couple of times, but it really works.

  6. So where is this Encinitas Creek area near Village Square Drive? Village Square Drive is the little access road off Encinitas Blvd that goes into the Ralph's/Trader Joe's shopping center. Am I missing a creek?


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