Tuesday, September 23, 2008

King Paulson

Henry Paulson, an unelected man, is now the most powerful person in the United States of America:


  1. Paulson repeats the lie that the root cause of the current financial crisis was the correction in the housing market, when the actual root cause is the privately-owned Federal Reserve creating huge amounts of dollars and making them available cheap to lending institutions, a process which they are continuing.

    I guess he's following nazi Joseph Goebbel's principle that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will begin to believe it.

    Expansion of the money supply causes inflation, which even Bernanke was forced to admit in testimony before congress is a tax on the American people.

    This is also how they're paying for the Iraq war, since the only other way to pay for it is to raise taxes.

    So they don't raise taxes, but you pay for it with inflation, loss of home equity value, and loss of value in investment and retirement funds.

    Did you really think the country could spend $10 Billion per month in Iraq and it wasn't going to cost you anything?

  2. The last post is right on.

    Ron Paul is an American Hero.

    Learn about his positions. They are the only thing that will help our country.

  3. Bend over and take it like a man!! The ass rape of america is here!!

  4. This is the dumbest thing I have ever watched.

  5. Paulson is a financial terrorist. He helped to engineer this disaster so that "investment bankers" could control the supply and flow of money, and create artificial demand through rampant speculation and greed.

    He was able to do this, in part, due to deregulation that began with Regan, went on through Clinton, and has reached its peak of spin and deception, manipulating people's lives, through the corrupt Republican Bush Administration.

    If anything close to this kind of thing happend to the "little" business person, or to an individual, there would be charges for criminal negligence.

    Yes, Paulson set up a system whereby he was richly rewarded by encouraging speculators to invest on the hypothetical "rising value" of assets, in a market that was way past its peak. Everyone in their right mind new this was a major "bubble," and when it popped, the explosion would be heard around the world.

  6. Jerome Stocks is doing to Encinitas, what Paulson is doing to America. Stop the terror, elect anyone but Jerome Stocks.

  7. Houlihan, Stocks and Bond vote almost identical! Since, I like the way the city is going - like just about everyone else in the city or at least the majority of residents. I WILL BE VOTING FOR THE INCUMBENTS...

  8. 10:32 - you like the way the city is going, it's going just like the country - to hell. The US has been bought by foreign interests who have invested in bonds -- the city has financed mega-debt on bonds. I bet you will vote for McCrazy and Sarahcudda too. Obviously, you have no grasp of financial reality -- spending what you don't have on a promise of paying it back tomorrow works only if the value of dollar stays the same or rises. The dollar is falling in the world markets and our property values are sinking fast - therefore our city will not reap the same income as it has been used to. And, you can bet the State will find a way to divert more property tax into the general state fund to ameliorate the state deficit. Remember the S&L crisis -- same crap different ass wipes. This city better put the brakes on spending now -- and quit quibbling about plastic bag bans and acres of green grass fields. Put the time and money into the infrastructure while we have the resources and make sure we have reserves available for times of crisis -- such as another devastating El Nino that chews up our coast, an earthquake, etc., it must be obvious to all by now that should disaster strike, the federal government can declare an area a disaster, but the federal funds won't be available to help cities recoup. We will be on our own, and let's hope our fearless leaders have the foresight to plan for this contingency.

  9. With bigger pensions and benefits for Employee unions, and

    Getting Encinitas in huge debt for the proposed $100,000,000.00 regional sports complex

    Jerome Stocks is just as bad for Encinitas as Paulson is for America.

    Throw both the bums out.

  10. I don't like the idea of a bailout, but to call Paulson a "financial terrorist" is absurd. The man has only been in office 2 years. The origins of this financial meltdown go back to Carter and escalated under Clinton and the Reno Justice Dept., which forced banks to lend to unqualified people. Bush sounded the alarm in 2003 and the Dems blocked a reform bill from even getting out of committee for a vote. McCain tried to bring a reform bill to a Senate vote in 2006, which was also killed by the Dems. Those are facts. The people who rolled the dice were playing with outher peoples' money - they won big if they hit it and didn't have anything to loss when they didn't. High tech thievery.

  11. The act of bailing out the banks is a terrorist action against the people and economy of our nation.

    A free market will re-establish true values of assetts much faster without govenment intervention. It would be at most one tough year with people losing big,but the alternative being proposed is much worse.

    Govenment bail out will cause complete uncertainty for at least a decade and will will have massive stagflation. In the end the only losers will be the working middle class.

    I know one thing is I am voting against all these loser politicians. From our City hall through Congress.

    McCain is old school politician and a huge part of the problem.

  12. This is Alan Greenspan's fault for encouraging the derivative market when he should have banned it. He legalized gambling and it turned out as predicted. Blaming this only on the dems is laughable. McCain is clueless on the economy and Palin is the worst kind of dilettante. God help us.

  13. Paulson may have been in his current position for only two years, but he was able to "divest himself" of all his stocks and bonds to the tune of hundreds of millions, without paying taxes, as the law allows this when coming from the private sector into federal government office.

    With only two years "under his belt," all the more reason for Congress not to give him the blank check, with no ability for the judiciary or Congress to review.

    Bush says he will sign the three page entitlement for $700 Billion. Yes, God help us if this goes through, as this puts a complete stop to all checks and balances, and should be Unconstitutional.

  14. I am NOT voting for any of the incumbents.

  15. frustrated patriotSeptember 25, 2008 9:11 AM

    I cannot believe this. I watched as housing was going out of sight, and greedy builders, responding to greedy bankers, responding to greedy mortgage investors kept building houses, apts, and condos stretching from NY to LA;

    as someone asnswered the phone in India when my computer often broke;

    as our middle aged well educated children were laid off anytime a corporation or bank wished to increase their profits (greed;

    As car prices soared and MPG lowered, as Cheney gas prices soared;

    driving slowly as huge housesized trucks and flashy little cars with young people merrily broke every speed limit from NY to LA,guzzling the gas of Big Oil greed,

    as column after column told how Halliburton (Cheney) and other war profiteers, profiteered and nobody seemed to care;

    as I kept trying budget using coupons, saving as much as possible in the modest mutual fund retirement,

    Considered the elderly men and women who had saved and worked all their lives having to work at Walmart;

    as Bill Gates gave his first charitable computers to people on an island who had no electricity;

    as men like Buffet, with guilt, gave their huge excess of money to Gates to give away because he would be so good at it;

    as I watched men like Gates and Buffet have more money made in this greedy country, than many countries have---and still investing more;

    grocery chains getting in on the bubble raising everything possible, as old men and women
    lived by shopping savy and coupons;

    as my health premium rose to $2400 a year and the doctors keep giving pills and appointments out that keep patients dependent upon coming back over and over;

    as transportation companies keep pushing truckers to drive larger and larger rigs, faster and faster, without proper sleep;

    as all this and more occurred, the cheaters that be in finance in this country from shining small town back to Lehman, could only keep figuring out how to screw we the people;

    With brotherhood from sea to shining sea.....oh yeah.


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