Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peder Norby on Streetscape and Roundabouts

E-mail from Hwy 101 Coordinator Peder Norby,

Currently there are five roundabouts proposed. One at El Portal is in the first phase of the streetscape project, and does not involve encroachment into private property. The other four are in future phases.
If, and it's a big if, NCTD allows their right of way to be used, then no encroachments to private property at any of the locations..
If not, two of the locations Including El Portal by Leucadia Glass, would have no encroachments on private property.
Two locations would have very small encroachments to the planter/landscape areas of private property but would not impact parking or buildings.
One location which is Grandview would have very significant encroachment and impacts to building(s) on either the north or south of the intersection.
It is my opinion as an individual, that if an agreement with the property owners can be mutually reached, this would be possible but with a unknown cost at this time. If neither property owner wants it, it will not happen. I seriously doubt that anyone would support eminent domain and a forcible taking. I would not.
Hope this helps.
I also support Rick and Ray [Leucadia Glass and Sub Palace], and their right to petition and present their views. Their efforts are to help the project by voicing their opinion. These comments are offered honestly and should be respected. That's what open and transparent is, as opposed to boycotting or not shopping somewhere because of a point of view on one issue that Simonne disagrees with.
A person may or may not agree with the comments, but all should be encouraged to participate without being bullied. That is the way that we will get the best community designed streetscape project.
Ultimately we will only get to build this one way, one time, and not everyone will agree with everything in the plan. I hope that most will agree with most of what is in the ultimate final plan.
What we can all do is be advocates to get as many folks involved as possible.

Peder Norby
Hwy 101 Corridor Coordinator
Encinitas, Ca

818 S. Coast Hwy 101
Encinitas Ca
c 760-712-2943
O 760-943-1950
f 760-943-1977


  1. >"If, and it's a big if, NCTD allows their right of way to be used"

    Who at NCTD is saying "no" and why? Have we asked again now that there is new leadership? Is there no higher power that could force a yes?

    NCTD is public entity, yet they seem to go against the public good on this and many other health / safety / quality-of-life issues.

  2. When Peder was on the Carlsbad redevelopment board did he ever vote to use eminent domain? Did he ever use the threat of eminent domain to get what he wanted?

  3. As an involved merchant for 15 years in downtown Carlsbad, I served as a volunteer on the RDA advisory committee for about 6 years. The city council in Carlsbad is the RDA.

    No eminent domain issue was ever in any of our agendas. I certainly would never vote in favor if it was.

    Can’t say for sure if Carlsbad ever used eminent domain in downtown, I don’t think so and nothing like that came up when I was on the committee. Carlsbad did purchase some property for the use of parking lots and did work with property owners when right of way access was needed for utilities or road improvements.

    The biggest issue in a similar vein that I remember was the loss of Bauer Lumber. But Bauer Lumber being forced out of business was a NCTD issue not a city issue. Bauer was on a month to month lease in the railroad right of way with their large materials yard and NCTD needed it for the coaster station. It really sucked to lose that hardware store.

    The post was just responding to J.P.s email request for information on the roundabouts specifically the El Portal intersection..


  4. Well, we have nothing to worry about we have a council member on the NCTD board. Wait, that board member did nothing to remove bright orange
    decaying sand bags at our major intersection for over two years, created water to pond around trees so they had to be removed, created a dust rail trail, did nothing for years to improve safty at rail crossing. Well he did say in the papers that the city could not put a larger pipe in the 4.7mil drain project we paid for, because the coastal commission would not allow it. Wait again, that's turned out not to be true. The city never asked the coastal commission for a larger pipe. Why would he say that?
    Will he weld his influence to help the streetscape provide 9' easments
    on NCTD right of way. Has he ever done anything that showed he cares for Leucadia?

  5. "If, and it's a big if, NCTD allows their right of way to be used"


    This should not be a big deal. The NCTD right-of-way has thousands of encroachments along their right-of-way especially near the stations but throughout their line.

    Four small 9' Easements pose no issue for the future double tracking and are no big deal.

    Council just needs to send a formal request for the easements to someone hire than a Jr. Planner.

    NCTD top management was fired for gross negligence. I am sure the new top managers will be forced to be more cooperative on public infrastructure improvements that help its constituents. The Streetscape project actually helps with NCTD goal of getting people out of cars.

    If our City leaders cannot get 4 small easements from NCTD for the betterment of our City, then they are totally useless.

    Once again, NCTD has thousands of much bigger encroachments along its right-of-way; these small 4 easements are not a big deal.

  6. Thank you Peder
    We are all fortunate to have you on our team.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to post Peder.
    I have tremendous respect for what I know of you so far.
    What I'm really interested in is what we as the local affected citizens can do to get appropriate treatment by NCTD. The seeming lack of flexibility is one thing, but the barren, dusty swathe they are cutting through our community is another. Its time for things to change and I for one would be willing to spend some time and effort working towards better understanding between the involved parties.
    Why have things been allowed to go as they have?

  8. The NCTD Board consists of elected officials from the cities within the NCTD service area and one representative from the County (Bill Horn).

    In the past the Board has been dominated by people with little regard for the communities they serve and even less for the other communities.

    Encinitas's representative is Jerome Stocks who supported NCTD staff's decision to remove the trees in Leucadia. He also neglected to inform Encintias staff and DEMA about NCTD's plan to charge for parking at the Coaster lot even though he knew the city & DEMA were doing a downtown parking study.

    But things are changing with the representatives from Solana Beach, San Marcos, Vista and even Oceanside asking tough questions of the staff. San Marcos and Vista learned first hand about NCTD's scorched earth attitude during the construction of the Sprinter.

    A new executive director will soon be hired....Encinitas needs a new representative to champion the streetscape right-of-way and all issues along the railraod tracks.

  9. thanx for the cost of war info.


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