Thursday, September 18, 2008

Planning Comission Discussing Leucadia Streetscape right now

I just got home and realized that the Planning Commission is reviewing the north Hwy 101 portion of the Leucadia streetscape tonight. So, if you are sitting at home reading this get over to city hall. A member of the Leucadia 101 Mainstreet will be reading a letter with a list of wishes, desires and concerns regarding the streetscape.

The streetscape is Agenda item #8 so you probably still have time to get there and fill out a speaker slip.


  1. Hey, thanks, I forgot about that meeting too.
    Watch it by going to the Encinitas website

    and clicking on the Webcasts of City Meetings icon at the bottom


  2. I love old encinitasSeptember 18, 2008 10:17 PM

    I saw it.

    Van Skyse or whatever his name is.... is a f'cking idiot.

    He doesn't listen to one word anyone else has to say.

    He reminds me of Danny Dalager Jr.

    Please help us if he is making recommendation on Planning in this City.

  3. If huge numbers of voters watched the webcasts and were vocal about their response to them, do you think the elected officials would be any more likely to more actively represent their constituents?

    I can't make the meetings in person often, but I'm really pleased with how easy they are to see online

    sometimes snoozers, sometimes fascinating; most always interesting to me

  4. Nannigan, and Aceti have my vote!


  5. Beware. Someone is circulation a petition to stop Streetscape.
    The information on the petition suggests the plan includes items that are not being considered. It is clear that the authors are not aware of options being discussed.

  6. It’s not someone. It’s Rick Smith with Leucadia Glass and Ray Y. owner of the Sub palace.

    I guess they like the road wide, fast and ugly. No need to walk around or bike, thats why God invented Hummers.

    No worries about kids getting killed; that stuff just happens.

    Since they do not support our community, I will no longer be supporting their business.

    I hope they move to Carlsbad.

  7. The City knows it has to do something to calm traffic on our Main Street, it can not afford another mega million dollar law suite like the one they had for the 14 year old killed on Sante Fe.

    The City is lucky others along Hwy101 haven't sued them yet.

  8. Anonymous 7:25 - Rick Smith supports this town in ways you've never even imagined. He's financially sponsored Little League teams for over twenty years, coached tee-ball for special needs kids and opened up his wallet time and again to contribute to this town. He's hired and trained local kids since he started his business in a converted garage in the early 1970s. He and his wife built that business with hard work and high standards.

    Sure, he may have a different idea than you do about how to redo the Coast Highway. Try addressing him on the issues and leave Hummers and moving to Carlsbad out of it - ad hominem attacks expose your weakness.

  9. 7:25 - I believe that they both advocated lower speed limits (this year) and more stop signs.

  10. What’s classic is the fact that Leucadia Glass and Subpalace could use the message to get people to the workshop's to present their opinions instead of starting a petition to kill a much needed project in Leucadia.

    Leucadia resident pay big taxes each year and gets no money flowing back to our community for needed improvements.

    If the petition routers want no improvements in Leucadia, I hope they lobby for us to be excused from paying property and sales tax.

  11. 7:54am- If you feel that way, you can support him. I won't be.

    I think their actions are bad for Encinitas

  12. One or two of the current Streetscape plans involve the use of eminent domain to remove Leucadia Glass to make room for a roundabout so gee, why would the owner of Leucadia Glass be pissed about that?

  13. Please spend more of my money!September 19, 2008 8:48 AM

    For 10k you could put up stop signs and that will cure 90% of the problems. That leaves $4+mil for the rest of it.... that's a lot of landscaping without removing ANY trees.. Hey it works in Del Mar just fine. Cheap and easy and could be done in weeks not years. BTW, I thought round a bouts led the list as of dumb ideas, but that was before I heard of reverse parking. We might as well start printing euros because every stupid idea they adopt(stupid!) someone in leucadia wants to copy. I'm glad my taxes are used so wisely.

  14. euros have more value than the dollar

  15. What was the Planning Comission consensus regarding the sreetscape? If speed is the problem, then put up stop signs. If the area is ugly, put in landscaping and water it. If there are no sidewalks, build them. These are relatively inexpensive solutions. I want to sign Leucadia Glass' petition -- taking private property to put in a roundabout that is NOT NEEDED is a crime. Those who support taking private property should be ashamed.

  16. You dont need to take private property for the roundabouts. The designer should have even go there.

    The easy and solution will be to get the 9 foot easements from NCTD.

    No one is supporting taking private property.

    With that said the owners on corners should relax and support the project with easements from NCTD.

    Put in the all way stops now, and plan the roundabouts for the future without taking private property.

  17. The roundabouts take up private property. Corners or triangles of private property are needed to complete the round design. Look at the one on Santa Fe. Private property was needed there. The city should NEVER take private property for the road. Anyone who thinks taking private property is for the "public good" shouldn't expect others to stand up for them when the city comes to take their property.


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