Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stop the senseless train dust pollution

Copy and paste from the comments section:

Friends that live on or near North Vulcan Avenue -

Years ago there was more ice plant and mulch along the train tracks that
would help keep the dust (pollution) down when the trains went by, etc.
This changed when the drainage ditch was dug to assist with the flooding
issues. Mulch was never added after the ditch was dug and the ice plant is
limited to a few areas.

The following is copied from the San Diego Air Pollution Control District

"Prohibition against causing a public nuisance. California Health and Safety Code [ ] Section 41700 states that no
person can discharge air contaminants that cause injury, nuisance or annoyance to any considerable number of persons or the public, or discharge air contaminants that endanger the comfort, health or safety of such persons. If a business violates this prohibition or any other air quality requirement, the District may issue a Notice of Violation to the business.

If a Notice of Violation is issued, the business must take action to correct the violation and pay a monetary penalty to the District.

Penalties are determined in accordance with Health and Safety Code Sections 42400 – 42403."

If you are annoyed by the air pollution caused by the trains, please go to the following website and fill out the Nuisance Complaint Form.

Please send this to anyone else you know along the tracks, perhaps if a "considerable" number of people complain something will be done.

Maybe the PTA for Paul Ecke Central could start a petition and encourage all members to send in a complaint considering NCTD is polluting our kids lungs while they are out running around in the playground.



  1. clean air for our kidsSeptember 13, 2008 9:35 PM

    Great Post.

    This is pure criminal what NCTD is doing to Leucadia. If you look at downtown Encinitas or Cardiff, you don’t see the scorched earth policy you see in Leucadia.

    Why is that?

    Why is our Representative, Jerome Stocks, looking to screw Leucadia?

    Is it because he want blight along the corridor?

    Is it because he wants developers like David Meyer to propose huge density bonus without parking in Leucadia at a submarket value?

    This crap has to stop.

    Please send in a complaint. I have sent a complaint and if we get 20 or 30 complaints, they will have to open a case and address the issue.

    God and many love Leucadia, do you?

    If so, please act now.

  2. I find it fascinating that many of the people on this blog will overlook anything that interferes with their worldview of Encinitas.

    There are distinct differences between what David Meyer has claimed (and Christy finally backed up) and whatever nonesense Jerome is often up to.

    ALL code enforcement complaints are considered anonymous and that is' why' they are so easily used to abuse political enemies. Sign up for one of the copies of the 90 violations and find out for yourself.

    Just like the Mayor is a constant participant on this blog, so too has Houlihan abused many of the neighbors on her street. Just ask them.

    If the fellas you call lying scum have proof and the press and D.A. refuse to investigate much less prosecute, then where does one go for redress?

    The reason the violations, extorted meals and code enforcement abuse accusations will not go away is because they are true.

    Just ask the people who witness Councilwoman Houlihan with her dog on a leash wag her finger in Pino's face and 'instruct' him in what his story is if the reporters or investigators ever question him about that 2004 Victory Party that Fred remarked about last month. Somebody bought all those drinks and if Houlihan paid the tab she will have a receipt and if sombody else did then the law requires her to write down their name and disclose their gift.

    It is as simple as that. There is nothing on her state election paperwork for that date; with several dozen witnesses placing her and her friends there for four hours of partying, WHY can't anyone produce a receipt?

    Because she walked our on the tab. Simple as that and clearly not for the first time either.

  3. No mention of Dust in our children’s lungs hugh?

    How about the dust over all the multi millions of dollars of coastal properties lowering their property values and quality of life?

    If the Scum or restaurants had any real issue, they would file suite just like the neighborhood of the regional sports complex. If it were real, this would have surfaced four years ago, and not in an election year.

    Until then, its pure fabrication by the clown boys Jerome Stocks and David Meyers.

    Once again, its about Jerome playing foul politics to try and make a play at higher office instead of addressing City issues.

    Uggg, I get so sick of Politicians egos.

  4. Wow-

    These pictures show it for what it is.

    The trees are gone.

    Click on that first picture to get a blow up view of the picture. Look at the trees.

    Two are dead and will have to be removed soon.

    The once great canopy is no more.

    Why is the City focused on destroying the once great canopy of Leucadia?

    Nearly 60 trains per day spraying dust over our community and trees.

    Who is our representative to NCTD that looks after our best interest?

  5. Just walked by Roadside Park while a Metrolink shot through town (one of the trains that doesn't stop in Encinitas but halls ass through). I couldn't believe the dust cloud that was raised. The lights from 7-11 lit it all up. I should record it with my movie camera for the blog, or Youtube. Busses too can stir up a lot when they stop for riders and let them off.

  6. Thanks Fred. Did you file your complaint yet?

  7. Please see state guidelines and buzzwords:

    "Reduce Speed Limits on unpaved surfaces to 10 or 15 miles per hour for well-traveled areas and heavy vehicles, never to exceed 25 mph for any vehicle on any unpaved surface."

    The death toll in Chatsworth is now 25. Could that happen here? Or should NCTD and freight rail traffic be trusted at high-speed through Leucadia?

  8. "Just like the Mayor is a constant participant on this blog, so too has Houlihan abused many of the neighbors on her street. Just ask them."

    OK, I live on the street. Maggie Houlihan has not abused her neighbors. Really quite the opposite, neighbors like Russel Bowman have abused her and her family. Maggie lives adjacent to Holiday Pet Hotel and has been the the victim of much abuse by that facility. She has done nothing that you or any of your friends wouldn't do to carry on a reasonable quality of life.

    I suggest you get your facts right before making such accusations. I know it's the silly season, but it's important that we still show one another the respect we all deserve.

  9. This is a job for Nanninga. Who is better suited to take on NCTD than Bob?

  10. 10:04

    Off topic, and a lame attempt to divert the attention AWAY from Jerome Stocks who is supposed to be representing us on the NCTD. You also fail to mention that he took double donations for his campaign and had to pay back approx. $2700 because those were ILLEGAL donations. Maybe Maggie is a mooch, but Jerome is much, much worse.

  11. Well, not to be in agreement with the idiot about Pino's, but Maggie did say that Dr. Lori was not trustworthy. I actually heard that one. Dr. L hasn't posted for sometime now, so perhaps that really did hurt her business and she is sick of this blog and of Maggie's accusations. I was at a party onc it reminded me of the RSPB before he cleanerd up his act. I was appalled at the stuff she was saying about certain civic leaders.Whether it was true or not, I don't know, but I do know she shouldn't be saying it at a party. Then there is Jerome. Maggie may shoot her mouth off at the wrong times, however, Jerome is corrupt. Big difference. If he is reelected, GOD help Leucadia and all of Encintas. If you don't think he reads this blog, think again. He DOES and I also know this for a fact. So for now, I will remain anonymous.Keep the pressure on Jerme. Most of the time Maggie does the right thing for us. Jerome-NEVER!

  12. Mike Andreen continues his attacks on Maggie. He greatly exaggerates the seriousness of the 96 charges against her. They are minor violations of donation reporting involving addresses, professions, employers, or other information. Hardly up to the level of the violations committed by Jerome.

    Certain candidates in this election are being extremely careful about reporting information. I know because I wrote a check to a candidate, gave my information, and then received a call to fine tune the information. Decent, ethical candidates want to avoid an unmerited attack by Andreen simply because an address or employer wasn't properly reported.

    He continues his unsubstantiated accusations about unpaid bills at Pino's. Yet he only posts on the blog. I would like him put up or shut up.

  13. There has been a lack of leadership of the current city council to address train issues Dust, noise unsafe crossings, bare earth policy etc. etc.

    It's time for change.

    It's time to retire the three incumbants!

    I'm voting for Collier, Nanninga and Sheffo.

  14. Off subject, but important




    In 2007 City of Encinitas Staff and highly paid consultants drafted a disastrous Cardiff Specific Plan that increased building size by 200%, opened the door to 3 story buildings, and created new mixed use construction zones.- like this one the city provided as an example.

    Is this the future of Cardiff? Mixed Use? Street Walls?

    Cardiff residents fought city staff, property owners, and consultants for 9 months and drafted an alternative plan. The resident’s plan protects and preserves our surf town scale, defining structures and community character, while improving traffic, pedestrian flow, and the appearance of our town.

    Now the Encinitas City Staff is recommending to the City Council that the citizens’ 9 months of hard work be challenged, that more mixed use be allowed than the Cardiff Citizens Committee decided, and that the committee decision on setbacks to protect view corridors be ignored resulting in the loss of community walking district views by future ‘street wall’ buildings.


    Attend the 6 p.m. September 17, 2008 City Council meeting and Endorse the Committee’s Plan As Is

  15. Could the owner of Pino's please go to the NCT or Coast News and go on the record about this so the fat guy with the white beard can stop spamming the comments section?

  16. Santa's spamming?

  17. JP - is that Andreen, the Grinch masquerading as Santa?

  18. First of all, I agree with JP. Someone needs to ask Pino point blank if he got screwed, but maybe he doesn't want to admit it becauase then he'd look like a chump. He's Italian, y'know? I can understand that.

    Secondly, Holiday Pet Motel sucks. Twice we boarded two of our cats there, and each time they came back traumatized. Dogs bark nonstop, day and night, and the cattery has a TV blaring which I guess is supposed to make the cats feel at home, that is, if you live your life with a TV on all the time, which I don't. While bathing one of our cats, they tore a claw off one of the paws and had the nerve to charge me for "medicine". And speaking of money, the rates were ridiculously high, and when we came to pick up the cats, the staff would lay some sort of guilt trip on us, like "Your cat did this or your cat needs to have his teeth cleaned", etc, etc. I urge anyone who wants to board their pet there to think again and go elsewhere.

    As for "Santa", I wish he (or she), would spend as much energy dissing Dalager as he/she does Maggie. There has never been a worse council person than he. He's the Lord of Chaos. First it was the Hoilday Parade, which he changed and that pitted one belief system against another, and now it's the Hall Property, which has pitted neighbor against neighbor. Dalager does nothing but create ill will. What has he ever done that has been benefical for our city? Remember when he got kicked off the Parks and Rec?

    My prayers go out to whomever gets elected and will have to spend two years with his phoney small town persona.

  19. "anon 1014"

    Maggie makes poor decisions and she is a spaz.

    ALL code enforcement complaints are confidential. They are not anonymous. Big difference.

    Here is a big fat question for you. Where is the evidence of these complaints? Why don't you send it to JP or the press? Bring it to the forum tomorrow!!!!

    Are the complaints frivolous and still they are being pressed by the city? Why not complain and make that an election issue. Sue for harassment. Staff abusing their power for the benefit of elected officials is something we can all rally behind.

    Prove it and we can finally get rid of Maggie. Don't even try to prove it and Jerome, Andreen, and company will have earned their reputation for winning on deception and dirty tricks, and not honesty.

  20. 4:48

    There is no "10:14" so get your numbers right before you go partners with Mr. Eihler in some big way.

    And yes there is a difference between Annonymous and Confidential. The complaints are confidential at the city level, and annonymous at the public level. Can you say Chicken S--t on both levels on this blog? I've always hated that rule. Hardly transparent government when anyone can sucker punch someone and get away with it. I think there is one way to find out who filed the complaint. Take it to court. Outside of that the rule is it remains confidential. Unless you get staff real drunk some evening and they tell all.

  21. The clear truth, once and for all, is that Maggie and others in my neighborhood and on my block have reason to notify Code enforcement and file complaints. Maggie lives next to the Holiday Pet Motel whose often absent owner could care less about barking animals all night. She also lived across the street from Russel Bowman whose antics are well documented in the press. She has not abused her power to bring reason and peace to this neighborhood.

    I would expect any of you out there to react the same under the circumstances, so give her a break on this one, she (and others here) are justified intheir actions.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  22. Well, after filing my complaint about the dust the other day, telling them that my mom has athsma and I'm recovering from quad-bypass surgery, a man from the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) in the County of San Diego stopped by today to discuss what he observed. It sounded like he watched about 5 trains go by and said that the dust didn't flow far from the tracks and would only register a 15% to 30% problem on their pollution scale. Whatever that means. I think it means they're not going to have NCTD plant anything on their barren earth. I told him to check the dust clouds out at night when available lights illuminate the cloud better.

  23. All-

    Tell them to check it after the chain gang gets through removing all the vegatation and fluffing up the dirt, for months after it was like like a dust cloud every time a train went by.

  24. so this guy looks at the situation for 10 minutes on one day? What about when the Santa Ana winds are blowing -- or when the humidity is so low your hair crackles. Typical governmental BS. Did he actually measure the particulates in the air, or just use his fine tuned eyeballs and stuffed up nose to assess the impact. I would call his supervisor and complain, this is crap. There needs to be quantitative measurement of the particulate matter before judgment is passed. I am going to complain also, just have find a printer to print out that PDF.

  25. Yep, just got a call back from Mr. Fuchs and he said he was trained to observe "visual emissions" and that the ones at Leucadia Blvd measured "15% to 20% opacity."
    (I misheard 30% first time around)
    So yes, you are right about fine tuned eye-balls.

    He also said that seeds will be planted for 100 ft. north and south of Leucadia Blvd after the drainage ditch is improved on Vulcan's side soon, so that this winter, if we get enough rain, there should be some vegetation there.

  26. The friends of Clay Randall Pardee of Encinitas, Ca. have created a website page, in his memory to ensure that he will never be forgotten. Visitors my post comments and photos to Clays' website at Clay Randall Pardee was gunned down, fatally shot, murdered by private security guard / rent-a-cop, Tomas J. Collazo on September 11th, 2008. Clay Randall was eating pizza while waiting for his longtime girlfriend, Maggie who was doing laundray at the Jolly Green Giant laundromat next to Mr. Peabody's and Subway on Encinitas Blvd.

  27. Fred - did Mr. Fuchs (is this really his name, how appropriate) elaborate on his training in "visible emissions" - this sounds like a bunch of horse pucky. I would luv to see how the government trains (no pun intended) its staff to measure particulate matter -- which of course, 90% is invisible to the naked eye. It isn't only the dust that gets kicked up, it's all the pollution from cars, dog hairs, pollen, mouse droppings infected by the hunta virus, etc., that settle in the dust and is blown sky high by the speeding train. What the Fuchs is going one here!

  28. Announcement: Visit The Clay Randall Pardee memorial website to leave your comments, participate in forums about this Encinitas Locals life and death, and upload photos etc.


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