Monday, September 22, 2008

TAXPAYER ALERT: Trestles Toll Road Hearing Today at Del Mar Fairgrounds

The hearing will be held on September 22, 2008 in O’Brien Hall at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard, Del Mar, CA 92014.

The hearing will begin at 10:30 a.m., and end promptly at 8:30 p.m. Public should arrive by 10am. Come for two hours, four hours, or the entire day if you can.

Yes, but be advised that front row parking can not be arranged in advance. To ensure the best possible front parking, we recommend that large vehicles arrive before 9am.

You . The “sweet spot” will be from 10:30am – 1pm.

Only those who have requested in writing to speak will be allowed time at the podium – 3 minutes for individuals, 5 minutes for representatives of organizations and elected officials.

A 30 minute intermission will be called at 2PM and again at 5PM. Other recesses may be called as necessary by the hearing officer,

The venue holds 6,000 people, considerably larger than Wyland, which held 3,500 max.

The Department of Commerce will be sending legal representatives from NOAA, which is a division within DoC, who will chair and conduct the meeting. They will hear from the public but will not make a decision at the meeting. Rather they will return to Washington D.C. And report to the Secretary of Commerce. He will make the decision and respond to TCA before the end of November. If he refuses TCA’s appeal to overturn the CA Coastal Commission’s decision, the alignment on the table will be dead. If TCA wants to pursue another alignment, they will need to create a new process to do so. In other words, the Save State Parks – Save Trestles campaign will have been won. However, if the Secretary of Commerce approves TCA’s appeal, then TCA will continue on its path to build the road, which means it will still need approval from seven other government agencies before construction can begin. One of those seven agencies is the CA Coastal Commission (again). The road could get shut down at that juncture but we do not want it to go that far. WE WANT THIS STOPPED NOW.

Read about the last toll road meeting, click here.

The 241 Toll Road is a taxpayer scam that will destroy a valuable state park, more info click here.


  1. Anyone that has a few extra hours needs to attend. Surfrider and other will be there to hand out hand held posters againist the toll road. Also there will be boxes to collect letters against it.
    If you care about your states parks this is the time to show it.
    Save Trestles!!!!

  2. Be sure to ride a bike or walk to get there and don't bring any plastic bags.

  3. I hope they build the toll road and put in a bunch of roundabouts also!!!

  4. 9:54-

    If they built roundabouts near there, they wouldn't need to destroy parkland for a freeway.

    People should not be driving 200 miles per day anyway.

    The Toll Road is bad.

    Roundabouts are great.

  5. Anon-10:01- I take the toll road through OC every time I go to LA, I love it, it works and the speeds are fantastic. You can get somewhere. It's great!!! I drive toll roads when ever possible!!

  6. I can't believe they're dredging this up again, after 10,000 citizens opposed it so strongly last time. What a waste of everyone's time. Are they trying to wear us out?

  7. Go to Illinois, it's all toll roads, Don't be afraid of a toll road!!

  8. BUILD_da_TOLL_ROADSeptember 22, 2008 1:35 PM

    BUILD the TOLL ROAD!!!!!!

    Thanks for the info. I will be out there tonight with my friends and neighbors to SUPPORT THE TOLL ROAD!

  9. I take the Toll road in OC as well, but was built where houses would have gone, not protected park land.

    The Corona to San Diego Toll road is not wanted or needed.

  10. what did they decide??September 22, 2008 7:18 PM

    So what did they decide?? They spent a lot of $$$ on this for what??? Make a decision!!! That's the problem with America, no one can make a decision!!!

  11. Interesting, that no one from this blog is posting their support AGAINST the toll roads - OK so it is not a round about on 101 - but this is bigger than Leucadia - this affects Leucadia and the traffic that happens - hopfully you went to the hearing and voiced your concerns - Maggie spoke against the toll road - at least one of our elected officials spoke out. And all you anonymous who act like you are for the toll roads - I see Jerome and company posting for unmanaged growth and developers fees - ROADS mean more houses ------

  12. Save trestles- ST from what?? No one can explain to me how a toll road 10 miles from the beach will effect your wave. Please explain!!

  13. Save it for something important. Surfrider has hyped this into something it's not. Ask the people at Scripps what is REAL.
    No effect to a surf break, little effect to an underused campground, lots of effect to the traffic flow and national security.

  14. whatever last post..... just like the Republicans have closed the borders, won the war on Drugs, and will make Iraq a democracy.

    Your on crack and I don’t converse with Crackheads.

  15. I think they should build the toll road to Hawaii - like my Weekly Reader promised in the 6th grade. Shoulda saved that friggin article from 40 years ago. Surprised they didn't have Winston ads in it.

  16. Our tax dollars get used to build a massive road through a state park founded by Ronald Reagan and we get charged to drive on it? Sounds great!


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