Thursday, September 25, 2008

Unfinished Nantucket Development Blighting Leucadia

Watch the Ch. 8 video about the now humbled Barratt American and the unfinished (and controversial) Nantucket development which is currently blighting Leucadia.


Barratt American has lost it's Bank of America loan. Recall that not to long ago Barratt American bragged about it's record profits. Barratt is also being sued by their unpaid sub-contractors.

LA Times: Barratt lays off 100 of 130 employees.

From August 2006:Barratt Finishes Record Year

Barratt American, a Carlsbad-based residential builder, on Aug. 1 reported record high revenue of more than $378.6 million for the fiscal year ended June 30.

The figure includes $361.1 million on sales of 598 homes, up from 431 homes sold in fiscal 2005, and land sales valued at $17.5 million, according to Michael D. Pattinson, the firmÂ’s president and chief executive officer.

The average home-sale price was $603,965, ranging from products in the high $200,000s to luxury residences priced around $2 million.

San Diego Business Journal online story.

Barratt American CEO Michael D. Pattinson wrote and now defunct but entertaining column for the North County Times. His controversial columns include strange bi-polar mood swings from hubristic bullying to whining like a little girl, often in the same paragraph.


  1. sigh. But please don't say the word blight, or the City will try to form another redevelopment district in Leucadia.

    I personally feel that Pacific Station will forever change the nature of our quaint downtown, and will cause parking to become much more of a problem than it is now.

    I don't feel Pacific View should become Pacific Commons, either, to be built by the same developer as Pacific Station after Encinitas Union School District "slides" through all the plans.

    This should remain open space, and fields.

    Our economy is in crisis. We can't hide our heads in the sand.

    Too much development has been pushed through, too fast. The existing residents can't stand these ugly "monstrosities."

    "Moonlight Lofts," where the Artists colony used to be, is wrecking the skyline, driving west on Encinitas Blvd.

    We don't have enough water to go around. We are getting our water bills raised every year, partially because people are going to be using less water. Those who already conserve, shouldn't be forced to cut down by a pre-set percentage, the same percentage as those who do not conserve. There should be a "lifeline" base rate, beneath which one doesn't have to reduce by 10%, or whatever the percentage is determined to be.

    The Lumberyard was built, the economy declined, and for years, there were problems filling the spaces. We need to slow down, and also give the new Council time to reform the General and Specific Plans, as well as updating the traffic circulation element, which was sent back to the Traffic Commission and the consultant for more up to date data.

  2. Slow the developers, VOTE for Nannigan, Houlinhan and Aceti...

  3. Daily this blog becomes more and more insignificant!!! Yeah like the log cabins don't add blight. My dream is that KLS will purchase that ugly butthole and replace it with something nice.

    Until that day, I'm gonna have to listen to Leucadians tell me that The Duke stayed there while judging a surf competition at Ponto in the 50's!! Yeah right!!!

    More insignificant BS from insignificant bullshit bloggers.

  4. That sure looks like a big soul-less box to me!

    Tear it down.

  5. i watched you sleep last nightSeptember 25, 2008 7:29 AM

    At least the Log Cabins are liveable. Nantucket sucket.

  6. Insignificant bullshit? Then why did channel 8 do a story on it?

  7. Check out the [very costly] grading beteween Vulcan / Ashbury / Hygeia on Google. Then ride by and see it now. Road improvements were promised as well.

  8. proud cardiff homeowner since 1976September 25, 2008 9:15 AM

    Barratt American made $378.6 million and now can't finish 5 homes? Where did the money go?

  9. This ch 8 story has a weird twist. They call Barratt "victims" and call the banks predatory. Search news stories about Barratt and Pattinson over the last 5 years some of Pattinson's quotes are mind boggling. I wonder how many of Barratt's inflated overpriced homes are in foreclosure right now. No sympathy here. I bought a modest house I could afford with 10% down.

  10. AS PT Barnum would say
    There's one born every day
    Mike Pattison had seen
    We Yanks live way beyond our means
    Now he's living "the life", while we pay.

  11. Duke Cunningham wishes he was at the Log Cabins.

    And who would name their housing project Nantucket after that blue lymeric?

    More insignificant local stories coming soon! (sorry 6:29)

  12. Yeah, this is very sad. Sad for the direct neighbors that have to look at it every day.

  13. this is a good post

    You should of done it 3 months ago.

  14. Mick don't care about Dick.

    He has his millions safe in some off shore account.

    Once again, developers rape the land, make their profit and leave us with their shit.

    Thanks for nothing Mick. And Jerome Stocks should be run out of town to Irvine for being in bed with the developers and union bosses.

  15. I never cared for Mick. Mick on the radio sounding so british and arogant, Mick writing for the North County Times railing against people who wanted to protect their community (from the likes of Ecke and Aceti), Mick who built track garbage and overcharged,

    I do feel for the employees thet have to look for work in this environment. These are tough times and there is a hard rain a comin.

  16. "And it's a hard rain gonna fall"______Bob Dylan

  17. Glad to see you back , Dr. Lorri!

  18. Mick is the classic Brit.

    Uglier than sin. Stinky breath and looking to fuck the yank any chance he gets.

    Well Mick.

    My saving grace is you can make all the money you want, but you still have to live with being Mick.

    Haaaaa...... haaaa. haaaaa.

    No one would trade your britsh ass for 10 million dollars. LOSER.

    PS- News 8 sounded as stupid as Realtors in that piece. No wonder that news spot has low ratings. The true victom is the residents that have to put up with Mickshit!

  19. I guess Barrett America and Mick won't be heavy campaign contributors to Jerome Stocks this time the way they were in 2004. Even with all of Stock's help to see that they received special treatment in the planning dept. via Kerry Kusiak they still went belly up. So much for the greed factor.

  20. Does this mean the McMansions at Quail "Pointe" won't be built? So sad...not.

  21. Barratt should thank us for voting down the Ecke prop A rezone, we saved them a buttload of money.

  22. Leucadia watchdawgSeptember 26, 2008 3:02 PM

    Let's not forget the role that David Meyer played in pushing these two projects through the Planning Department, along with a lot of help from planner Kerry Kusiak. The projects were filled with irregularities

    David Meyer just had his project on the Gaylord Bahlmann property along Saxony denied by the Planning Commission. Kusiak plainly stated that building heights would be measured from the finished grade, something that was never said or written on the two Nantucket projects.

    It will be interesting to see if Meyer appeals this decision to the City Council. He knows he has three votes with Stocks, Bond, and Dalager.

    It's time to rid our portfolios of nonperforming STOCKS and any junk BOND therein. Vote the two rascals out in November.

  23. Council decided on Wednesday to PAY Planning Commissioners $75 per meeting. Gotta keep those developers happy with happy Commissioners.

  24. What is with paying the Planning Commissioners a measly token, aren't they public servants volunteering their time, and if not, why would $75 per meeting motivate anybody to volunteer. This is very strange...I know Stocks had to approve it for the agenda, but who proposed it and why? Are all the commissions now going to get a "stipend"... is this the groundwork for "raises" for volunteers down the road?

  25. It was Commissioner Gene Chapo who proposed the stipend when he spoke before the council in Oral Communications a month or so ago. He's the Planning Commission representative from Leucadia.

    Chapo also asked the first question at the Cardiff Candidates Forum about whether the San Dieguito Water District should have an independent board.

    He also led and guided the discussion that resulted in the recent denials of the Hall property project and the Bahlmann property project at the Planning Commission.

    It's a lot of public exposure for someone who doesn't even have a public email address. What's going on here?

  26. The Planning Commission does work harder than most of the other unpaid Commissioners. However, it does seem a bit unusal unless all Commissioners are paid. Also, I think it is $75.00 per meeting which could add up. Are they going to get car allowances, benefits. If so. shouldn't the average citizen get to vote for them? The knew they were not gong to get paid when they decided to become Commissioners. They have also screwed over a lot of people in this community, including 7 of my neighbors and me. That was the Commisssion where Alice Jacobsom was Chair, if anyone rememebrs her. Kerry was the Planner. So, of course we got screwed. And, lastly, if citizens and developers want to get the Planning Commission decision overturned, they just appeal to Council, which usually grants developers their wishes (unless Council changes). So, I have mixed feelings about this. It sets a bad presecedent, even though I do think they work very hard.Did I miss the public discussion of this before it went to Council? Did anyone else know it was coming to a vote, even though Chapo talked about it a month ago? Since this affects our pocketbooks, and some of us do not have very deep pockets right about now, I am not so sure the timing is all that great. Is it a done deal?

  27. Didn't Maggie make the motion for the Planning Commissionors to get paid???

  28. I'd like to raise the Planning Commissioner's salary to $150 per meeting if they made it illegal for developers to wine and dine them.

  29. Anon 7:56

    "It's a lot of public exposure for someone who doesn't even have a public email address. What's going on here?"

    Sorry about the extended public exposure. I am a citizen who cares a great deal about Encinitas, and feels obligated to do my very best to protect it's future for all of us. I have tried to serve in an unbiased, fair and impartial fashion in every decision before me. You may disagree with some outcomes, and that is your right, but testimony and deliberation have always been completely open and available to all.

    If you have a concern regarding my motives or question my service, please feel free to contact me.

    I am providing you here my private email address. Thank you.

    Gene Chapo

  30. Didn't mean you, Gene! Most times I think you are the only voice of reason on that panel.

  31. Opps, forgot to sign...

    Didn't mean you, Gene! Most times I think you are the only voice of reason on that panel.

  32. Gene:
    I addressed you about the Hall property EIR, and you were very attentive and encouraging. Unfortunately, you did not grasp the implications and ramifications of lighting the fields, and even though this approval was not on the agenda, just whether or not the EIR had adequately addressed the environmental concerns related to lighting, the planning commission approved the McKinnon alternative and gave its blessing to ighting, albeit to a limited, 8:00 p.m. hour? The commission's duty was not to comment on the lighting but rather to pass judgment on whether or not the EIR had sufficiently analyzed the environmental impacts of the proposed lighting. Obviously you didn't. Why? At the end of the meeting it was obvious to me no one knew what the bounds of authority were and exactly what they were voting on == some dark suited male sitting at the City's side was deferred to -- who the hell was he? Don't you have a prepared voting agenda before you meet so that you know the width and length of your authority? If not, why not? Seems to me basic civics 101.

  33. Currently the Hall Property is not zoned for night lighting. If sport lights are to be installed, a General Plan amendment would have to be inacted by city council or a vote of the people.


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