Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bond Ad Truck Spotted in Carlsbad

I laughed out loud...


  1. I saw it and laugh my ass off too. It shows how far out Jim Bond (double zero) has gone along the senility path.

    Talk about the ultimate in wasting natural resources and being a villain to the Environment. Those add trucks are completely a waste of natural resources and cause major pollution all to provide “Marketing Advertisement”. Tolal waste. Total pollution for no reason. Only people that are completely clueless and have IQs like around 80 use them like Realtors.

    Shows were Bonds mind runs.

    Bond should be run out of Encinitas.

  2. Funny the truck was driving in Carlsbad, did Bond forget which City council he is running for?

  3. Both Stocks and bonds advertising in Carlsbad.

    I wonder if we are in talks like GM and Crysler?

    Encibad (sounds like a rapper)
    Carlnitas (sounds like a taco shop)

    lorded over by Stocks and Bonds.

    First recommendation from the environmental policy being developed for Encinitas should be to outlaw gross polluting (visually and air quality) forms of marketing.

    I can think of nothing more environmentally wasteful than to drive around burning expensive and limited fossil fuel at the rate of 6 miles per gallon. What a gross polluter!

  4. Three years ago Bob wrote on the Eckes Prop A development. He wrote about the group of city leaders assemble to further the Paul Ecke Ranch development scheme. Fire Chief Mark Muir was part of the Ecke steering committee group. Bob had strong words to say about this group using the word mendacity.
    Now Bob endorses and advocates voting for "Mo" Muir.

  5. For historic preservation purposes.

    Preventing unwarranted and unwise development requires a group effort by community activists.

    Opposition to Prop A and opposing the higher density redevelopment of the Pacific View school site are not dissimilar.

    There is nothing wrong with finding common ground with those you have disagreed with in the past.

    Open minded pragmatism should be encouraged for the betterment of Encinitas.

  6. Muir lacks any experience or knowledge of curriculum, school finance, education policy, etc. and has never attended a school board meeting and was a no-show at the LWV/PTA school board forum. But she's for historic preservation...

  7. I'm sure Carol Skiljan lacked experience and knowledge of curriculum before she was elected to her first school board term as well.

  8. I know Maureen Muir and I personally think she would be a welcome change from the current Board. Stagnation seems to breed power, which seems to be addicitve. IMHO.

  9. All the candidates just want to dip their beaks into the govt trough!! Muir will be able to add many thousands of dollars to her and her husbands pensions with her addition to the school board. It'll be good for their lifestyle and bad for taxpayer wallets.

  10. Muir stands for public trough ticks!

  11. I love it.

    James Bond forgot again where he lives.

    Mr. Bond please have some dignity and step down.

    You are embracing yourself and your family.

    You are clearly losing it. Go out in style. Not bum like.

  12. All the current school board members including Carol Skiljan and candidate Mary Page have many years of volunteering and parent leadership at their childrens' school. They served on district committees and attended school board meetings BEFORE they were elected. Muir's idea of experience and volunteering is to run for a THIRD time and not engage with the public. Government at all levels are in for some hard times and tough choices. We can't afford a board member who doesn't have a clue. BTW participation in the state pension system ended years ago for school board members.

  13. Can we afford to have a Board member that has a clie and does not care? I'll take my chances with Maureen. She is committed.

  14. James Bond wets his beak to the tune of over $35,000 per year, plus all this adds to his govt pension, what does he stick the taxpayers for each year??
    Good for his bank acct ,bad for the taxpayers wallets.

  15. At first I thought people were joking when they said that Jerome Stocks had a big banner off I5 in Carlsbad but today I saw it. It's right before Palomar Airport Road on the east side. Now I understand why he, as our representative on the NCTD , doesn't represent us. He's representing Carlsbad!

  16. I too like Mo Muir and will be voting for her for EUSD, as well as, Nanniga, Holuihan and Collier for City Council. It's time for change...

  17. When Carol Skiljan ran in 1992 she said she believed that school board trustees should have children in the district.

    One of the first things she and Kuder and that total back-stabbin' rat Kathy Regan did was eliminate the ability for parents to donate time to other parents; because she doesn't care to listen to anyone. The reason they are fighting so hard and nastily against Mo Muir, is that if Mo gets in and finds out what kind of operation Skiljan and Nancy Cunningham are running; heads are gonna roll!

    Skiljan is second only to Dalager in Machievellian skills.

    Go Mo!

  18. GO MO! The school incumbants must go for MO...

    My (20+)friends and I will voting for only Bob Nanniga and Mo Muir!

    They got it right on Pacific View!!!

    Enough with the closed door meetings with EUSD and the City Council...

  19. Good for Mo Muir and Bob Nanniga for standing up against greedy school board members, city council members and developers who want to build everywhere, inlcuding in our own school yards...

    If your list of candidates don't include these two in their respective race. You can count me out on voting for your candidate"s".

  20. I was always a strong supporter of Mo Muir, now, I'm also a strong supporter of Bob Nanniga.

    Bob - u can count on my friends and I to rally behind you this election.

  21. Maureen Muir has my vote! She is nice, smart and throws a great party...

    Although, I know she's not interested in running for city council, I wish she would!

  22. I think Bond forget he promised Encinitas Voters he would not be running again this election.

    He has lost it. Poor Mr. Bond. He is senile or a liar. Either way, it sucks to be in his shoes.

    Its time for him to chat about this glory days in the senior center. We need competent people running City Hall.

  23. So what's Houlihan's excuse her? Why doesn't she have to follow the rules. The majority of her campaign signs are in violation of Encinitas sign ordinances.

    Is Maggie above the law?


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