Tuesday, October 28, 2008

False Democratic Flyer Endorses Encinitas Republicans

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Why would a Democratic flyer endorse three Republicans running for Encinitas city council, Jerome Stocks, Doug Long and James Bond?

Read the small print (see it beside the eagle photo)and find that this mailer was printed by an outfit in Sherman Oaks called "Voter Information Guide". The small print says,

"Appearance is paid for and authorized by each candidate and ballot measure designated by an *"

So, by the asterisks following their names, Stocks & Bond & Long did pay for this Flier to be sent out. Wow, that is shady!

*I did not receive this mailer because I am a registered Republican so I only get the patriotic mailers from people who love America (and hate gay people).


  1. Whaaat? Stocks, Bond and Long are so desperate they are pretending to be democrats? How far will these idiots go just to get elected? This election has gotten way out of hand. The robocalls and puff pieces containing outright lies shows how little character these clowns have. Vote for anyone but these jerks.

  2. Ask them about it at the forum this evening. Should be an interesting response.

  3. 6:19
    are you referring to homosexuals --as that is a homophobic slur. Don't equate homosexuals with those three assholes.

  4. I wish someone would ask Jerome about his big borrowing and spending habits on trophy projects.

    But the biggest Mis-governance and fiscal irresponsibility is giving every City Employee a 14% raise and a huge pension increase all while everyone else’s salary in the state is downing down.

    Ask yourself, how is your pension doing? Are you going to get 100% of your highest paid year for the rest of your life after 30 years of working?

    For me, that would mean I could retire at 60. Maybe our governments should give every citizen full pay after 30 years of working? I think that’s a great idea, and we can just stick the tax payers.

    who is the tax payers anyway? does anyone pay taxes anymore? I guess they mean our grandkids. That’s it lets stick it to our grandkids! Right?

  5. the truth will set you freeOctober 28, 2008 8:08 PM

    Here are some truths regarding Jerome and the 3 majority boys:

    He supported a 14% raise and huge pension increase for Every City Employee forever. The biggest liability on the City's books.

    He borrows millions for trophy project combine with their annual upkeep causes great long term liabilities for the City.

    He provides favors to employee unions and developers at the public expense. Just look at the contributors to his campaign.

    He consistently makes bad decisions on City Council lowering existing Citizen's quality of life.

    He is in the pocket of many special interest and is very similar in character to Duke Cunningham.

    Keep your sticks sharp. when the bad news hits the public next year. ( Like there is no money for any projects because existing liabilities for pensions, salaries, and health insurance are too great.) Get ready to point them at four people. The three majority pack Jerome Stocks, Jim Bond, and Dan Dalager, and the City Manager.

    Any moron can see what’s coming in the next year or two..... The City finances are in trouble. They all know better and know City revenues are dropping quickly while at the same time, they are proposing employee raises, fat pensions and costly trophy projects.

    the home town alliance should sew the shit out of Jerome Stock and Jim Bond for gross mismanagement.

    There will be people going to jail over the above items.

    Look into all the above points. The truth will set you free. And free souls carry sharp sticks.

  6. Chula Vista budget shortfall will probably mean layoffs


    By Tanya Sierra
    7:09 p.m. October 28, 2008

    CHULA VISTA – Dramatic declines in sales and property taxes in Chula Vista are expected to cause deep cuts, which will likely include layoffs, in six to nine months, city officials said Tuesday.

    This will also happen in Encinitas.

    Solution- fire Staff now. The development and redevelopment don’t exist anymore and this is no money for any projects. With those conditions, many of the staff have nothing to do. Its time to fire the deep layers of deadwood at City Hall and save some funds for needed projects.

  7. Economic woes mean smaller paychecks
    For some, weak economy translates into fewer hours and less money


    Don't worry. This does not apply to the huge group of Employees at City Hall.

    Jerome Stocks gave them a nice 14% raise and huge pension and long term health benefits increases just within the last year.

    Check it out for yourself. Its true!

    How is your pay and pension plan doing?

  8. Stocked and SabinedOctober 28, 2008 11:20 PM

    Scene: Halloween Party at Harry (aka Henry aka Professor Piggins) Eiler’s
    Stocked: Glennboy, this here’s a hootin-hollerin can o’worm squirim digestin rotatin and downright gestatin shindig the likes I never been seen of, or even been seen at.
    (Clown and masked D. Long jitterbug into the pool.)
    Sabined: (sucks down a long draw on a straw) Wull.....I’se hears what you said but don’t youse think youse better get right with BilBrat cause he ain’t dun endorsed your ass yet.
    Stocked: Sheet, BilBrat ain’t no compendium o’mine, he’s jess got a HS degree and I’se got a BS degree! Sheet, I’se on next....scuse me...Sheet... sheet.......
    (Stocked totters over to the stage, the Three Marlena’s line up in drag, flexing muscled fishnetted calves with killer Manolo red heels and as they swish their skirts, the band strikes up and they sing the chorus first:
    “This Land ain’t your Land, this Land is MY LAND, from the eucalyptus forest to the ocean waters, from the end of Cardiff to the north of Leucadia, this Land is just for me and them.”
    All sing Stanza: “As we went walkin’, that ribbon of tarmack, we saw above us the endless dust tracks, we saw below us, the flooded valleys, this Land is just for me and them.”
    All sing Chorus.
    Sabined solos: “We ain’t so narly, we can be friendly, we even got a black to recommend me (wink, wink), it’s not I hate you, I just despise you, this land is just for me and them.”
    All Chorus.
    All Stanza: “Now when you totters out on that ‘lection, don’t be reflectin’ on our general rejection, cause if we aint’s there come tomorrow...
    D. Long steps in and commands the stage with a rap: “you will be really really be pissed at the day of judgment, when our Lord, the Man Who Whispers In My Ears hears about this, he will be really, really pissed off and take revenge on you all, ain’t nothin to him to boil your skin, and put rats in where sinners dun trend, or mend, or spend....(looks helplessly at the others as his head starts spining clockwise and green pea soup spews from all his upper orifices on everyone within 40 yards...)
    Sabined desperately dials 666, the emergency number for the Exorcistic Priest.

  9. Many Encinitas Chamber Members were surprised this evening by Houlihan's claims of not having been informed about the operation of the Visitor Center, that the Encinitas Chamber has operated successfully since 1990. The reason? The Chamber has forwarded a monthly report on all referrals, inquiries and traffic to the Visitor Center EVERY month for 18 years. That is a total of 216 reports over the past eight years. Members wondered aloud if she had ever read any of the 216 reports? It definitely was the high-point of the evening. Candidate Doug Long was also adamant in his opposition to the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce operating the Visitor Center. Members took note of both their positions and opinions. The Encinitas Chamber only endorses policy issues, never personalities. Joe Sheffo preferred no tax dollars to be spent on a Visitor Center; the other candidates were in favor of a continued private/public partnership between the City and the Encinitas Chamber.

  10. Big Deal. chump change compared to the candidates Jerome Stocks and James Bond that supported Millions and millions of exess funds for big raises 14% for employeess and themselves. Then approved huge pension increases cost many more millions per year for themselves and the Employees.

    Focus on the big issues not the vistor center, needles, or any other minor issue.

  11. JP, I love the archival label Knucklehead Behavior that you gave this deceptive flyer paid for by Bond, Stocks and Long -

  12. Boycott Budweiser BeerOctober 29, 2008 8:43 AM

    Boycott Budweiser Beer- I just removed a sign they placed on my property without my permission, the Bud man tried to tell me he had my permission to uglify the community!! No you don't, sir!! Boycott Budweiser Beer!!

  13. Did Houlihan vote for these pension and salary increases?

    Her record should be very clear...

  14. no more incumbentsOctober 29, 2008 9:35 AM

    Of course she did, where have you been?? She is a retired ucsd librarian, she receives over $80K per year herself in pension!! And free health care FOR LIFE!!! As will all city employees, that's why they want to work for the city, it's all FREE!!!

  15. I understand that after 2 terms as a councilperson you are vested in their retirement program. Does anyone know what that amounts to?

  16. Everything is Free......

    Except for the tax payer that’s not working for the government.

    Can a society work if everyone works for the government and gets everything without really working?

    Oh yeah... it’s called communism.

    Just like China.

    Vote out the incumbents.

  17. He whom laughs last will laugh best. Councilwoman Houlihan will ultimately be fined approximately $5k per violation; she is up to 97 violations of the Election Code now. Mr. Eiler's 'crime' was that he and his wife appeared unannounced at a City Council Meeting and attempted to generously give an additional $2500 to each of the recipients of the federally-funded CDGB, Community Development Block Grants and when Houlihan realized that some of those receiving additional money were not her favorites; she made several motions; attempting to reduce the amount awarded to some of the recipients whom had annoyed her. Outraged that Ms. Houlihan would treat the generosity of a citizen so rudely; Mr. Eiler, himself, was not very polite to Ms. Houlihan.

    A week later when Mr. Eiler appeared to teach his Opera Lovers class at the Senior Center, he was given the bums rush, with no explanation, he was excommunicated by the staff. When he sought help from other councilpeople for an explanation, they were told it was a 'personnel' issue and they, fellow council people, could were not allowed to read the complaint against Mr. Eiler by M. Houlihan.

    Like many other citizens, Mr. Eiler will have to come to terms with the fact that there are laws and rules for most of us; but apparently none for Ms. Houlihan.

    The City's liability insurance will not save her from having to pay the fines by the State of California's FPPC. They will follow her forever.

    Today's 'press conference' with nothing newsworthy in it is the sixth Houlihan has called in 8 years.She just needed another reason to use the word 'clown' because her strategy is always as that of a victim.

    Houlihan has proof of who did the robocalls; and it wasn't the leader in the recent polling; Jerome Stocks OR Guerin; but Houlihan is smarter than the rest of us and used Rachelle's opportunity to speak publically to libel a competitor.

    Rachelle knows who did the calls too, but is once again too weak to stop Houlihan.

    As C.C. has always said about Houlihan; she may be uncouth, but she always gets what she wants and doesn't care whom she crushes or lies about to get it.

    Go Maggie!

  18. vote out incumbentsOctober 30, 2008 1:28 AM

    I saw that flyer handed out at Tuesday night's forum. Bogus!

    I am voting for Nanninga, Collier and Sheffo!

  19. Drink more bud, don't smoke it. Buy china surfboards. VOTE. red! I will run over all those sissy tree huggers in there hybrids in my dodge power wagon pickup truck @ beacons parking lot & then in the line up on my stand up. let's play girls.


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