Friday, October 17, 2008

Jiffy Lube Encinitas Drama

I don't usually do this kind of stuff but a rash of emails has convinced me to share the following:

On 9/11 we had the oil changed on our 2002 Xterra, 19 days later the engine seized due to LACK OF OIL. $900 worth of diagnostic tests at the Nissan dealer and and independent 3rd party investigator agree - the ONLY thing wrong with the car was that there was no oil in it.

Jiffy Lube is refusing to pay for the damages - upwards of $8k since we need an entire new engine. I mean come on! Forgetting to put oil in?! Isn't that like IHOP forgetting to put a pancake on your plate?! Unfortunately for them, they messed with the wrong people this time...

So it's time - we are going to take them to the mattresses.. If they thought they could get away with this, they screwed the wrong people - without lube.. (haha) Never underestimate the power of a Web2.0 junkie couple! ;-)

Please pass this onto everyone you know! BOYCOTT the cheap and easy lube!! Stay FAR away from the Encinitas Jiffy Lube:
221 N El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA 92024

And BOYCOTT any Jiffy Lube owned by Heartland Automotive Services, Inc.
America's largest franchisee of Jiffy Lubes
11308 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154

We are actively seeking others with stories about how they were screwed by Jiffy Lube. We are also looking for a lawyer to help us fight this corporate RIP OFF and make Jiffy Lube stand behind their work and their advertised service warranty.

Jiffy Lube Sucks blog post.

Consumer Affairs alert about the damage allegations.

Facebook page dedicated to boycotting the Encinitas Jiffy Lube.


  1. I know the Bureau of Automotive Repair filed accusations against EZ Lube aka Sleazy Lube for similar rip offs and they had to pay $5 million fine last year. Not putting oil in, or not screwing back in the plug are common stupidities done by these places as they hire unexperienced people and call them "mechanics." Call Consumer Affairs and the Bureau and make a complaint -- they may be able to help you if you can't get anywhere with the manager and/or owners.

  2. No entry for it on yelp (yet):

  3. Similiar thing happened to me 10 years ago. Got an oil change at another oil change dealer and they didn't screw the filter on tight enough and it fell off in the first 30 minutes. My girlfriend drove the car until the Toyota V6 engine blew. Back then it was over $6000. They refused to pay and said it was my fault. I filed a lawsuit and they immediately paid.

    JUST FILE A LAWSUIT. Pretty easy case to win. Stop whining and only take your car to the car dealer now.

  4. JP - thanks again for posting our story. Jock - sorry to hear that you dealt with the same thing. Yes, we have retained a lawyer and we're going to be serving them - it became pretty obvious that the folks at Jiffy Lube weren't going to do the right thing. Hopefully, this will give others a heads-up to avoid Jiffy Lube in general and that location in particular. We learned our lesson.

  5. Jiffy Lube Sucks Guy: Sorry to hear about your sucky situation with Jiffy Lube. As to your blog: are you looking for your 15 min. of fame, guy? A bit long on the bio. thingy- sounds more like you want the publicity for your own writing career...

  6. Though there may be some exceptions, most corporations will initially say no, a certain percentage of stupid people just give up and go away. Some will ask you to make a claim with them, fill out some papers describing your experience. Soon you will get a letter saying, "We have reviewed your case and have found that your claim is not valid." Again, a certain percentage of people will walk. They all know this.

    Nothing will get a corporation's attention like litigation because they are obligated to respond.

    I had an issue with the City of Encinitas regarding auto damage. Same deal, initial denial, long letter of explaination, response letter of denial, legal involvement, payoff.

    All cities and corporations have "Risk Management" personnel who evaluate this stuff and determine at what level an individual would probably sue. They know when it's probably not worth your time, and push back to that point.

  7. Boycott these locations owned by Heartland Automotive Services, Inc.:

    Store Name City, State Address Phone
    Jiffy Lube Alhambra Alhambra, CA 1332 S. Fremont Ave (626) 570-0280
    Jiffy Lube Arcadia Arcadia, CA 5 W. Huntington Dr (626) 446-7980
    Jiffy Lube Burbank Burbank, CA 107 S. Victory Blvd (818) 954-0024
    Jiffy Lube Canoga Park Canoga Park, CA 20860 Roscoe Blvd (818) 886-8218
    Jiffy Lube Carlsbad Carlsbad, CA 6021 Paseo Del Norte (760) 431-9875
    Jiffy Lube Chula Vista Chula Vista, CA 593 E St (619) 476-0202
    Jiffy Lube 22nd Street Costa Mesa, CA 2175 Newport Blvd (949) 548-4150
    Jiffy Lube 17th Street Costa Mesa, CA 300 E. 17th St (949) 548-2505
    Jiffy Lube El Cajon El Cajon, CA 1621 N Magnolia (619) 562-1319
    Jiffy Lube 13 El Cajon El Cajon, CA 539 N 2nd St (619) 441-0110
    Jiffy Lube Encinitas Encinitas, CA 221 N El Camino Real (760) 632-1155
    Jiffy Lube Glendale Ave Glendale, CA 202 S. Glendale Ave (818) 547-4542
    Jiffy Lube Highland Ave Highland, CA 3601 Highland Ave (909) 863-0128
    Jiffy Lube La Canada La Canada, CA 2304 Foothill Blvd (818) 541-7717
    Jiffy Lube 14 La Mesa La Mesa, CA 5540 Lake Murray Blvd (619) 698-9220
    Jiffy Lube Manhattan Beach Manhattan Beach, CA 1119 N. Sepulveda Blvd (310) 802-0556
    Jiffy Lube Devonshire Northridge, CA 18503 Devonshire St (818) 831-1091
    Jiffy Lube Northridge Northridge, CA 9325 Reseda Blvd (818) 886-1639
    Jiffy Lube Reseda & Plummer Northridge, CA 9500 Reseda Blvd (818) 734-9107
    Jiffy Lube Oceanside Oceanside, CA 1970 Oceanside Blvd (760) 439-5050
    Jiffy Lube Ocean 11 Oceanside, CA 4106 Oceanside Blvd (760) 643-9268
    Jiffy Lube Ontario Mills Ontario, CA 4567 Mills Circle (909) 481-1810
    Jiffy Lube Walnut Pasadena, CA 1420 E. Walnut St (626) 793-9896
    Jiffy Lube Pasadena Pasadena, CA 1603 E. Colorado Blvd (626) 449-4396
    Jiffy Lube Colorado East Pasadena, CA 3200 E. Colorado Blvd (626) 568-1687
    Jiffy Lube Poway Poway, CA 13409 Poway Rd (858) 513-1877
    Jiffy Lube Rancho Rancho Cucamonga, CA 12589 Foothill Blvd (909) 899-3946
    Jiffy Lube Redlands Redlands, CA 1667 W. Redlands Blvd (909) 335-9454
    Jiffy Lube Reseda Reseda, CA 7558 Reseda Blvd (818) 996-2471
    Jiffy Lube Rosemead Rosemead, CA 9655 Valley Blvd (626) 350-5794
    Jiffy Lube Downtown San Diego, CA 1005 B St (619) 230-1894
    Jiffy Lube Imperial Beach San Diego, CA 1574 Palm Ave (619) 575-1909
    Jiffy Lube Garnet Ave San Diego, CA 2651 Garnet Ave (858) 273-7757
    Jiffy Lube Rosecrans San Diego, CA 3775 Rosecrans St (619) 295-1999
    Jiffy Lube Convoy St. San Diego, CA 3982 Convoy St (858) 492-1181
    Jiffy Lube SDSU San Diego, CA 5813 El Cajon Blvd (619) 229-6633
    Jiffy Lube Mirimar Rd San Diego, CA 6696 Miramar Rd (858) 452-6340
    Jiffy Lube Clairemont San Diego, CA 7207 Clairemont Mesa Blvd (858) 279-1869
    Jiffy Lube Rancho Santa Fe San Marcos, CA 218 S Rancho Santa Fe Rd (760) 598-5823
    Jiffy Lube San Marcos Blvd San Marcos, CA 765 W San Marcos Blvd (760) 591-4366
    Jiffy Lube Sherman Oaks Sherman Oaks, CA 14103 Ventura Blvd (818) 986-4005
    Jiffy Lube Sun Valley Sun Valley, CA 10867 Penrose St (818) 768-9104
    Jiffy Lube Tarzana Tarzana, CA 19360 Ventura Blvd (818) 344-2282
    Jiffy Lube Crenshaw Torrance, CA 3209 W. 190th St (310) 329-2277
    Jiffy Lube Torrance Torrance, CA 5340 W. 190th St (310) 214-1184
    Jiffy Lube Upland Upland, CA 1379 E. Foothill Blvd (909) 949-2286
    Jiffy Lube Benson Upland, CA 1640 W. Foothill Blvd (909) 981-6033
    Jiffy Lube Van Nuys Van Nuys, CA 15300 Victory Blvd (818) 442-0199
    Jiffy Lube 10 Vista Vista, CA 1213 E Vista Way (760) 758-4400

  8. i'm going to jiffy lube tomorrow to get my oil changed and if my oil light comes on or oil pressure is low when I leave i won't drive around like a dumas until my engine seizes,
    I feel bad for you and it sucks this happened but accidents happen but is sounds like you will make them pay.

  9. What does any of this have to do with Leucadia?? Didn't you tell us that this blog was going to be dedicated more to the issues that effect Leucadia in 2008. This posting has nothing to do with Leucadia as we have no Jiffy Lube.

    If your friends are dumb enough to drive their car without oil, tough shit to them!!

    Keep it local and Leucadia.

  10. I had a similar experience in Northern California with Jiffy Lube. They checked, without authorization, my front differential fluid. When they replaced the drain-plug they did not torque the bolt to the proper specification. To make a long story short the fluid drained out and my front differential was destroyed. Jiffy Lube denied EVERYTHING until I file a complaint with the Oceanside branch of the Bureau of Automobile Repair:

    1310 Union Plaza Court, Suite 100
    Oceanside, CA 92054
    (760) 439-0942
    (760) 439-8948 FAX

    Within 72 hours of filing the complaint Jiffy Lube agreed to pay my claim. Go get them and stay away from those places!

  11. Are you talking about the Jiffy Lube on Camino Real, near the back entrance of Village Park?

    They did something wrong, didn't screw on the cap, tight, we lost all our oil, and they only paid for half of the repair. We should have filed a small claims lawsuit, but were both working, hard to find the time.

    Truck was never the same, finally gave it to KPBS, the radio station, as a donation.

  12. One time, my car had a small oil leak, and I forgot to check it for awhile. When the oil got real low, the oil light came on. I put a few cans in, and the car ran fine for another 10 years.


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