Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Leibham vs Bilbray

According to the site Daily Kos, challenger for the 50th district (that's us) Nick Leibham is neck and neck in the polls with incumbent Brian Bilbray.

CA-50: Bilbray (R) in serious trouble

Nick Leibham's website.

Brian Bilbray's website.

A lot of people view Bilbray as a carpetbagger because is from Imperial Beach and used his mom's address to run for the 50th.

Former Encinitas mayor Christy Guerin did not seek reelection and went to work for Bilbray. We haven't really heard much from either of them since then.

Leibham's campaign headquarter address is 519 Encinitas Blvd ste 107

Which of these two retards, Bilbray and Leibham, have a better chance of getting us funds to fix the dysfunctional and dangerous Leucadia Blvd/railway/Hwy101 intersection?


  1. Tired Ol' Encinitas VoterOctober 21, 2008 9:28 PM

    You hit it on the head. Both are retards just like all the democrats and republicans that fucked up this country and sold out our grandchildren’s future.

    Man- this country has a bunch of selfish losers!....

    I got an idea, go buy something on credit to make you feel better, and then demand the government to print money to devalue your huge debt......

    I am a republican (and am embraced to say that)… but would never vote for the carpetbagger Bilbray. Voting for him is like voting for someone with no integrity like James Bond (liar), Jerome stocks (liar and loves “contributions” from “special interests”), Randy “Duke” Cunningham (same as Jerome Stocks), Arnold Schwertiasonadfoger (stupid and liar)… the list goes on and on…

    Now you know why I am embraced.
    I have another great idea, let’s go borrow $80,000,000 so we, Encinitas residents, can build a sports complex for all of north county residents with us footing the entire bill and all the operations costs FOREVER!!!!!…… I don’t think my grandkids will every play on that field enough to warrant the $11,738 that my family will pay to the city for that debt, not to mention the huge tax base that will be used for maintaining all those fields.

    Woooooweee! This City and Country need an enigma!!!!

  2. Houlihan endorsed Randy Duke Cunningham everytime she could.

    Encinitas should reject the 3 incumbants in favor of Collier, Sheffo and Nanninga.

  3. Jerome Stocks LoverOctober 21, 2008 9:55 PM

    I have an idea.

    Lets give all City Employees another 14% raise for doing such a wonderful job this last year and lets increase their pensions to lets say 120% of their highest paying year, starting at 50 years old.

    That ought to make all those City slackers work harder. Right?

    Well. It will at least make them be able to stand you. Right?

  4. Hey JP- I love the head to head shots.

    Maybe you could do a head to head comparison with Brian Bilbray and Jerome Stocks and have people vote on which one would you trust more?

    Haaaa Haaaa Haaaaaa..... look at Stocks and Bilbray’s eyes. It’s like looking straight into a demon's soul.

  5. 8 years of Stocks focused on NCTD issues. How did that work out?

    How much closer to addressing the death trap at Leucadia Blvd.?

    How is the NCTD right-of-way looking in Leucadia?

  6. Nanninga for Encinitas! Let's send Bob to NCTD as the Encinitas representative. Stocks failed to represent the residents of Leucadia and Cardiff on the rail issue.

    Vote Nanninga, Collier, and Sheffo

  7. Well, if you're going to hate on both of them, seems easier to get on the guy who, you know, lives here.

    "Neighbors told 10News they rarely ever see Bilbray at the house, which is his mother’s home.

    “He comes here occasionally to see his mother like boys will do, but he doesn't live here,” said neighbor Frank Knudsen."

    Nick, at least, as probably been to Bob's Cafe!

  8. Christy Guerin signed onto the hit piece slate mailer "Go Long for Stocks and Bond"

  9. All I want to know - who voted for the Bailout?

    Very simple: If you voted for the bailout - YOU ARE OUT!!!!!

  10. Speaking of the glossy "hit piece" did everyone see it. Man it is something. Those Soccer folks must have a lot of money to put that out. Let's see we have Doug Long and Danny Dalagher and Christy Guerin on it. Oh my. These 3 want us to vote for Long, Stocks and Bond. I say when you have enough money to try to buy a sports park, F----You! Go put your sports park in Carlsbad. I didn't spend my hard earned money for the Hall Property to be used by SUV socceer moms and theur bratty kids from Oceanside to Del Mar.

  11. Carlsbad, Vista, and Oceanside already have their own ball fields - they don't need ours. The Hall property needs ball fields for our kids. Put a skate park in, add some tennis courts and build 4/5 fields, with at least a few lit! Let's use those 44 acres for the whole city, not just for a neighborhood tot-lot.

  12. When you step up to that voting booth, think about who will do their best to represent you. Also ask who is running for office primarily for ego and who is running to serve you.

    Like you, I have my own ideas about who's in it for the ego.

  13. Both. And they both don't have a clue..... Debt is skyrocketing...DEBT of the nation is the biggest problem yet neither even think its worth talking about......

    This country is on its way down quick.

  14. I wrote Bilbray three letters asking for action about student loans (can't refinance like other loans) -- he never replied. And, what has he done for us anyway? I say give the other retard a chance, Bilbray's had his.

  15. When I was in Washingtn D.C. about a year ago, I requested an appointment to see Bilbray. His staffer said it wouldn't be a problem. He would get back to me as to when I could see him. I was asured he could "fit me in in his schedule" since I am in his district (50th), and had given them enough notice. Well folks, take a guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. I got no call back ( I called 2 times) and still did not get to see our Congressman. Oh wait. I did see him at a restaurant one afternoon, smoozing with some politicos or perhaps some people who were attempting to lobby him for something. I was just about to say I when he got up and left. Think I will try the other candidate.

  16. Bilbray was a douchebag in IB when I grew up down there, total opportunist that has never actually done any work but has been feeding off the public trough for his whole life and has done very well by the way. He picks certain issues, border pollution, illegal immigration, and spins it well and gets elected over and over again. I wish our disttict was smarter than that, but the other side of the coin is the democrats who have been burying the future with the same kind of bogus spending the republicans have been doing.
    a third party is needed and inevitable, the time has come the people are fed up.

  17. Wull, now be fair, Bilbray can operate a bulldozer. Used to come in handy in IB. Seems he kinda lost the skill to be independent now.

  18. What happened at council tonight?

  19. 3 to 2. Need I elaborate?

  20. Lets Show James, the Liar, Bond (what a coatrider); and Jerome, wimpy demon, Stocks the door come Nov 6. Then the new council can scale back the park and avoid a huge law suit!

    Thanks for wasting more of our time and money Jerome Stocks and James Bond! You suck!!!

  21. I thought election day was Nov 4.

  22. 5:54

    I called Billbray's office wanting to know about the money supposedly granted for the Leucadia Blvd crossing that he had asked for. I never got a response either.

  23. 5:54

    But I was called by his robophone several times to participate in his town hall meeting. I never got to participate either.

  24. Fred - I got called by his robophone too, and did something to connect me on accident, and all it was it him and one other person talking, you could'nt interrupt so I thought what a waste of time and just hung up. What was that all about anyway, it was touted as a town hall meeting but on the phone...waste of money and time. On a separate and more interesting note..how many of you Encinitans have had more wildlife eating at your doorstep? When I moved here, the skunks would come inside through the cat door and fight over the food, so we put it outside, and they went away. Now, I have seen over 7 different racoons eating the cat food in the last year. Tonight, the mom and three babies came, and then the dad and two babies came. They don't bother me or my cats, but why so many all of a sudden. anybody else have a racoon invasion? The babies have really cute vocalizations, like a CHIRPPP, and and low brrrrrr kind of noise. And, finally, why do you see dead skunks in the road but not dead racoons.

  25. Here's what concerns me: Bilbray is yet ANOTHER one of the politicians who tries to play up that "one o' the folks" thing, similar to the George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Dan Dalagers of the world. He has no college degree, no particular qualification as a legislator at all except that he's already been warming the chair awhile. Is that enough? Is it enough to say, "Well, he already has the job, so let's let him keep it?" I, for one, don't want somebody in Congress who's just like me, who's just "one of the regular folks". I want somebody who is the best and brightest that the 50th district has to offer! I want somebody smarter than I am, somebody more insightful than I am, somebody who can master the issues and not get sucked in by lobbyists and personal ambition run amok. I guess I want the Steve Austin, Six Million Dollar Man (or woman) of the 50th district's population to step forward and take up the challenge. I definitely don't want some disingenuous schmuck who carpet bags home to mommy's house from Imperial Beach on the heels of the Duke Cunningham scandal. So, from what I've seen of Nick Leibham, he is SO MUCH closer to a legislative/political Steve Austin than Brian Bilbray will ever be, that he seems to me to be head-and-shoulders above our incumbent. I've never donated money to a political campaign in my life, but I'm doing so now because this race is too important not to get involved it. Please think of getting involved in it during these last important two weeks prior to election day.

  26. We will be paying millions to build the park and thousands a month for upkeep. Only a matter of time before the tap runs dry by not being more frugal with our hard earned money.

  27. Bonds and Stocks and Dallager rejected the Planning Commissions recommendations to create more of a Community Park last night to the benefit of those who want a Special Use Park. Why is it that they believe that after all public surveys supporting a more passive use and extensive review of public testimony and 2500 pages of documentations by the Planning Commission, that their view supercedes the majority’s view and that of the Planning Commission?
    Remember this as you vote.

  28. Does anybody else find this disturbing (the education levels)? Who should be in Washington? Duh!

    Party: Republican
    Age: 57
    Education: Graduate, Mar Vista H.S., Imperial Beach

    Party: Democrat
    Profession: Attorney
    Education: MBA, law degree, University of San Diego

  29. The new city council can reconsider the park plan since no money will be spent before the new council is in office.

  30. New to New EncinitasOctober 23, 2008 7:23 AM

    Geeze- Now Jerome, borrow and spend, Stock and James, the Liar, Bond will be spending what little money we don't spend on employees salaries and pensions on a FRICKEN Regional Park costing over $100,000,000. That’s a lot of money for less than 20,000 tax payers in Encinitas.

    You can kiss any other improvement project including the N. Coast Hwy 101 Streetscape or Downtown phase 2, or Beacons beach improvements, or the Moonlight Beach improvements.

    The City will never have enough money for rebuilding all the McRitz Firestations and the SoCA REGIONAL PARK IN ENCINITAS.

    Wake UP!!!!!! Look whats happening in the world around you..... Now is not the time to borrow and spend $100,000,000 on the SOCA REGIONAL PARK!

    Watch....next year the City will be in financial trouble. Reason.- All from the financial mismanagement from Jerome Stocks and James Bond (the majority (Dalager is too stupid to do any damage. He just goes along with Jerome and says build the park).

    Vote accordingly.

  31. I feel so sorry for the neighbors who live near this so-called park, and the whole community of Cardiff will be affected and impacted in the worse possible way. I cannot believe that Stocks and Bond voted for this plan. Vote them out of office! I can believe Dalager voted for this because he has a narrow vision of the world and is one of the most selfish people I've ever had the misfortune to meet. In two years, vote him out of office, too! This decision is a slap in the face to Cardiff, a financial nightmare, and NOT what the original committee of citizens envisioned for this land. Instead of a lawsuit, please, everyone save yourselves the time and money, and vote Nov 4.

    Just say "NO" to Stocks and Bond.

  32. I think Nick is brave for seeking the endorsement of a Hoar.

  33. 11:21

    That's Mr. Hoar to you!

  34. On November 4th, vote "No Incumbent Left Behind."

  35. I am voting for Nick. Who wants more of the Billbray/Guerin crap!


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