Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Leucadia 101 Streetscape Workshop

Nobody wanted to talk to that guy.

The Highway 101 trees were mapped. Trees in green are safe from the axe. Red, firewood. Yellow, might get cut.


  1. In a wonderful room at the library everyone had the opportunity to see the concept Streetscape plans and to ask questions of the planners and engineers, as well as city staff. They all were very accommodating and anxious for citizen's input. David Pertz and some of his staff were there to answer questions and take your input. The project manager Diane was very informative.
    All of these people wanted to hear what you thought of the plan concepts.
    I was encouraged by the consistent crowd that flowed through the room.
    It seemed that most everyone was positively impressed. Peltz and Associates and the city produced a magnificent presentation.
    A lot of questions were answered.

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  3. It about the ecomomy and environment.


    Vote for Bond, Nannigan and Houlihan!

  4. This looks like a community ispired streetscape plan,when developed, I would be proud to hand down to my children.
    Thanks to all those who cared enough to get us to this point.
    Keep caring.
    Those who missed the presentation can view the documents at the L101 office or the city.
    Hopefully, this presentation dispelled some rumors that have been floating about.

  5. Gary Murphy has it right to some degree. The stop signs will work and should be put in within the next year. We should also keep planning and complete the ultimate streetscape conceptual plan. The ultimate streetscape plan is a guiding conceptual design that will be with us for the next 80 to 150 years if the USA doesn't fall into civil war before then.

    The City only has enough funds for a small portion of the overall road which will not go far. It will take 20 to 50 years for the City to fund to entire streetscape plan stretch depending on the priority they place on the project and available funds.

    I can tell you that with the jacked up Governments and current high overhead costs for their fat governments, there is not going to be much money for needed local road improvements.

    Gary should continue to push for installing the stop signs, I for one am with him on that issue. Lets not pick favorites. If we did it in Rancho Santa Fe and downtown Encinitas, we should do it on our Mainstreet in Leucadia too.

    I also thing we should complete the much needed walkable streetscape conceptual design and phase one improvements to show the public what an amazingly good improvement the streetscape will be for the entire community.

    Keep up the good work, Staff, Design Team, and Gary!

  6. Rachelle is a great friend of Leucadia.too.

  7. lower the speed limit to 35mph

  8. Peaceful LeucadianOctober 02, 2008 6:22 AM

    Dear Design Team and Staff-

    At workshop no. 3, please present an option to change the angled parking to parallel parking in the locations shown to save most of the trees (as shown in the 3rd picture). I think this would improve the plan greatly by saving our beloved trees, making the traffic calming work better by changing the configuration along the entire stretch, and it would make it look more “unique” and less “Generica” and “Sterile”.

    I bet if you put that alternative to a vote at workshop 3, it would be embraced by a large majority and the community can begin to hug one another again.

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  10. Ask Gary about the dead tree in the park that almost cost him and his son their lives. The tree was rotted from the inside, but he can tell you better.
    Save all the rotted trees!!!

  11. Oh 'Michelle',
    How about that streetscape plan?
    Pretty good, huh?

  12. Lower the speedlimit to 25 or 30 mph and put in stop signs in the next 6 months.

  13. ol encinitas voterOctober 02, 2008 6:44 AM

    I love the Streetscape and Rachelle Collier's platform.

    Both are great for Encinitas!

  14. Oh yes I support the streetscape project.

  15. How about stop signs and 30 mph now?

    Replace the 4-way SS's on Leucadia BL w/ a 3rd roundabout. Then, analyze before and after.

    Then try right-turn-only at L101 / Leucadia BL, no red lights, roundabouts at Jasper and Europa. Again, analyze before and after.

    Maybe then, there could be more of a consensus.

  16. Wellstone residentOctober 02, 2008 9:55 AM

    Nanninga and Collier can be counted on to preserve the unique character of coastal Leucadia.

    Houlihan cares only about Houlihan.

  17. I know Maggie cares very deeply about Leucadia and our Streetscape.
    And Rachellle

  18. Grandveiw architectOctober 02, 2008 4:07 PM

    Nanninga and Collier are the best bet for Leucadia. They truely understand the westside.

  19. Actually I think you can vote for three.
    Bob,Rachelle and Maggie.

  20. Something may be happening with the Log Cabin apartments property.

  21. Oh well..... something will happen with all the properties... its called time. With Time comes change.

    I for one will be voting for Rachelle, Maggie and ?

  22. I like that..."The Westside".

  23. I like that Streetscape plan. It will make it nice.

  24. maggie hasn't done shitOctober 03, 2008 7:30 AM

    Maggie has never done shit for Leucadia!
    Do we have a landscaped center median?-NOPE.
    Do we have a safe way to get to Beacons beach?-NOPE
    Do we have a below grade train through town?-NOPE
    Do we have lower speeds on 101?-NOPE
    Has Maggie ever filled sand bags for Leucadians when it rains?-NOPE

    Maggie hasn't done shit for Leucadia, never has and never will, you Maggie fans are fools and dunces. She feeds you the usual feel good bullshit for Leucadia and then turns around and stabs you in the back, by doing nothing for Leucadia.

    AND SHE LAUGHS AT YOU, and she knows it!!! And now you do also.

  25. To "Maggie has never..."
    Which candidate has done these things? I will vote for them.
    No body has done any of the things you mentioned. Not just Maggie.
    Although, Maggie supported the improved medians that we do have, wants below grade x ing, wants lower speeds in Leucadia, wants to solve the flooding problems and more.
    To lay this on Maggie is unfair.
    I believe Maggie cares for Leucadia as does Rachelle and Bob.
    Which candidates, outside of these three, would you say are more Leucadia friendly and aware of our concerns?

  26. maggie hasn't done shitOctober 03, 2008 8:14 AM

    My "Maggie has never done shit.." is in response to anon 1:52 from yesterday. She can say she cares all she wants, it doesn't add up to a heaping pile of shit!! Her caring for Leucadia ends at the library she had built for her friends and nothing more!
    To say she "cares deeply" is like the neighbor that lets their home look like shit and then tells everyone in the 'hood how much they enjoy living on the street.
    It's all smoke and mirrors. Don't fall for the lies and bullshit. Don't re-elect Houlishitcan!!

  27. Maggie is in it for Maggie. More questions:

    why do we have double tracking and no at grade pedestrian crossings? Has she ever made an issue out of this? Why is the speed limit so high going through town? Has maggie ever made an issue out of this or even proposed lowering the speed limit? How often has maggie voted to approve spot zoning for developers? Has she ever opposed a project, except the one next door to her house? What has she taken the leadership roll in for Leucadia or for that matter in anything except maybe a plastic bag ban?

  28. Do not spend any more money on this useless project. The city spends our money like a drunk sailor on payday! What's wrong with leaving the highway the way it is. Thats why you moved here in the first place anyway isn't it?
    If there is that much free money for them to blow, lets build new restrooms at Moonlight and Swami's. Been in them lately? If you don't like my town, MOVE.

  29. Hey area man, don't like the changes?? YOU move to Ocean Beach!! And if that shit hole ain't enough for you keep going south until you get to IB.

  30. Maggie did support the enhancement of 6 medians on N. Coast Hwy 101 as a beginning for improving their look. They now have berms irrigation and native flowers. (Unfortunately, the median may get the ax if they make 101 3 lanes instead of 2.)

    Other significant improvements that have occured during Maggie's tenure are:
    * The removal of the ugly telephone poles on N. Vulcan Ave. This alone has vastly improved the ambience of Leucadia. (The rail fence adds a lot too.)
    * A safer walk to Paul Ecke Central School on the railrod right of way.
    * The improvements made on the 101 drainage system by Rick Engineering.
    * Approval for funding Leucadia 101Mainstreet Association's ventures.
    * New ("temporary") sidewalks and driveways for many of Leucadia merchants.
    * New trees planted on 101.
    * Evergreen trees planted in Roadside Park.
    * Yes, the new Library realized - (and located where it should be.)

    There are many other things Maggie has done for Leucadia, but what also stands out is that she's never stood in the way of any improvement slated for Leucadia that I can think of.

  31. Sounds like most of you are on some kind of government assistance or trust babies or came across your subsistence by not working. That includes those stealing our tax money with their government jobs. You just want to spend free money that you never worked for on your pet projects. You want change just like Obama! Not for the better, just change. Leucadia was funky, is funky and if we stop this will stay funky. I have this feeling that that the drive behind this is the city staff who are in the pocket of developers and carpetbaggers trying to make a fast buck. Thanks for the rant.

  32. Peaceful LeucadianOctober 03, 2008 7:17 PM

    And your rant is dead wrong.

    Starting with your earlier points.

    "What's wrong with leaving the highway the way it is. That’s why you moved here in the first place anyway isn't it?"

    I moved to Leucadia for the beach, trees and peace and quiet. In that order..... Since then the beach is still good, but the rest has changed. The trains have gone up a 5 fold, the traffic now sucks from overdevelopment of North County by the special interest politicians that support reckless development, tree City continually cuts down all the trees, and our Mainstreet is a barren ugly deadly roadway. The last two are lost.

    That road has always been the most negative thing about Leucadia. If you want to see the good parts, just go to any neighborhood street over one block away from that deadtrap and you'll see the best properties in Leucadia. That crappy road lowers property values.

    This cannot be you're town, because this is OUR town. Your old crappy ideas are stale and stinky. Its time for Leucadia to grow again like a healthy tree, and not like the so many dead things that rot along Hwy101.

    This streetscape will make all of Leucadia flourish like a magnificent California Oak Tree, or a health Montery Cypress with kids walking under their shade providing branches on the way to their favorite local beach.

  33. I think this is like redevelopment without declaring Leucadia blighted. Five roundabouts are not needed.

    Go sign the petition at Leucadia Glass. I hear the plan would use Eminent Domain to take that property?

    I am not afraid of Gary. He's a nice guy. This is a big PR spread to benefit the consultants and contractors, a few business owners, to give them more parking, at taxpayer expense. The money should go to improving the sidewalks, stop signs, preserving the canopy. Get an expert, a botanist, not an arborist who cuts down trees for a living, to determine which trees can be saved.

    Look what is happening nation wide. We don't need to keep pouring money into consultants. I went to the workshop and there was nowhere to submit comments.

    I guess I'll just write Planning and Council. Save our Canopy. Put the money into improving the medians, not killing more trees and planting little ones in their place like at Leucadia Roadside Park.

    The 101 Czar gets $100,000 a year, so now he's building a big new house in Encinitas, the Stork House? Peltz and associates are making big bucks here, to promote more parking and roundabouts. The business owners should pay their fair share for more parking spaces. They are already paying lower property taxes, if they own the land since pre 1978, and many now own their land outright.

    Slow down the speed limit, make some u-turn lanes, put in stop signs, and don't give anymore money for PR workshops and roundabout spin.

  34. Anonymous posts from yesterday at 6:16, 6:29, 6:31, and 6:35 a.m. are all from one racist flamer who wants to promote his personal agenda and increase his profits at taxpayer expense.

    Most of the people who spoke about this before the Planning Commission were NOT for five roundabouts. They WERE for saving our canopy, putting in stop signs, continuing to improve the sidewalks.

    I went to the open house at the library and so did my neighbors, also not in favor of five roundabouts. There was no one taking written comments, but Encinitas city staff present seemed personable and pretty decent about answering questions.

  35. Grandpa in LeucadiaOctober 03, 2008 11:39 PM

    Whatever anti change-

    The former great canopy is nearly dead. the street is a dangerous crap whole, I will not walk with my grandkids along that deathtrap, and I for one love roundabouts.

    Go to the meeting and present your opinion. Its community driven. I and my neighbors love it. Say your piece and vote. And let your neighbors vote. At the end of the day we will have a streetscape that the community wants not developers, not business owners, not residents, and not people who fear change, but one that the community has decided.

    thanks for saying your piece. All I want is a safe roadway that I can walk with my grandkids to get a bit to eat before heading to our local beach.

  36. If roundabouts are so good, why not have them on the freeway or for the trains? Or how about figure eights? That would be much more fun! There is a reason roundabouts look like zero's, if you like them you're a ZERO. Have a nice day.

  37. I'll take that as a compliment coming from you. Thanks!

    Let’s make Leucadia safe for all and plant more trees.

  38. demand what is right!!October 04, 2008 11:04 AM

    A vote for Bond is a vote for Houlican!! Neither of them has done anything for Leucadia and never will... they both know that the Hall property is more important to their legacy as they will be dumping all the cities monies into that soon enough.

    Leucadia will get zip, and shit upon again. When will really Leucadians rise up and demand a safe 101 and all the others things this town needs. Rise up and demands what is yours!!! March on city hall, take over the council chambers, show them you are angry and won't take it any more!!!!


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