Saturday, October 11, 2008

Leucadia Seafood

Healthy reefs keep you well fed. Lobster season has begun.


  1. Wow looks good. We all better become fishermen, if we want to feed our families. The rest of your money will be going to the government ticks.

    Jerome Stocks and James Bond's legacy will be their implementing the huge pension and health care benefits for every City Employee for life that will sink the City's finances. This huge liability alone is the biggest cost that the City has to deal with… Its going to cause major pain as early as next year.

    The newspaper headlines will read, “Jerome Stocks and James Bond sold out the Encinitas Residents for the sake of Union interests”. Jerome and James are talking like Bush before all went to shit. The same will happen in Encinitas.

    You both should be run out of town.

  2. Thanks for the local lobster season info. If one isn't going to catch lobsters personally, what are some good options for purchasing local lobster?

    I've been trying to source more of my family's food locally and seasonally with a Be Wise Ranch CSA produce box as well as meat, goat milk, and eggs from a SD county "hobby" farm. Getting a seperate freezer helps with that, too. I get my coffee beans from Pannikan. My trips to Jimbo's (also locally owned) and TJs for a few extra things are a breeze now. I get lost in Ralph's and Vons because they reorganize in between I only rarely need something from there.

    Sourcing local seafood without driving down to SD has been the hardest endeavor. I have periodically tried Cardiff Seaside Market and Pelly's in Carlsbad, but still most of their seafood is flown in from distant locations, except for rare luck when they had something from local sport fishermen. I had to settle for defining "local" as anything from Baja to Alaska.

    I'd love to see more posts about local and seasonal food, especially seafood, because we have some great resources in this area, but few people seem to know or make good use of them beyond avocados, flowers, and strawberries. We do have some great farmer's markets throughout the week in various locations, but they aren't the only options for
    "slocal" food, nor are they always the most affordable or convenient.

  3. Wow. We spend $560,000,000,000 on a senseless occupation, and thousands of killing of American lives all for nothing.

    I think we could do better with the money considering we are about to go BK.

    the USA has to quiet acting like god for the whole world, We can not even afford to take care of ourselves.

  4. Holy Fishscales, that is one humungous lobster. It's not really caught off our coast...all I ever see is baby lobsters washed up on shore. Oh, and where are all the abalones?

  5. Killed for their shells! I remember when they were plentiful in Encinitas (when I was a kid). Overfishing and pollution killed them off, just like the over development killed off the flower fields off of El Camino Real. Incorporstion was a BIG mistake!! So much for tyhe "Flower Capital of the World!"


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