Monday, October 20, 2008

Leucadia Street Trees to be inspected and pruned this week


Begins the Week of Oct 20, 2008

The City of Encinitas is working with West Coast Arborist, Inc. to inspect and prune (trim) our street trees. They are scheduled to begin work in the Leucadia community. The maintenance will include the area from Leucadia Blvd to Sanford St and from Vulcan Ave to I-5. In addition to this area, we will also inspect and prune trees in the median and on the west side of Highway 101 from Leucadia Blvd to La Costa Ave. The work is expected to take six weeks to complete.

West Coast Arborist will provide notices to affected businesses and residences to inform them of the pending work. They will also place “No Parking” signs 72 hours in advance of the work at specific locations. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your patience while we complete this maintenance.

If you have any questions concerning this work please contact the following:

West Coast Arborist, Inc. (800) 521-3714

City of Encinitas, Public Works (760) 633-2850


  1. West Coast Arborist, Inc. to inspect and prune (trim) our street trees. ...

    these are the hacks that cut down 30 year old trees and then say woops.... sorry... we'll plant knew 15 gallon trees to replace them.

    When is the City unvailing its tree replacement program based on trunk diameter square inch replacement?

  2. Are these the same idiots that cut down the WRONG tree in LRSP?? If so, pray for the trees!!

  3. Good Job City Leaders!

    Hire a company that can not tell a perfectly good tree from a bad tree and them pay them to go inspect and cut all your trees.

  4. If medical insurance wasn't so high, tree companies could hire employees whom could read.

    Dollars to donuts these guys cut down the wrong trees again.

    Let's start a pool.

  5. If you planted a tree that is now too close to the right of way, the city claims ownership! We've lived in Encinitas for over 30 years and never had city tree trimmers in our neighborhood until recently. We found a no parking sign attached to our tree along with a notice at our door about trimming the next day. We called the city and said we maintain our tree and in the past responded immediately if the city thought a limb was too low, etc. That's when we learned under some new ordinance that because part of the trunk is too close to the right of way the city can trim. After a lively discussion they backed off. I hate to think what our 40 year old tree would have looked like otherwise.

  6. I would look like a dead stump.

  7. Don't be suprised if some of the big Euc's in the center median come down. If you notice on some of them, the big conks (mushrooms) growing out of the base are an indication of decay in the trunks...

  8. love the sound of chainsaws in the morning!


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