Monday, October 13, 2008

Leucadia Town Council Candidate Forum is Tues. Oct 14 - 7 pm

Tuesday, October 14th at 7 pm, the Leucadia Town Council will be hosting an Election Forum at Paul Ecke Central School for the nine candidates running for Encinitas City Council. Each candidate will give a brief statement, and will be asked questions from the community groups and those from the audience, if time allows. Be there!


  1. Lecadia loves STOCKS, BOND and HOULIHAN.

    A vote for these candidates is a vote for our economy and environment.

    Follw the lead of the North County Times and vote STOCKS, BOND and HOULIHAN...

  2. Don't waste your vote - VOTE ONLY FOR NANNIGA...

  3. Yeah right. Check out the facts.

    Jerome Stocks and James Bond's legacy will be their implementing the huge pension and health care benefits for every City Employee for life that will sink the City's finances. This huge liability alone is the biggest cost that the City has to deal with… Its going to cause major pain as early as next year.

    The newspaper headlines will read, “Jerome Stocks and James Bond sold out the Encinitas Residents for the sake of Union interests”. Jerome and James are talking like Bush before all went to shit. The same will happen in Encinitas.

    You both should be run out of town.

  4. Anonymous 10:52 PM

    Leucadia is spelled Leucadia.

  5. Possible questions for candidates:

    .....Why has NCTD and our NCTD rep.,and the city shown a lack of concern for us. Orange bags, scorched earth, dangerous rail xing.
    .....Streetscape. Speed. Noise from open pipe Harleys, Traffic? Have you been to workshops? Seen them? Seen the options? What do you think?
    .....Hall Property. Community Park or Special Use Park?
    .....Flooding. $4.7mil for undersized pipe not because of coastal commis. as stated by Stocks.

    Be there.
    Find out who cares about Leucadia.
    Rachelle and Maggie do
    Who played 'Lumpy'on Leave It To Beaver?

  6. Stocks has been out NCTD representative. How has that worked out?
    Maggie, Rachelle, Bob, and Bonds have shown support for Leucadia.
    The other candidates have not shown any support for our community.

  7. Frank Bank played "Lumpy" Rutherford on Leave it to Beaver.

  8. Someone please ask about what happend in the $5 mill storm water pipe fiasco. Ask also why we needed a $30 million dollar storm pipe when Stocks and Norby wanted a redevelopment district. Ask why we don't need a $30 million dollar storm pipe now that redevelopment is off the table.

    Ask how the candidates feel about redevelopment. If they don't know, you do not want to vote for that candidate.

  9. Anyone ever heard of "passive resistance". It is what M. Gandhi used to get the Bristish out of India. It worked. Perhaps it is time to get mobilized and implement what Gandhi did. There are enough old folks who remember how to do it, aren't there Dr. L.?

  10. Yes, there are a lot of us old folks in Encinitas who know how effective passive resistance can be. It got us out of Vietnam. However, are you young folks ready for it? It means possibly getting arrested; committment; beat up' maced and/or pepper sprayed; and possibly even winning. Are you ready for that kind of activism? We did it in the 60's and early 70's. It does work. However, there is a price to pay. So far, all I see is a bunch of grumblers. You want to do it, then let's talk.

  11. Nanninga for Leucadia!

  12. Everyone has three votes. Don't waste them by voting for only one or two candidates. Vote for Brandenburg, Collier, and Houlihan. Of all the new candidates Brandenburg is the only one who will bring legal experience to the council.
    Brandenburg, Collier, and Houlihan for city council.

  13. I don't trust Brandenburg. His name is here, his name is there, he's aligned with these people, then aligned with those people. (Not to mention alnost all his campaign signs are place in illegal locations). He's Everyman! He's all things to all people. Hey, wait a minute, maybe he IS our guy...a natural politican who says and does WHATever it takes to be elected, like using a telemarket service to call me at home at least twice now. Oh well, if you want another alpha male on the council who knows nothing about the issues, vote for "that one".

  14. VOTE:

  15. LOL!! Is it a bad thing that Brandenburg is supported by a wide variety of people? I know that he isn't a career politician, or a single-minded, special interest driven candidate. That alone earns him MY vote. If Anonymous 9:24 is so impressionable, and is that affected by signs and phone calls, I wouldn't be surprised if he/she holds the deed to a bridge in Brooklyn. I can only hope that experience and integrity might decide the results of the election, otherwise I weep for our city/country.

  16. 9:24 & 10:14

    Has ANYONE ever seen Brandenburg at a city hall meeting? How in touch can he be with our community? Has he ever championed one issue in our city? Vote for those in touch with us and the city process.
    Collier &

  17. 10:14 you LIKE getting unsolicited calls at your home?

  18. No, but did the candidate PERSONALLY call you at home? I'm sure that the companies who put up the political signs, and the companies who run thew auto-dial machiines are run by similar people. Fault them, not the candidate. Better yet, contact Brandenburg personally and tell him that the companies are calling that late. I'm sure he would be receptive to your input!

  19. Encinitas has too many signs and too many are in the public right of way. Campaign signs will sway no intelligent voter, except, perhaps, negatively.

    Further, the signs of Council candidate "Tony" Brandenburg are misleading. He is not a Superior Court Judge. Therefore, Brandenburg’s designation as "Judge/Educator on Page 7 of the sample ballot is misleading and violates California Election Code Section 13107b(1). As a retired Court Commissioner, Brandenburg should be familiar with the law, and shouldn’t want confusion over his "intertribal judge" status. No reference to race or ethnicity is allowed in the ballot designation. With respect to signage or newspaper article designations, the SD County Registrar of Voters, with whom I’m filing a formal complaint, suggests citizens must “police" ourselves. Suing for relief is often prohibitively expensive.

    Jerome Stocks' ballot designation also violates Election Code 13107a(3), with more than three words. He could have designated himself Incumbent/Businessman, as also described in Section 13107a(2). Stocks was elected as Council Member, and is running a third time for Council. Incumbents should be termed out after two terms. Eight years are enough. We need fresh perspectives in this time of change and uncertainty about government spending and politicians’ personal integrity.

    I think Maggie is a good person, but I am voting for Bob Nanninga, Rachelle Collier and Joe Sheffo.

  20. 11:18 I tried to introduce myself to His Royal Highness, Brandenburg, at a meet and greet and he was very brusque and rude.

    The people who put up political signs and call you at home are HIRED by the candidate. The candidates are also RESPONSIBLE for putting their signs in legally designataed areas. You'd think a so-called "judge" would know that. Also, I saw Brandenburg signs up 2 weeks before they were legally allowed to do so.

    I wish Brandenburg WOULD personally called me at my home, then I could tell him what I'm posting here right now.

    You cannot tell me that those "Stocks, Long and Brandenburg" signs that are on real estate signs in the Lumberyard, utility boxes and on every fence in Leucadia are not illegal. They are illegal and in the public right of way, and if any of those candidates had any ethics, they would take them all down tonight. You cannot tell me that those three got the permission of every property owner who owns land that is currently a vacant lot.

    I've already filed my complaint.

  21. Huge Jerome Stocks for Council sign on I-5 in CARLSBAD!

    That's right CARLSBAD! just before Palomar Airport Rd.

    I think it is a Robert Mance project and the sign is on the freeway wall.

    UGLY and in violation of the Carlsbad sign ordinance I am sure.

    But hey, I don't have to follow the rules especially not in another city!

  22. There is a big Jerome Stocks on Robert Mance's building in Cardiff on Chesterfield Dr.

    Mance got MANY special favors from the city on that building.

  23. Stocks is pandering to the CBad residents cause he will probably run for council there once he is voted out in Encinitas.

  24. Brandenburg is not what Encinitas needs - we already have too many smug egos who treat people with disdain.

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  26. I was shocked to learn at the forum that Houlihan and Collier took money from developers...

  27. Independent Observer believes the following candidates won the debate this evening:
    1st BOND
    2nd NANNIGAN
    3rd ???

    I don't think anyone else deserves Leucadia's vote...

  28. Collier and Houligan are LIARS who have in FACT taken developer money and said at the forum they didn't!

  29. Have you ever heard of Accretive Capital? Read Logan Jenkins Sunday, Union Tribune article. Next, go to the city's website and see how much money they have given to Stocks and Long. It's not trivial. Do your own homework. Make your own decisions.

  30. They said they had NOT taken developer money when in fact they took money from Jed Staley ( a Leucadia density bonus project Maggie voted in favor of) as well sa Dee Snow ( Pacific View school site) This does not look good for these "open government" holier than though candidates!

  31. Collier and Houligan are nothing but greedy Bush type, pro developers... Going around telling people their against growth, while they take money from every developer in town. What ever happened to grassroots!

    My "only" vote will go to Nanniga!

    A vote for Nanniga is a vote for REAL CHANGE!!!

  32. Citizen for open governmentOctober 15, 2008 1:49 AM

    Someone is posting late at night, again.

    He is trying to get us to throw away our votes.

    I went to the forum, but my questions for James Bond and Jerome Stocks didn't get asked, again.

    There is another closed session tomorrow afternoon, at 2 p.m., set early so that LESS people will be able to participate, and so that Jerome Stocks, James Bond and Dan Dalager can make sure that there is only 24 hour notice, instead of the 72 hour notice required for closed sessions held before regular Council Meetings. Council and their buddy, contracted City Attorney Glenn Sabine, are "at it again." The male majority are not following the intent of the Brown Act but are using the device of staging every single closed session as a "special stand alone closed session City Council Meeting," so they can justify, EVERY TIME, avoiding the 72 hour notice mandated by the Brown Act.

    Also, re the 1st item on the agenda for the closed session: unless the potential Plaintiff does NOT know the circumstances and facts surrounding the "exposure to litigation," the posted agenda is to include the name of the potential party who is threatening a lawsuit against the City. This has been made clear to the Council and the City Attorney, repeatedly, along with "chapter and verse" from the Brown Act. The male majority just ignores the protests of Citizens, as well as those of Teresa Barth and Maggie Houlihan.

    Our City routinely violates the law, and gets away with it because the District Attorney is "in bed" with Councils and City Attorneys, and government entities, in general.

    All we can do is to pay attention and to vote in people with integrity and intelligence. Please don't believe the hype and the spin.

  33. 11:01

    I was surprised to see Bob publicly snap at Maggie and Rachelle for recieving money from (Rachelle's friend from a Yoga class): Dee Sharp "a developer".

    What no one said is that Maggie and Rachelle have recieved the least amount percentage wise of their contributions from developers of ALL the candidates, including Bob.

    If the numbers from the flyer "Who's Your Daddy Now, Dude?"
    are correct that was available at last night's forum , here are the breakdowns:

    Houlihan 10%
    Collier 16%
    Long 23%
    Brandenburg 23%
    Bob 31%
    Sheffo 41%
    Bond 56%
    Stocks 67%
    Seldin 71%

    "Follow the money"

  34. 12:36 we might take your flaming a bit more seriously if you learned how to SPELL the name of the candidate you are so impressed with.

  35. I answered quesions open and honestly at the Leucadia Forum.

    The question that was asked of the candidates was "...have you taken contributions from "out of state/out of the area developers?"

    I challenge the "Who's your Daddy statistics" as they came from the Houlihan campaign.

    As for the Dee Snow comment, I have been very open about my support for a downtown Heritiage park. I was quite clear that I will fight to preserve the historic Pacific View School house and grounds, including appeals to the coastal commission if it required.

    I'm sorry Rachelle and Maggie are on the wrong side of this conservation issue.

  36. An angry drunk candidate that wants to win so badly that flaming others to "take them down" is the modus operandi of several of the late night posts IMHO.

    Sure, Rachelle and Maggie are just like Bush!

    Spelling is not the first thing to go late at night when one drinks so much.

  37. Follow the money! Go to the city's website. The candidates turn in their contribution sheets. It's right on the website. Who's your Daddy just went to the website. You'll get the same thing. Verify it yourself.

  38. Well if that's the case my esteem for Doug long just went up.


    All three of these folks care about their city and don't play the bullshit games that some of the other candidates play.

    This is not a personality cult or a game of gotcha.

    Our City is a $60 million a year city/business that needs strong stable leadership not bought off by the development interest.

  39. Nanninga was the best prepared, the best spoken, and he knew the issues better than most.

    As someone who was there I can assure you Bob answered the questions that were asked of him.

    Nanninga and Collier are getting my votes.

  40. I agree with Drew. Nanninga is my first choice. Collier is my second.

    Now if only Selden and Brandenburg would drop out of the race. They both admited last night they know little about the issues facing the residents of Leucadia.

    Nanninga/Collier 2008

  41. Bob didn't snap. He pointed out an inconsistancy of two candidates and thier ties to a development consultant associated with efforts to develop the Pacific View School grounds into high density mixed used.

    Nanninga won my vote last night. And Maggie lost it.

  42. A Stocks sign in Carlsbad is classic. Talk about the all revealing signs of pro-developer contributions.

    Stocks cares more about Carsbad than Encinitas. He should be run out of Encinitas and move to Carlsbad. He fits that mold better.

  43. Well let me say it again...Bob was by far the most informed on the issues presented at the forum!!
    At least four times I heard the other candidates say.."I agree with Bob..." Once again showing us that Bob is a leader!!
    He is the council candidate that is getting my vote!!
    Collier is getting my vote though I am concerned about her connection to Maggie!!
    Maggie lost my vote last night!

  44. Well, Bob may be the most informed but I was not impressed on his post on this blog where he said he never supported five soccer fields at the Hall property then when called to task, meekly admitted he supported five "multi-use" fields. That is pandering. Look at the City website for the contributions -- Collier has a minisule amount from "developers" -- face it, to run a campaign you need money and to eliminate all "developer" contributions is ludicrous. The point is, who are the developers supporting with their money -- it's not Collier or Houlihan -- some people just refuse to see the big picture.

  45. Was it Bob's friend who recited a long list of things that the Council could do for downtown Encinitas? Parking meters were included.

  46. I wasn't there, but the NCT article said the question was did they accept contributions from developers such as Barratt American -- was that the question or not?

  47. Anonymous 9:45-
    As a 3 term Parks and Recreation commissioner (2 years as Chair) I know for a fact 5 soccer fields were never seriously considered for the Hall property. The 5 mixed-use fields, currently part of the plan, is the reasonable compromise between competing interests.

    I support the community park design, and have never entertained thoughts of a regional sports facility at the Hall Property.

    And thank you for creating opportunities for me to speak on my long term advocacy for parks and recreation services in Encinitas.

    And yes, E Street Cafe, a member of DEMA and Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, voiced support of downtown parking meters. We were alone in this, and let it drop once we realized we were in the minority on this one.

    Diversity of opinion is a good thing.

  48. 71% funds from developers? Give me a break.

    I didn't see the "who's your daddy now" flyer, but the majority of the donations to my campaign come from dentists and physicians, people who know me and my interest in serving the larger community. People who know I've been president of the San Diego County Dental Society, Chair of the County's Health Services Advisory Board and a member of the Dental Board of California. People who know I care about access to healthcare, preventing registered sex offenders from practicing dentistry, creating a healthier community.

    you call to see your dentist with a dental emergency, I don't think you are scheduling to visit a developer. Whoever put out such lies as saying I've received71% funding from developers should be carefully scrutinized. They are not to be trusted.

    Harriet Seldin, DMD, MBA
    Candidate, Encinitas City Council

  49. The Barrett American project was prefaced before the question was asked about getting contributions from "out of the area/out of state" developers.

  50. funny, I didn't see you there last night, "ann j."

  51. Stating that a developer is not a developer because they are in the same Yoga class as you is like Stocks saying that Mick Pattinson is not a developer because he is a golfing buddy.

    Make no mistake, Dee Snow IS a developer's tool; that is how she proudly makes her living. She was hired to get the city council to upzone the Pacific View playing fields so they can become office space. Who votes on the upzoning? Encinitas City Council people. That is the nexus, not Yoga class.

    As to "Who's Your Daddy, Now?" This was produced by Maggie's campaign manager, Bruce Ehlers, the same fellow who risked perjury charges four years ago when he made knowingly false claims against the Encinitas Country Day School, claiming a sewer line ran from the new school into the San Elijo Lagoon.

    The same fellow who 'loaned' Christy Guerin $10 K to get elected ten years ago. Remember her?

    Ehler's claiming Harriet Seldin's disclosure forms are made up by 71% developers is not a mistake, it is a deliberate falsehood. Her 460 form is almost entirely made up of members of a dental society and anyone who takes the time to read it will know that "Whose Your Daddy, Now" is clearly flawed at best and knowingly misleading at worst.

    As to Collier; utilizing the same treasurer as Ms. Houlihan who has blamed her 96 FPPC reporting violations on this same treasurer is spectacular in its poor judgement.

    By the way, the appropriate response to being publicly found out for mis-answering a direct question in a public forum is an acknowledgement, an apology, but not tears.

    There is no crying in baseball, and there is no crying in local politics.

    None of these nine candidates is perfect. Claiming not to know who paid for the hit piece/pink flier insert in The Coast News friday before last which savaged her opponents and promoted her and Houlihan, doesn't allow her to get off easy when she is caught dead-to-rights misleading the public, as she was last night. Does anyone really believe that she doesn't know WHO is spending all this money to promote her?


  52. Houlihan said her claim to fame for Leucadia is SHE got the orange sand bags removed. What a idiot, the sand bags were destroyed by the climate and hot sun, they were removed after someone went to the council and SHAMED them into removing the sand bags.
    It's time to remove the old bag, Houlihan!!

  53. I didn't see this "Who's your daddy" flyer, but it's not accurate in my case.

    As of today, I've raised $4571. Of that $900 came from "developers" (which I guess is anyone who builds or helps build things for a living). That's 20 percent, not the 41 percent being alleged.

    More than half of that came from family members who run a contracting business (roads, sewers, environmental mitigation, etc.).

    The rest came mostly from people I've known for almost 20 years (one of them a civil engineer).

    Even if you include the $350 I've received from a couple of realtors, that still only brings the total from "developers" to 27 percent.

    Contrast that with the thousands of dollars Doug Long has gotten from the developers of one project alone, the Olivenhain Towne Center.

    Joe Sheffo
    Encinitas City Council

  54. Why is it that I can't help but see the Geico Caveman when Bob Nanninga speaks.
    I gotta get more sleep.....

  55. That meeting last night proved to me that the MAJORITY of the candidates fit the cereal bowl theory: "Take out all the fruits and nuts, and all that's left are the flakes!" It was great! I laughed out loud at the nutty reponses more than once (I think I offended a couple behind me with my laughter: They got up and moved away from where I was sitting). At the same time I wept inside to think that (with a couple of exceptions) these were the only people in Encinitas who are interested in running my home town. Yikes!

  56. Nanniga reminds me of Marshall Applewhite (the heaven's gate leader). He doesn't blink, he is a little scary, and he wants to be in charge. No pot pie (or purple Kool-Aide) for me, thank you.

  57. I don't want to be put in charge. That's why Encinitas has a City manager. I'm asking to be 1 of 5 city council representatives. As an environmental advocate I will be happy just winning a seat at the table.

  58. Nope, nobody's perfect. Jerome had to pay back almost $3000 in campaign (2004), donations that were improper. Jim Bond was busted for listening to a ball game with headphones during a city council meeting. And on and on.

    However, Bob got his chance to creat chaos last night and couldn't resist. He knows Rachelle would never intentionally do anything or take money from someone and let it affect her decisions as a council member, if elected. He's interacted with her for many years, and knows how hard she worked for the Leucadia Oaks Park and that she's averaged at least 4 meeting a month for years, be it city council or Planning or Leucadia Mainstreet or Leucadia Town Group, and dropping that snide comment was dirty politics.

    No vote for you.

  59. Rachelle and I are cool. As rational adults we made peace with last night.
    We disagree on the Pacific View Property. The question asked regarded the development of the Historic Pacific View School grounds. My comment wasn't snide it was factual and relevant to future council deliberations regarding the Pacific View school grounds.

    My comment was not personal.

    As a candidate, It is my task address the issues facing the residents of Encinitas while drawing distinctions between other candidates and myself.

    Rachelle and I are both endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. Rachelle and I are community activists, and both advocate for open government and expanded public participation in the planning process.

    I meant Rachelle no disrespect. She is my friend, and I look forward to working beside her as member of the Encinitas City Council.

    I'm voting for Rachelle, and I humbly ask you cast one of your 3 votes for me. If you honestly support the ideals that Rachelle represents you will see that Rachelle and I have worked well together in the past and will work great together in the future.

    Vote for change. I am. I'm voting for Collier and Nanninga.

  60. Stocked and SabinedOctober 15, 2008 11:18 PM

    Scene: Orange County Developer’s tasteful McMansion in Cbad
    Stocked (beaming and bobbing to the muzak): This here’s a hellova PAC party!
    Sabined: Youse so right Jerryboy. And, that there sign’s goin set the tone for the whole ‘lection.
    (Our heroes look up and find the 80sq. ft. sign plastered on the fifth floor.)
    Stocked: Sheeet, Glennbobbit, dammit, that ain’ts what I dun tole youse to order!
    Sabined (sniggerin to himself): Yeah, kinda like Osama’s..he...he..he.. I’m meanin Obama’s.
    Sabined (all serious-like): Wull, Jerryboy, I’se real sorry-like, ain’t my faults, I swear I dun tole them signers to do a spell check. Look, if youse squint real tight-like and staggers around a bit, it kinda looks like “Good Luck Stocks” dun in fancy-like writin.
    Stocked: Sheeet, sure hope these folks ain’t goin take their eyeballs off-in each other’s sparklin bebobs long enough to crane their necks up that away.
    Sabined: Ain’t goin be no problem for these folks after youse dun given your speech! Now, members, youse gotta say “development” at least twenty times cause we got our drinky game goin and bettin is fierce. And, betcha quicker than a flea can jump frum one a-hole to t’other, soon everyones goin be squitin and staggerin and that thar sign is goin look real gud to all these folks!
    (Our heros glance up again at the 80 sq. ft. sign, now illuminated by spot lights, blazing in red, white and blue the words “Get Fucked Stocks”)
    Stocked quickly pulls his slingshot out of his pants pocket and takes aim....Fadeout....

  61. I heard 4 out of 5 dentist support Harriet Seldin.

  62. All of you anonymous bloggers are a joke!!
    Put your name to your comment if you want it to hold any weight!!

    Try it builds character.

  63. Come on try it.

    come out of the closet like me....

    I love watching cats and dogs lick themselves. And I love smelling my own farts.

    Try it you'll like it.

    You'res truely,


  64. It's not suprising bloggers for Houlihan like to watch cats and dogs lick themselves. That fact they smell thier own farts probably explains thier unwillingness to post under thier own names.

    Poor Maggie.

  65. He sure sounds like a smart feller, or is that a fart smeller?

  66. Drew: Does that mean our system of voting is flawed? Do I have to publicly announce my ballot selections in order to make them valid? Does the government need to know how I voted in order to punish or reward me accordingly? How 1936 Germany of you!!

  67. I had a toothache!!October 16, 2008 1:02 PM

    Seldin =fluoride
    Fluoride is good.
    Therefore Seldin is good.

  68. I am at a floss for words.
    with greater tooth decay then the boys will consider us blighted!

  69. Vote out IncumbentsOctober 17, 2008 7:18 AM

    I am disappointed that Rachelle Collier said she supports the development of Pacific View. I spoke to her about this, and feel that she is open to changing her mind? We already have too much development of downtown with Pacific Station, too little parking, too little water and sewer infrastructure.

    I do feel as Council Member, Rachelle would listen to citizen concerns. I hope she wouldn't approve of and go along with our contracted City Attorney as Bruce Ehlers has says he does. I didn't know that about his lending money to Christy Guerin. Ugh!

    Under Jerome Stocks and James Bond, the podium has been bolted down, so public speakers cannot address the audience. Policy changes have been made re the timing of closed sessions without Council vote or consideration.

    I hope Rachelle will weigh in on Pacific View School, again. There should have been a public hearing regarding the Naylor Act before the City began leasing out the property as a "temporary" public works yard. There are still City vehicles parked there, and the property is still fenced off to the public. The Naylor Act timeline is "triggered" by the time a property is no longer leased out NOT by the time it was no longer used as a school and playing fields. Brandenburg, a former court commissioner, not a Judge, should not have given his incorrect opinion on something he knew little about.

    I know I am also voting for Bob Nanninga and Joe Sheffo. Frankly, I was confused with Rachelle Collier at the previous forum as I thought she said that the San Dieguito Water District Board should remain the same as City Council? I'm not sure on this, and wish she could "weigh in" here, on the blog. I know it gets discouraging with so many rude, "flaming" comments. I do love "Stocked and Sabined," though, and am glad to get a good laugh!

    Our city needs more checks and balances, a separation of powers. Rachelle has been a long time activist and I know she means well. She needs to rethink her position on Pacific View School. That should remain an open area, with fields. She did tell me she favored it remaining a school. So I feel she is open to changing her mind if that is what the community wants!

  70. Gee, maybe the Sanderling School that was denied their expansion last night at the Planning Commission, would consider the Pacific View site for their new school.

  71. Pacific View should be developed into low-impact, low-rise, detached residential on 3/4 of the site (no office use) with the Schoolhouse and a pocket park on the other 1/4. This is a win for all parties. The School District has to rightfully capture some of the value of this resource, and the City (citizens) should have a win also. The City would have to pay some reasonable amount for their share. All of this should be wrapped in an exchange of property for the School District to sidestep the Naylor Act. We have an obligation to keep these profits here in the Encinitas school district.

    This is not a bad solution, every party benefits, including the public. The solution that Mr. Nanniga puts forth, City takes over entire parcel turns it into a historic parksite, is not viable financially, nor palatable to the School District. If the City were offered the site, all proceeds from the sale would revert to the state.

    The project could be designed to seamlessly mend the 2 elements so the Schoolhouse was relocated to form the centerpiece of the enclave surrounded by the open space of the park, much like a town square.

    Of course, the project will carry all it's own burdens, ie, parking, etc. on site.

  72. Nanninga is is the only candidate demonstrating any sense of leadership and vision.

    I'm voting for Nanninga and Collier and encourage others to do the same.

    The incumbants are tired, out ideas, and completely out of touch.

  73. Vote Out Incumbents: Read this link, and then go away quietly:

    Leftcoast: We don't need any more low rise condos or office buildings that will remain unoccupied. If you want to build something that people will use, build a park. It doesn't need to be too fancy, just something to preserve OPEN SPACE in our community. Here is a crazy idea: Maybe we could quick claim it over to SRF (or sell it to them for $1). They do a good job of keeping up their sanctuary, and I'm sure the property would be kept up!!

  74. Raoul...

    "Here is a crazy idea: Maybe we could quick claim it over to SRF (or sell it to them for $1)."

    Who is "we"?

  75. vote out incumbentsOctober 18, 2008 9:14 PM

    Brandenburg, according to the state election code should not use the word "judge" in his designation. He is a retired commissioner. No mention of race or ethnicity is allowed in the designation, according to state law.

    His signs and his designation are misleading. He is in violation of Election Code Section 13107.

    Please vote for Nanninga, Collier and Sheffo. They are all open to listening to the public. Harriet Seldin seems okay, too. The SDUT came out and endorsed both Seldin and Collier today, and unfortunately, our outgoing mayor, Stocks.

    Both NCT and SDUT are inconsistent in the editorial policy and their endorsements. They both before came out strongly against Jerome Stocks and James Bond for not abiding by the intent of the Brown Act and giving proper notice and proper reports regarding closed session Council Meetings.

  76. Educate yourself! Read the following regarding tribal sovereignty and tribal law. Do some research!

  77. "We" are Encinitas, who are you?

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