Friday, October 24, 2008

Like 3 Peas in a Pod

Is it ethical for city council candidates to run for office in a group? Isn't it a little creepy for incumbents to pick a challenger and ask us to vote in their friend, their buddy, their amigo? Isn't this a little too much like ASB high school politics?


  1. the opposition candidates have completely bumbled this election. They have allowed the financial incompetence and financial cowardice of the council to go unnoticed by the public.

    That opening has allowed Stocks and Bonds to run a campaign on their financial stewardship as a strong point. Forget all the borrowing that they did and all the financial liability of the lavish benefits to staff because the public doesn't know about it.

    As far at the public is concerned everything is great at city hall, so much so that Rachel Collier has nothing better to whine about than a few campaign signs being stolen.

    If that is all the opposition candidates have to say about this city, I'm voting for the dream team.

  2. Concerned citizenOctober 24, 2008 9:36 PM

    Was anyone else's dinner interrupted by a robocall from Mr. Henry Eiler in his transparent last ditch effort to slam Maggie? We should all give him a call and ask him to stop. I think his number is on

  3. I have to agree with ANON 8:22. Between the glossy brochure and the lack of bringing up incorrect financial decisions-the list goes on, including the Public Works Facility, the incumbants will most likely return. Term limits seems to be the only way to go. So far, I have not gotten a message from Eiler. I guess I'm not important enough:) Perhaps Dr. L was right when she said that Rachelle was very nice, but didn't seem tough enough to her. Bob, although he really knows the issues, tends to be a prima dona, which is great in his acting and other pursuits. From what I have heard, however, he is too flamboyant for the average citizen to take. That is if they are even paying attention, except to that glorious glossy flyer. It unfortunately seems that that stupid piece actually worked. Too bad the other candidates didn't ban together and do something like that. And, why didn't they? Anybody want to take a stab at that question-hey Bob, Rachelle, Harriet, Joe, Tony, Maggie?

  4. What a threesome. One old senile man, one narcissitic insurance saleman, and one crafty plummer. If this who gets elected, our City is in deep shit and may need more than a plummer, a senile old man and a salesman. God help us. We will need it.

  5. I'm game, "Anonymous 10:05pm" post. As a non-incumbent candidate, my perspective is different. I've been walking neighborhoods speaking to people, and I hear a lot of anti-incumbent sentiment. People want change. They don't like the attitude of the incumbents, they feel it takes too long for anything to get done. They don't think the incumbents care about them. As far as why the non-incumbents don't band together, some of them have. Haven't you seen the Home Town Buffet Alliance or whatever it is called? There is an entity that I think contributed to--or at least endorsed-- the campaigns of Tony Brandenburg, Rachelle Collier and Maggie Houlihan (one of you investigative bloggers, check it out. I'm not certain of the contributions, but I know those three were in the "Home Town.") Two of those are non-incumbents.

    I can't speak for the others, but I am an independent candidate. I'm not running for a particular candidate's seat, I'm running for election to serve the people of Encinitas. I'm not on any slates, not the Good Old Boys sports slate, not the HomeTown Buffet slate.

    I've been endorsed by the Union-Tribune and by our Assemblyman Martin Garrick (I testified at his request at the Save the 760 Area Code PUC Hearing), our Senator Mark Wyland, retired Senator Dede Alpert, and past CA Dept of Consumer Affairs Director Charlene Zettel. I've served at the State and County level, and I'm ready to serve the City if the voters choose to elect me.


  6. Harriet,

    you foreget you are paid for by Mike Andreen....sorry but that is a fact. what else do you bring to the table

  7. Hopefully, we elect Rachelle Collier and Maggie.

    As far as the home town alliance, I am going to send them my contribution. Because you know Jerome is receiving big money from Employee Unions for the continued support of their pensions and the developers for continued support of their profits. ALL at the expense of the tax payers of Encinitas.

    Lets hope we win.

    I bet Jerome the trader Stocks moves out of Encinitas within 4 years. He does not fit here.

    James Bond will not know where he is at in 4 years, so it really doesn't matter.

    Duke Long will be attending every City Council meeting and contributing zero to every meeting he attends he is dead wood and will still be trying to be elected.

  8. When the public realizes how bad Jerome Stocks and James Bond Fucked their future with voting for the huge Liabilities with the huge pensions given to all the City Employees, they will move in a week.

    The Citizens will run their sell out piece of shit ass out of town.

    Jerome will deny everything and leave willingly. Watch him try and make a play at State office in the next 2 years.

    Mr. Bond will not remember anything and will get a pass for Alzheimer taking effect. Always a good out.

    God or Citizens better help Encinitas because your going to tank just like the rest of California is heading.

  9. Anonymous 10:05PM What don't you just come out and say it? You think I'm too "gay" to be elected.

    Too flamboyant? That's the word Logan Jenkins used in the Union Tribune. Prima Dona? A Prima dona is the chief female singer in an opera. Last time I checked I am not a female anything.

    I love how anonymous people want to tell candidates how to run a affective campaign yet they have no experience running themselves, choose not to run, or to sign thier names to the sage advice the offer so freely.

    Thanks for voting!

  10. Harriet, why has nobody ever seen you at a council meeting. Did you just recently begin to care?

  11. Check out the editorial in the Union Trib.:Encinitas to realize...,pg 8,Dialog North

    Comment:In all fairness, Council Members Houlihan and Barth were not voting, in any manner, against the park. The vote on the table was to reject the recommendations of the City Planning Commission, who reviewed 2500 pages of documents, staff and consultant reports and submitted comments from the community as well as many hours of public testimony. They voted to support the recommendations of the Planning Commission.
    Everyone wants to build the park.

  12. That ad is just "euwwwwy" -- can you imagine a council with Bond, Stocks, Dalager and Long? Could anyone even stomach making a presentation at a city council meeting having to try and convince the cummulative IQ of 80 to make well-reasoned vote? Imagine all the chit chat about nonsense and the good old days we would have to put up with! And, Long will probably use plumber analogies. I really think Encinitans are smarter than that.

  13. Write to:

    If you think this editorial is not telling the true story.

  14. Barf, Urp, and PukeOctober 25, 2008 7:40 AM

    Just goes to show that those three have no problem lying. Bond and Stocks have voted for raises and pensions we can't afford, voted to take on bond debt to fund trophy projects, refuse to put City money into infrastructure resulting in death of pedestrians and flooding of property, and Bond was instrumental in losing $5 million of the San Dieguito Water District's money by investing in Lehman Bros. The only reason the City itself has money now is because City finance puts the money in conservative investments -- which is the requirement of a fiduciary of public money. Why isn't Bond being investigated for mismanagement of public funds? As for Long -- seems he has no problem rolling in the dirt with liars.

  15. Lisa in LeucadiaOctober 25, 2008 8:42 AM

    One of the last bloggers said your fate was pretty much seal when you became friends of Mike Andreen,that is truu. Sorry but ture.
    Now that the three boys voted for the sports complex, Iam sure that wiped out a big base of voters in Cardiff. Along with Doug and his huge signs with the park on top of it.
    We need to support Rachele, Maggie and Bob!!! In order to save Encinitas's character and charm!!

  16. While I agree that Rachelle, Maggie and Bob assure us our town's character and charm, we must state unequivocally their support of local businesses, environment, and citizens above allIS our economic security.

    This is not a simplistic stance. They CAN do it better than the self-involved, addled and – let’s admit it, dense boys who have let us all down.

    In the economic crisis coming, we need people who will not sell us, our businesses, and our resources to the short term profit. As the commenter said of the fiduciary fuck-ups of Bond and company, we must have council members who concentrate on our sustainability and resilience to withstand what lies ahead.

  17. Rachelle
    And Harriet, she seems mavricky.

  18. I thought you went long ON a stock, not for a stock.

  19. I for one am not happy with the council's overall performance the last few years, and the lack of attention to Leucadia's needs.
    I'm voting for the independents, for change, for Leucadia.
    Bob, Rachelle, and Jeff for council. Let's make our votes count this year.

  20. I hope Encinitas voters choose me for an "economic dream team."

    Part of the job of the County's Health Services Advisory Board is to advise the County's HHS Agency Director on budget priorities. As a business owner with an MBA and volunteer government service I can help our City in tough economic times.

    I am not paid for by Mike Andreen. He is one of a diverse group of people who have endorsed me. I am not paid for by developers or people putting together slates (for slick mailers or pink sheets). There is a public record. Many of my contributors are dentists and physicians, who know me and what I've accomplished County-wide and State-wide.


  21. Florita residentOctober 26, 2008 3:43 PM

    Bob Nanninga is by far the best candidate running for council this year. When I told him I was voting for Rachelle too, he actually thanked me.

    I'm telling my friends and neighbors to cast only two votes this year.

    Bob and Rachelle are the dream team in 2008.

  22. Doug is not a crafty plumber he will glob onto whoever can get him out of his boring mundane life.
    Who in ther right mind would see the need to go to ever council meeting for the last 20plus years.

  23. How LONG is it, Doug?

  24. Vote out IncumbentsOctober 30, 2008 9:57 PM

    I cannot support any of the incumbents.

    I like Joe Sheffo's stance on being fiscally conservative, pledging he will support no raised or new taxes and fees.

    I will be voting for Nanninga, Collier and Sheffo.

    Harriet Seldin seems reasonable, but she should know that the Commissioners serve as community volunteers, with the exception of the Planning Commission.

    Planning Commissioners were recently "tossed a bone" of a stipend, but then had their well considered decision overturned on an appeal by CITY STAFF, (Parks & Rec Dept., NO CHECKS AND BALANCES, NO SEPARATION OF POWERS). The PC had, after hours of testimony and volumes of evidence, denied the Coastal Permit for 5 full size (football size, 100 yards) fields on the Hall Property plus three baseball diamonds, recommending scaling back to four full sized fields, which is like eight youth soccer fields (they play on half fields). To be honest, only Rachelle Collier and Maggie Houlihan had said they would consider scaling back the park.

    I see Brandenburg and Long signs together on many homes. Hometown Alliance is crazy to support Brandenburg, who could again create a corrupt three Council Member Majority.

    Vote out the Incumbents. Vote for Nanninga, Sheffo and Collier!


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