Saturday, October 25, 2008

Long and Dalager quotes about Hall Park from 2006

Check out what Doug Long had to say about the Hall Park back when he unsuccessfully ran for Encinitas city council in 2006,

Doug Long's third of his top three priorities: 3. Development of the Hall property so that all of our citizens young and not so young can take full advantage of the many amenities not already in place.

Danny's top priority: 1. Open space and recreation space: The environmental report back for the Hall park is supposed to be back real soon, so let's get the Hall Park open! Get kids out there playing and families picnicking!

Picnicking eh? Gosh, that sounds just like those crazy Cardiff NIMBY's that the soccer people from Carlsbad were so angry about.

In 2006 neither Long or Dalager had adopted their divisive stance that the Hall Property be a sports complex only. They both talk about other uses and Long even calls for the park being developed "for all of our citizens young and not so young." Gosh, he sounds like that crazy liberal Maggie Houlihan. What changed? Maybe because it's political season and time to manufacture issues?


  1. Check out the editorial in the Union Trib.:Encinitas to realize...,pg 8,Dialog North

    Comment:In all fairness, Council Members Houlihan and Barth were not voting, in any manner, against the park. The vote on the table was to reject the recommendations of the City Planning Commission, who reviewed 2500 pages of documents, staff and consultant reports and submitted comments from the community as well as many hours of public testimony. They voted to support the recommendations of the Planning Commission.
    Everyone wants to build the park.

  2. Let us handicap the field; Bond is a shoe-in, 99% of the electorate doesn't know any of the council names and according to the polls and surveys, 80% of residents love the way Encinitas is managed. Voters think it is funny to vote for a candidate named James Bond.

    Stocks, love'em or hate'em, he has run the best campaign so far. Arrogant, churlish, bemused; he continues to outpoint opponents, much to their apoplexy.

    Houlihan, apparently has difficulty running a campaign unless she is being attacked; a consumate actress at playing the victim. "Mom, Harry hit me!" Denial of pink flier to confederates is hysterical.

    Doug Long, Dalager's butt-buddy who feels that he has hung around long enough that he deserves to be a council person. Though he claims leadership skills; essentially has done nothing of note. Considered a 'stalker' by the city staff. The Tom Brown of this election cycle. Buffaloed by Stocks on Hall Park vote!

    Bob Nanninga; certainly the most knowledgable of the non-incumbents. Polling data says he is poised in 4th place to go over the top should Houlihan fail. Attracting the late money coming in now that new violations have been filed against Houlihan. Can he finish?

    Rachelle Collier; everybody's favorite environmentalist Cookie Mom; but she foolishly alligned herself with Houlihan; middle of the road voters who like her won't give the Scissor Sisters the 3rd vote to bring Sheila Cameron back to life into the Temple on Vulcan Avenue. Bonde, Patterson, Cummin's pink flyer hurt her.

    Harriet Seldin; not well known, but has plenty of chops with the County and the State; dark horse with plenty of key endorsements.

    Tony Brandenburg; you cannot claim Stocks as your best friend and then attend fundraisers with Houlihan and expect to prosper.
    Describing it as a confused campaign is being charitable.

    Joe Sheffo; he is asking the team manager to put the bat boy into the pitching rotation and out onto the mound during a tied ballgame with the pennant on the line, two outs and the league MVP in the batter's box. Dreaming!

    Betsy Aceti; nice lady.

  3. Jerome Stocks is definitely a sneaky snake and will do anything to get re-elected. It is his only life line to his dream of holding higher office and sucking off the public tit forever.

    I love the automated phone message regarding Maggie H's campaign contributions. The Clownboys are the last ones who should be bring up contribution fraud. They are as bad as Duke Cunningham on every level.

    In the end, his tactics of borrow and spending for trophy projects, catering to employee unions and giving massive pension and salary increases, and looking out for Carlsbad citizens best interests over Encinitas citizens will eventually be well know in Encinitas.

    By then, he will have moved from Encinitas to Carlsbad and will be hated throughout Encinitas. He is well on his way already.

    His approval rating will fall below GW Bush and Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

    Stocks is the classic bureaucratic piece of crap wantabe politician that is killing this country.

    Adopt term limits for all offices and get the crap out of office.

  4. I just saw the former "one term disaster" Sheila Cameron (driving an SUV)polluting our fine city by illeglly placing campaign signs in the median on Quail Gardens Drive.

    She and the campaigns she supports should be ASHAMED!

  5. Build a skatepark! Support sports other than soccer and baseball!!

  6. looks like Andreen is posting again

  7. Interesting polling citations -- I have read that Stocks is running a distant fourth, and Bond isn't even in the line-up. Top choices -- Collier, Houlihan, Nanninga and Brandenberg.

  8. I had zero to do with the pink flier.

  9. I had zero to do with the pink flyer.

  10. I had zero to do with that pink flyer.

  11. I had nothing to do with the pink flyer, but I agree with its' comments except for the specific endorsements. Jerome Stocks is a curse on the community - do not vote for Stocks !

  12. 3:31

    Oh need a hug.

  13. The pink flyer said to Junk Stocks and Dump Bond. And, I know Maggie had nothing to do with the flyer because I know who did and I helped put them out. It's the same pink flyer that was put in the Coast News.

  14. Althought, I support the candidates that were endorsed on the pink "hit piece", I'm very disappointed that it went out. I just saw another hit piece (sticker) on todays paper and I just heard a negative hit piece on my phone today about Maggie. It obviously started a negative campaign.

    If my candidates lose - I will personal hold the Home Town Alliance responsible. If you know who is in this group, please let us all know...

    They should leave Encinitas and take their negativity with them!

  15. Rumor has it that Maggie and Bondii were behind the pink flyer!

  16. I don't believe that!

  17. Digest this information. Back in 2006 a monsterous development was appealed to the city council. The appeal was denied and the project was approved.
    This campaign year Stocks and Bond received compaign contributions from the project's executives.
    There are other connections of campaign contributions to projects.

  18. I haven't even seen the pink flyer. What is it? Somebody scan it and email to me.

  19. Is Andreen in here? I thought I smelled bad cheese...

  20. If the Colliier babe wins, it will be nice to look at a cute lady. Hopefully she isn't an airhead lib.
    Nanniga has his panties in a wad. Doug is a dumb dumb clone of Danny Boy. Jimbo has had too many adult beverages to be useful. Jerome is cool but caved to the anti-smoking nazis. Big negative to those that believe in freedom. By the way ,did you see where the new Leucadia traffic lanes will be 10 foot wide. Buses,big tractor/trailer rigs and fire trucks are 8 foot wide? Add the mirrors and the bike rider just became decapitated.

  21. I can't live in deception anymore.Yes it was me with the pink flyer. I hope that you won't stop loving me.

  22. Construction of the Hall Property won't begin for many, many years, probably long after we have voted Jerome Stocks, James Bond and Danny Dalager out of office. There will be many opportunities to revise this plan. There simply won't be money available to do even phase 1.


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