Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Fellow Leucadians...


  1. Dear Citizens:
    Just in case you were beginning to think that the federal political situation was an Alice in Wonderland Experience just log onto the following:
    Things in this town are getting curiouser and curiouser. The hookah smoking caterpillar(AKA James Bond) did not make the Red Queen Mayor this year, so therefore, she cannot cut off some heads. However, some people may be injesting too many mushrooms. And some people took the other pill. After all, one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small. Take your pick. 3 appeals on one project. The City is appealing itself and the soccer moms are out in full force. The are definitely the ones NOT smoking, as they are much too busy at their tea parties, conjuring up more young people than exist in this CIty. Or, could it be the white men that still want to act as if they were at San Dieguito High School? Lewis Carroll is proud of our little community. Perhaps we need an Opium Bar to make it complete. Or is that against zoning ordinances? Let's ask Alice?

  2. Roadside Park BumOctober 09, 2008 3:48 AM

    Lewis- an opium bar is not against code...unless it sides outside on the sidewalk!!

  3. Thanks RSPB. You should know if anyone does. Think I wil drink some tea and conger up Carroll and see if he wants to call it an Opium Bar or Opium Den. Suggestions?

  4. Bob a just saw city of encinitas truck pulling down your signs on San Elijo and leaving stocks and bonds signs alone. Gee, I wonder who ordered them to do that. Good luck it appears that your opponents are misusing city employees.

  5. We all know the City Manager is for Jerome Stocks and Jim Bond considering they gave him his golden parachute at the expense of course, to every citizen.

    thanks Jerome and Jim. At least your consistant when it comes to selling out Encinitas Residents.

  6. Isn't a "Team of Mavericks" an oxymoron?

  7. I have placed only one sign on San Elijo Ave. It is front of Jerry Sodomka's house.

    Thank you for the assist, I'll go replace it.

  8. Scale Back the ParkOctober 11, 2008 12:54 PM

    I checked out the announcement for the meeting re the Hall Property Park Hearing beginning at 4:30 p.m. on 10/20/08.

    Actually, I did see this announcement before, and was immediately disgusted. Our City has far too few checks and balances. Our Council acts in executive, legislative and judicial capacities. Council members sit on the San Dieguito Water District and the Encinitas and Cardiff Sanitary Divisions as Board Directors.

    The ratepayers and citizens are not fairly represented. There is no balance or fairness when the Planning Commission's carefully considered decision can be appealed by the Council, itself, the same Council Members who will be deciding the appeal have been actively promoting the development of a sports complex for regional sports tournaments.

    A sports complex is not supported by a majority of citizens. Many of the speakers at the Planning Commission Meeting were "plants" from soccer leagues, people from Carlsbad. Will Council read the many letters submitted by people who object to the park being a sports complex from Encinitas residents?

    Sarah Palin has a similar boondoggle in her small town where she was the former mayor. That sports complex is still in litigation and has left that community, of only 8,000, over $20 million in debt.

    Only 17% of the population of Encinitas is of the age to play youth soccer. Less that half of that percentage would be involved in league sports. Most games for youth are played on half fields. The Planning Commission recommended that one field be eliminated, so that there would be four full sized fields (football field size) or eight half sized youth soccer fields. In addition there would be three baseball diamonds as I recall.

    The decision was made after much study. I feel Jerome Stocks, as a member of the Rotary Club has a further conflict of interest, as the Rotary sponsors tournaments.

    In any case, all of Council has a conflict to sit in a quasi judicial capacity for a development project, funded by taxpayers, that it has been promoting as a sports complex, for years.

  9. That Tim Wise video is wonderful. Thank you.

  10. Why don't we all come together and just put an end to this divisive issue and place it on the ballot of a vote?

    Doesn't that make sense?

  11. But by letting the PUBLIC vote on the issue, people might have to accept the will of the majority. Then they would bitch and complain that Carlsbad, Osama Bin Ladin, or the Easter Bunny unfairly influenced the election!!

  12. what is really sad in Encinitas is that the small community vote is simply snubed out by the ever expanding population explosion of new Encinitas. As you can see by the city projects that are steadily creeping over the hill and westward!


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