Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Encinitas Election 2008 Website

A new website has appeared on the radar covering the election.

It doesn't say who runs the site, but they have endorsed Collier, Houlihan and Brandenburg.


  1. I don't know which results I will watch more, got to find my clicker, the Presidential elections or our soap opera election.

  2. vote out incumbentsOctober 30, 2008 9:31 PM

    Looks like Hometown Alliance.

    I agree with Rachelle Collier, but will not be voting for ANY incumbents. Nor will I vote for a retired Commissioner who did not follow state Election Code on his official designation. His designation says judge/educator, and he was NOT a Superior Court Judge, as would be required, according to the election Code. It may seem like a small matter, but as Dalager often says, the "Devil is in the Details."

    The Sierra Club has endorsed Bob Nanninga and Rachelle Collier, and Maggie Houlihan. Maggie may be a nice person, but she voted wrong on the Sands Trailer Park Conversion and the Walgreens development on Encinitas Blvd., and on many other development projects, including the Fire McMansions.

    Joe Sheffo has pledged he will support no new or raised taxes and fees if he is elected. I am voting for Nanninga, Collier and Sheffo.

    Hometown Alliance is being fooled by Brandenburg. He is supported by the Employee Unions and the Police Association and would be another "old guard," figure, along the lines of Christy Guerin. He also said at a forum that he supports five full sized sports fields, as opposed to the Planning Commission's recommendation re the Hall Property.

  3. Well, who or what is Hometown Alliance? And, will they be reported all the results or just their picks?

  4. I have to agree with Vote out the Incumbents. Joe Sheffoe would do better if he wasn't a dam republican. Lately, republican means crook. The fiscal conservative, social liberal needs a party. I call it the " American Liberty Party".

    Restore our own independence through none use of foreign energy sources.

    quite policing and occupying the world, Period.

    Start addressing the dismal educational system in this country.

    make people work to survive. Stop the free hand outs. I have never seen more fat people in all my worst nightmares.

    Make gas so expensive that people live closer to their work, and get out and walk more.

    My belief is people are the happiest when the can connect with mother earth whether swimming in a pond, ocean or river, or walking on a path, trial, or mountain, people always feel more at peace when outside connected to our mother earth.

    Lets get more aware and improve our existence in this amazing planet we live in called EARTH

  5. It will all be over Next tuesday.

    Lets all just Pray that Rachelle makes the cut and

    either Jerome or Jimmy go home to rest.

  6. I suggest Encinitas voters cast one of thier three votes for Bob Nanninga.

  7. that old bore is better than the bought sell out call Jerome Stocks.

    Yet he is the most hated man in Encinitas. That cannot be doing well with his wife and kids.

    Hi my dad is the most hated man in all of Encinitas, what’s your name?

  8. As an opinion, Tony Brandenburg is the only candidate who could stand up to Glenn Sabine. He wouldn't cowtow to Sabine's "expert" opinion as the only rule. The city, which means us the residents, need someone with legal experience on the city council. Tony Brandenburg will also ask for all the facts about an issue.
    He was treated as a judge on the bench, and he is now a judge for the tribal nations.
    Have faith in Tony Brandenburg as a councilman who will listen and vote for the good of Encinitas, not for the good of the developers.

  9. Before you vote for Brandenburg, ask someone how he was on school board. Does anyone remember how well he worked with others on the school board or how well he listened to people when on the board? He'll undoubtedly act similarly if elected to the City Council.

  10. Kinda scary that Tony didn't understand one of the questions at the Leucadia forum and "passed" on it for that reason.

    But what else bothers me is that the only time I've ever seen him at City Hall was posing with his family in the pic on his website.

    Kind of reminds me of the woman running for Planning Commissioner who's flyer showed her: At the Senior Center; At the Cottonwood Creek park with childern, Posing next to Encinitas icons - all in the same outfit she wore that day for the pics. Little bit o Hollywood in a lot of us I guess.

  11. I'll say it again,
    the incumbents are gonna win, too many challengers. WE ARE SCREWED.
    I'm voting for Collier, Naninga and JP as a write in.

  12. Don't vote for Stocks, Bond or Long and tell everyone you know the same thing.

  13. Everyone that reads this blog will probably refrain from voting for Stocks, Bond or Long. But, the sad news is that many voters in New Encinitas will vote for them.

    I could be wrong, they surprised me when we voted on Prop A, they could surprise me again.

    Spread the word.

  14. Nanniga, Collier and Sheffo have my vote! -Long time Leucadian...

  15. Has Jerome committed any impeachable offenses? Treason, bribery, or any other high crimes or misdeamenors?
    Perhaps he could be removed from Office?

  16. if someone hired a PI and ran a sting operation you could catch stocks on the take but he's being a little more careful these days

  17. Collier and Houlihan call a Press Conference to complain about nasty phone calls. One of the calls was about Collier and her stance on needle exchange.
    She said the person on the phone LIED ... then after two papers print that story, the U-T gets Collier to admit that it is TRUE!

    Whether you agree or disagree on needle exchange, such dubious knowledge of what one stands for is not a high recommendation for City Council.

  18. No matter who you wanna vote for ... ONE fact is evident! The new website is illegal and violates all sorts of election rules. Which begs the question ... if Houlihan is one of the three recommendations, it could be assumed that Houlihan has something to do with this website (no evidence to the contrary) ! And since the website is already operating in violation of campaign laws and regulations ... it gives credibility to the 99 other alleged violations against Houlihan.
    Let's start the new Council with a clean slate - without Maggie!


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