Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old School Cobbles

Back when I was going to San Dieguito there were curbs and gutters embedded with all sorts of cobblestones.

The story students were told was that the curbs and gutters were built during the end of the last depression. There wasn't much money for infrastructure and people got really resourceful and used materials that were plentifully and readily available to build things. In Encinitas they used cobblestone.

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  1. Cobblestones are evil. Vote yes on K. Vote yes on sand. Aceti needs to keep his phony baloney job.

  2. When I went to SDHS, I liked the cobblestones! I always thought they added a dash of funky to the place. Of course, I prefer sand at the beach, and I have always supported andy measure to put sand back. Hell, I even support a tax to pay for it!

  3. There's a school of thought that we need to spend 10% on Transient Occupancy Taxes here in Encinitas "because other cities do". (Currently we only make guests pay 8%). I'm sorry, but a new tax is just that, a new tax. (and we have plenty of sand anyway). Can you spell government teat?

  4. Cobblestones are not the issue. Sand does not need to be dredged and relocated as it was 7 years ago. As far as I can remember the surf went sour for the entire year because the reefs were all buried in sand. Which gets me going on a more important topic which is the intertidal ecosystem that is rapidly covered due to the unnatural speed of shiftingand or blanketing of sand. If you are a home owner on the bluff quit your whining and get your feet wet. You all have decided to buy a home in a unstable area! Your choice. Over population, the building of the railtroad, I-5 and other obstructing infrastructure such as seawalls have curbed the flow of natural sand. Dan Dalager does not even go to the beach other than for a Photo Op. He is a retired lawnmower and weed whacker repairman. Not a waterman. Does James Bond Swim? Not the one in Encinitas. COBBLESTONES are a reflection of growth and finacial decisions most of you have welcomed.


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