Friday, October 10, 2008


N Leucadia 101 tree shelter by Fred Caldwell.


  1. Fred,

    Get checked for glaucoma.

  2. 8:56

    Be nice, or I'll do your portrait.

  3. Second thought, I think I like idea of Tunnel Vision than the word canopy anyway.

  4. Fred, is that portrait for sale?

  5. Tunnel vision now thats a comment I can relate too.

  6. That is a beautiful painting -- it really conveys how beautiful the trunks of the eucs are...replanting with most anything else just won't have the same charm

  7. I really like the painting also, Fred. Thanks for sharing it here!

    I don't like any of the three options for the North 101 streetscape design. I was able to go to the first workshop, but not the one where apparently less than 50 people are now "calling the shots" for everyone else.

    I do not feel a small group of property and business owners should force five roundabouts on the residents and other business owners.

    Please go sign the petition against roundabouts at Leucadia Glass. Why would they be threatened with eminent domain proceedings against their property, when NCTD isn't subject to that for the nine feet they won't share?

    Most people don't want the increased congestion that would come with one lane in some areas. That should only be very limited, to help with providing more u-turns at stop signs, for example.

    All of the options would mess up our canopy, and force destruction of more of our historic trees. I don't want to move the medians!

    Seems like this is being over designed to give more money to contractors, and more parking for a few businesses at taxpayer expense. I feel the sidewalks should be maintained and improved, more stop signs should be put in. But we don't need to become like "Autopia" in Disneyland with five roundabouts. We don't need to move the median and kill more trees.

    I went to the recent "open house" at the Library. My neighbors did, too. We wanted to leave written comments, but there was no one accepting comments and no suggestion box. That public info meeting was held on the same day as the Olivenhain forum. It was mainly to promote a redevelopment district for business owners at taxpayer expense, developing with roundabouts so they can claim "traffic calming features" for as mitigation for greater and greater density.

  8. 10:43

    Didn't want to hijack JP's blog for a virtual chamber of commerce. But how can I say I wouldn't sell a signed 11 x 17 print of this for ten bucks?


    And thanks, Bonddi. Inspired by JP's recent 101 pics. There are still many areas of the Hwy photo worthy. And though many trees have been removed, the ones left are growing bigger every day. How irritating for some.


  9. "Save the Canapy" - please don't say the Leucadia Glass will be threatoned with Eminent Domain - that is not true!!! When you spread lies, you damage your credibility.

    PS: I like roundabouts better than stop signs - who wants to stop when you don't have to?

  10. Hooked on phonics...October 12, 2008 4:34 PM

    My dad always said, the difference between a rich man and a poor man is that the rich man has a canopy OVER the bed and the poor man has canopy under the bed.


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