Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Here are some news stories and links you all might be interested in:

NCT:ENCINITAS: Candidates take center stage in Leucadia

San Diego Reader article, Sand Never Sleeps

Joe Sheffo and Bob Nanninga editorial about Prop K aka the Sand Tax, clicky.

Union Tribune endorses Prop K, click click.

Joe Sheffo blog post about the Leucadia coast highway tree canopy, clicky.

The Coast News website has gotten a nice facelift, clicky.

Some interesting stuff on the Encinitas Taxpayers Association Blog lately, clicky.

The Encinitas City Council is having a closed session meeting today at 2 pm, agenda link.

Here is the agenda for tonight's regular city council meeting, clicky.

Good story about the crucial Encinitas city council race, includes campaign contributions, Election may shift balance of power


  1. Sheffo says
    "it's really not up to me to tell the residents of (Leucadia) what type of community they should have."

    Joe gets your head out of your a$$.( I'll be nice, because you don't post here often). Joe, let me tell you what type of community Leucadians want...they want a community that floods, is ugly, unsafe, dangerous, noisy, unlit and 3rd world. Now that you know, it's time to STEP UP AND LEAD!!!!

    Letting the inmates run the asylum is not leadership. Sitting back and letting a bunch of old hippies that are living in a state of confused semi-trippiness, is not leadership!!

    Tell Leucadians that they need, safe roads, paved streets and alleyways, safe access to Beacons Beach,slowed traffic, reduced noise, and an UNDERGROUND TRAIN!!! And tell them how you are going to make it happen!!

    Lead JOE and they will follow, sitting back and watching the freak show won't get you elected and after the election you will go back and read this posting and then you'll say "Gee, I shoulda listened to the RoadSide Park Bum".

    Lead Joe, lead.

  2. the problem solverOctober 15, 2008 12:43 PM

    Houlihan said she wants to see the speeds reduced along 101, OK so do it!! Here's how you do that Maggie, make a motion to reduce the speed on 101 from La Costa to Encinitas Blvd. Someone will 2nd the motion,Barth. And then the vote will be taken. And we will find out which council members want Leucadia to be a better community with reduced speeds!
    No, we don't need any high priced consultants and if the city traffic engineer doesn't understand the need to reduce speeds along 101, sh/she needs to be fired.

    Ok Maggie, I just solved one problem for you, what's next?? Your hair, in one word, awful. But it can be fixed. Call me, we will talk....but not until after the election. I'm too busy fixed other politicians campaigns.

    Got a problem? Contact me on this blog, just ask for the problem solver. I'll solve your problem with reason and logic and together we'll make the world a better place.

  3. Putting the train underground is the most ridiculous idea I've heard of yet. Not only does it sound like a waste of taxpayer money, but the construction and disruption to travel from such a project wouldn't be worth it. The damn train has been running through San Diego since the late 1800's!! Don't waste our time with crackpot ideas, and please just move out of SD county (or out of state) if you don't like it.

  4. So crazy Solana Beach did it!

  5. I'm voting for Nanninga, Seldin, and Sheffo (even if Bob did say that he 'might' be gay).

  6. Stocks said last night his plan for Leucadia and the Rail corridor is to give us, muted bells. WOW, I'm impressed, muted bells at the crossing. Atta boy Jerome, your a real deep thinker and as always looking out for the best interests of Leucadians. Of crouse, people will still be dying with or without your muted bells!!!

  7. 12:43
    Only the mayor, Stocks, makes the agenda for the council meetings, and if it's not on the agenda there can be no discussion, much less a motion or vote. So you should be panning Stocks -- we are still waiting for the sunshine ordinance discussion to be agendized and he agreed over six months ago. Also, I like Maggie's hair a lot.

  8. Speaking of the sunshine ordinance, one of the issues at the closed session today (so conveniently scheduled for 2:00 p.m.) is the lawsuit against the City regarding the high school student killed at the Santa Fe underpass. I bet they are discussing settlement, and I bet that the settlement won't be announced until after the election so as not to schmear any of the incumbents.

  9. the problem solverOctober 15, 2008 8:22 PM

    Vidal Sassoon- if you are helping Maggie with her hair, then you need more help than she does. It's awful, take a look at it tonight, it just lays there. Like a flat pancake, aghhhhh.
    But I can fix that, it's called AQUA NET. Get that hair all big and high. Be proud!! Now next time we can work on the color.....

    The problem solver.

  10. Under ground the rail road. Thats crazy.

    You mean like SF, or LA, or NY, or Orange County,or Solana Beach, or any other area where property is expensive and there are dense populations of people.

    yeah thats crazy.... tell all those underground areas to put their tracks above the ground.

  11. I drove by the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce today and I thought I saw a Bob Nanninga campaign sign inside - is that true? Did the Chamber endorse Bob? Did they endorse anyone else?

  12. At least Maggie has hair.

  13. If anyone cares about saving coastal sage scrub, object tomorrow at the Planning Commission meeting about case #03-101 on Manchester. The developer wants to grade the slopes across from the lagoon. Those story poles on the property represent two houses.

  14. OK... that excludes me.... I could give a crap about sage brush.

    Are the houses within current zoning. If so, build them.

    Should they get a water meter? thats a different story.

  15. Bob's posters were on the windows of 100k a year of out taxpayers money, visitors center that's closed on Saturday and Sunday!

    Tourists for Bob!

  16. 3:41

    Suicidal or careless people will be dying anywhere anyway. They all have gravity at their disposal if they don't have a train to slam them.

  17. Campaign signs at the Chamber? Not acceptable. But they always seem to push for certain candidates. Beautiful building, but I wonder how many visitors can find it or know it exists?

  18. I have to agree... If Jerome could eliminate the horn blowing. that would be huge....

    people will off themselves no matter what you do....

    In fact.... it’s a natural occurrence.

    You can not foolproof the world, so don't even try.

    Stop the horns and you have my vote forever.

  19. Anon 8:28 PM: YOU are correct! We certainly have a population of dense people here!! LA, SF, OC, are huge commuter cities with large populations. Leucadia is a 1.5 mile strech of small town, and a few yokels who gripe about the train. How about if we insist on a no whistle zone? Then all the people can stop blowing their horns too!!

  20. No vote for Bob. His column today is a political advertisement to vote for "Mo" Muir who is running for a seat on the Encinitas school district.

  21. Anonymous 6:32 PM
    My column today is about ongoing efforts to save a vital piece of Encinitas history from development.

    I have been very clear in my advocacy for the preservation of Historic Pacific View school grounds.

    Looking at the ballot statements of the 3 women running for 2 seats on the Encinitas Unified School District board, only candidate Muir favors preservation of the school ground site for use as a school.

    This issue is not about Maureen Muir, myself, or those that would further erase Encinitas history for financial gain. This issue is about saying no to unwarranted development and yes to historic preservation and future focused restraint.

    This 2.8 acre parcel was given to the community more than 100 years ago. The wisdom of such a gift should not be swept aside by those who feel they have nothing to learn from history.

    My column this week is about seeking common ground to preserve common ground.

  22. Pass out clothespins.

  23. Well said Bob. Anybody else notice that the nay-sayers, dooms-dayers, foul-mouthed fecunds, and nit-pickers aren't very eloquent? Perhaps their privileged background is showing....if you're losing a debate then generate hate! Sorry bluebloods -- the crimson tide has returned.

  24. Three years ago Bob wrote on the Eckes Prop A development. He wrote about the group of city leaders assemble to further the Paul Ecke Ranch development scheme. Fire Chief Mark Muir was part of the Ecke steering committee group. Bob had strong words to say about this group using the word mendacity.
    Now Bob endorses and advocates voting for "Mo" Muir.

  25. For historic preservation purposes.

    Preventing unwarranted and unwise development requires a group effort by community activists.

    Opposition to Prop A and opposing the higher density redevelopment of the Pacific View school site are not dissimilar.

    There is nothing wrong with finding common ground with those you have disagreed with in the past.

    Open minded pragmatism should be encouraged for the betterment of Encinitas.

  26. Bob, a word or two of observation; First, I believe in you and what you stand for. I have always appreciated your candor and your directness, it is refreshing. I will probably vote for you, and I think at this point you have a pretty good chance at winning a seat.

    I really want you to be a great leader and I think you have all the ingredients necessary, but in order to be effective, you must be taken seriously. I don't think you need to approach everything with a rant. I believe credibility needs to be earned with achievement and you will probably do that. I'm envisioning you stepping into a NCTD meeting hoping to convince other politicians that they need to take seriously the idea of depressing the tracks through Leucadia and solving a grade separation issue at Leucadia Blvd. What will it take to get these suits to listen to you/us? Theatrics may not be the answer. So, lose the hat, look them in the eye, exude confidence, know your shit, and don't take any prisoners. BTW, I'm not telling you to wear a suit, that's not it.

    To your credit, you have a good grasp of the local issues, and that will only get better.

    I have every confidence that you will serve us well.


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