Monday, October 27, 2008


I am voting for the following three candidates for Encinitas city council:

Joe Sheffo

Rachelle Collier

Bob Nanninga

The Leucadia Blog recommends that you do NOT vote for any incumbents.

Do NOT vote for Doug Long. He is a one issue candidate who has made snide remarks about improving Leucadia's infrastructure.

A vote for Tony Brandenburg is also a solid choice if you do not like all of my three picks.

Remember, Betsy Aceti will be on the ballot but she dropped out of the race, do not vote for her.


  1. Last night, Sunday 10/26 at 7:05pm I got a robocall that stated that Rachelle Collier supports lifting a ban on a needle exchange program for the drug addicts of Encinitas.

    1. I didn't know this was a local issue in this campaign.

    2. I know we have plenty of drug addicts but I didn't know the demand was so overwhelming for new, clean needles that we had an ordinance banning them from public consumption.

    3. I didn't know that Rachelle Collier was such a threat to other candidates running for office that one or more of them would resort to this kind of smear tactic.

    OK, since the gloves are off, I suggest we all go to the Candidate's Forum tomorrow and only ask questions about abortion, gay marriage, the war in Irag and stem cell research. Forget all the other concerns about the park, the traffic speeds along Hwy 101, the ocean pollution, overbuilding and the infrastructure of Encinitas.

    So all you billy goats just keep doing the thing you do best. It helped get Maggie Houlihan elected last time, remember?

  2. We also received one of those calls, as well as another one re Maggie Houlihan on Friday night. Sheez, it's down and dirty time.

    I had considered voted for Stocks as a counterpoint to my other two votes, but now there's no way. I'll be voting for Sheffo instead to play the role of fiscal conservative.

    What entity is making these calls!?

  3. Did you know....?

    - Jerome Stocks wants to re-open the F Street Bookstore!

    -Harriet Seldin would impose a fine on any woman wearing a bikini on the beach who is 10 pounds overweight!

    -Maggie Houlihan wants the leash law to apply to cats!

    -Robert Nanninga wants a permit to allow nudity in his cafe!

    -Doug Long supports legalizing male prostition at the Leucadia Roadside Park!

    -Tony Brandenburg wants to open a gay bar next to St. John's church!

    -Jim Bond is the key investor for a strip club located next to Home Depot!

    -Joe Sheffo would require all visitors to city hall to subject themslves to a strip search in the name of Homeland Security!

    -and finally, Rachelle Collier would not only support a needle exchange program but would require, under the guise of "drug education", that teaches show first graders how to make freebase from cocaine!

    It's the truth! I swear!!!

  4. If Maggie Houlihan loses her bid for reelection, it virtually guarantees that Doug Long will take her place.

    There is 100 percent probablity that Stocks and Bond will be reelected. Which would you prefer? Stocks, Bond, Long, Dalager, and Barth as city council or Stocks, Bond, Houlihan, Dalager and Barth as city council?


  5. *** NEWS ALERT***


  6. Joe Sheffo isn't against mixed use or increased density. Ask him at the forum if he will take a pledge not to vote for any mixed use or increased densiity project. Ask him if he will take a pledge that he will fight any attempt by other agencies or within house with the city's own departments to install mixed use or increased densities in Encintias. He will not take those pledges.

  7. Stocks and Bond are not coming back...I pity the poor souls who can't accept change. I don't know anyone who is voting for those two. Name one thing either of them has done in the past four years to deserve being reelected. What I have seen is spending our money on trophy projects -- overspending for the Hall Property and the Turkey maintenance yard -- both of which were back room deals with old friends. Sorry, it's not going to the good old boys club anymore.

  8. My vote(s) will go to the
    candidate(s) who meet(s) the following criteria:
    Educated (holds an advanced degree)
    Honest (able to be impartial)
    Local (a native or resident for
    40+ years)
    Concerned for ALL of Encinitas
    (and not following a hidden
    Hmmmmm...Can you guess which candidate(s) will get my vote?

  9. Is it me or does Nanniga look like a morphed picture of Kenny Rogers and Kris Kristofferson?

  10. Nahh, Nanninga looks like a morphed photo of the Geico caveman and Charlie Manson.

  11. Maybe it's just me, I think Nanninga looks like Nanninga.

  12. Rachelle has nice teeth.

  13. Honesty is important. That is why we want to kick out Jerome.

    Impartial is not expected for a legislator. It is for a judge.

    Good voters vote on issues and candidates' values. We want to vote for people who hold our same values don't we.

    The Judge has no clue what is going in in Encinitas and has no opinion either. It is easy for him to be impartial at this point. There are lots and lots of value judgements in the future of whoever gets elected. The Judge is a giant wildcard.

    Don't vote for wildcards.

  14. 12:18

    You are so full of crap, you oughta be tipped over every Halloween (As my sainted mom would say).

    Maggie is not the robocaller against Rachelle. What a twisted remark. I know them both well and neither one of them has it within their character to conspire against anyone (like their wee few opponents jealously do).

    At least 11:09 leveled the playing field being equally cruel and unusual to the rest of the candidates. Now that would make a great robocall! (except for Seldin's Law that should read 5 lbs.)

  15. I got a robocall about Maggie Houlihan from Old Man Eiler,...he mentioned something about Houlihan getting..."$1000 in a plain envelope". Since 12:18 mentions the same monies, I smell a rat.

    Another election, another clown.

  16. I too got both Robo Calls over the weekend. The first one from some guy named Eiler who is promoting a web site he setup for It shows all the current stuff on Maggie regarding the 96 campaign violations she's being investigated for, a new one about taking $1,000 cash illegally for a trip plus an old one I wasn't aware of against former Councilman John Davis for the same type of campaign violations. In his case for five violations he got spanked $6,000 or $1,200 for each by the State. If all Maggies violation prove true that would make her fine $115,200 - Oy vey!

    The second call was like a survey, asking whether or not I support Rachelle Collier's view on needle exchange. On her Democratic party campaign questionare she said she did. I'm normally pretty liberal but I like to walk on the beach barefoot with my kids and wouldn't want an Aids infected drug addict dropping his "fresh" needle where I walk while he's on a binge at our beach.

    Instead of helping the addict get off, let's help them get off the drugs.

  17. a retired dentistOctober 27, 2008 4:56 PM

    Obviously JP you are not a flosser, or you would cast your ballot for Seldin also. She has made a poor showing at the forums and on this blog, but someone does not get elected president of SanDiego County Dental Society without skills and ability. Not to mention a member of the California Board of Dental Examiners.

    As an retired dentist I can tell you she is qualified to serve on the council.

    See your dentist regularly.

  18. Did Rachelle seek and gain the democratic party's endorsement?

    If those are the sorts of questions the Dems are asking it really is time for a 3rd and 4th party. The democratic party likes to shot itself in the foot.

    How did the other candidates answer that question?

  19. isn't the needle exchange issue something only the Board of Supervisors would be able to vote on ?

  20. As I mentioned in a previous post, the City of Encinitas does NOT have purvue over Public Health in the City of Encinitas. That is relagated to the County of San Diego's Public Health Department. This was well addressed by Planning Staff when I fought against the tattoo parlor in Cardiff, using a public health issue. In fact, the City brought in an employee of the San Diego Public Health Dept. to answer questions on the matter. (An ironic twist on this was after the presentation, I received a phone call from the San Diego Public Health Dept. offering me a job). So, why in the world would Rachelle be addressing a public health issue on needle exchange as a City Council candidate? Who asked the question and how did it come up as far as running for City Council? Lewis Carroll could be writing this book, including the Mad Hatter's robocall against Maggie. Unfortunately, I didn't get the one against Rachelle. I guess I wasn't in the random sample on that one.

  21. I am a registered DEM and I just got a copy of the North County chapters questionnaire and Rachelle's answers. She received a 4 out of 4 on agreeing with the lifting of the ban. As a good DEM, I strongly disagreed with this strategy. Every credible drug rehab professional would also disagree with this faulty strategy. That would be like giving an alcoholic a glass to go with their bottle of gin. While I hate Robo calls, I am sorry, but with this knowledge I won't be able to vote for Rachelle.

    Does anyone know the position of the other candidates on this issue?

  22. We're down to the "short strokes" as they say, and the meanness is coming out. The really evil ones are pretending to be who they are not, hiding behind bogus surveys to discredit those they fear the most.

    It's really better for all of us to live our lives not out of fear, but a little closer to truth. You'll feel better about yourself, maybe love a little.

    Yeah, I guess it's politics, but we still have to live here after the votes are cast and counted.

    So, take a deep breath, attack the idea not the person speaking it. Better ideas will help us all.

  23. bye bye birdbrainOctober 27, 2008 6:20 PM

    Needle exchange ban or no ban -- an old issue. Don't we have enough issues to make our decisions. Who is brining up old issues now -- probably Stocks, treating us like lemmings -- an evil robobcall warning that your kids will now become addicts, you will step on a needle and die of AIDS, and all that fear mongering! Stick to the issues Jerome -- I know it's kinda hard for you seeing your stuck so tight to your developer friends, but you do have that slimy quality of presto-chango when it suits you. If you had just showed just one ounce of real compassion for residents, you might have gotten reelected. So sad, too bad.

  24. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, everyone who votes, make sure you dont vote for any incumbents. They have not made Encinitas a better community. For them it is an ego trip. If bonds or stocks heads get any bigger they will need a wheelbarrow to cart them around.

  25. I'll fear the idea of Jerome getting reelected.

  26. Who cares about a needle exchange, and it’s so obvious who funded the robo calls. It’s Jerome Stocks. Waite until the expense statements come out. If it not Jerome, than it is definitely Clownmaster and puppeteer of Jerocio....none other than David Meyers.

    When Jerocio lies his stomach gets bigger. Has Jerocio lied over the last eight years?


  28. You can't deny that Encinitas is a world-class town, with low-crime, top-tier schools, high credit ratings and the new library is a masterpiece.

    That said, I don't like the overdevelopment of Encinitas. We need a balance.

    I'm 19, grew up in Leucadia all my life and this is how I'm voting:

    1) Write In Hillary Clinton
    2) Collier, Maggie and James Bond.

    Why James Bond? Because I have to give someone credit for the Encinitas that it is today..

    Balance is key...and I'm not confident that having a council that isn't balanced.

    Collier, Maggie & Bond....and if you don't like it...too bad.

  29. Bond just rubberstamps whether the City Manager and Jerome Come up with.

    Bond has been there for too long and approved the huge salary and pensions for all of City Staff that will kill our City in the future.

    Bond is in favor of Borrow and Spend on huge trophy projects that cost the City big ongoing maintenance costs but do nothing to bring in income. Examples include 3 Ritz Fire Stations ($35 million- way not needed),$ 25 million dollar library (should have been $10 million), and a $100,000,000 regional Sport Complex.

    We don't need or even want the trophy projects or the high priced pensions for staff. Nix Bond and help fix the problem. They do nothing for actually improving Encinitas for its citizens.

  30. My votes will Go to Rachelle Collier and Maggie Houlihan.

  31. Maggie, Rachelle and Bob are the best friends of Leucadia.
    I hate politics.

  32. "That would be like giving an alcoholic a glass to go with their bottle of gin. "

    Alcoholics don't need glass you idiot, they drink out of the bottle.

  33. Lifting the ban on needle exchange I agree is unlikely in Encinitas. Rachelle Collier's cowtowing on this issue is more telling than anything else. An independant thinker she obviously is not.

    I went back to that web site, after just previously giving it a glance. After seeing the exhibits posted with the new complaint I'm wondering when their going to slap the cuffs on Maggie. I thought Senator Ted Stevens was corrupt, but even he didn't steal a gift to a City. Steering a $1,000 trip to Japan to your husband that was intended for a citizen of Encinitas is unbelievable! They even have a memo from the City Attorney confirming that it happened. Has anybody else read this?

  34. Candidates with no vision have nothing to peddle but lies, fear and hate. Stocks, Bond and Long are pathetic old white men.

    I am glad that Rachelle is having a press conference Wednesday morning at the Senior Center about the robo calls.

  35. I know Harry Eiler and he is NOT a befuddled clown! HE was the one who pressed to get the Financial Statements of Candidates back on line .... NO ONE ELSE! HE is the one who believes if Maggie can't completely and accurately fill out her own Financial Statement, she should not be sitting on the Council spending OUR money. HE is the one who pulled out the dirt about Maggie's gift to herself of $1000 meant for an athlete citizen of our City and refused to let it be swept under the rug ! Instead of ranting, Harry acts in our community's behalf and it is regrettable that he longer supports Music in our city because of Houlihan.

  36. I was curious to know what exactly a needle exchange program is, so I Google'd it, and much to my surprise I found out that it is supported by the Center for Disease Control and the National Institiue for Health. Why? Because both Hepatitus C and AIDS are spread by re-using needles. I personally know families who suffer because a heroin addicition, and it's almost impossible for some people to kick the drug, so if there is a social program that can reduce the pandemic of AIDS and Hep C, however controversial, then I am behind it. Until we can find some sort of cure for addicts that is 100% effective,(besides prison), we MUST reduce the risk of these diseases spreading to the general public. I also know someone who died at age 45 from Hep C who never used a needle in her life. I guess you have to experience something this tragic to understand the seriousness of these diseases.

  37. I am really glad to hear that Rachelle is going to respond to those disgusting automated calls. I hope Maggie will also respond to the one that guy did on her too. I got both calls.

    This sort of stuff should not go without response.

    I'll be there. Can someone please confirm the date/time/place and I'll attend.

  38. 9:22

    I don't know Henry Eiler, but from experiences that other former Encinitas city council members have told me about, he is not a co-operative nor pleasant man. I think that shows on his website. And the charges he raised against Houlihan nearly a year ago have been rightfully unaddressed by District Attorney D.A. Bonnie Dumanis. She has real things to tend to. Na na na na na na

  39. The DA hasn't done anything because the Fair Political Practices Commission said they were going to do it. Look at the letter that is posted on from them.

    Based on how long it took them to finalize the relatively small fines against Councilman Davis, it may take them awhile for Maggie.

    One thing for sure, there is an ominous comet in the sky.

  40. Here is the text of the FPPC's response to Eiler's original complaint taken directly from the document posted on his website


    I’ve now had the opportunity to discuss the above circumstances (the “Reimbursement”) with two FPPC officials (Dixie Howard and Tara Stocks) as well as review applicable regulations.

    Council Member Houlihan informed me that her husband received the Reimbursement independently (outside of her control or direction) in consideration of his status as an official participant in the Hondo Triathlon. Assuming these facts, the FPPC representatives did not find any impropriety based on the fact that the travel reimbursement amounted to consideration for Ian Thompson’s participation.

    Finally, we should note that any travel and related costs for City Officials of a trip such as Hondo do not constitute gifts under the Political Reform Act provided they are reasonably related to the legitimate purpose of the trip — facilitating a Sister City relationship. I believe this is a case-by-case common sense analysis.

    Please contact me with any questions.”

  41. So, not getting his way with the FPPC, Eiler chose to escalate the issue to the District Attorney. This type of stuff sickens me. Little boys with deep pockets not getting their way on an issue decide to harass and slander their opponents.

    Sounds like the McCain campaign.

    Let's send a message to Harry Eiler's, David Meyers', and their supporters on the city council, that they can't steal an election with deep pockets and dirty tricks.

  42. I've also heard that Eiler, Jerome Stocks and Christy Guerin( remember her) are behind the robocalls trying to smear Houlihan.

    Rather than discuss issues, these folks want to mud wrestle their opponents down to their level. Let's not allow them to drag political activity down to this level in Encinitas.

  43. Also, Eiler's efforts are apparently motivated by revenge due to Houlihan rendering a negative opinion on a development project he brought before the council.

    This is the same thing David Meyers, the clown meister did. They didn't get their way, blamed Houlihan for it, and used their considerable wealth to attempt to destroy her.

    That's bad enough, but what really should disturb us is Stocks, Bonds and Dalager lending support to their efforts.

    My advice in this election is to follow the money - the excessive signage, robocalls, attack fliers, etc. - and vote the other way. These people are only interested in preserving their power at your expense.

  44. 10:39am-

    Rachelle Collier and Maggie Houlihan will have their press conference from 10:15-11am on Wednesday, October 29, at the Encinitas Senior and Community Center at the corner of balour and Encinitas Blvd.

  45. Maggie and Rachelle? What about Tony Brandenburg? I thought he was part of the Hometown Alliance slate.

  46. no more incumbentsOctober 28, 2008 4:41 PM

    Maggie Houlihan should NOT be re-elected due to her failures as a council person representing the city of Encinitas.
    She takes credit for REMOVING the orange sand BAGS from Leucadia Blvd/101 intersection. Ha!! What a joke !! Is that all she can say she has done for Leucadia?? 4 years to remove some sand bags?? That alone is reason enough to NOT re-elect her.

    But sadly ,she will be re-elected because the garden clubs of Olivenhein love their Maggie!! WOW, so weak!! It sickens me!! Excuse me while I vomit!!

    As for Bond- nothing for Leucadia, no votes for Bond!!

    Mayor Stocks?? His contempt for Leucadia knows no boundaries!! A pious putz!! No votes for him either.

    But the idiots of new Encinitas and Olivenhain will re-elect these 3 fools and they will lead the city into bankruptcy. Remember which council people to burn in effigy when the time is right!!

  47. 3:13

    Tony should show up to stop the despicable rumor about the gay bar (11:09). But who knows why someone would want him on the coat tails of Houlihan and Collier on a flyer? I don't think he even knows them.

  48. the amount of challengers pretty much guarantees that stocks and bonds will get reelected because they are incumbents.
    the challengers are dilluting there votes.
    too bad we had a chance for positive change at city hall but now that is done for because the people can't unite behind just a couple solid challengers.
    i'm voting collier houlihan, naninga

  49. The FPPC didn't give any response, it was the City Attorney stating what they told him. His memo says "Council Member Houlihan informed me that her husband received the reimbursement independently (outside of her control or direction) in consideration of his status as an official participant in the Hondo Triathlon. ASSUMING these facts, the FPPC representatives did not find any impropriety based on the fact that the travel reimbursement amounted to consideration for Ian Thompson’s participation." The KEY WORD IS ASSUMING. But the complaint details that she stole a gift to the City and arranged for her spouse to get it. Isn't that excersising control? What a nice NIXOIAN twist from Maggie as her nose gets longer! Why doesn't she just quote the expresident and say, "I'm not a crook!"

    The same blogger also states that this guy Eiler is a developer. Do a web search and you find him to be a retired 79 year old PhD who has a foundation to help music students.

  50. The needle exchange program is a fake issue on fake flyers,
    can you guess who paid for them,
    I bet you can if your not a dumbmofo

  51. karen

    Collier, Houlihan and Brandenburg are not running as a slate. Tony also has his name on the Stocks and Bond (or is it Long), posters. He likes to swing both ways. I assume he doesn't need to be at this press conference because no one sent Tony a smear robocall about him that violates Federal law. Collier's call did not state who paid for the call, and that's a big no-no. She has a legitimate beef.


    - Did Maggie or didn't she leave donor information blank on her State required filings in violation of the law?

    -Did Maggie or didn't she sign these forms under penalty of perjury that the information provided was true and correct?

    -Did Maggie or didn't she or her spouse take $1,000 cash in Japan to pay for her husbands plane ticket?

    -Did Maggie or didn't she report this money on her required disclosures so the public could see this money gift?

    -Is the taking of this $1,000 illegal, unethical or require reporting?

    -Is Rachelle in favor of needle-exchange for drug addicts or isn't she?

    Isn't this just all about the publics right to know and transparency with the voters?


  53. 6:07
    Jerome, did you or did you not vote to buy a Turkey maintenance yard; did you or did you not attend fundraisers with handpicked developer types who donated to your campaign; did you or did you not override the Planning Commission's recommendation and approve a sports complex; did you or did you not approve raises for staff while the rest of the employed world is eating shit; did you or did you not approve expensive remodels of the fire stations; did you or did you not move the "special" closed sessions to the early afternoon to further deprive the public of access....Just the tip of the iceberg.

  54. If there has been any conviction regarding political or ethical violations by Houlihan, let me know -- otherwise, shut up. Unless and until official action is taken, all we know if some guy named Eiler is really pissed at Houlihan and wants us all to believe she is guilty based on his own insistence. Isn't this America where the accused are innocent until proven guilty? anybody can complain about politicians' disclosures, and frequently do, but until there is a decided violation based upon knowning and intentional disregard of the law, then burning the effigy is uncalled for.

  55. No matter what: NO Bonds, NO Long!

  56. the truth will set you freeOctober 28, 2008 8:07 PM

    Here are some truths regarding Jerome and the 3 majority boys:

    He supported a 14% raise and huge pension increase for Every City Employee forever. The biggest liability on the City's books.

    He borrows millions for trophy project combine with their annual upkeep causes great long term liabilities for the City.

    He provides favors to employee unions and developers at the public expense. Just look at the contributors to his campaign.

    He consistently makes bad decisions on City Council lowering existing Citizen's quality of life.

    He is in the pocket of many special interest and is very similar in character to Duke Cunningham.

    Keep your sticks sharp. when the bad news hits the public next year. ( Like there is no money for any projects because existing liabilities for pensions, salaries, and health insurance are too great.) Get ready to point them at four people. The three majority pack Jerome Stocks, Jim Bond, and Dan Dalager, and the City Manager.

    Any moron can see what’s coming in the next year or two..... The City finances are in trouble. They all know better and know City revenues are dropping quickly while at the same time, they are proposing employee raises, fat pensions and costly trophy projects.

    the home town alliance should sew the shit out of Jerome Stock and Jim Bond for gross mismanagement.

    There will be people going to jail over the above items.

    Look into all the above points. The truth will set you free. And free souls carry sharp sticks.

  57. 5:27

    I agree, no one will take responsibility for the "needle exchange telephone survey" just like the brave annonymous posters here on this blog claiming they have "reliable sources" yet fail to name them.

    And just WHO would press the #1 for Yes and #2 for No on that goofy robosurvey, huh? And WHERE would these results be published? The same place the caller told you you'd find them: NOWHERE. It's a big fat attempt to derail Rachelle's campaign. Nothing more.

    It would be interesting to find out who paid for that call though. Doubt that could happend right away as my phone read "PRIVATE CALLER" when I got the call.

    They say when you add up all the times, we spend many months of our lives waiting at red lights. (another argument for roundabouts no one brings up.)But I wonder how many days of our lives we run to the phone to be greeted by a useless telemarketers?. I wonder how many hours of Encinitans' lives Henry Eiler took with his robocall when you add up the many thousands of minutes he paid for?

    Come to think of it, I better shut up. I'm robbing your youth!

  58. The previous poster is right.
    The incumbents will win, too many challengers. what a shame, more years of moronic leadership.

  59. where's my money??October 29, 2008 8:11 AM

    Where's my money?? I have participated in many marathons and triathlons around the world. No one, NO ONE has ever paid me money for participation. And no one would pay Houlihans husband either. I've seen his fat ass, only world class athletes receive money for participation. Of course the money he received is a pay off as some sort of political gift. It doesn't take a genius to understand that, and I'm no genius.

  60. If I lived in Encinitas, I would vote for Bob. I don't know Bob of course, or anything about him really.

    I just always vote for the guy who has a professional headshot that looks the most like a young Kenny Rogers.

    I get the feeling that Bob knows when to hold em.

  61. I went to that candidate forum last night which was pretty boring until they brought up the idea of an Ethics Commission. I almost threwup when Maggie said she was for the idea. Talk about calling the kettle black! Lets see, she is currently under investigation by the state for leaving her donor information BLANK dozens of times and now I find out that she stole $1,000 from Enicinitas so that her hubby could go with her to Japan. What hutzpa!

  62. j.p.

    your blog has been taken over by political hacks.

    very partisan and meaningless drool this election season IMHO.

  63. This is long, but skip it if you want to. I also got a "Robo Call" about needles and could care less. I am NOT voting for any incumbents, I am voting for Rachelle Collier, Bob Nanninga, and Joe Sheffo. Harriet Seldin seemed okay, too, NOT Brandenburg.

    I went to the last candidate's forum, and liked what Joe Sheffo has been saying about no raised or new taxes and fees, except for those already "built in" through the water and sewer. I DID NOT like that he suggested our being able to elect a mayor and city attorney would likely lead to more "dirty politics." Doesn't he trust the voters and the City's potential for transparency? Having an elected City Attorney has benefitted San Diego and Carlsbad.

    Encinitas mayors set the agenda; they have so much power, but they are only selected among the Council Members, where the citizens' votes are often disregarded. According to popular vote, Maggie Houlihan should be mayor now, NOT Jerome Stocks.

    I feel as though the citizens will have to get a petition signed by 10% of our electorate to have a local referendum regarding establishing sunshine laws and more open and representative government. The City paid over $40 thousand (taxpayer money) to put short term rental sand tax measures on the ballot, but will not let us have a vote on their nearly $40 million debt in "lease revenue bonds."

    Harriet Seldin was incorrect in saying that we cannot afford an Ethics in Government and Safety Commission when the General Plan is revised. Commissioners traditionally serve as volunteers; the Planning Commission was given a stipend for the first time, and then their vote was disregarded when the three man majority on Council, through the City Manager, had the Parks and Recreation Dept., city staff, appeal the Planning Commission's well considered opinion, made after hours of public testimony and volumes of documentary evidence were heard and read.

    We need fresh perspective. We need checks and balances, and a FORENSIC AUDIT. We need more open government.

    I am voting for Rachelle Collier and Bob Nanninga. They have been coming to Council Meetings for years. My third choice would be Joe Sheffo with Harriet Seldin, as an alternative, because I believe they would be fiscally conservative, and would have integrity. They also support term limits. Incumbents count on this split vote to win. They know they have an advantage with PR and name recognition.

    I believe all the incumbents should be "termed out." If we had an elected Mayor, I believe they could then run EVERY TWO YEARS, so they would always represent the people. They should run on their record, not on the backs of developers and BIG SAND. Please vote for Nanninga, Collier and Sheffo or Seldin. Brandenburg misrepresents his “judge” status; I feel he is too tied in with the police and fire union; he would be "old guard," somewhere between Guerin and Bond, and not a new vision for Encinitas.

  64. I love it Rachelle Collier today admits she's a LIAR!

    Do you serve this crow with hollandaise or bernaise sause?

  65. Harriet here--I support Ethics and Safety--but I'm cautious on setting up new standing Commissions. Even if Commissioners are volunteers, there are staff costs, at a time of projected decreases in City revenue.

  66. Jerome Stocks is a vicious, egocentric, womanizing jerk, who is paid for and controlled by developers. Now let me tell you how I really feeel.


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