Friday, October 10, 2008

Why Was Aceti Really in the Race?

From Aceti's announcement, "I am also very committed to my family and they have been very supportive of my campaign and my desire to serve on the Encinitas City Council. However, I will not be able to run an effective campaign, increase my commitment to the film project and spend quality time with my family.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the campaign trail and speaking out for the benefit of Encinitas. I have met a lot of people in the community I didn't know until the campaign season began and for that, I am very grateful. "

Doesn't it seem odd that Aceti's husband and treasurer can run a "vigorous" sand tax campaign that can raise a couple grand, but he can't raise one cent for his wife? Isn't it convenient that she drops out right when campaign contributions statements are suppose to be filed, and after it is too late to get her name off the balllot? Was she a decoy from day one?

Who benefits from Aceti being on the ballot?


  1. This election surely makes for some strange bedfellows. Here's the latest email from Harry Eiler with his campaign of revenge against Maggie Houlihan:

    October 10, 2008

    To all my friends and music lovers,

    I am sending this email to ALL I know in Encinitas and nearby because I am most concerned about the future of our City. Please consider the following and forward it on to your friends who are citizens of Encinitas. A hard copy of a similar nature will be mailed to all who gave money to the 'Friends of Houlihan' in past years.

    As you remember, I was turned out of the Encinitas Community/Senior Center last September by Penelope Chase, of City Hall, because of dissenting comments made against a Councilperson. I admit I have disagreed with Ms. Houlihan but never resorted to derogatory name-calling as has she! City Hall closed down my series of FREE lectures on Opera and Music which were among the best attended events at the Center. Later, Ms Houlihan's rash, imprudent and untrue remarks to the Press regarding the Encinitas Arts Council, which she opposed, brought down the final curtain on six planned classical music concerts for the new Community Room at the Library even before the overture was sounded. Finally, when there was no reason for such enquiry since the cutoff date for any Grants from the City had already passed, Houlihan asked for copies of all communication and correspondence between myself, the Encinitas Arts Council and ANY person or agency of the City. To what purpose ?

    Motivated by these attempts to stifle dissent, I embarked upon my own investigation and found 96-alleged violations of Public Law by Houlihan and the Treasurer of her campaign committee, whom she currently shares with Councilwoman Barth and Candidate Collier. My complaint was reviewed and accepted by the Fair Political Practices Commission and is currently being investigated by its Enforcement Division. A copy of this Complaint is available at for your personal reference.

    I do not presume to suggest for whom you should vote in this coming election; however, I can recommend that Mayor Stocks, of all the Councilmembers, was the only one who appreciated how unfairly I was treated by the City and tried to get additional information to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, even a Mayor cannot invade the so-called 'sanctity of City Hall.' However, for his concern and his willingness to help a much maligned citizen whom he did not know, his honesty, truthfulness, and courtesy, I will include Jerome Stocks among my choices for Encinitas City Council and heartily recommend you do the same.

    On the other hand, I most assuredly will NOT vote for Maggie Houlihan and urge you again to 'follow suit' - not only because I disagree with most of her positions but largely because I think that HOULIHAN IS THE WORST THING THAT HAS AND CAN HAPPEN TO ENCINITAS ! Her re-election to the Council, then followed as our next Mayor, assures a continuation of 'bickering' at all Council meetings and a rash, intemperate, short-sighted vision for our City with penalties for any and all who may dissent. Simply put,



    Harry Eiler

  2. Wow... he should be looking for a good dementia home.

  3. Mr. Aceti, the lawyer (OOPS NOT Quite ... never passed the Bar) wanted some name reccognition) so that when he runs at some point in the future he may have a better chance. It wont help because people know that he extorts money from several cities including ours in the name of clean water and sand.
    If anyone is dumb enough to vote for her (before or after she bowed out), it will take votes from Houlihan and Collier I'm afraid.

  4. If you like what Bush and Friends have done for America and the Economy, You will love what Jerome Stock and James Bond has done with Encinitas and its finances. Vote for anyone else

  5. You could vote for Stalin and it would be better vote then Jerome Stocks or Bonds.

  6. pay no attention to that man behind the curtainOctober 10, 2008 5:54 PM


    The City of Encinitas would probably like to offer Mr. Eiler a position in the Christmas Parade as the Grinch. What a bitter old grouch. And the points of his complaint are childish and a big waste of time for whomever has to read them. I can't imagine such a person being moved by music, and on the other side of the coin I can't imagine someone talented not being appreciated by Maggie.
    The barbs against her this year are sharper than the clown last time, but ya know what? I think they're pretty transparant.
    And speaking of transparent, this thread has a very good point about Aceti. Though I don't know her at all, with no funds raised in her campaign it sure looks like she was throwing us a curve and never intended to be on the council. If only some of the other candidates would get Hollywood offers they couldn't refuse right now!

  7. "I admit I have disagreed with Ms. Houlihan but never resorted to derogatory name-calling as has she!"


    This is just sick. Can it mean anything other than what I think it means?

    Dude needs to be watched, what a crazy morbid line.

  8. Jerome Stocks would make a perfect Homer Simpson.... And James Bond could play a good Ted Kennedy.

    Come on Boys.... go make your movies and leave Encinitas in better hands than your union corrupt hands. Your legacy will be the two that good the City so in the red by the long term union pensions that we have no money for anything else. Thanks for nothing you two Union sell outs.

  9. Mr. Eiler's Opera/Music Appreciate class was dropped because he was rude and arrogant to the staff.

  10. vote out incumbentsOctober 11, 2008 12:00 PM

    I am glad Ms. Aceti dropped out.

    Mr. Eiler may be bitter, but he did volunteer his time, and he has a point about the ongoing investigation by the Fair Political Practices Committee.

    People get polarized in political debates. He felt singled out and excluded for no good reasons, apparently, from offering his free concerts.

    I will not be voting for Maggie. I feel she has been pro-development. She voted incorrectly on the Sands Trailer Park Condo conversion, unlike Teresa Barth. She voted incorrectly on the Walgreens development on Encinitas Blvd., unlike Teresa Barth.

    Jerome Stocks is not for open government. He will not give proper notice for closed sessions held on the same day as regular council meetings. James Bond is also pro development. He broke his word about retiring from Council after four terms and 16 years. The three Council incumbents are all tax and spend.

    Vote out the incumbents! I am voting for Bob Nanninga, who is "green" and pro business, Rachelle Collie, who wants more citizen participation and wants to save our canopy and Joe Sheffo, who has pledged no new taxes and fees.

  11. I voted for Rachelle and Maggie, and Brandenberg. Rachelle is smart, dedicated and approachable, Maggie is the only person (before Teresa) who ever asked questions of public speakers and took time to come out to your street and witness the traffic, and Brandenberg has a really cute pony tail. So all you bonddi haters are fully armed now. Cheers!

  12. elect Nanninga, Collier, SheffoOctober 12, 2008 4:41 AM

    Funny, Bonddi.

    It seems as though you already voted?

    Yes, Brandenburg has a cute ponytail, but I don't care for how his signs say "Judge," when he is not and was not a judge in superior court.

    Also, I feel he would go along with the "powers that be," in that his signs are up with Stocks' and Long's. Brandenburg also said he was for developing all five full sized fields on the Hall Property, unlike the Planning Commission's recommendation.

    We had an unpleasant experience before him as Commissioner in a small claims case, where he allowed an attorney, a DA, to appear in his "official capacity."

    So, no, with all due respect, I can't support him. He shouldn't use the Judge honorarium on his signs; "Judge Anthony "Tony" Brandenburg is incorrectly listed on the ballot, and the State Attorney General's office will be notified. If he can't follow statutory law himself, I don't see how he could give orders, as a Commissioner, before he retired, and how we can trust his judgment, now.

  13. I'll be judge pony boy with a big vote for someone else.

  14. Some of my friends are amazed how quickly Bruce Eiler has turned against Maggie Holuihan, her one-time Campaign Manager.

  15. Wow, where have you been? Bruce has been turning from Maggie for years now. Bruce can't even talk to her anymore.

  16. Hey Kevin Chickensh#%October 12, 2008 2:30 PM

    Kevin C - get a life, you loser. Aceti may have ended her campaign, but what have you run for? President of an organization that has, uh ... 4 members? It's easy to constantly snipe from the sidelines chicken s*$&.

  17. Anonymous 12:04pm and 1:35pm

    I think you are confused....It is Harry Eiler and Bruce Ehlers...two different people.

    Bruce hasn't turned on Maggie.

  18. 12:04 & 1:35

    2:33 is correct. Bruce and Maggie are still good friends. He just dropped off two of her signs for me. I think the lines between Ehler and Eiler are blurring, that's all.

  19. And now a song...

    You say, Ehler, and I say Eiler,
    You say he hates her, and I say he like her,

    He like her, he hater, potato, potater,

    Let's call the complaint off...

    ok, it needs work.

  20. All this "Who hates Maggie this week crap" is why I'm not voting for the incumbants. It's time for fresh voices and fresh perspectives on the city council.

    It's time for change...It's time for Nanninga.

  21. I know I wont be voting for two who will vote for more big Employee raises and pension increases.

    Save the City, vote against Jerome Stocks and James Bond.

  22. bonddi told me that Houlihan voted for employee raises and pension increases like Bond and Stocks?

    Please set the record straight...

  23. I don’t know about Houlihan, but I know that Jerome Stocks and James Bond is supporting all the government union raises plus the huge pension increases. Their actions will kill Encinitas future.

    That’s why the fire union and sheriffs union support so called republicans in their re-elections. They will do and say anything to stay in office. What ever it takes.

    Thats why I will vote for someone other than Jerome Stocks and James Bond. They are sell out of Encinitas!

    They should be run out of Encinitas!

  24. What do you mean you don't know about Houlihan?

    Please get all of the facts before you rant on any specific candidate.

    Who are the Unions backing this year?

    If you don't have the facts, it looks like your just upset that the city didn't allow your illegal unit to get approved...

  25. I understand that the fire union didn't get involved this year - which explains why they don't have any signs out. Based on the Cops signs it looks like they endorsed Stocks, Long and Brandenberg...

  26. Just so we're clear the Sheriffs did not talk to all of the candidates before endorsing the three they did.

  27. Great photoshop.
    If it walks like a duck!

  28. It seems that many of these bloggers are afraid of people with pony tails... I thought Leucadia was supposed to be funky, not tight ass. I guess I can forgive "Elect Nanninga, Collier, Sheffo" for being ignorant of the facts, but then trying to spread that ignorance throughout the city is just wrong. Yes you have freedom of speech, but please understand what you are saying BEFORE you try to pass it off as the truth. Educate yourself for the sake of the rest of us, and do some fact-finding. Brandenburg is a Tribal Court judge, and he was a Superior Court Commissioner before that. People will only eat your bullshit sandwiches for so long, until they realize that their breath smells as bad as yours!!

  29. Who benefits from Aceti being in the race? Our American way of life benefits! Our constitutional right to participate in a government of the people, by the people, and for the people! This is a wonderful free country, and with that freedom comes the possibility that people you don't like, people who are uneducated, or even people who are looking out for what's best for everyone (and not YOUR personal agenda) will be elected to public office. Good God, have we all taken a giant leap from our senses?

  30. Aceti being on the ballot splits the votes of Jerome Stock's competitors. Jerome and Aceti are political buddies.

    This is America and I have the freedom to say that Aceti should get a red card for unsportmanlike conduct.

  31. Obviously some think the only person entitled to the honorary title of "Judge" is someone who has served under the US state or federal government. To those historically impaired, the native americans have their own sovereign nations where US and State law do not apply, and they appoint their own Judges to their tribal courts. Go drink some more negativity flavored kool aid.

  32. Sounds like a tasty combo for Encinitas: B.S. sandwiches and negativity-flavored Kool-Aide!! Yummy!

  33. A modest proposal!
    Let's bulldoze Leucadia and make it into a parking lot for the rest of Encinitas. Who would miss all the rabble rousing and far left points of view ?

  34. When Bradenburg was a commissioner I took a case, supported by solid third party evidence before him. He refused to even allow the evidence to be presented, preferring to decide the case as he saw fit. I wouldn't vote for him for dog catcher, he might start putting down people's pets because he didn't think they were clean or didn't like the breed. You might as well throw out reason and fairness from his seat if you elect him to the council.


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