Wednesday, November 19, 2008

2008 Gas Prices

This morning at the Mobil on Hwy 101 in North Leucadia I paid $2.29 a gallon for regular gas.

The Leucadia Blvd/Orpheus Shell station crossed the $4 mark back in May of this year.

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  1. We are in the deflationary period right before the huge inflationary period that will hit within the next year or two.

    The US dollar is no longer a world currency and is collapsing.

    The next few years will be really be interesting as foreign countries start avoiding our valueless green paper for other more stable assets.

    USA has peaked and will fall from the lead quickly. Now that we have lost our economic superiority, our military superiority will dwindle as well. Next likely world leader and super power- CHINA. Built by all the plastic and useless crap that Americans borrowed to buy and sold out it’s country's future.

    It’s kind of funny, China conquers America by offer cheap plastic goods the Americans could not resist. Stupid greedy Americans with no self control.

    That will be an interesting chapter in the history books.


  3. Looks like the Big Three are just as evil as Big Tobacco, Enron, and all the rest.

    They should have been building us electric cars 30 years ago. Not whining that they need money to build them now.

  4. Those who control our food and water are the ones who can ultimately do the most evil. Local farms and local control of water. Vigilance. Tonight's meetings are important to watch or attend.

  5. China finances our wars, too.

  6. Zeus is retarded. When the economy dropped everybody flocked to the dollar.


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