Saturday, November 15, 2008

Botanical Gems of Leucadia: Part I

Cal Pacific Orchid Farm is one of Leucadia's botanical gems.

Its worth stopping by just to see what is on display. The totality of the place ends up being numbing (in a good way). If you have been there lately, you know what I mean. They also have a ton of funky pots.

It’s a great place to find a gift and you can get a great deal. You can spend ten bucks on a bunch of cut flowers down the street or 3-4 times that for an amazing orchid that can bloom vibrantly for months. The people who run the Orchid Farm are super friendly and helpful. They even gave me a tour of their huge "orchid hotel".

I asked Kathy Desmond, the owner, how long orchids can live. She answered, "Indefinitely". Then she showed me one of their orchids that is over 50 years old and going strong. It is just about to bloom (see below).
The current owners purchased the farm a few years ago. The previous owner was discrete when preparing to sell the farm. He wanted to find someone who would continue the business and not turn around and sell to developers. He wanted to keep flowers in Leucadia.

Its right off Orpheus Avenue and it is always worth stopping by to see what's inside.


  1. Leucadia is PeaceNovember 15, 2008 7:33 PM

    That place look cool JP. Perfect for Leucadia and the stuff I love. Thanks all that buy product from this place. Its exactly what we love about Leucadia.

  2. J.P,

    You have soul. Leucadia has soul.

    It's a great "place" on this earth.

    thanks to the previous owner and the current owners for keeping on in a tough besiness.


  3. All of the wonderful greenhouses and blossoms. Thanks JP. If we could convert to urban gardening, we would save our agriculture heritage (as our General Plan directs) at these properties - we will not just be quaint and lovely. We will be resiliant into this 21st century of peak oil and fossil fuel vulnerability (to the greed of the agribusiness and oil companies).

  4. Oops,

    I see this was posted by Kevin Cummings.

    So I amend my above remarks to:

    J.P, You have soul. Kevin, you have soul, Leucadia has soul.

  5. can't have urban gardens if we develop more Moonlight lofts "smart growth". No place for a garden there. It is too urban.

    can't have urban gardens if we have so many people in southern california that we don't enough cheap water to use on gardens. California has a lot of water, just not enough for the number of people here.

    We can get more water with desalination but that takes a lot of power and is expensive.

    Face it head on and be intellectually honest. We have got to address population growth through incentives for having smaller families and addressing the unsustainable immigration rate.

  6. I agree. Population is the biggest problem. Stop immigration and make incentives for smaller families.

    Make people pay higher taxes for the more children they have. Its only fair.

    That would stop the crack heads and mexicans from having more babies to get bigger welfare checks.

    Nice Flowers I think I will go there today.

  7. We do have relatively abundant water here. We choose to dump most of it in the ocean. If you study a bit about reclaimed water and it's huge potential, you would see we are missing a great opportunity. Eventually we'll get past the ugly thought process of toilet to tap. Water is water, when treated properly, it's as pure as it can be.

    A great halfway measure is a two pipe system for every home bringing reclaimed water for use in landscape.

  8. anon 409,

    Give us the numbers. How many more people could we support sustainably?

  9. It is interesting that people ignore that we already drink recycled water. How many sewage treatment plants dump into the rivers where we get our water?

  10. I love reading about (and seeing pics) of places in Leucadia I haven't visited. Keep up the great sharing!

  11. LOL
    I love the pretty flowers... Perhaps we should have mandatory sterilization and deportation of EVERYONE who isn't an Encinitas native (of european ancestory, of course). Perhaps this might keep everyone we consider undesireable away? The flowers are so beautiful! Our city is such a wonderful place, and we should keep it all for ourselves.

  12. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I cannot believe people like Anonymous (November 16, 2008 9:30 AM) actually exist!!


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