Monday, November 10, 2008

Cardiff getting sand the natural way

Photos taken on Sunday, November 10 2008.

That was a pretty good rainstorm we had over the weekend. The San Elijo lagoon was flowing out strongly at Cardiff.

The rain runoff flowing out at Cardiff.

Full on rushing river.

The runoff was depositing a ton of sand onto Cardiff beach.
The stormy big waves brought in a lot of kelp chunks. A few days these clumps of kelp will start to rot and stink and be covered in flies. Maybe the city should use some of that sand tax money to remove the stinky kelp?


  1. Kelp on the beach is a problem year round in Cardiff.

    My guess is that there are bureucratic obstacles in the way of cleaning things up. I think that the Cardiff beach is under the jurisdiction of the State.

  2. Kelp is natural. Kelp on the beach is only a "problem" for people with no sense of place or ecological understanding.

  3. Bob on the beach is unnatural.

    Bob telling us about natural and unnatural from his coffee shop is natural.

    Bob's sense of helping the environment seems focused on what best serves his agenda at the moment. I don't think five highly manicured huge soccerfields are great for the environment. I would think a more passive park would be better for the environment.

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  5. Jeeze, fercryinoutloud, the election is over. Enough with the mudslingin' awreddy!

  6. Kelp on the beach is natural... and I am neither running for office, nor an "environmentalist"... just a regular guy spouting common sense.

  7. I am not running for council, I love Carlsbad, and I love your life.

    Feces, urine, and rotting dead bodies are natural on a beach.

  8. Bathrooms at Seaside, Moonlight and Swami's are unnatural.

  9. Ass acne is natural.

  10. I agree, the bathrooms at Moonlight are a disgrace. And there's no place to wash your hands. The bathroom at Swami's is often used as a hotel room by that homeless creature with all the bags. Our Public Works department is a joke. Of course, hardly anyone who works for this city actually lives here, so why should they give a damn?

  11. To Rusty Trinket,
    How DARE you call her a such a name. Have you no compassion? There but for the grace of God go YOU. Walk a mile in her shoes. Where did you learn to judge others? The school of hate? I pray that people with as much hate as you will someday learn that we are not all given the same facilites at birth through no fault of our own.

  12. I dare to call that woman a "creature" because on two different occasions she went out of her way to create conflict with me. The first time, she screamed at me in the bathroom at Swami's, and when I did show her some kindness, I was verbally abused and cursed at for...letting her have the right away to cross the street. I was driving out of the drive at Anderson's and stopped to let her pass and I got a big "F-YOU".

    On the corner of "E" Street and Second, there used to be a little office park, and since people were tolerant, a group of drunks and homeless guys camped out there EVERY day, and true to form, began to yell insults at everyone who passed by. All the nice plants were trampled on and pissed on and soon, the place looked terrible. Finally the owner of the property had enough, and erected a fence.

    You are confusing compassion with indulgence. I have nothing but love for those who give back, whether it be a smile or a good deed. I don't care who you are or how mcuh money you make or if you live in a box.

    However, when you allow another human to wallow in their circumstance, you are not doing them a favor, you are in fact, part of their problem. I for one do not tolerate abusive behavior from anyone. Just beacuse you live on the street doesn't make you "special".

  13. If we are talking about the woman at Swami's, I have never seen her go off on anyone. I wish she was off the streets, but if she had all her facilities I am sure she wouldnt choose this. As far as the drunks, tweekers and lowlifes, run them down as much as you want. I would love to see them gone as they are ruining our town. I call the authorities whenever I see them drinking or urinating in public.

  14. Cardiff sand would be improved if we opened up the lagoon where the tracks and hwy 101 were built. Elevate both or better yet just remove them both. hwy 101 traffic can use I-5. reroute the tracks to I-5 corridor.

    We would get much more sand from the river and the lagoon would become more natural.

  15. 10:24

    What were you doing in the bathroom at Swami's? You just said those were not necessary.

  16. Homeless are people without family who cares, and are usually mentally ill. That is why they can "go off" on people who are trying to be kind. If you don't have any human interaction then even negative response is better than none at all. You may have felt insulted by a homeless person because their reaction wasn't gratitude. Just give what you can and don't expect a thanks. If you can't give without strings then take your kite home.

  17. The last post is the American problem. Giving cash promotes the freeloader bum problem.

    Do not give them cash, If you want to give them something, hand them a bottle full of valium and sleeping pills, and a quart of vodka.

    They will get one final deep drunken sleep and hopefully rest in a better place. They are finally at rest plus society is bettered from addressing the problem.

  18. 12:11

    Where did I say bathrooms aren't necessary? I didn't. Go back and read my post. Care-full-lee.

    OK, I'll tell you what happened. I went into the bathroom at Swamis and I had my dog with me. I use a "Haltie" on her because she's a tugger and pulls so hard on a conventional collar that she chokes herself. A Haltie is not a muzzle, it fits around a dog's snout and is an effective and humane way to train your dog.

    As soon as I got through using the facilities, this woman blocked the door and stood there cursing me out, saying I was going to break my dog's jaw, and she wouldn't let me out of there. "YOU SICKEN ME!!!", she said, over and over. I had to stand there a full five minutes and wait for her to run out of steam, not knowing if she had a knife or weapon, or if she was going to scratch my eyeballs out. Finally someone came to the door and asked if everything was OK. I rushed out and then she followed me and continued her ranting and accusations that I was "killing" my dog.

    I DON'T feel sorry for her. Next time I have an encounter with this wacko, she can explain to the police what her problem is.

    The only reason I'm even dignifying your pollyanna comment with a response is I don't want anyone to have to endure a nerve wracking encounter like I did that day. This woman is potentially dangerous and someday, mark my words, she will do something really bad.

    Sorry, but I quite agree with 3:52.


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