Monday, November 24, 2008

Encinitas Watercolors

I saw Mary Helmreich's watercolors at the street fair this weekend. I love how she documents a sense of place for Encinitas (When I was a kid, my family had one of her early watercolors and I know that sentimentality might be influencing my opinion of her work).

I know that for some people it is hard to get past Leucadia's rough edges and unfinished details. There isn't a real focal point for our sense of place except for the 101 corridor. What is the most important resource/element that gives 101 a sense of unique space? It is the tall Eucalyptus canopy and an eclectic collection of small storefronts.


  1. I agree with your all your points.

    It’s definitely not the speeding cars racing through Leucadia everyday!

    20 years ago, traffic was not an issue. Now its the biggest issue.

    Slow the traffic along our mainstreet so people can take a deep breath and enjoy our beach area in a peaceful manner.

  2. I have known Mary and shown her work at my Gallery for many years and know her as a great talent and a very nice woman.
    Her eye for choosing the subject to paint is applaudable. She finds iconic scenes and freezes them at the right angle and seemingly, the right time.
    She was in The Park for LeucadiART 08 and has shown in five LeucadiArts.

    The locations she depicts encompasses the whole coast, from Coronado, Pt. Loma, La Jolla, Blacks, Del Mar, RSF, Cardiff, Oceanside and more.
    A Catalogue of all her artwork and framed prints available in varied sizes at Corner Frame Shop& Leucadia Art Gallery.

    Thanks JP for sharing her work. She deserves the recognition.

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  3. Wow, just wow. What a treasure we have in Mary.

  4. The little lots have a lot to do with it. A lot of diversity is the result of small houses and buildings converted to businesses. If this changes into big lots resulting from combination of small ones, that would be a bad thing.

  5. Egregious Tax Dollar WasteNovember 24, 2008 4:01 PM

    Off Topic:

    What is with the $2,000,000+ Fireman's residence at the top of Orpheus??

    Nice fire stations are a good idea but this is so over the top it's unconscionable.

    Anybody have the hard costs on that?

    Next, we'll see $2.5M rubber gun ranger station housed with lifeguards and rangers with chips on their shoulders the size of texas (these already exist).

    Encinitas will see a huge reduction in taxes over the next 3 years mostly from real estate prices continuing to correct on a scale of another 8-20% as well as tax stamps from sales volume plummeting.

    So they build a $2M plus fire station?

    I hope it at least has granite counters and a luxury spa tub??

    Fire them all!!!!!!!!!! (except the firefighters of course)

  6. Back to Kumbyaaa... Thankful to live in Leucadia, thankful for all the artists that live here, thankful for the peacemakers... Simma down now...

  7. All I can say is, WOW!

  8. the firestation should have at max cost 2.5 million.

    You will be looking at a 5 million plus Fire McMansion not including land.

    Throw another $1 million in for the acre of oceanfront property and you have a $6 million dollar oceanview firehouse with all the fixens.

    Its good to be a Fireman in Encintas.

    Next time you see them in the stores, tapp them in the but and tell them your welcome for paying for their nice oceanview clubhouse.

  9. Mary: These are so beautiful. I would love to hang one in my office. How would I go about seeing your work and getting prices etc.?

  10. Dr Lori
    See second post above for information on price and sizes.

  11. Thanks. I called Morgan and am going to stop by the Leucadia Gallery after Thanksgiving. Think I will make it a Christmas present to myself. The question is: Which beautiful art piece do I want? Not a bad decision to have to make.

  12. If I were still on this Blog, I would ask all of you what piece you would like to see in a "shrinks" office? But, since I am no longer an official blogger, I will just say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Especially J.P., Fred, Kevin C.. Lynn, RSPB, and all of the others who post their name.


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