Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Eolus Fire

Fire reported at 3:35am.
Encinitas Fire arrive at 3:43am.


  1. Escondido is seeking a 5% cut for employee pay.

    "A 5 percent pay cut for 236 City Hall employees who are paid $18,000 to $225,000 a year. They represent 28 percent of the city's 818 full-time employees."

    Not in Encinitas, We just agreed to a 14% pay raise and huge pension increases for all City Employees.

    No wonder there is no money for the Hall property, moonlight improvements or any other project.

    Who approved this?

    I can't wait to see the next city finance report. It better show plenty of money for the needed projects and not more of this crap about paying staff more and preserving the dead wood.

  2. Who's the nut job posting nonesense about a 14% pay raise?
    That's just silly.
    I think our City employees should get a 250% pay raise as an economic incentive to ward off the recession!
    If it's good enough for GM it's good enough for Encinitas!

  3. Escondido is in terrible financial trouble because they've chased away so many of the illegals and they also have many forclosed houses because the illegals fled and stopped paying the mortgages.

    What exactly does Escondido's troubles have to do with a fire on Eolus you nut?

  4. The huge pension increase and the 14% increase in pay are true. Check it out yourself. Just approved last year. The pay raise was over 3 years. The pension increase was immediate.

    Our council is giving away our tax money. Its pure welfare.

    I bet as early as January, you will hear the City Manager start crying about conditions has changed and the future is not looking so rosy in Encinitas.

    Those recent huge pay and pension increases surely will not help. You better get ready to ask council, why they approved such lucrative packages. Do they think, they can just continue borrowing money against our kid’s future?

  5. roll back the huge pensionsNovember 20, 2008 7:07 AM

    carlsad's going broke as well. When will our City break the news.

    Here is the breaking news. Money is needed for Staff pay raises and pensions. There is no money to build the Hall Park. PERIOD.

    City officials may delay several big-ticket building projects and institute a hiring freeze in order to trim $4.5 million from Carlsbad's budget in the coming months.

    "It's going to be a very tight three-year period," Jim Elliott, the city's administrative services director, told the City Council at a meeting Tuesday night.

    Elliott said city employees are looking into cutting this fiscal year's budget, as well as putting limits on the next two years' spending plans.

    The move aims to give Carlsbad a better financial cushion in the coming years, amid concerns about everything from declining city sales tax figures to rising national unemployment rates, he said.

    The proposed spending reductions will be submitted to the City Council in January as the city begins its process of putting together next year's budget, Elliott said.

    Among other things, the city may stop filling vacant positions and hold off on new equipment purchases. It also might delay the long-sought Alga Norte swim complex. Instead of opening in 2012, that complex might not open until 2014, Elliott said. A new city public works center and renovations at the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park also may be postponed.

  6. Great response time!

  7. Did a great job in one of the averaqge 11 fires they fight annually.


  9. When you start picking on our fire department, you lose me!

    We have a wonderful fire department and should be proud of their service in protecting our community.

  10. I don't see anyone picking on the fire department. They are one of the city's better departments.

  11. The majority of Encinitas fire fighters are local surfers who grew up in Leucadia. They rule!

  12. They should rule, they get huge gov. perks and now how to milk the system to the tilt.

    How does the encinitas tax payers association feel about that?

  13. Look at all the concern for fire victims. Does every thread have to do with money? If the fire dept was paid less, there'd be no comments at all on this subject.

    And yes, the response time looks mighty slow, considering Eolus is one block away from Orpheus. But remember the home that burned to the ground right next door to the fire dept there?

    Everybody gets a few black eyes in this town, but by and large the FD is a blessing. Thank you EFD.

  14. i've got some friends on the fire dept so I may be biased, but when we sit around and talk about work their stories are a lot heavier than you would think, every major car accident on our streets and on the 5 are dealt with by these guys, they pull dead bodies out of cars and rescue people in lots of situations. heart attacks and all sorts of stuff that have nothing to do with fires,
    I sure couldn't handle it.
    I don't know if we should be building big old fire stations right now, but those guys earn their money for sure.

  15. The Eulos station is closed right now so the response time is good.

  16. oops I mean the Orpheus station is closed for rebuilding.

  17. Yeah, I have a friend who's a fireman. They had nothing to do with their stations being rebuilt and I was told the 5million dollar price tag for each was not necessary.
    But like a previous poster said, firemen interact with some of the most severly injured people in town. Make that all of the severly injured people. I asked my fireman friend HOW he copes with all the traumatic and grizzly situations he encounters, and he said that his job is to keep those victims as comfortable as possible. That's his focus. That's admirable. I couldn't handle it.
    Firemen here of course are also called out to major fires around the state. It ain't just Encinitas fires.

  18. Fireman is a worthy profession, paid well, and have huge pensions.

    Hence, the reason there are lines one million long for one position.

    If you can take some human gore and dismemberment, it’s a sweet gig.

    If you want to do it, sign up and wait in line. It helps if you don't have Caucasian skin and are not a male these days.

    For the good old boys, you were smart and got lucky, many of us would love to switch jobs with you.

  19. just a comment on response times. the media posts the time that the call was made from the 911 caller. if that person called using a cell phone then the call goes to sheriff dispatch first, then it goes to North Comm which is fire's dispatch. from there the call goes to the fire station. the firemen then get the call, have to put most of their gear on, and get going. This response time was good. I don't know a single fireman who takes their time getting going when the tones go off and when the call comes in for a true fire event the pace is sped up even more 100% of the time. Generally, firefighters have 1 minute from the time the tones go off to when they have to be driving out of the garage. In this case I'm sure it was no different.


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