Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Giant Pencils of Leucadia

The Leucadia Giant Pencils are located in front of the Sea Air mobile home park/across from Paul Ecke Central school.

Too bad some knucklehead tagged one of the pencils.

Hooray for the giant pencil fence!


  1. When they catch the tagger. they should tattoo a Giant Pencil Fence on their face.

  2. I designed the fence and a bunch in community all worked to erect it across from the school. The tagging just isn't that big a deal compared with all of the wonderful comments we hear from the kids and the passing pedestrians.

    The real pleasure comes from taking what was lying around and making a colorful statement. We have transformed many things and worked to project positive expression.

    Thank you so much for showing it off on your blog, JP.

  3. Hey Kate, the fence looks terrific. I haven't seen it in person yet. Those pencils would look great in a roundabout too!

    Mary showed me the psychedelic trailer though. Wow.

  4. The fence is cool but,eradicate the tagging before we return to the Tortilla Flats days of the 70s when everywhere you went was tagged.

  5. You can remove the tagging with nail polish remover (acetone), cuz I think it was probably done with a Sharpie-type pen. Someone creative genius was drawing nasty stuff all over one of my tile murals at Grandview and it worked on that.

    Good job Kate!!! The whole trailer park is unique and fabulous!

  6. I remember taking swimming lessons in that little trailer park pool when I was a kid in the 60's!

  7. But do the giant pencils work?

  8. Thank you for making such giant pencils. Now I can sign the petition against the roundabouts.

  9. I saw that Jack in the bean stalk was all in favor of roundabouts like me and was more intelligant than the Giant.

  10. Thank you Fred and Mary - your opinion matters.

  11. The city will remove graffiti free. Please report graffiti to the Graffiti Hotline ... 633-2751. The city will make arrangements to remove the graffiti as quickly as possible.

    (Hopefully they won't use the same contractors that "trimmed" the roadside park trees ;-) )

  12. Red/Orange County Demands Pension Oversight Powers at the Ballot Box
    OCR Voters overwhelmingly support effort to block pension spikes
    A whopping 78 percent of Orange County voters were approving Measure J, which makes county public employee and elected retirement contracts contingent on approval at the ballot box. You can read the Orange County Register story by clicking here.

    this is huge. Too bad our own self proclaimed republican Jerome Stocks voted for the pension spike in his own town. His actions will sink our City. What a shame.

  13. Hey, the voting citizens of Encinitas love Jerome, they voted for him and the other Republican, also, Bond. They'll be whatever you want them to be, just remember the advertisements they send, the Democratic guide, the Independent guide and the Republican guide for voters: they were endorsed on them all. Oh not really, they paid for that with some of their developer money. To bad that many voters didn't find out whose your daddy with regards to Stocks and Bond before they voted. Oh boy, will staff and developers have a great two years ahead of them.

  14. Common Bob-

    I have never seen you shy away from answering a question. Especially, such an easy question just asking for some information,

    Please Bob explain, Why are you anti roundabout?

    What type of interestion control do you prefer?

  15. The giant pencils are wonderful. thanks, Kate and Sea View residents.

  16. GET OVER IT!

    We lost, let's move on to constructive blogs. Otherwise, you might want to consider moving to a more liberal city.

    Our citizens obviously like Mr. Stocks and Mr. Bond. They have re-elected them repeatedly.

    Please don't call our neighbors and friends stupid, just because they didn't vote for our way.

    I do hope Ms. Collier runs against Dalager in the next election.

  17. Common Bob-

    I have never seen you shy away from answering a question. Especially, such an easy question just asking for some information,

    Please Bob explain, Why are you anti roundabout?

    What type of interestion control do you prefer?

  18. As I have said before I see these 101 roundabouts as consultant driven boondoggles Encinitas taxpayers can not afford at this time of serious economic crisis.

    My alternative to roundabouts? Is do nothing at this time.

    Streetscape improvements should be planned in conjunction with lowering the Railroad tracks.

  19. Burce- you don't understand how the graffiti hotline works!! If the graffiti is on private property, the city gives the owner a due date to remove the graffiti, if the graffiti is not removed by said date, the city comes and removes it for the owner and then...CHARGES THE OWNER OF THE PROPERTY!!
    I know this happened to me.

    Assholes at the COE, fuck them. I never vote for incumbents nor to increase taxes. EVER!!!!

  20. so, you mean like never essentially. THe odds of the rack getting lowered in the next 30 years is a million to one.

    Bobs plan is to keep Leucadia a dustbowl and he is oppossed to Streetscape.

    Glad you lost with a "vision" like that!

  21. BOB has always and will always be against anything good for Leucadia!! Roundabouts are GOOD FOR LEUCADIA!! I am so thankful that he was not elected. BOB's answer is to do NOTHING!!

    If you were drowning, BOB would not throw you a life preserver, he thinks that humans are bad for the planet. Anything good for Leucadia is bad for the planet. Roundabouts are good for Leucadia and good for the community and therefore bad for the planet...in BOB's world.

    Ignore BOB, he won't go away, but you'll sleep better at night knowing you are not giving credence to his ego!!

  22. so you're looking for Leucadia to be like Birdrock?!?

  23. The tagger should be easy to find. Seems he has (at least) two heads!

  24. I volunteer to come down to the fence today and try to remove the tagging-for free!!!

  25. As long as we have the illegals living on Vulcan and at the end of Hermes, this crime will be rampant.

  26. Dare I ask what the roundabouts on Leucadia Blvd have accomplished?
    Instead of having one stop sign to worry about, now the street is an obstacle course.

    I agree with Bob on this one.
    And the tracks should be lowered under both Leucadia Blvd & Chesterfield. When gas goes back to $5 per gallon (or $10), rail transport will become important again.

  27. The roundabouts suck and so does anybody that thinks they will be beneficial to our great town. They will destroy Funky Leucadia. Leave 101 the way it is, if you dont like it here MOVE back to the hole you came from. We dont need to spend 20 to 30 million on this boondoggle.

  28. Done! Acetone works like a charm!!

  29. W2 and Bob-

    The existing roundabout calm traffic down to 20 to 25 mph through an intersection instead of 45mph or faster.

    The future roundabouts will make our Mainstreet more safe and walkable and encourage people to get out of their cars and bike or walk.

    I guess Bob doesn't believe that walking or biking over driving is better for the environment.

    Or maybe he doesn't think the existing road is unsafe, but I don't see him walking, riding bikes or shopping else along that stretch of Mainstreet. Maybe he doesn’t believe Justin is dead or that Motorcycles and Lamborghinis were really racing topping 100mph on that stretch.

    What I do see is him driving his old gas guzzler and polluter to his coffee shop in Encinitas where they have already completed their streetscape.

    But I guess Bob thinks Leucadia doesn't deserve shit and the businesses in Leucadia should suffer at the hands of a roadway that is used as a commuter highway from Carlsbad to Encinitas.

    Oh yeah- Bob claims we can’t afford to act but supports millions for a parking structure at E street (near his business), and a $100,000,000 sport complex. What a hypocrite. Bob says we can not afford to act. I say we can not afford not to act to better our mainstreet.

    I am now clear how illogical Bob's thoughts are and how he is actions are totally self serving. I will never believe again that he gives a rats ass about the environment or Leucadia. Nor are you intelligent enough to have a rational thought in your head how to better the environment.

    You are no more of an environmentalist than Palin. You are a fricken phony.

    You lost me Bob. You suck.

  30. I don't see what people don't like about the roundabouts. They:
    * Slow traffic making it safer for bikes and pedestrians
    * Improve business with the lower speeds, by making stores more visible to those in cars.
    * Largely eliminate the need to stop at lights or stop signs (no longer forcing cars meedlessly idling up to 5 min. each time, that of course pour tons of crap into the atmosphere
    * Make it easier and safer for access and egress to and from side streets.
    * Can be beautiful showcases for landscape and/or public art.

  31. Fred - You, me and over 70% of the people in Encinitas feel the same way. Probably 25 percent are neutral and then there are those last 5% of vile haters of roundabouts. Bob being one of the vile roundabout haters.

    Said but true. Hopefully, the vision supported by logical community caring residents carries the day.

  32. "vile roundabout haters" AKA fiscal conservatives

  33. Anon2-55.
    Well said. BOB, you are not fiscally conservative if you supported the library and support the $100 hall property park, being cheap about roundabouts is self serving and wrong. Your goal to keep Leucadia ugly has been exposed. And you did it yourself.. again the old adage is true, give them enough rope to hang themselves and they will.

  34. Bob, fiscal conservative...Phsssss. Good one.

    Bob= phony Joke. Bob doesn't even mention the real big fiscal City issues like City Pension liability, or $100,000,000 sports complex plus $1,000,000 a year in maintenance but claims to be a fiscal conservative. yeah right!

    Bob- you are the furthest thing from Fiscal conservative. Remember you supported the big bailout and spend man Obama. You are not conservative on any of your visions. It seems to me that your vision is to keep Leucadia unsafe. No thanks.

  35. Bob, fiscal conservative...Phsssss. Good one.

    Bob= phony Joke. Bob doesn't even mention the real big fiscal City issues like City Pension liability, or $100,000,000 sports complex plus $1,000,000 a year in maintenance but claims to be a fiscal conservative. yeah right!

    Bob- you are the furthest thing from Fiscal conservative. Remember you supported the big bailout and spend man Obama. You are not conservative on any of your visions. It seems to me that your vision is to keep Leucadia unsafe. No thanks.

  36. Bob's real reason for dissing roundabouts:
    Could it be that his buds at the Chamber want him to not like them?
    What's in it for the Chamber if the Streetscape in Leucadia gets nixed? Oh, millions of dollars for a parking garage downtown, and many years of funding their high maintenance yet seldom visited visitors center.

  37. "You, me and over 70% of the people in Encinitas feel the same way."?

    Boy, are you in for a surprise!

  38. Dear Meathead,

    No one is asking to nix the streetscape; just don't cut down trees to save them; no back-in parking, no 'encroachment' or eminent domain of existing businesses; and no roundabouts.

    If you must move your lips when reading, Meathead, please do not do so when you are eating.

    Thank you.

  39. Leucadia will be ruined if the roundabouts are allowed. Isn't Highway 101 a historical road that shouldn't be altered to fit the whims of a few eccentric odd fellows in Leucadia? When will you give it up and move away to some city with roundabouts and write to tell us how great they are? Oh yeah, there aren't any. And Fred, you grew up seeing 101 crowded before I5, deserted after it opened and not that bad since. Let's wait until the freeway is widened before embarking on such a monumental change as roundabouts. Maybe with Obama in charge there will be plenty of free money and we can lower the tracks and have peace on earth.

  40. How many roundabouts are there from the Oregon border to Mexico on 101? Are there any in Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Oside, San Clemente, Huntington Beach, Hermosa, Malibu, Ventura, Santa Barbara or anywhere? If they were any good we would not be the first to try this stupid endeavor. TJ has them and they are a nightmare.

  41. Birdrock has 5 on Hwy 101 that work great. Carlsbad, San Clemente, Encinitas, and Leucadia all have roundabouts that work great. Time to open your eyes naysayer. Times are changing. Good things coming our way.

  42. Are there any in Solana Beach, Carlsbad, Oside, San Clemente, Huntington Beach, Hermosa, Malibu, Ventura, Santa Barbara or anywhere?

    Yes. In almost every town you mentioned. there are thousands in CA and througout the USA. they are very common throughout the USA and the World. Its not a big deal. Roundabout are great and that why they are replacing signals throughout the country.

  43. I think the roundabouts work quite well on Leucadia Blvd. hope the one at Hygeia is completed soon. People don't take off like a bat outa hell from the stop sign at Hygeia and try to make the green light at Vulcan anymore. You now can make left turns at both ends of Hermes and Hymetess all good. As far as the roundabouts down in Birdrock I think there's to many to close together. Roundabouts on Hwy 101 my opinion is maybe 3 tops and I think we should start with a stop sign at Grandview now. I also plan to be at Thursdays street-scape workshop to speak my piece.

  44. Bankers, Bureaucrats, and Bailouts...Oh My!

    September 29, 2008

    I don't know about you folks, but all this Sturm and drang over the Wall Street bailout has me questioning the viability of the US Federal Government now that it has abandoned any pretense of responsibility, accountability, or respectability.

    Government is a shell game.... big government even more so.

    We have all heard the term “Wild Wild West.” Well, welcome to the “Wild Wild East” where laws are manipulated to maintain order, and Bankers are the ones robbing the bank.. Adding to this epic failure of ethical integrity the Federal government is rushing to rescue bad bankers from the mortgage mayhem they created, law makers in Washington has decided a buy out $700 billion worth of bad debt to keep lenders from sharing the fate of the lendees.

    Rewarding greed and graft with more of the same is hardly in the best interest of anyone... other than those involved in the financial mismanagement that has brought us to the brink of economic collapse.

    I guess my biggest issue is that the federal foxes want the homeless hens to pay for their pillaging, without any say in the matter. And when I say federal foxes I speak of both the Republican and Democrat varieties. Although not the type who sees this a case of creeping socialism, I do see this as another example of the corporate kleptocracy having its way with Washington DC.

    What concerns me most is the two tier system of of letting individuals loose everything to bad loans while corporations making the bad loans are protected by the policy makers who allowed for the deregulation of the banking and mortgage industry in the first place. Why should taxpayers bailout the industry that has brought the American economy to the brink of recession, depression and deeper debt?

    Call me a Fiscal conservative, but I don't think the bailout is anything but a license to fraud and fail again. To cover their bad loans the Federal government is rewarding the bad behavior of bankers and bureaucrats .

    Enough is enough.

    Gone are the days of lavish spending, bottomless credit and I'll pay later mentality. If there is a lesson to be learned from this mortgage mess,it is how prevent it from happening again... on a larger scale.

    It's time for state, county, and municipal government to adapt to leaner and meaner times, and the best way to accomplish this goal is through fiscal restraint and a clear sense of priorities. Economic self sufficiency should be one of those priorities, as should resource conservation, environmental restoration, and lifestyle preservation. We the people have to take care of ourselves.

    We must move beyond the philosophy of of build, borrow, bank and bail. Borrowing from the future has proven to be a plunderous blunder. It is proving to be what will eventually break the bank once and for all.

    Responsibility, accountability, and respectability is the change we need.

    Throwing money at a systemic problem is not change. Rewarding greed and incompetence is not change.

    It's time for change.

  45. Let's get some facts straight. Bird Rock is not and never was on historical Highway 101. The old highway ran on the east side of Mission Bay, up Rose Canyon, through the center of what is now UCSD, and then down Torrey Pines grade. You can travel from San Diego to Santa Barbara on what is left of old 101 and not go through a single roundabout.

    Roundabouts are still rare in California, although more common in other parts of the world. They are being promoted now for a simple reason: there are no performance standards for roundabouts. This means that level of service is always at "A." No matter how bad the traffic gets, the consultants that the city hires can always say there are no impacts and no mitigation is necessary. Great for developers, but not so great for residents.

    The reference to Tijuana is appropriate. When traffic reaches a certain level, stop signs must be added, and then stoplights, otherwise the traffic becomes chaotic. All one has to do is drive down Paseo de los Heroes in Tijuana to see the result. Be careful what you wish for.

  46. Fact checker gets it wrong again.November 13, 2008 7:39 AM

    Dude you need a new handle.

    What do you call some who calls themselves fact checker when they get their "facts" wrong?


    Historic Hwy 101 ran through Birdrock. That is a well documented fact.

    In the late thirties, an east 101 was created than ran through Rose canyon that later became the same route Interstate 5 now runs on.

    It is not uncommon for the road to have different routes through the decades or even at the same time. Another example is Carlsbad where both State St and Carlsbad Blvd were at different times on Hwy 101. State St. was pre 1930s.

    Birdrock is Historic Hwy 101 and does have higher traffic counts the Leucadia 101. Birdrock also has commercial businesses on both sides of the road similar to downtown Encinitas.

    They went from five lanes pre condition, to two lanes, one in each direction, with roundabouts. It is universally applauded as moving traffic better, at a slower pace and friendlier to both businesses and residents.

    Leucadia is not Birdrock and does not, and should not seek to be, but to ignore the lessons and their experiences with traffic calming, more parking, ped, bike and landscaping is foolish. The biggest benefit is the safty and enjoyment of the area for all concerned now that the traffic is moving around 25mph.

  47. Fact Checker needs to do better research.

    1. Birdrock is historic Hwy101, just check the records. Its was the business loop for La Jolla,like what went through other small towns like Encinitas, Cardiff, and Leucadia in the 1930s. There was a coastal business loop to La Jolla and an inland route thru rose canyon. The real pacific coast hwy101 goes thru Birdrock and La Jolla. Check out the map of the below link
    Check out the website


    It gives a great real history of hwy 101.

    “Continuing north, U.S. 101W definitely stayed west of Mount Soledad, passing through the Bird Rock neighborhood before entering downtown La Jolla via La Jolla Drive and Prospect Place (or possibly Pearl Street). U.S. 101W then followed North Torrey Pines Road to La Jolla Shores Drive, then rejoined U.S. 101E at the current North Torrey Pines Road/La Jolla Shores Drive intersection just west of the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). This split route was gone by the 1940s, and U.S. 101 was routed to stay east of Mount Soledad, Pacific Beach, and Mission Beach. The following map shows the approximate routing of the old U.S. 101E-W split that used to exist in the northern San Diego area.”

    2. Roundabouts are commonly used because they are more efficient performers, save engery, reduce pollution, are safer, better for pedestrians, and are much better looking than signals. In most cases roundabouts are far superior to signals which is why you will see more and more in the future.
    Roundabouts will be great on Hwy101. They will keep cars flowing but at speeds that benefit the surrounding community. Plus we can use the centerpiece areas to showcase landscaping, art or something to highlight the historic PCH.

    3. the traffic circle in TJ is not a modern day roundabout. Its a traffic circle designed by Mexicans and built by Mexicans. It is like comparing rotten eggs to candy. Its about the opposite. A better comparison are the 3 roundabouts on Leucadia Bldv. and Santa Fe Avenue that we drive and love every day.

    Facts are not what you dream up in your head, they are reality. Next time try and reflect reality.

    Cheers and see you all at the meeting tonight!

  48. That was classic!

    3. the traffic circle in TJ is not a modern day roundabout. Its a traffic circle designed by Mexicans and built by Mexicans. It is like comparing rotten eggs to candy. Its about the opposite. A better comparison are the 3 roundabouts on Leucadia Bldv. and Santa Fe Avenue that we drive and love every day.

    Thanks for the post!

  49. Here's the rub for those who don't like roundabouts.

    They simply work.

    So the opponents of roundabouts are reduced to saying that "Leucadia is not like Birdrock" for one reason or another, the latest effort being the false fact claim that it is not historic Hwy 101.

    But...Can you imagine what the opponents of roundabousts would be saying if the birdrock example caused massive traffic jams? terrible accidents with fatalities? fleeing businesses?

    Why they would be holding that area up as an example of failure and why we should not do it. And they would be right to do so.

    The problem for the opponents is that the experiance has been a very positive one and has solved a lot of longstanding problems for the area.

    So they are reduced to saying that Leucadia is not Birdrock. That took a roctet scientist to fiqure that out! Duh!

    You can't argue that they work.

  50. Jeez, Fact checker what rock do you live under?

    I went to school at UCSB and one of the biggest traffic clusterfucks in all central California was the Hwy 101 / Milpas intersection.

    Hwy 101 is still a state Hwy in S.B. so it more closly resembles the 5 than to our 101.

    They fixed that clusterfuck with a roudabout. You can even see the 101signs on the 5th picture down.


    Speeking of fact checker, the myths and facts section on this page is good reading as well.

    The Hwy 101 / Milpas intersection is 1000% better than the nightmare it used to be.

    Get out from under your bitterness once in while.

  51. I love it when posters on this blog piss on each other!! Gotta love a good blog piss fest!!

  52. Anonymous seems confused. He fails to understand that in the days before the Interstate Highway System, it was common in larger cites to have a "business route" with the same route number that gave access to hotels, motels, restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses. The business routes were just local streets. Anyone wanting to go straight through would not use them. Encinitas never had this as it was too small. The link makes this clear.

    The Milpas roundabout in Santa Barbara is not on Highway 101. It's a ½ block off, as the picture clearly shows. It's strictly for local traffic. It's deceptive to say this is on Highway 101.

    It's not necessary to insult the Mexicans. The Tijuana comparison is valid. My point was that when traffic volume reaches a certain level, it becomes necessary to install stop signs or traffic lights to prevent the traffic circle from becoming a free-for-all. Do you remember the picture that J.P. posted of the gridlocked roundabout in Asia?

    The modern roundabout is only an old fashioned roundabout with yield signs. Anonymous has not answered the question of the lack of standards for roundabouts. This keeps an intersection from getting a lower level of service that requires mitigation. The Alaska link is a website that by implication promotes this idea. The goal is increased development and increased density. It's not to mitigate traffic in the present, but in the future.

  53. 7:39

    Bob may be wrong about Birdrock, but my fear about roundabouts stems from the inevidible they bring. Vendors that sell plaster statues, tooled leather, cheap perscriptions, day-glow blankets, velvet Elvises, silver trinkets, Chicklets and Zebra Painted Donkeys.

  54. Meathead!

    Now that's funky!
    thanks for the laugh,

    I am envisioning the type of plaster carictures that leucadians would be selling. It's funny stuff!

  55. Fact Checker has their head in their ass and is high from the fumes. Don't dive "fact checker" your intoxicated.

    Meathead- Funny... that may happen in America in the future, but to date I haven't seen it in our existing sweet roundabouts.

  56. I love Sturm and drang.
    It's so Tim Gunn.

  57. Roundabouts work in the right places but they are not a panacea for all traffic issues. Where traffic has a primary flow, the intersecting streets will face long waits at roundabouts if there are controls that actually stop traffic at some point before the roundabout. La Jolla Blvd. has been ruined, it looks like a wanna-be Swiss mountain town == except the shops aren't old and cute, and the road is not cobblestoned. Leave 101 historic -- no roundabout, stop signs are cheaper and patriotic. Isn't this the real Encinitas with an open road on the 101, an historic tree canopy, funky mom and pop business, or is this the fake Encinitas with roundabouts, back in parking, multi-use three story buildings and a terminal case of generica. Can't wait until a SuperCuts opens!

  58. the kid who tagged the pencils lives at the city provided housing via habitat for humanity on Leucadia blvd. there are multiple people at that address who are on probation or just off but thanks to the city we provide them with killer house in the neighborhood so they can give us the lovely TF ENC spraypaint.
    thanks jimmy carter and encinitas city council

  59. Anon 10:10
    You were being facetious, I hope.

  60. Anybody who lives in Old Encinitas: there are buglars, i.e. robbers with weapons until shot, who are breaking into homes while people sleep. At least 14 homes, and several cars, have been ransacked over the past two weeks. Keep windows and doors shut, or go green and get a dog.

  61. If you know who tagged the fence, why aren't you calling the cops?
    Better yet, give us his address, and I'll leave him a nice taggin' message on his car or house.

  62. the sheriffs often know who the taggers are but they have to catch them in the act. the city knows about the gang activity at the habitat house as numerous neighbors have complained and gone to city council and have contacted habitat for humanity to no avail despite the paperwork saying you can not have that kind of activity if you get a habitat house, so coming to a wall near you soon,
    ENC TxFx


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