Thursday, November 27, 2008

Green Expo

From the inbox:

The The Cardiff-By-The Sea 101 Chamber is presenting the first annual GREEN Awareness Expo on Sunday, December 7th from 10am -3pm.

This educational event will consist of local professionals in the field of sustainability.

From architecture and building materials to energy and recycling to water conservation, landscape and agriculture, each vendor will showcase how we can live a more GREEN life.

In depth workshops will be held in the auditorium, panels of experts in related fields will offer an opportunity for questions on multiple subjects throughout the day. (see attached Presentation Schedule on flier) In addition there will be many vendor booths for the public to investigate. Kids activities too.

Sequoia Solar will power the Expo! 91X will provide the music!

Vendors and speakers include: 2009 SMART car, Encinitas Bicycles, SurfRider, RawWalls, architectural firm DZN Partners, Bluwood, Slow Food, John DeWald, Falling Waters Landscape, Olsen Painting, Carroll Plumbing, Fredricks Electric, energy expert Dadla Ponizil, LEED Certified interior designer Laura Birns, WaveCrest, Quail Gardens, Solatube, recycling guru Russell Leven, artist Kevin Anderson and more!

This event will take place in a park-like setting at Cardiff Elementary School and benefits the Cardiff Education Foundation and the Cardiff 101 Chamber.

We truly believe this will be a worthy event for the community for many years to come.

Please come and join us and spread the word!

Brenda Dizon, co-Chair, Board Member Cardiff 101Chamber
Betty Steele, co-Chair, Board Member Cardiff 101Chamber
Morgan Mallory, Vice-President Cardiff 101 Chamber

Click the image below for a schedule


  1. Thanks Kevin. My great hope is that this isn't just a greenwashing exercise - a selling opportunity above all else. Making changes doesn't have to mean buying products, systems or design services as much as it means looking at the way we live in a realistic way.

    I look forward to this event.

  2. To alleviate concerns of 7:57 and thank you for your interest.

    The Cardiff Green Awareness Expo's goal is to inform the public of the opportunities to Live Green in our daily life.
    The speaker panel includes leaders in the sustainability fields.

    On behalf of Cardiff 101 Chamber
    Thanks for caring
    Spread the word.

  3. The Real Chamber of CommerceNovember 27, 2008 8:58 AM

    There are many of our members at the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce that feel this whole event is a waste of time and money. Leave the area as it is.... green smeen , what a waste of resources.

    If you really want to help our chamber staff, come to one of our events that helps us sustain ourselves.

    Remember.... It’s all about us!

  4. Souldn't it be GREENE Awareness Morgan? I think it is a wonderful event and I will be there. It's not easy being green, as Kermit would tell you.
    Lorri Greene

  5. Pssshhh. Cardiff 101 chamber... what a joke. They don't know if they are a mainstreet association or a chamber of commerce. What a big waste of time.

    If you want to join a real chamber that will work for ideas that we believe will help us stay employeed, Join the real Chamber of Commerce- The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. We work to serve our needs and salaries.

  6. Does Live Green really want to advertise two vendors or speakers, John DeWald and DZN Partners, that are building the high density developments in Encinitas? Plastering a green sticker on a massive development doesn't make it environmentally friendly or protect the quality of life in Encinitas.

  7. Nice Live Green Logo.
    I also hope that this is not a green hype sales tool. I does not appear that way. We'll find out.
    Hoping it's real. If it is, the idea to teach green awareness and sustainability is something that would be to all of our advantage.
    Just saw 'Union' article this morning about city hall going solar.

    Thanks Betty and Brenda and Cardiff 101 Chamber.

  8. reality isn't happy talkNovember 28, 2008 8:12 AM

    The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy" says this new greener economic theory calls for "stabilized population and consumption. Such stability means that the amount of resource throughput and waste disposal remains roughly constant." In this theory, all systems are in balance.

    "The key features of a steady state economy are: sustainable scale, in which economic activities fit within the capacity provided by ecosystems; fair distribution of wealth; and efficient allocation of resources."

  9. A lot of Green information is confusing. I'm coming to learn the facts and ask questions. Speaker panel looks impressive! Sounds like a great event for Cardiff.

  10. Who are John DeWald's silent partners in the Pacific Station high density development? Is DeWald planning the same type of development in Cardiff?

  11. Looks like most speakers have some sort of direct economic interest in getting people to buy their stuff: products, services, or propaganda.

    Who's idea was this expo?

  12. It seems like most speakers are involved in green future.
    It is probably is not the case that all of these experts in their fields are non profit organizations.
    Is that bad?

  13. In response to 6:34 AM

    Please come by and join in this free educational Expo to learn what concepts and options are available to live green in your daily life.
    You do not have to buy anything.
    Hope you can attend.
    Thank you.

  14. Morgan Mallory (and/or his spouse) is/are building a development which maximizes the development envelope available in Leucadia and wipes our established modest rentals, and has no meaningful "green" features. He's just another developer a-hole screwing up our beautiful Leucadia. How can we as a group continue to put up with this crass hypocracy!!!

  15. To the crass misinformed poster
    of 9:10 PM.

    The project you are referring to, consists of six units currently.
    The plans approved by the planning commission call for six unit, with no density bonuses, or height variance which could have been allowed. City council members applauded the proposal for not including density bonuses during council approval. Another developer could have maximized the units to possibly nine. The current owners chose to under develop in order to deliver an appealing improvement that they and the community would be proud of.
    It is the goal, of those involved with this project, to have it be the first multi-residential LEED,(leadership for energy and environmental design), certified development in Encinitas. The architect has conscientiously followed the design concepts of the Specific plan to create on open, airy esthetic appearance.


  16. The two ways to change development is to change the zoning laws in this case our N. Coast hwy101 specific plan. The other way is to buy all the land and than you can develop the coolest greenist place you want, or give the land to affordable house.

    It’s amazing what you can do when you actually own the land you want to change.

  17. Sounds good Mr. Mallory.

    Thats for caring about Leucadia. I personally look forward to seeing the nice airy green building development.

    If the trolls want to do something different along Hwy101, let them start buying the property.

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