Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inspiration for Leucadia's Hwy101 Center Medians

This awesome garden of succulents, natives and non-native drought resistant plants are what the city should be planting in Leucadia's coast highway center medians. (Garden located by the volleyball courts at Moonlight Beach).

Our current center medians *sigh*,


  1. Love the verdant cacti. But is that last shot of a psychedelic witch buried in scorced earth?

  2. Would look good in a roundabout,too.

  3. Cool. I'd like to see some of that.

    I'd like to add, the unique, genuine, and eclectic feel of leucadia is that it isn't master planned and there is a lot of variation. I hope that we keep that, so I hope we end up with a mash up of plant palettes. It is real easy to end up like Anytown, California.

    I'd be for a botanical pot luck.

    There are a lot of horticultural organizations with members in this area and lots of service and community groups. Why not divvy the medians to the different groups and let each one go for it and put their personal touch on it. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the 101 renaissance?

  4. I'd like to see some major canopy trees... I could care less if they are native or non native.

    Bring on the trees. Most Cactus are non-native and boring.

  5. Plant them then, whinig jerks!
    fred's got balls bitching, there aint no canopy tree in his business' yard!

  6. 7:34

    Hey Hasbro,
    The city cut down four of the full grown ones in the last 10 years, and the billboard folk are probably responsible for the 6 missing Torrey Pines in the median. I know for sure they hacked the one I replanted.

  7. oh yeah, and I witnessed a drunk driver obliterate two large saplings in the median that Richard from the Buzz planted here. (JP posted the pic of the drunk's dustbowl he caused in an earlier thread). In fact, the city put the orange cone over one of those remaining trunks. Why I'm not sure. (See JP's in the last picture.) So yeah, It's pretty hard to add to the canopy when all these forces are working against me. I figure I have a right to plant and bitch too.

  8. Hey Anonymous 7:34 everyone knows that Fred has tried to plant stuff but it keeps getting cut down by the city so stuff it JERK.


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