Friday, November 07, 2008

A Major Crossroads for the Future of Encinitas

Is horribly ugly high density cat barf development coming to Encinitas?

NCT: ENCINITAS: Planning Commission ponders plan update

The Encinitas general plan is up for review. The NCT story is full of warm and fuzzies talking about going green, historical preservation and whatnot. Missing from the story is the coming push to dramatically increase our density and raise height limits. There has been talk of completely rezoning the El Camino Real corridor into high density urban mixed use. I am not completely against this, I would like to see cool modern buildings on El Camino Real and I would rather the city increase density there than on the coast highway corridor. But as we all know, the devil is in the details and the wrong developers could really do some damage. It will be years before the money is flowing for this kind of development but the city is going to start laying the ground work for it now. Concerned citizens should stay close to this process.


ENCINITAS ---- As Encinitas begins the long and ambitious endeavor of updating its blueprint for growth, a document known as the city's general plan, members of the Planning Commission were asked Thursday night what they would like to see in that plan.

City staffer Diane Langager told the commissioners that the process will take at least two years and probably much longer than that.

"We are very excited about the plan update," she said Thursday night. "We expect the process will be very challenging but also very fulfilling for staff and for the community."

Earlier this year, the City Council instructed the staff to initiate the update, naming it a top priority for the new year.

The first step, Langager said, was to solicit input from all of the city's commissions and committees. That input, she said, would be used to help select a consultant for the job.

Since its original adoption in 1989, the city has never undertaken a comprehensive update of its general plan. And since then, many new policy issues such as sustainable growth, climate change, stormwater cleansing and green building have come to the forefront.

Commissioner Paul Van Slyke said that he personally considered historical preservation ---- particularly of the Leucadia Highway 101 corridor ---- to be important.

"And I also think that greener building is a smart way to move," he added.


  1. Those places look great where they belong. But not here. I wonder how many they will sell this next year? None of the twelve units crammed next to me have.

  2. Get ready for the propaganda and greenwashing coming from the developers and the total idiocy coming from the environuts.

    Adding more people who use water, electricity, roads, pollute the air, and produce solid and poop waste is not SUSTAINABLE just because someone CALLS it "Walkable".

    Jerome Stocks and Maggie Houlihan will vote exactly the same on this.

  3. They look great!! What ?? Do you want us all living in worn out trailers at Vally of Screams?? JP, you are as useless as BOB. This blog does nothing but promote the ugly and rundown. The useless and worn out. The old and feeble.

    You and BOB and all the others nutcases around here, keep re-electing the same trash that is running your precious cities finances into the ground. That's why all the development, to pay the property taxes that pay the bills.

    If you are so unhappy with what is happening to your city...leave. Or fight, but this blog ain't much of a fight, more of a bore!!

  4. gee, nice timing for this. Right after the election.

  5. Get ready for the Greenwashing.

  6. valley of dreams is coolNovember 07, 2008 7:18 PM

    I don't know one person who has grown up here who thinks those tacky Carlsbad/Newport Beach-influenced buildings fit in. The yuppie transplants who steamrolled through Orange County and Carlsbad only to end up here because of the "cool beachy feel!!" are the only one's who are in favor of these pop-out developments. I think they all forget why they migrated here in the first place. Remember that "cool funky beachtown feel"?? Yep, the one that you want to sterilize, pave, light up, make "family-friendly" (whatever that means, kids/families have done just fine here long before YOU came around). This is more than an investment opportunity with "some real potential" to us natives. It is our home, our roots, and our soul. Wherever you came from I am not sure, however, I don't think you would like the drastic changes in your hometown that are happening and going to happen here. I think the locals feel differently about the "ugly and the run down". I can only speak for myself, but when I go to Carlsbad or the OC and notice that every street has a perfect sidewalk, seawalls line every beach, and the only place for kids to play is in designated freshly mowed partitions with plenty of bright overhead lighting, I am thankful that I got to grow up in a community with creativity, individuality, soul, and charisma...Leucadia. I guess I can't expect the freshly transplanted to understand the special soul of this community, that is is unique to our town, and most importantly it must be treated with respect or it will be lost forever.

  7. Anonymous 1:27, I mean RSPB, yes I don't like the generic style of architecture in the first picture. The second photo is the kind of urban stuff I like. I don't expect others to embrace modernism and I don't want all of you living in worn out trailers *sigh*.

    The rest of your comment is neurotic. Could you please stop accusing me of trying to keep Leucadia down? I support the streetscape, I support infrastructure improvements and I said in this post that I support urban mixed use. Sheesh.

  8. Geez RSPB whats you hardon with JP.

    JP has consistantly shown he wants leucadia to have better infrastructure while perserving it's charactor.

    You must need a drink our something.

    Go hang out in Carlsbad for awhile, when you come back to Leucadia, you will be more appreciative.

  9. sorry to go off topic J.P. but....

    I'd like to hear from Harry Eiler/Oiler.

    Dude, please tell us your going to move to Canada or something now that Maggie was the highest vote getter.

    It was the worst thing that could happen and would destroy Encinitas in your opinion. You worked so darn hard to preserve the greatness that is Encinitas andall for naught. It's over dude, its in ruin!

    Dude, it's really bad and you need to tell us if your going to Canada or at least Carlsbad where they seem to tolerate you.

    It's ok if I call you dude? is that cool for someone whe has a PhD which is totally rad and awesome and eveything, really elevated smart guy stuff!

    Or should us peons not bother you with our scribbles?

    P.S. Your bio needs a little gravatis. It's pretty self serving for such an unimportant clown.

  10. President Obama's promise

    The No. 1 priority, Obama said, is to get Congress to approve an economic stimulus plan that would extend jobless benefits, send food aid to the poor, dispatch Medicaid funds to states and spend tens of billions of dollars on public works projects. If the plan is not approved this month, in a special session of Congress, Obama said that "it will be the first thing I get done as president of the United States."

    The No. 1 priority, Obama said, is to get Congress to approve an economic stimulus plan that would extend jobless benefits, send food aid to the poor, dispatch Medicaid funds to states and spend tens of billions of dollars on public works projects. If the plan is not approved this month, in a special session of Congress, Obama said that "it will be the first thing I get done as president of the United States."

    this sounds like its the ticket to getting our deathtrap interestion fixed. Lets see if Bilbray and the City know how to get some of that free federal money.

  11. El Camino Real looks like crap. Tear it down and build something interesting, instead of late 80s stripmalls! Build cool buildings with interesting/modern and green architecture.

    Anything would look better than the El Camino strip right now!

  12. Make this whole city a NEV (Neighborhood Electric Vehicle) City. We would be leaders in making green cities, save gas and lessen pollution.

  13. Keep the interesting ideas flowing.

    I agree the current conditions of El Camino Real are the worse.

    Pure Pre End of consumerism era.

  14. US drivers use about 13 million barrels a day. That is out of 85 mbd world wide demand. The growth in china, india, and other countries will EASILY outstrip ANY cutback in the USA. What you save just goes to India. Only so much gets pumped each day.

    What we don't use goes to china and india. Driving a prius is good for your wallet and good for our local air pollution but it don't do shit for global atmospheric change.

    The poor people of china and india don't care if we are leaders.

    China has around 50 million cars today. That is 40 per 1000 people. We have 800 per 1000 people. Cars are the preferred mode of transportation because they are convenient and comfortable. China will have twice as many cars as the USA when they hit only half our percapita car rate. You are bloody nutz if you think they care if we build seven story buildings. THEY ALREADY live in 20 story buildings and the dream of living in a suburban home.

    All the known oil reserves in the world will get pumped dry and contribute to CO2 increases. That is either going to happen over 40 years or 150 years. Either way the carbon is going into the atmosphere.

    These small steps have zero ultimate impact. There has to be a worldwide effort to dramatically reduce the reproduction rate of humans, through incentives, education, cultural changes, access to birth control, and the end of exporting the birth rate problem to other countries.

    The USA has been a leader. Our population growth of native born citizens is negative. That hasn't made other countries say, lets do that too. It is naive to think that "acting local" makes a global impact. Put your efforts into plans that have an end game.

  15. Whatever nassayer....

    I agree with all you points, but we can still focus on what serves the USA needs first.

    I personally think we should stop sending food to the areas with the massive reproduction rates like India and Africa. That’s like pouring fuel on a fire.

    What we should be sending them is technology for farming their own food and birth control or massive sterilization like in the water.

    Meanwhile I will try and do my small part locally to reduce my pollution and harm on our world environment.

  16. the brain that wouldn't dieNovember 08, 2008 10:12 AM

    You're doin' a helluva job, JP. I sure appreciate all the time and effort you put into this, and the information provided makes up for the LACK of insight you get the fishwraps they call "newspapers". Of course, a blog is a blog is a blog, and with that comes the Good , Bad and Ugly, of which there seems to be no shortage of, but you handle it all with class and cachet.


  17. India is a net food exporter. Africa would be self sufficient in food, if not for us and the EU flooding their markets with food produced by our subsidized farmers. The farming problem is not lack of technology or know-how.

    We have a birth rate problem too - just look who is having kids. Birth rates go down when GDP per person goes up - look at SE Asia, India, and even Africa.

  18. Kevin Cummings, Bob Bondii and the Home Town Alliance are solely responsible for Encinita's election results.

    They started a negative campaign that end up hurting our candidate (Collier).

    We don't want your help anymore!

  19. Last comment. Get over it.

    the more information to the public the better.

  20. "There's been 30 years of denial," said Noel Tichy, a University of Michigan business professor and author who ran General Electric Co.'s leadership program from 1985-87 and once worked as a consultant for Ford. "They did not make themselves competitive. They didn't deal with the union issues, the cost structures long ago, everything that makes a successful company."

    This sounds like our City issues. IF the City does not control union pension costs, WE will be Bankrupted as well. I will remember all the councilmembers names who failed to Address this issues. Starting with Bond, Guerin, Stocks, Houlihan, Dalager, and Barth.

    Better address this issue before you have to ask Citizens for an increase in sales tax to make up for your mismanagement of our City's finances.

  21. 4:28

    Leave Teresa Barth out of this.

    A lot of this crap started years ago when our Incorporation turned into a City manager government instead of an elected mayor and Council.

    Not to mention the CABS that were eliminated by the era of John Davis, Gail Hano, Lou "Asphalt", and the rest durning the early 90s'.

    But you wouldn't know about that history would you?

  22. Current Council is responsible for action to prevent the financial hardship and ruin of the City.

    The huge pensions are unsustainable and need to be addressed. All are responsible who don't address the issue.

    Sheffo was the only one with balls to acknowledge the biggest issue and the current situation.

    Why are we willing to bankrupt our City for these huge pensions?

  23. 6:48

    You forgot Chuck Duveloper.

  24. Who is Sheffo???

  25. I agree with Bondi (oops, sorry Bob)about the pensions. Let's just hope Barth will take the lead on this one. I for one will closely be watching her voting record.

  26. How will Maggie vote on these new projects and new union contracts. Will she vote for restaint and say no?

  27. Did anyone else get the notice from the county explaining how to go about getting property taxes reduced with falling home prices? The economic situation gets bleaker and bleaker by the month. Our city is facing even more reduced income from taxes and fees.

    Get ready in January for more increases of fees and rates in the sewer and water districts. The city will need more money. Ah, but we have a balanced budget and a fat reserve fund. Then why did the city do some fancy shuffling of money in the current fiscal year? Watch for more shuffling next year.


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