Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Funky Streetscape Plan

click image for large view and don't laugh at my crappy drawing that I did in 5 minutes.

The roundabouts have been the most controversial element of the streetscape plan. A lot of people don't like them and they are expensive to build. Above is a quick sketch I just drew up. Instead of roundabouts it makes the coast highway right turns only with a series of U-turn spots. I think this would eliminate the t-bone collisions that Leucadia's coast highway suffers from.

My drawing shows Grandview as an example but I think it would work for the entire stretch of Leucadia's coast highway. I pretty much do this already, left turns are sketchy in Leucadia, especially in south Leucadia. The Pannikan, Leucadia Liquor, Lou's Records, and Gold Coast Plaza are all sketchy places to try to make a left turn.

Don't forget, the third streetscape workshop is tonight at city hall, 6 pm!

*Also, my plan calls for southbound 10 Speeders to cross the highway at La Costa Ave and share a extra wide bike lane with northbound bikers (single lane northbound for cars to make room for all these bikes). Southbound sure would function smoother with the 10 Speeders spilling into traffic but this idea probably work work because I doubt that the hoards of bikers would want to cross at La Costa.

Other elements include old timey streetlamps, stone paver crosswalks, nice sidewalks, lots of trees, flowers and native landscaping and whatnot.


  1. What a FUCKED UP plan!

  2. Be there tonight.
    Don't let the the Chamber of Anti-Commerce stop the long overdue improvements we need for safety, bussiness and esthetics for our community.
    This is our future.

  3. A agree. thats one shitty plan. It doesn't even address the speeding issue, bikelanes, or sidewalks, or parking. If anything, it makes it worse. Keep to making surfboards JP, and thanks for trying to help.

  4. FUCK THE CHAMBER, my sources tell me they are in for a big FALL, soon. Andreen will soon be out of the job, there questionable finances will doom them as the city will not want to be associated with them anymore.

  5. If Leucadia does not address parking, speeding and create an improved landscape plan we are in trouble. Of course we are in trouble now. Soon the businesses will be receiving our portion of the $60bil. of bailout money from Paulson and all will be OK.
    I agree, we should be there tonight if we care for the future.
    This is long overdue.
    The safety, traffic, bike lanes, crosswalks, flooding and landscape is more important than the desperate need for five sports fields that will cause unmitagated problems on Santa Fe and in Cardiff.
    It has been our turn for too long.

  6. Most of the people in the Chamber are great for Encinitas. But a few in charge there are mucking it all up for everyone. Why? Last night their president even supported Meyer's appeal toward the overdevelopment of 71 homes on a congested parcel on Saxony / Quail Gardens Dr. I wonder how much the four Staff members were paid to be there supporting it as well? Even the Planning Commission thought it was a bad plan and had denied it, and there were about a dozen speakers against the project.(What a waste of time, I knew the outcome would be 3-2 before the item came up. They should save the citizens a lot of time for the next 2 years and invest in a rubber stamp.) Follow the moolah.

  7. Maybe the Bevolicher will help us.

  8. I like the plan a lot more than roundabouts. But then again anything is better than roundabouts. And JP, the detractors are just transplants wanting to screw up our town and then leave.

  9. 3:42.... oh so wrong.

  10. I do not understand why folks hate roundabouts.
    They slow traffic while increasing traffic volume and flow.
    They are safer for pedistrians and cars.
    What are the objections? Just the newness?
    Please explain.
    Thank you.

  11. Did anyone else see the council meeting last night?

    Danny talked about Roberts Rules of Order and how and when to make a motion then screwed it up big time.

    Danny almost gave Meyers everything he wanted. But Jerome & Glenn had to save him again.

    Come on this a tag team. Manny, Moe & Curly Joe?

  12. I love roundabouts but don't understand why Encinitas must have such *fancy* expensive roundabouts. If the average Brit can understand that a raised dot in the road means use roundabout rules, why can't we? Sheesh.

    I'd rather have seen some of that roundabout hardscaping and landscaping money go into the exit ramp landscaping at Manchester at the 5. Ugly weeds everywhere at the southern gateway to Encinitas. Embarrassing.

  13. Roundabouts are not Encinitas. There are too many accidents.
    They are not pedestrian friendly.
    They will change the community of Leucadia forever.
    Leucadia is what it is, Royal Liquor, The Leucadian, funky Mexican restaurants, a lawnmower repair shop, and such.
    Just the way I like it, not over developed. I dont want to spent megamillions just to make it better for business. They all knew what they were getting into or should have beforehand or are happy the way it is.
    What do you want it to be, just like downtown but with roundabouts?
    Most cities in Calif also have spent way too much on employees to the tune we will be bankrupt in a few years and will rue spending so much money on such a worthless project. Future tax dollars don't warrent nor should they drive this overdevelopment.
    And like I said before, if you dont like it here, MOVE.

  14. Those millions of taxpayer dollars spent on repaving downtown Encinitas were wasted. The Pacific Station development has torn up the middle of the 101 and D street and patched over the streets. Looks junky and crappy. So much for streetscaping.

  15. Most people don't dislike roundabouts per se, but you have to consider the bigger picture. I don't live in Leucadia (I'm in sucky "new" Encinitas), so FWIW, one should consider the cost, inc. ongoing maintenance costs as well as whether the changes that result are the desired ones.

    This is why the comparison to BirdRock is valid. The roundabouts are popular there, though the crosswalk lights were cheap and went out quickly leading to increased danger. They're still not fixed and the local taxpayers are paying for the fix. Many drivers are pretty clueless about how to use them, which is true on Leucadia Blvd., too, but a lot more traffic on 101.

    I think anti-roundabout people fear the slippery-slide: property values along that section of 101 will skyrocket. Developers will tear down the buildings and put in shops and condos. They'll start independent stores and 2-story buldings, right? Evenutally, the chains will move in and the developers will seek height variances. (3-stories just approved against community wishes in Birdrock.)

    I'm not saying this will happen. But it's a legitimate fear. It's what happened in Birdrock. And I like Birdrock. But in Leucadia?

  16. Anon 9:26am, what plan are you looking at? JP addresses speeding, bike lanes, sidewalks and parking. Look again.

  17. Tonight Plan Option 4 was really good. They addressed the safety issues which will bring cars speeds down to 25 to 30mph, are making it safe for cars, pedestrians, and Bikes, And they Are Saving all the big trees and 92% of the existing trees.

    Job well done. Great job Leucadia for formulating a plan I can really support. I am glad Rick Smith helped get all the people there tonight. The more comments the better the plan.

    And I am glad they were incorporating native trees into the Leucadia section so Bob could settle down in his britches a bit. I do love Monterey cypress, Torrey pines and CA oaks so it’s all good with me.

    In the end, it’s a plan by the people for the people. Great Job Everyone involved.

  18. J.P., your plan would most likely find approval of the Encinitas Chamber Board and an endorsement; it addresses traffic problems and keeps Leucadia funky.

    Good thinking and good work.

    67% of the folks tonight at city hall were new to this process. When they tell their neighbors about the Plan 4 they saw tonight, the City will have to hold the next workshop at the Senior Center.

    Once again, Hwy 101 is the concern of the Chamber, not aesthetics. It is a commercial route.

    Jeff Blaine put it best. "You're going to ruin the coastal drive from Oceanside to La Jolla? Why?"

    Oh, by the way, the plan DID show many private businesses WOULD be encroached upon by Plan 4 and by tomorrow night, all the business owners whose businesses that are set to be 'encroached' will part of the solution.

    Sleep tight everybody. It was great to see old friends tonight!


  19. The presenters did a great job tonight at the Streetscape workshop. They have incorporated almost everything that has been proposed, and never lost their temper when "you know who" tried to disrupt the meeting multiple times.

    Great turnout, great process. We are on our way to improve this town, and it is going to be great!

  20. I'm confused. I couldn't attend the workshop, but want all the trees maintained and minimal disruption of the old highway What do I vote for?

  21. Well, I was at the meeting last night and dont think any of these plans will ever get off the drawing board. I wonder how much the city has spent on consultants and studies so far? How much staff time? Do we really need staff if so much is spent on outside consultants? Maybe time to cut some dead wood and get ready for lean times. Dont forget sometime in the future we will have a pension underfunding problem just like San Diego. Those at the city spend money like the good times will go on forever. We need to show some fiscal restraint here.

  22. City Staff cannot do the work that the consultants are doing. They are professionals and this is not easy! This project is going to take many years to actually roll out - a good plan upfront is crital to have the best, most cost effective result.

    I am thrilled the City is willing to spend some of its (our) money in Leucadia.

    Yes, we need to spend all tax money wisely, but until we stop spending money altogether, I want Leucadia to get its share.

  23. JP, did you make it to the workshop last night? What did YOU think?

  24. Wow- Sorry JP- I see Mike Andreen supports your plan. That shows who bad it really is. That little guy can barely figure out how to wipe his ass more or else figure out what’s good for a community. He was in support of the new track homes just approved on Saxony.

    Mike Andreen is a negative freak. If the Chamber was smart and wanted to improve its standing in the community and gain respect it would separate itself from Mike.

    Sorry JP- Sometimes the truth hurts. Did you go to the meeting? What do you think of Alternative 4 and saving all the big trees?

  25. It’s pretty simple,

    The Encinitas Chamber is a vocal advocate and cheerleader for David Meyer and density bonus projects that ruin our local neighborhoods in Leucadia and elsewhere.. Each project slowly eroding the quality of our city by packing in way to many people and way to much affordable housing (11 out of 70 units subsidized by taxpayers in a residential area zoned for 45 homes.) It is not pro commerce to degrade our neighborhoods into cracker jack boxes that game the density bonus law at the expense of the neighborhood.

    The Chamber also wants to keep our Leucadia a “drive thru” corridor so as not to impede commerce in downtown Encinitas.

    Andreen writes “Leucadia tree canopy at risk” “As many as 84 eucalyptus in the historic canopy are designated for removal/restoration.”

    Further he writes that Charlie Marvin supports the eminent domain and closure of Leucadia Glass for a roundabout.

    This ongoing narrative of deception and utter falsehoods as above, is designed to stoke fear is not helpful to finding out the best solutions for the community.

    Leucadia Glass and El Portal have no private property taking issues. Charlie Marvin does not support Eminent Domain, nobody does, and it is simply a red herring that Mike knows will get folks fearful.

    At last nights meeting 92.5% of the existing trees remain, and 1000 new trees are planned for the restoration of the tree canopy along the 2.4 miles. Only one tree, ONE TREE, that has a trunk diameter of ten inches or more would need to be removed if we wanted to keep an existing turn lane.

    That is called preserving the existing canopy and restoring the canopy that has been lost the past 50 years or so.

    Bravo Peltz and the project team for accomplishing this goal!

    Leucadia businesses need more parking, more access to their shops and a design speed of 30mph, Just like downtown Encinitas, so that they too can prosper, and have the district enjoyed by it’s residents and visitors alike, as opposed to being a barren, marginal, dust blown "drive thru" district on the way to downtown.

    …and get rid of the quacky back in diagonal parking, replace with diagonal parking like in downtown Encinitas.

    More parking
    Better access
    30mph speed limit.

  26. If only Ron Paul lived in Leucadia! LOL. If the invisible hand gave me a spray can, I'd paint pencils!

  27. JP, I liked your plan.

    I wish you would delete some of the hateful comments on this post and the next one that unfairly and falsely signal out certain targets to attack again and again!

    Not cool!

  28. I've lived in Leucadia for over 17 years. I grew up here and attended PREschool, Elementary school and High School here. Please do not use roundabouts. Try Speed bumps, lowering the speed limit and enforcing it or anything else but roundabouts. Roundabouts are ugly and do not match the aesthetics of Leucadia. Roundabouts will only contribute to traffic during the summer.

  29. I just want to thank the city for these wonderful roundabouts. To get to Leucadia Blvd out of my neighborhood I now 3 options. 1) go up to Glaucus and make blind left onto Vulcan (there is an overgrown hedgerow all the way to the corner) 2. Enter at the circle and risk my life as some idiot on the main drag decides yielding is only required for the side streets 3. Go up Glaucus and then turn from Hygeia at a four vs two lane stop sign.

    I have a lot of experience navigating circles and roundabouts having previously lived in state that used to be full of them. Then in an effort to improve road safety more than 10 years ago they started eliminating the small ones and added lights at the large multi lane hazards.

    If the elected fools who gave us these boondoggles were required to make one full circumnavigation around these hazards daily, with loved family members in the passenger seat, they would be gone faster than the trees in Orpheus park. Then they would understand how handily the yield signs on Leucadia Blvd are ignored by the dominating flow...


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