Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Questions for the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce re: Leucadia Streetscape

There is a lot of confusion and rumors circulating around town about what is the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce's official position on the Leucadia Streetscape project. Maybe we can use this blog to clear some things up.

Burning Questions:

Is the ECC for or against a Streetscape Project in Leucadia?

Is the ECC against certain aspects and details of the ever evolving Leucadia Streetscape or are they against the entire project?

If the ECC is against any kind of Streetscape or infrastructure improvements in Leucadia then why?

Won't the Leucadia Streetscape increase commerce in Leucadia?

Isn't Leucadia part of Encinitas?

Is it logical for a Chamber of Commerce to be against a project that will increase commerce?

Does the ECC consider the current infrastructure in Leucadia to be sustainable, especially in this economy?

Does the ECC support traffic calming on Leucadia's Hwy101?

If the ECC does not support traffic calming in Leucadia is it because it will delay commuters 2 or 3 minutes from reaching Downtown Encinitas?

Is it true the ECC is afraid that a Leucadia Streetscape will draw shoppers away from Downtown Encinitas even though that is a totally absurd notion?


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ECC Board of Directors


  1. Politically, I don't know what is going on, but whoever or whatever supports five roundabouts are just wrong. Drive La JOlla before supporting roundabouts. I was just at a party at Windnsea this weekend and nothing but negative opinions about Birdrock and its roundabouts from long time natives. Plastic, congested, commercial, etc. were the complaints. Also, the traffic avoiding the roundabouts is using residential side streets. Not up to speed on what is going on here, but just a word to the wise.

  2. Interesting that the photo with this blog is of the straight improved downtown Encinitas 101 and old cars. Wouldn't look quite the same with roundabouts now, would it.

  3. Leucadian COC memberNovember 25, 2008 9:59 PM

    Last two posts 9:20 and 9:25 (one in the same)-

    First off- JP great questions. Great Blogg. The ol’ ECC has some splainin’ to do....

    The babble about roundabouts not being effective in Birdrock was likely the talk from Herion head in the Bird rock bandit crowd.

    My friends who live, surf and are raising their kids in birdrock love the new streetscape. They regularly walk with their family to the local stores and restaurants for all their weekend needs. Plus they tell me they meet tons of people visiting the shops that say they just love the area and are respectful to the locals for sharing their little paradise.

    Some if the posts on this blog about roundabouts not working are absurd.... most of us drive and go through a few roundabouts a day.

    In fact over 30,000 people go through roundabouts per day in Encinitas. In fact over 80,000 people a day go through roundabouts in San Diego County a day. If they didn't work so well, you would hear all hell breaking loose from the naysayers.

    Once again, people that say roundabouts are dangerous, show their ignorance on driving or their lack of motor skills.

    Answer the questions ECOC and lets see if you have anything positive to offer Commerce in Encinitas.

    I f you continue to focus on trying to kill commerce in Encinitas, I don’t see how the City could support you. In fact, you seem to me to be the ANTI-chamber of commerce.


  5. 10:12-

    I don't agree.

    Your just stupid

  6. Hey ECOC- Explain why your breaking your first cardinal rule as stated below

    We will be recognized by our effectiveness:

    As a lobbyist for business, achieving a positive business and regulatory climate.

    In delivering quality services and programs that are innovative and responsive to member needs.
    As a leader in the community and an incubator for leadership development.
    As a primary catalyst for business development.
    As a valued partner in economic development.

    Once again, you are proving to be the ANTI- Commerce Devil.

  7. Are dislike of roundabouts which may or may not work out enough reason to kill the streetscape?

  8. Are likes for roundabouts enough to carry the streetscape no matter what type of trees they plant- Non Native or Native?

  9. What's the price tag on these improvements?
    Where is the funding?
    What's the time line for and how many phases?
    Do they have to include roundabouts?
    Do you have to lose one of two northbound lanes?
    Whats up with reverse diagional parking?
    Is there bike lanes?

  10. The streetscape has been taken over by a small group of merchants and a few brainwashed walkability extremists.

    You all have lost sight of reality. Truth is there is only so much retail that an area can sustain. Over build it and you loose the ability to concentrate it in any one area. The council just voted to make downtown the walkability center of the coast, not leucadia.

    Try, and you will fail, to make north 101 a walking zone and you will cut away at downtown walking. People will not walk from Athena to Dstreet to make their two shop stops, they will say screw it I'm driving or they'll go to the mall.

    Downtown is two blocks wide with stores on both sides of the streets. Leucadia has stores only on one side of one street and that street is an arterial. An artery right to the heart of Encinitas. DOWNTOWN encinitas baby!

    Don't hate me because I am wrong. Convince me I am wrong.

  11. answers for the last questions.November 26, 2008 6:53 AM

    “What's the price tag on these improvements?”
    The plan is not complete, so it’s impossible to estimate a final pricetag for these improvements. Overall the rate of return on the investment in the infrastructure is well worth the cost. Unlike most investments today, streetscape is actually the a great investment and pays for itself in future revenues received by the City. For those not savvy in investments and business, Google” rate of return”. I have also included a definition below.
    Just like what happened in downtown Encinitas will happen in Leucadia. Following the streetscape, business and commerce went up 25% in the area. Business shops like the Encinitas chamber of commerce store front and E Street Café opened up plus many others.

    Business and commerce will increase, business revenues will increase, commercial and residential property values will increase, sales tax revenue will increase, and property tax revenue increases, and Transient Occupancy tax revenues will increase. The businesses, residents and Cities financial health will all increase. Plus it’s good for the quality of life, environment (our mother earth) and health of residents and visitors alike.
    The initial cost will be high, but the investment will more than pay for itself in financial health for the City in the long run. Not many City projects can say that. ( the new City Solar Roof is another good investment)

    “Where is the funding?” The City has been funding the project at $500,000 per year and they have about $3 mil or so saved for the first phase. Later phases will be funded as the City can afford.

    “What's the time line for and how many phases?” Not determined yet. I guess at least 4 or 5 phases and spanning 10 to 20 years.

    “Do they have to include roundabouts?”
    No. Roundabouts are not mandated. Roundabouts are planned because they slow cars without requiring traffic flow to stop, they are safer, more efficient, better for the environment, and they look much nicer that an ugly signal and most people love them. Plus they increase the surrounding property values because they improve the quality of life for the community.
    Signals are the worst. They are inefficient, ugly, and unsafe, require high energy costs, high maintenance costs, are generic, they would lower the surrounding property values and cause blight.

    “Do you have to lose one of two northbound lanes?”
    No. But there is no need for the second north bound lane and the area can be used for higher priorities like bikelanes, parking, landscaping area, and walkways. Unnecessarily wide pavement areas are bad design and promote speeding.

    “What’s up with reverse diagonal parking?”
    It’s safer for bikes and I think it’s more efficient.

    “Is there bike lanes?”
    Not now, but there should be. That stretch of coastal road has one of the highest volumes of daily bike traffic in the country. It’s criminal not to have wide bikelanes promoting safe bike travel. I think it’s a liability not to have bikelanes.

  12. the truth will set you freeNovember 26, 2008 7:17 AM

    To address some of takeAstirs comments-

    “The streetscape has been taken over by a small group of merchants and a few brainwashed walkability extremists.”

    I am sorry that apparently you have been completely misinformed. Completely the opposite is accurate.

    The Streetscape plan has been developed by the community through 3 well attended workshops including the first one that was presented over a 3 day period.

    “You all have lost sight of reality. Truth is there is only so much retail that an area can sustain.”

    True, but we are not adding any retail area; the plan would just make the existing retail area more viable.

    The current leucadia retail cooridor is surrounded by a huge affluent residential neighborhood that has expressed its desire for a successful main street and business area that they can walk to and bike too…..

    Leucadia’s success will not take anything away from downtown Encinitas or any other retail area of Encinitas. If fact, it will add to its desirability for visitors and residents alike. The Leucadia mainstreet will be a beautiful peaceful cruise down our coast line whether you’re in a car, bike or on foot. Leucadia’s Streetscape will benefit all areas of Encintias and Encintas businesses and residents alike.

    I sure wish the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce would answer the questions JP has posed.

  13. 14 years ago the drafters of the North 101 Corridor Specific Plan meet at City Hall, then on Encinitas Blvd. At the same time, the Downtown Specific drafters meet. The two groups meet to determine what the needs the two areas would have in the far future, now. Both group meet for over 18 months. The intent was for both plans to flow through the planning department and go through council approval concurrently. The Downtown Plan proceeded, the North 101 plan did not.
    The identified needs that were discussed, way back then, are needs that are identified now, by the public. Maintain and revitalize the tree canopy, solve traffic problems such as speed and safety, create a pedestrian and business friendly environment, increase parking opportunities, safe bike lanes, a walking trail along the tracks and create a economically viable community.
    Leucadia has been waiting for all these years for the implementation of these improvements.
    The current options seem to answer a good share of the improvement requirements identified now and back then.
    Roundabout are safer for drivers, bikers and pedestrians, as well as better ecologically. Traffic studies prove that more volume of cars can flow through and intersection even though at a slower speed, even if some are still uncomfortable with the newness. Bird Rock businesses hail the improvements and the tax base has increased. Is this not a good thing?
    As to why the Chamber of (anti)Commerce wished to stop the Streetscape improvements, I can't guess. We have the right, after all these years of waiting, to have the streetscape improvements as other areas of our city.
    The Chamber and their ad hoc committee of two is spreading not only misleading information, but totally false information.
    Please make sure that the facts that are influencing your opinions of the Streetscape Plans are from reliable sources.
    The city and Peltz and Associates have done a commendable job in getting public input. All the options on the table are culminated from the public will.
    Don’t let parties or groups with hidden agendas hinder the positive changes that we deserve for the future of Leucadia.

    The current options

  14. it's all about money for CoCNovember 26, 2008 7:29 AM

    Leucadians have the same right to a nice neighborhood and mainstreet as ALL communities of Encinitas!!!

    The ECoC wants to keep 101 a road way to downtown Encinitas only. So that only Downtown Merchants and property owners prosper!! Naaaeee, naaaee a pox on your houses.

    A pox on the CoC. I doubt anyone at the chamber understands that last sentence, too stupid!!

  15. I don't think anyone expects shoppers to walk both north and south Leucadia. I think the thousands of people who live on the coastal corridor deserve infrastructure like sidewalks, streetlamps, benches, crosswalks, shade from a restored tree canopy, bike lanes and a safe and beautiful environment to enjoy. The details can be hammered out I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to rebuild a rapidly decaying infrastructure and a Streetscape project MUST happen.

    Another Burning Question:

    Why is the ECC freaking out over roundabouts but they are overjoyed at the new F St stoplight for Pacific Station which will be a major choke point in Downtown Encinitas?

  16. Leucadia Resident, Downtown MerchantNovember 26, 2008 7:50 AM

    anon 6:50

    I heard the same babble 10 years ago from your ilk, when folks were saying that downtown Encinitas was no longer the real downtown, that the new downtown was the town center, just built, and how El Camino Real and the Encinitas Ranch was the new heart and soul of Encinitas.

    That the downtown was destined to be a collection of second hand dress stores, cheap eats, and thrift stores.

    I think we can all agree that the logic was flawed, just like your current logic that Leucadia will always be a doorstep to go through to downtown.

    Leucadia, Downtown Encinitas and Cardiff by the Sea are three coastal jewels in the crown of Encinitas. Each of them have unique attributes and great value to Encinitas. Each of them have their own road orientation that is is different from each other, thus requiring different solutions, and each of them have the opportunity and ability to enjoy their area as a vibrant local center of activity and a busting retail area.

    Leucadia can be just as great in a different way than downtown, just as downtown is just as great in a different way as the Encinitas Ranch and the El Camino Real corridor,

    They said that could not be done either.

    Go Leucadia, it's your time and make it work for you. It would be a travesty if no project is built and the current conditions prevail for the next 50 years.

    My take on streetscape:

    I really like the big roundabout at La Costa, it's a defining entry statement creating a sense of arrival and place for Leucadia, plus you can make an easy u turn if you need to.

    In the plan area we have three controlled intersections now and they want to go to five. I think three or perhaps one more in the north by Grandview is enough.

    Stop signs are the worst. I would prefer streetlights as they provide more parking for merchants as opposed to roundabouts, but i can live with roundabouts.

    The project team nailed it perfectly on the trees. Preserving all the large trees and 92.5% of the total trees, while adding 1000 trees in the dust bowl area and new medians.

    The lane reduction North bound will provide two lanes north bound for over a block near the intersection of Leucadia Blvd and La Costa Ave, that will more than handle the east turn movement at those two locations. The rest of the northbound stretch is similar to the road between downtown and Cardiff. One lane in each direction and no traffic problems because you can't turn into the railroad and there are not 300 cars parked that are trying to merge into the one lane.

    What the lane reduction gives us in return is a tree canopy on the east side (now impossible due to NCTD owning the ROW so we have a dust bowl on the east side) the the width do to diagonal parking and increase the parking spaces by 80. And the width to do bike lanes and wider sidewalks.

    This is a no brainer. Think about the Cardiff/downtown section of one lane, it never back ups!

    I hope the Chamber does not take the position that we need to funnel cars fast and in two lanes northbound so that they can get to Carlsbad to shop!

    I hate the back in diagonal parking, That is just crazy! Revert it to regular parking just like in downtown and keep it consistent for the drivers between the two areas.

    Love the lane width reductions to 10 ft. This will be one of the tools to slow speeds to 30mph.

    Design speed should be 30mph, just like downtown not 25mph.

    25mph is to close to the speed of residential neighborhoods and might add to the cut through traffic in neighborhoods.

    30mph in downtown keeps them on 101. 2nd st and 3rd street have no problems with cut thru traffic in downtown. Locals drive those streets and know how to navigate the back roads, that will never change.

    Trees, I like the 70/30 split favoring natives.

  17. What good has the Chamber of Commerce done for Leucadia?

  18. 7:50 and the three posters above that,

    well reasoned arguments. I prefer roundabouts, agree with the La Costa roundabout as important, I could live with traffic lights although I think that is the wrong way to go.

  19. In the last 20 years, what has the Chamber done for Leucadia and it's merchants other than neglect them.

    Oh, they're listening now, to the disgruntled voices. It's membership development by being a Chamber of the disgruntled. Same game they played with the wahlgreens that they oppossed.

  20. How do roundabouts change whether or not someone living on Neptune can walk to Just Peachy to buy groceries?

    We now have sidewalks, thank you city!

  21. Reverse diagonal parking is a great idea. It's basically the same concept as parallel parking but with less effort.

  22. If I am reverse angle parked, I would feel much more confident that I was not going to hit a bike or car while pulling out of the space than regular angle parking. Iwould be much safer on my bike,too. And I wouldn't be in danger of a car door opening as I biked by.

  23. @answers for the last questions.

    quote 1:
    "Just like what happened in downtown Encinitas will happen in Leucadia. Following the streetscape, business and commerce went up 25% in the area."

    quote 2:
    "Signals are the worst. They are inefficient, ugly, and unsafe, require high energy costs, high maintenance costs, are generic, they would lower the surrounding property values and cause blight."

    You mean like downtown's signals? Contradict much?

  24. 8:01

    They almost decided to hold the Oktoberfest in Leucadia once.

  25. 6:50

    "The council just voted to make downtown the walkability center of the coast, not leucadia." What a spin. Then all their talk about a lagoon to lagoon sidewalk for safe pedestrian friendly walkability for the past 20 years was hogwash? I don't think so.

    Hmmmm. OK I get it. You're now telling Leucadia that they are not a viable business district (having only "one side of the street") and improvements for them would hurt Downtown Encinitas? Come on! Like it or not, Leucadia's 2.3 mile 101 business district of lodging, food, art and gas are currently enormous financial elements to city of Encinitas (not to mention North Coast Hwy's Moonlight Lofts that have just sold ALL of their business portions; our future 5 star Hotel and Surfer's Point that have been approved). I think they would be hard pressed to join the Chamber, learning of this plan to extinguish the Streetscape in Leucadia! In an over-used term already, yes that's anti-commerce.
    The businesses of North 101 should be dumbfounded that the "Chamber of Commerce" thinks improving the 101 corridor will hurt another area. Politically spawned balogna and the same strategy the chamber used when they approached businesses across the street from Wahlgreens. "Join the chamber and we'll fight your competition." The Chamber must be geared wrong. Leucadia's Streetscape instead will enhance and compliment the Hwy.

    But at least finally someone reveals a motive in killing the Leucadia Streetscape. Thank you Mike at the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce and their latest recuit; Ray.

  26. The lights in downtown Encinitas are great as long as you don't need to make a left turn or get stuck behind someone trying to make a left turn.

  27. try making a right turn. those pop outs make it impossible.

  28. Politically spawned balogna...

    Great great line! I love the writing on this blog.

    Good luck Leucadia in your fight against the Chamber of balogna.

  29. Mike Andreen, Gary Tucker, you are going down!!! CoC is going DOWN!!!!

  30. I wish they were not installing a traffic light at Pacific Station. I dislike them immensely!
    In the one true downtown they did not reduce traffic lanes to one northbound. They did not install any roundabouts. They did not install any additional traffic lights or stop signs. They did not change to parallel parking. They were not trying to change a funky throughfare to a downtown. If you want to make it more business friendly maybe better sidewalks on the west side with pop outs and benches. Reduce the speed limit to 35mph. But dont change funky to super business friendly just for your greedy yuppie desires. If you think Bird Rock is so bitchen, no one is stopping you from moving.

  31. Mike
    Leucadia is not a funky throughfare to downtown.
    It is not downtown at all.
    It is Leucadia

  32. Anon 1:25- Your lost.

    I hope you get help and some assistance soon.

  33. "In the one true downtown they did not reduce traffic lanes to one northbound."

    Actually, the initial plans for the downtown streetscape WERE for reduced lanes with bike lanes. I was at those meetings (and I remember Crystal at Detour endorsing them then saying it was "good for business") Unfortunately, most people disagreed with her at the time. We were wrong. It would have made both biking and making left turns easier. Biking is still at your own risk in that area along the Hwy downtown, but the 500 block did get extra parking spaces as the bus stops were relocated to Vulcan Ave. But of course the sidewalks are awesome, the trees are great, the SIGN is monumental, the resurfaced road was great (until Pacific Station's shovels recently, but who knows, maybe it'll be fine again), and naturally the more pedestrian friendly atmosphere didn't hurt business at all. The right turns at pop-outs have never been a problem for me. But going down the alley at 7-11 is a different story with large trucks parked in both directions. Maybe they should make that a one way alley going North?

  34. 11:56

    Buses have turned at the E St. popout 30 times a day for the last 8 years. Is your vehicle over 40' long with no power steering?

  35. L101 business ownerNovember 26, 2008 3:10 PM

    As a 25 year buisness owner in Leucadia I have often wondered why such neglect on the part of the city for the L101 corridor. I have asked many council people for a time table of progress and was more often than not stonewalled. Their indifference to Leucadia was shocKing to say the least.

    I have attended all the streetscape workshops and found the 3rd to be the most informative and responsive to the public's wishes.

    I am confused as to why the Enc.Chamber of Commerce opposes the streetscape for Leucadia.

    I agree with a previous poster, that Leucadia deserves a nice H101, with all the benefits that go with it.

    Support the streetscape in Leucadia. it's time has come!!

  36. There is nothing wrong with streetscape in Leucadia, but not streetscape with roundabouts, reduced lanes, reverse diagional parking or parking on the east side of 1o1. The east side of 1o1 should not be a parking lot for west side businesses. It is a scenic drive now and has been for many years with no stinking cars parked there. Come to think of it, the southbound drive is still a very nice drive. Funky.
    And its a good thing 1o1 thru town isn't one lane in either direction.

  37. To 4:46
    We need parking. We do not need two lanes, north.
    We need safe bike lanes. We need an enhanced business district. We need safe pedistrian walkways.
    Change is not necessarily bad.
    I like the plan with reverse parking, roundabouts and one lane north.
    Consider it.

  38. I don’t agree at all with the last post at 4:56.

    The current street is a dangerous fast road unsafe for bikes and not enjoyable to walk along.

    With the streetscape, it will still be a scenic drive, but people will be able to enjoy it more because it will be more peaceful.

    The signals in downtown suck. The roundabouts on Leucadia and Sante Fe work much better and I look forward to their positive flow but traffic calming influence. I think they are fun and look great. Plus they provide more landscaping space or areas for Art.

    Don’t put in ugly generic signals, put in funky, efficient, and safe roundabouts. Its all good.

    Bring on the streetscape with roundabout and we don't have to agree with the few negative trolls.

  39. I resemble that remark.

  40. Daytrippin’ Leucadia Downtown
    First stop: Roberto’s, tacos for breakfast. Burp. Toolshed rentals, that’s sooo Leucadian. Cruisin’ the Mobile for cigs and Lotto tickets. Seabluff guard givin’ me the stink eye. Wonder what’s up there? Yuppies? Alright, Donuts! Cross the tracks to the skate park, then back to Royal Liquor for a fill up and a quick rest at Tweaker Motel [Wake me up in two hours]. Right on, the Leucadian, bummer though, no tunes. Now south to Crabby’s, has anybody ever even eaten there? Whoops, cops comin’, gotta hide behind Scotty’s. Uh oh, AA meeting’s lettin’ out, gotta detour to avoid pals. Then back down to Just Peachy’s for vegetarian food and hot yoga. Next up, sushi, giant chairs and a magic trick at Fred’s. Maybe my gov chex in at the post office.
    Yippie it’s here, I so fit in around here! Motel’s, art shops, can’t afford anya that. But I fit in just fine at Longboard Bar, and it’s open, SCORE! A Little Moore, already closed, must be gettin’ late. Great tunes at La Petite Calypso. ‘Nother cop, gotta hide in the alley, he won’t come back here. Donut Run. How come it stinks like sushi again? Who the hell eats bait anyway? Back at Apu’s Mexican Restaurant, how’s he get away with cookin’ that stuff outside? Gato? Perro? Been wonderin’ where my dog went. Karina’s, haven’t eaten there since last time I got sick. Next stop, Leucadia Roadside Park. My Home Away from Home. Darn, it’s flooded again. Can't go to 7evi's, got kicked out. Kotilla, they serve burgers? How many is that, anyway, so far? Ah, Sub Palace, now THAT’S good.
    Maybe that dog groomer’ll gimme a job.
    Nah, what am I thinkin’, me work?
    Lawnmower shop, wonder if his biz is up, now that Dan’s shut down. He's got artwork out front.
    Is that silk screener dude still in the alley?
    Hey, what up with F Street, they closed?
    Ugh, ANOTHER Mexican restaurant, but this one stinks up the whole neighborhood and highway with old old grease burnin’ away. Have they EVER changed the grease?
    Leucadia Liquor, my tank IS getting’ low.
    Headstart, man, I shoulda gone there.
    Another car lot, another Calypso’s, another Vigilucci’s, good grief!
    Last stop in Funky Town, Pannikin. Gimme a Keith Richards, yeah.

    What a long strange trip it’s been.

  41. 6:53

    only an old fart would write such rubbish.


  42. 6:53-

    I sure won’t miss the likes of you when you leave. I am actually surprised you know how to access the internet.

    I look forward to you returning to prison which will help clean up leucadia.

    I agree. You are an embracement on Leucadia. Next time you get out of the pen, consider Oceanside or Vista. You'll fit in better up there.

  43. I wondered why all the dog collars in the alley.

  44. 6:53

    I'm guessing it's Mike's fun side.

  45. Birds of a feather, flock together.

  46. Thankful the city is giving Leucadia some attention.

    It seems inconceivable that the city would leave us hanging without at least polishing our rough edges.

  47. Rough edges meaning, a designed to provide 25 to 30mph speeds, safe wide bikelanes, nice safe walkways, more parking, and tall trees.

    Yeah, those are the rough edges that need to be smoothed out.

  48. No part of the plans call for parking on the east side of 101, this is just more lies coming from Andreen and crew at the CoC.
    What is called for on the east side of 101 is TREES!!!

    CoC anti-tree!!

  49. I wold say the east side of 101 is for sure a rough edge!

  50. Is a dislike of roundabouts enough reason to kill the entire streetscape?

    I think this isn't really about Leucadia infrastructure but just another chapter in the long running drama of the Encinitas elite and their odd cult of personalities.

  51. Another CoC memberNovember 28, 2008 8:00 PM

    Being that it was Black Friday, the busiest commercial day of the year, I naturally assumed the well funded Visitor's Center that sells merchandise at the Encintas Chamber of Commerce would be open for business. I was also calling to to verify an RSVP invitation to the Chamber's Dec 3 meeting (where they will try to defeat as many aspects as they can to the Streetscape in Leucadia).

    But I was wrong. Not only was the sleek, expensive Chamber/Visitor's Center closed on Friday, they didn't even have a message machine! I suggest they get one.

    $360 a day for that outfit? The fox is guarding the hen house.

  52. follow the money!!November 28, 2008 8:41 PM

    Another CoC member- how about asking the chamber about the money!! Ask them where all the money goes. Ask them to open the books and show us the finances!! They don't want you to ask about the money. What are they hiding?? Why is the board in constant turn over?? Why do the always have a new or different treasurer?? ASK QUESTIONS!!! It's your money!!! It's your money as a taxpayer and as a member!! What are they hiding???

  53. Ask the city council what they are hiding. They gave the CofC $90,000 to move some T-shirts and coffee mugs a few blocks down the road. How can it cost $90,000 to move a few boxes? Follow the money. Ask the city council why they give the CofC $90,000 a year to be housed in an office connected to an auto repair building which was newly constructed. How much of that $90,000 goes to pay the mortgage on the building? Ask the city council. Ask Jim Bond and
    Jerome Stocks if they received campaign contributions from the owners of the building. Ask Jim Bond and Jerome Stocks why they continue to give and give.

  54. Most people don't have anything against the Chamber of Commerce. I don't.

    I do feel that both they and DEMA are overfunded by the taxpayers. Many cities have Chambers of Commerce which are NOT subsidized by the general fund.

    I also thought it was unfortunate that the Chamber moved. With the parking problems in downtown Encinitas, the Visitor Information center was more practical by Smart and Final, and more easily accessible to the freeway, there. The volunteers, whom I hear have been replaced, now, were happy with the former location.

    That being said, I agree with anonymous on November 26, 2008 1:25 PM, and the first comment on 11/25, at 9:20 p.m.

    Most people and businesses do not want five roundabouts and do not want the diagonal reverse parking, and do not want traffic reduced to only one lane going northbound.

    Most residents on Neptune and Vulcan are well aware that they would get overflow traffic if the traffic lanes were reduced and five roundabouts were put in.

    Frankly, I feel the "Chamber issue" is being brought up to "divide and conquer." If the Chamber is painted as a villain, then it distracts from the legitimate concerns of those who feel all the plans presented are problematic. When will we get the results of the surveys? The second workshop was not well attended, and less than 50 people were there who allegedly favored five roundabouts.

    From my perspective, it's a good thing that the Chamber is having meetings and polling businesses in Leucadia regarding their hopes for the streetscape, which does not have to be scrapped because the roundabouts and lane reductions turn out to be impractical and unpopular.

    I hope people will continue to sign the petitions against roundabout development at Leucadia Glass and Sub Palace.

  55. I am glad the City is spending the money to plan our streetscape properly.

    I don't agree wtih the petition being circulated - they have misinformation and why would we want to stop the City from spending money in our community?

    The truth will set us free.

  56. Last week Linda at the Leucadia Barber Shop was visited by Rick Smith. He invited her to attend the Wednesday Chamber meeting regarding the Leucadia Streetscape. But the visit was not without scare tactics. Linda was left frightened that her business would be sorely harmed by the Streetscape for 2 years during it's construction. The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce meeting is looking less like an informational "I care about Leucadia" meeting, and a lot more like orchestrated sabotage to our long needed improvements. And at who's expense? Yours.

  57. Friends of LeucadiaDecember 02, 2008 9:42 AM

    Linda, fear not, your business will be fine.

    Rick Smith's business on the other hand will NOT be fine. I will no longer do business with Leucadia Glass nor will I recommend any one do business with them either. They are the leaders of misinformation regarding the streetscape. A pox on your house and business Rick Smith!!

    You are the leader of misinformation regarding the streetscape and will suffer the cost of lost business to come, I will not forget!!

    Friends of Leucadia

  58. I like Rick Smith and I want his business to be great after the Street Scape and I believe it will be.

    I think it's very unfortunate that someone pitted Rick against the Street Scape early on through misinformation. I witnessed how this happened. At the second workshop, several photoshopped versions of El Portal St. / 101were shown in a slide show. Someone had dolled up Rick's building in the photos to make it look more like a Victorian era building with balconys, windows, etc. The speaker said something to the effect that "It could look like this if we can get the owner of the building to comply". It was only an artistic augmentation of the building's facade that was mentioned, but somehow that comment by the speaker got twisted back to Rick as "taking his propery through eminent domain for a roundabout". Who wouldn't be upset? But that's not what was said at the workshop.
    If anyone has ever tried to walk across El Portal St. at those corners you'll know that #1. It's the WIDEST street entrance/exit on North Coast Hwy 101 and well suited for a roundabout without taking property. #2. Because of it's width, it's virtually impossible to cross that street by foot and not have to dance with cars making turns. Try it sometime! If popouts make sense anywhere in Encinitas I believe it would be there. It would also enhance Rick's business. give it more visiblity and of course make it safer for everyone with the slower speeds and smaller pedestrian crossings.

  59. Friends of LeucadiaDecember 02, 2008 1:52 PM

    Fred- I agree with everything you say, BUT Rick and RAY and the others at the CoC are spreading misinformation like my grandfather spread manure at planing time.

    Live by the sword, die by the sword!!

    The streetscape will benefit EVERYONE in Leucadia even those opposed.

    As I said, I will never again do business with Leucadia glass. Rick has cut his own throat, I just wonder if he understands what he has done.

    Friends of Leucadia

  60. What exactly did Rick do to deserve such condemnation? I am trying to keep up, but must have missed something in translation. Thanks. It is a serious question BTW.

  61. Rick and Ray are spreading lies about the streetscape.

    Go to the workshops including this wednesday and learn the facts.

    Liars should not prosper!

  62. Both Rick Smith and his wife made fools of themsevles tonight at the meeting.

    Sad, so very sad!!

  63. Please

    The Streetscape plans have a lot of options to investigate. It would facilatate the problem solving if personal attacks were kept off the blog.
    I have known Rick and his wife for many years. I like them and we refer business to each other and have for many years. Rick and I served on the SPARC committee that drafted the N 101 Specific Plan, 14 years ago. He cares for his community and has shown that over many years.
    It is hurtful and inappropriate to publicly offer such unkind offerings because his views are not yours. He and his wife have the absolute right to their opinion without any personal attacks.
    Please be fare and let us work through the issues to find out what is the best for our community with more understanding and less venom.
    On behadl of the knucklehead poster
    They do not deserve those negative hurtful comments.
    On behalf of the knucklehead who offered the last opinion,
    Sorry Rick.

    I offer apologies.
    Please, let us work to solve problems and make Leucadia better, together.
    Thank you,
    Morgan Mallory

  64. Please

    The Streetscape plans have a lot of options to investigate. It would facilatate the problem solving if personal attacks were kept off the blog.
    I have known Rick and his wife for many years. I like them and we refer business to each other and have for many years. Rick and I served on the SPARC committee that drafted the N 101 Specific Plan, 14 years ago. He cares for his community and has shown that over many years.
    It is hurtful and inappropriate to publicly offer such unkind offerings because his views are not yours. He and his wife have the absolute right to their opinion without any personal attacks.
    Please be fare and let us work through the issues to find out what is the best for our community with more understanding and less venom.
    On behadl of the knucklehead poster
    They do not deserve those negative hurtful comments.
    On behalf of the knucklehead who offered the last opinion,
    Sorry Rick.

    I offer apologies.
    Please, let us work to solve problems and make Leucadia better, together.
    Thank you,
    Morgan Mallory

  65. I Agree.
    Rick and Ray are great.
    They have, though, been spreading a petition that implies that you should not want roundabouts, 1 lane north, back angle parking if don't want the majority of the trees to be cut down. (which nobody suggested). Ironicly, one lane north w/roundabouts would allow for more trees on the east side and provide more parking oppertunities. Leucadia Blvd dead ending at the tracks is mentioned as a possible result of Streetscape, in the petition, and limiting beach access.
    Some have been made to fear streetscape.
    I am sure they believe in their cause, but we should make sure of facts prior to judgement.

  66. Rick and Ray Great. Are you talking about the two grumpy guys that always stormed out of the streetscape workshops? Common, that’s BS.

    Lets try .....Rick and Ray are clueless, promoting factless fear, and can't figure out what yield means and how to drive a roundabout.

    They may believe in their cause and love Leucadia just as much.... but W Bush loves America and I don't agree with his philosophy or actions.

    Thats more like it.

  67. Well, just for the record, I didn't post 10:40 in case the Smiths or anyone else thought I had. (And just to let them know, they aren't the only ones this week who have been flamed on this Blog!! Ask me, Lynn or Jerome. Ouch.)

    There were parts of the meeting last night that were frustrating to me, (like the suggestion to move our Streetscape to 2018. UGGH!)
    I understand better now Rick's belief that he'll lose 40 percent of his parking. I didn't hear that part before. But I didn't understand Ken Roy's concern losing parking on 101 to the Streetscape (the post office, Builders Trading Co. and Leucadia Surf Shop) as he has no parking right now on 101. Fortunately, and for decades he's had the generous amount of 31 spaces on site in his parking lot (unless of course he plans on building a McMansion there. Then he'd certainly need onstreet parking cause the city now only requires up to 24 spaces for anything anyone would desire to build there - no matter how maxed out. And a big difference between now and when Rick built Leucadia Glass is that Rick did not get to count on street parking toward the parking requirements of his building. The Specific Plan is lax now and on-street parking IS counted toward developments. But that's just me going off on another tangent.)

    The concerns about North Bound I 5 vehicles traveling 1/2 mile West, meandering all the way to up to Neptune Ave as a "short cut" to Carlsbad doesn't sound realistic to me.

    But what would the frequency of possible cut through events even be?

    Bradley Allen stated at the meeting that traffic backs up from the Stop Sign at Marchetta St. to past Encinitas Blvd "AT LEAST TWO OR THREE TIMES A MONTH". I welcome him or anyone else who witnesses that to call me the next three times that happens so I can take my camera to document it. My number is 760 942-2346.
    Rick stated there is an "ACCIDENT ON THE FREEWAY (affecting 101) ABOUT EVERY OTHER DAY". I doubt that.
    Julie at the Birdhouse said traffic backs up at that Stop Sign "AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK". I'll buy that, but her business is only a quarter block from the Stop Sign.

    One point that should have been brought up at the Chamber meeting is that the (cheap) Stop Sign at Marchetta St. is the largest reason FOR the traffic backing up at all. That's a real "choke point" and something the Streetscape is designed to eliminate.

    I'm looking forward to reviewing the survey the Chamber took last night. And thanks to Gary Tucker for allowing me to participate in the meeting.

    And those are fullness of my comments on last night's meeting. For you dull people who bother to read my threads. So there, I just flamed everyone!

  68. All good points Fred.

    Replace the all way stop at Marchetta with a roundabout at Marchetta or El Portal and you solve the gridlock problem in that area.

    The other gridlock area is the Leucadia Blvd. Intersection. That intersection is going to remain a problem until you complete major improvements like undergrounding the railroad (yeah right). When the signal functions in the all way stop (red blinking light) mode, it works better. That has been proven time and time again. Each time the signal switches to all red, the gridlock decreases. Therefore, until the City gets funding for undergrounding the railroad, I feel that an all way stop would work much better. Remove the signal and put in an all way stop.

  69. 8:22

    Everyone knows constuction costs are far higher now than they were in the 1990's when Solana Beach lowered their rails. But...a hundred times more?

    That entire 2 mile project only cost $20 million dollars then (and only $2 million of that was what Solana Beach had to chip in.)

    The opportunities for things on top of our 2.3 miles of railway that the RR could sell or lease (i.e. Parks, Bike Trails, Retail, Residential) are myriad. 100 ft times 2.3 miles is a lot of linear acreage, with road access on BOTH sides. With incentives of aiding traffic circulation, air/ocean quality, and the resource of new real estate (and local revenue) there are potentially many redeeming benefits to lowering the tracks.

    It's either that or build my flying saucer engine that will eliminate trains altogether. (ooooh that'll scare em!)

    Trains are afterall a 200 year old method of transportation, Earthlings.

  70. I was at Rhino Art this afternoon and spoke with the owner Jack B. Quick. He had heard the gentleman at the Chamber meeting claim that cars frequently back up all the way from Marchetta St. to Encinitas Blvd. But Jack, who's been near southeast corner of North Coast Hwy 101 for many years says he has yet to see that happen.


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