Saturday, November 01, 2008

Roaming Hit Van

UPDATE: The Encinitas-Election08 website claims Stocks has taken money from sketchy developers. They reference the raw disclosures held on the city's website.

Voters can not confirm these claims on their own because the city has shut down the document archive.


  1. Not quite a "hit" van. A local resident rented this van with his own money, and drives it to locations to talk to Encinitans about this election and his concerns and picks. He is joined by other concerned residents. I applaud his grass-roots involvement and willingness to spend not only money but his time. I don't see anyone putting this type of energy into Stocks, Bond or Long's campaigns.

  2. Gee, I wonder why Jerome voted for the five soccer fields -- just a tiny teensy wittle-bit of special interest and pandering going on here?
    -- Jerome Stocks, the third incumbent in the race. An insurance business owner, Stocks is a member of the Encinitas Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce and past board member and coach of Cardiff Soccer ---
    this is in the NCT article about the candidates --

  3. VOTING RECOMMENDATIONS for voters who live east of Quail Gardens Drive.


    Tough town to lead in. Beirut by the Beach.

    So clean, so beautiful. So strong in its convictions.

    Who to vote for City Council?

    Three seats?

    Currently Encinitas has the 5th best credit rating in the State, a new panoramic library second to none, a thriving downtown; a modern Sheriff's substation; Moonlight Beach...a 20% cash reserve savings-account AND has not taken a hit in the City investments; (Thanks, Lembeck) their opponents may fume, but James Bond and Jerome Stocks have shaped a 21rst century City that outshines any other beach city this side of Santa Cruz, hands-down; without argument. The reason the City is in such good shape is because of Bond and Stocks banking every possible penny when possible, and stringently following an infrastructure repair plan. The streets are clean, the ocean clean from our pollution and downtown and el camino real retailers continue chiming in sales-tax growth that funds our revitalizing campaign for infrastructure and keeps our taxes low.

    Maggie Houlihan has had 96 violations with the State of California Fair Political Practices Committee that have gone unanswered for nearly three years. Recently it became 97 counts with the open-secret revelation about an envelope of unreported cash money secreted from Hondo, Japan our Sister City, a faraway place where Houlihan is already responsible for having created several legendary personal social gaffes.

    Taking money/meals and gifts without legally recording it; anybody see a pattern develop? It is eight years long.

    And let us face it; the embarrassing truth is that she is embarrassing. Decidedly so. It is impolite to say so, we know.

    As Logan Jenkins said, ”What is it she does to these poor men that sets them emotionally on fire?

    The answer is simple; Houlihan flagrantly flouts the laws and regulations and social mores then she gets away with it. She gets away with it; over and over and over and over.
    And she does it because she apparently doesn’t recognize the laws, regulations and social customs of the people she represents. And when someone attempts to make her take responsibility for her actions.

    They fail.

    She gets away with it.

    Every time.

    No matter what charges are brought to light about her gauche behavior, Houlihan’s perennial victim-hood defense is the same. Successful. So, you law-abiding citizens out there, might as well stop trying.


    Now, onto recommending whom we believe should get your third vote for Encinitas City Council after Bond and Stocks.

    Bob Nanninga has proven himself to be the true Environmentalist, a relentless advocate, a creative thinker who would most likely bring much-needed humor and spice to replace the stridency currently up on the council Wednesday after Wednesday.

    Bond and Stocks deserve re-election and Nanninga election. Unlike Houlihan, Nanninga has proven he can work with all of the incumbents and perhaps be a bridge to Councilwoman Barth; but let’s not hope for too much! Barth repeatedly tried to force Bob out of the race this summer so her hand-picked candidate, Collier, would have an easier path to reelection. Guess the transparency rubbed off. Hence, the confession.

    Of the other possible third votes for City Council; Harriet Seldin showed smarts and has State and County connections for fundraising for the City; if you must vote by gender, Harriet's skill-set and humor deems her up to it and more!

    Anthony Brandenburg never took the time to learn or speak to the current issues, as garrulous and learned and accomplished as he is, maybe next election cycle when he gets his bearings.

    Joe Sheffo’s admirable skills in the public venue are only outweighed by a near complete lack of experience. If you need Batman, do you settle for Robin? No. Next.

    Rachelle Collier's press-misleading meltdown in the past few days, knowingly misleading smart reporters in the dailies about the needle exchange phone calls that rang throughout the City last weekend, to give Houlihan an excuse for a public-forum to place improper blame for calls against political opponents that were finally and regretfully admitted to be accurate by Collier. Lying essentially pulls the plug on Rachelle, who is not as brash as Houlihan and admirably admitted her missteps. But, actions have consequences

    P.S. to New Encinitas:
    Look for a flyer tomorrow morning to be under your Sunday newspaper, left there by the candidate’s that would be very real threats to private-property rights.

  4. To the 3rd post - I wonder who wrote it. Jerome, Mike Andreen, Steve Aceti or Mr. Eilers. I can tell that none of them went to the open to the public Sandag meeting held this last week where it was stated and there were displays showing the El Camino Real Corridor as a suggested area for mixed use and that it would be mid range mixed use - that means 4 to 7 stories high. I live west of the freeway - I will never have to go into that area but all of those who live in New Encinitas should be aware of what Jerome Stocks has planned for you. Remember he sits on Sandag and has the endorcement of the Building Trades Assoc.

  5. VOTING RECOMMENDATIONS for residents who live east of Quail Drive:

    As to the financial state of the city, us residents and voters are knee deep in debt and sinking rapidly. The so-called great library is a poorly designed building with the view of the ocean, which is the same view that was there before the 20+ million dollars was spent in construction.

    It is the same 20+ million dollars that was sold as bonds and debt for the taxpayers and property owners to build the poorly designed library. More debt from Jerome Stocks and James Bond.

    The debt on the city hall, 9 million dollars or more, is still being paid by residents and property owners.

    The Hall property was financed with more, more debt and bonds of 23 million dollars. The taxpayers and property owners will be paying another 30 years on that bill.

    And how did Bond and Stocks "balance" the budget? After the defeat of the shady, illegal water tax, the council put a "use charge" on every fund in city government. That "use charge" called the internal cost allocation generates almost 2 million dollars of "income" that is put into the general fund.

    Equate the internal cost allocation to a family that has a budget for food, clothing, gas, housing, etc., with a checking account that is always overdrawn. The check writer of the family decides to put an "internal cost allocation" on each fund, food, clothing, etc. in the form of 1% of the total amount for each fund. That 1% tax charge will go back into the checking account and won't be used for the necessities. However, the checking account will look a lot fatter with more money in it and the cash flow will look better.

    In the city's case, all the city accounts are charged the internal cost allocation. For those accounts that receive revenue, money, from other sources, such as the fee on lighting and landscape, the water district and the sewer districts, this additional charge is new money in the general fund coffers. Stocks and Bond didn't let you the taxpayers and property owners to vote on the new charges.

    Shame on James Bond, Jerome Stocks.

  6. Wrong again, O Smearmeister. You ar putting spin on this whole issue, and I guess you subscribe to the advice of the Nazi propagandist Joesph Goebbels: if you repeat something often enough, the people will believe it.

    To be endorsed by the Dems, Collier filled out a form that asked questions about social issues. These forms do not fall under the category of public information. Someone illegally got that information and issued a robocall that violated Federal law but not stating who paid for it.

    Collier had a press conference and stated, truthfully, that she had never talked about lifting a needle exchange ban because for one thing, she actually never has talked about it, until now, and most importantly, it is not a local issue, it is a State issue. She also never had a "meltdown" she was poised and sincere.

    When one of her team suggested this needle exchange question may have appeared on her Dem endorsement questionnaire, she looked it up and realized she had misspoken, and to her credit, alerted several reporters to correct her statements.

    This was very brave of her to do and shows her integrity and honesty. (As I recall Jerome Stocks received double donations, to the tune of $9,000 in the last election and only paid them back when someone blew the whistle on him.)

    The person(s) who illegally read the form in the Democratic office and illegally used the robocall are the ones who have broken the law and have behaved unethically, not Rachelle Collier.

    Rachelle Collier made a minor mistake and now it's being treated like the Watergate break in. Gimme a break!!!

    The person who keeps posting rants against Houlihan and now Collier keeps saying the same things and we all know what happened last time the cabal conducted this campaign of harrassment, and guess what? Maggie won with more votes than anyone has ever recieved in this town.

    Another thing, Collier is so above board and squeaky clean, that this is all you had to work with, and you had to use underhanded methods to do it. Pathetic! Oh and by the by, the main Democratic office in SD is investigating this robocall right now.

    Go Clown Go!!

  7. Vote for three:

    Ignorant Banner
    Loud Gong
    Hardiest Loner
    A Huge Oiling Ham
    Sand Job Me
    Fee of Josh
    Jock Somerset
    Ice Holler Caller
    Nubby Trend Organ

    Your Encinitas Anagram Candidates.

    (I have lots of time on my hands because Obama is going to give me your money!)

  8. As citizens, we just paid $250.00 for our own PARKS AND REC DEPT. to appeal a planning Commission decision. Does this seem fiscally prudent? Not to me. Vote out the incumbants, except Maggie who said NO on this debacle. Now they have shut down the campaign disclosure website. Do any attorneys out there know if there is a legal reason to do this? If not, it seems awfully "coincindental" (not)!

  9. no bailout coming for usNovember 01, 2008 3:42 PM

    Well, if the City shut it down, it is up again, I just looked at Stocks, the latest filed 10/23 -- there is a direct link on the front web page. Looks to me like plenty of non-Encinitans are donating to him, and he spent about $6,000 on those fake party endoresements. The Vote East of Quail denizen is obviously a kool-aid drinker who thinks that credit ratings mean anything these days, and that having not enough money in the bank to pay all your loans should they be called in, is good fiscal planning. Time to vote out the fiscal fruitcakes!

  10. You can access the docs now.

  11. anonymous comments suck

  12. Harry or Henry must like the smell of skunk when he reads Bond, Stocks, and Long's campaign statements. The Accretive Group is a multiple contributor under different names to Doug Long's political money pot. Go through Stocks and Bonds developer contributors. Nothing can get rid of that smell.

  13. Accretive Capital donated $1,500 to both Long and Stocks in $250 chunks from each of the partners and some of their wives (Randy Goodson, Simon Malk, Brian Malk, Peter Zarcades). Accretive Capital is the same development group that got caught giving $25,000 to Supervisor Bill Horn just before his last reelection and just before he proposed doubling Valley Center's planned population. Logan Jenkins broke the story and fortunately Horn retreated after a heated Supervisor's meeting. Before the Horn proposed the increase and new road into Valley Center, Accretive was secretly buying land along the soon-to-be-proposed new road. These are the same guys courting Stocks and Long because they have proposed an high-density project for Olivenhain near the 7-11.

  14. Chamber and Visitors center CEO donated to Bob's campaign.

    Gusess that explains Bob's poster in the windows of the visitors center.

    Our tax dollers hard at work..explaining Bob's virtue to our visitors.

    Bob and Mike with Gary in the middle.

    The dream team.

  15. Fiscal conservativeNovember 02, 2008 9:24 AM

    Anonymous at 12:54 pm on November 01,2008 has it exactly right. I can't fault any statements made. I would only add that the $43 million of bonds passed in the last seven years under Stocks and Bond will cost $85 million to pay off.

    I would also add that these Lease Revenue Bonds were not voted on by the public and did not include a tax increase to pay for them. The money is to come from the General Fund. This is difficult under falling or flat city revenues, exactly the situation we are in how.

    When the bonds were passed, they included COPs. These are Certificates of Participation, which make the participants partners in repaying the bonds. Who are the participants? Well, the San Dieguito Water District, the Cardiff and Encinitas Sanitation Districts, along with the Fire Department.

    This explains the "internal cost allocation." All of the debt has to be paid somehow. It's all financial sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors. If we get a majority change on the council, it will be imperative to do a completely independent, outside, forensic financial audit to untangle the mess.

  16. The last poster is right. The reason some of us post Anonymously is just because of that last post. If we told you who we were, it would not be so pleasant for us. Can't you take a gift when you see one? We have given you many. Dr. Lorri knows a lot as well. I know for sure she posts anonymously, when something is truly controversial. Glenn, our City attorney, has already threatened her in the past. I know she has posted that if anyone knows Anything about him let her know. I also know that if you reelect anyone on the Council, except perhaps Maggie, watch out. They love to f--- with us. You can take that to the bank. That goes for Phil Cotton, ALL of the Dept. heads, (Jay Lembach is not a Dept. head, it is Jennifer who was Glenn's girlfriend, as well as Kerrys, and who recently took 3 months off for "medical reasons". With the exception of Kerry Kusiak, most of the Staff are pretty cool. We fight for our jobs and wages, is that so wrong? If you knew what we had to contend with, perhaps you would not be so quick to judge. It was Chris Hazeltine, Parks and Rec. Head, that appealed the Planning Commission. Did all Parks and Rec. staff want that? NO! Did they have a say? NO. They wanted the Parks and Rec. Commission to handle it, however, Christy Guerin didn't set it up that way. She, Jerome and Jim put the keebosh on that one. Doug Long knows the whole story, however, don't expect him to kiss and tell. He wants that Council seat really bad. How many people do you know sit year after year, every Weds. going to Council meetings and not say a word? He is PROUD of it! That is sad. Sorry to be so long winded. AND I am NOT Lyn. B. So, remember when a gift is given, just say thank you, and then throw the bums out.

  17. Sabine needs to go. He is the City Attorney and gets paid for that. He is supposed to advise the City on how to follow the law and not get sued. He has failed miserably, on purpose, because disputes that could have been settled out of court are forced into court, and who makes money off of that, Sabine who sends the work to his law firm, Morrison & Sabine. So his firm bills, bills, bills then finally agrees to settle the dispute -- all on our dime. Sabine should not be allowed to send work to his own firm -- that is a conflict of interest.

  18. The San Dieguito Water District was forced to pay more than $3 million for the privilege of moving into the new Public Works yard. This turnkey building ended up costing more than $4 million more than the appraised $8.5 million. That's $7 million wasted right there.

    To add insult to injury SDWD wasn't allowed to take its furnishings, such as desks, when it recently moved into the infamous building. Instead the water district employees were forced to pick from a pile of castoff furniture. It looks like Stocks and Bonds have more plans to screw the SDWD ratepayers. Let's get rid of them for once and all.

  19. I'll say it one more time because it's really important to our future...separate the council and the water district. You just read how the Council uses the water district to finance their projects. Sure, we got money in the bank, money they borrowed on the backs of the water district.

    We must insist this separation occur, or they will continue to be poor stewards on behalf of the ratepayers. No one is looking out for us. Sorry, but I too must post anonymously.

  20. One can post anonymously with a pseudonym plus requiring a legitimate (though unpublished) email address. Though one can easily defeat these minor rules if one wants to remain totally anonymous, it provides a "thread", discourages hit and run comments, and sock-puppetry.

  21. As stated many times on this blog, we all know that the Leucadia Blog hates the city employees and their "huge" pensions.

    Please don't lower yourself and post as a city employee when they know you hate them...

    It's pathic!

  22. I love being a pathetic person. It suits me. Boo hoo. I would rather have a job, and provide "inside information." It soothes my soul and I can still pay my bills. Not a bad gig. Besideds all of the posters on this site do not hate the emploees. They hate the union. Some of the bloggers even know me.

  23. Saw the drive-by hit van today at Trader Joes. (Unlike promises of Harry aka Henry Eihler) I would wager that Collier and Houlihan (whom I trust and am voting for) had nothing to do with the signage. You'll have to connect the rest of the dots. Can you spell coat tails?

  24. I am with 9:59, I don't hate the City Employees. I think most are good. I don't like the unions, Jerome Stocks who is owned by the unions, and the City Manager.... for all selling out or City for unsustainable pensions that will sink our City and consume funds that should be used for City Priorities.

    By tapping all of our money for long term liabilities including huge pensions and free healthcare forever, the City has no money for needed projects to better our community.

    Cut the fat and take back our City.

    Cut Jerome Stocks the union lapdog.

    I think the Republican Party should throw him out. He is the furthest person from following the republican platform which calls for fiscal conservatism and integrity.

  25. "the republican platform which calls for fiscal conservatism and integrity."

    bwaahaaa haaaa. that was funny.

  26. I'm with 9:54, now THAT's entertainment! (especially with JP's dollar tally clicking off 3 grand a minute for this friggin war.)

  27. Did I say minute? I meant second.


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