Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scripps Expansion Drama

From the inbox over the weekend:


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We hope you have had an opportunity to look at the Scripp's Hospital Draft Environmental Impact Report that can be found on the City of Encinitas'website

The Scripp's Master Plan proposes a 162% increase to the hospital's current size. Building heights will range from 45' – 59' and include a helipad. An expansion of this size will bring many significant impacts to our community. The E.I.R., however, states that these impacts can be mitigated. We do not believe that many of them can be. The infrastructure was never meant to handle this quantity of traffic. With the traffic that will be generated by the Hall Property Park and Scripps Hospital we can expect to have a substantial increase in cut-through traffic on our residential streets.

When Santa Fe is unable to handle the number of cars that will be trying to access these two locations, drivers will take short cuts through our neighborhoods. The bulk and mass of this project will forever change the character of our community.

The E.I.R. includes some pictures of the proposed buildings, inserted using PhotoShop, into the existing campus, so you can get an idea of what this expansion will look like. Please look at them and see for yourself how massive this proposed project could be. Missing from the photographs are the manned toll booths/gates and traffic that will be a lasting part of this project and our community.

We need to address the negative impacts this plan will create in our community. We need to let Scripps and our City representatives know what concerns we have. An endeavor of this size, against an entity the size of Scripp's Health, will require large community interest and involvement. We need your help. Please plan on attending these important meetings. Get involved. Together we can make a difference!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, 2008, 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
The Neighbors of Scripps Encinitas (N.O.S.E.) will be hosting an informational meeting at the San Diego County Credit Union (501 N. El Camino Real, Encinitas) . We hope to simplify the information contained in the E.I.R. and give specific speaking and writing points that must be made regarding the issues that will negatively affect our community. There is a 45-day review period which began on October 24, 2008 and ends at 6:00 p.m. on December 8th, 2008. All written comments must be submitted by this deadline to be included in the Final E.I.R.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2008 7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m and 3:30 p.m. to 5:00
p.m.. March in front of Scripps Hospital and Press Conference by

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 20th, 2008 6:00 p.m.
A Planning Commission Meeting at City Hall at 6:00 p.m. will be held to allow the public an opportunity to provide verbal comments on the Draft E.I.R. We must have a large turn-out for this meeting and future meetings to show Scripp's and the Planning Commission the valid concerns we have regarding this project.

Final day to submit comments regarding the Draft E.I.R. to:
Mr. Scott Vurbeff
Environmental Coordinator
City of Encinitas
505 S. Vulcan Avenue
Encinitas, CA 92024

Please contact us if you have any questions or can help with time or monetary donations.

Thank you.
Neighbors of Scripps Encinitas


  1. Good luck, it wont be easy.November 17, 2008 7:00 AM

    Good Luck. Did you see how fast the last development issue was approved. The same will happen with this one. Next time for change will be in two years, if you can get Dalager removed which may not be an easy chore.

  2. When Council rejected the Planning Commission's recomdations to reduce the sports fields by two at Hall Sports Park it did not consider any mitigation concerning the major impact on traffic caused by these developments.
    Not good leadership from the council boys

  3. fucking cry babies

  4. This sounds like the same group (Scale Back the Park) of people that tried to divide our city on building a wonderful park.

    You don't care about the community, you just care of your individual property values.


  5. They are out there protesting the hospital this morning! DON'T get sick you fucking cry babies!!! Oh that's right BHO is going to save us all with mandatory health care!! We won't need any hospitals!!! What bunch a funking dumbshit cry babies!!!

  6. Wow, some very hateful people out there. What goes around comes around.

    Have you haters even read the hospital's report?

    They have no way to mitigate the traffic impact. They will be asking for all sorts of variances against the general plan.

    Would any of you want your next door neighbors to get variances to double height, bulk, and mass, and increase traffic to the point where mitigation is not possible??

  7. Regarding the photo in the post is that what they are proposing, or is supposed to instill fear, before any facts are out?

    Disclosure - I don't live around Santa Fe Avenue (I live in Leucadia), but I do like to have good hospitals in the area/City.

    Hopefully, there will be a way through this process where those of us who like to have Hospitals and health care in the community and the local residents can have what they want as well.

    Let's not use fear mongering and misinformation in this battle like has been used in the Leucadia Streetscape project.

  8. There is no hate here, just he truth. These whiners are the same people that will be complaining when they need to be seem at the hospital and then have to wait 8 hours to see the doctor.
    Scripps Enicintas, sees pts from RSF, SB, ENC, DM, Carlsbad, they are the first stop for trauma cases in this area also. If you don't want a first class hospital facility, then just come out and say so.

    I have NO respect for cry babies, less for fucking crybabies.

  9. We want Scripps to build its own driveway and not use our residential streets as access -- Scripps admits it can be done, but REFUSES TO DO IT! I am so sick of the whiners/haters that dismiss legitimate concerns with a NIMBY slur -- why can't you discuss the issues reasonably and logically instead of making personal attacks. We are up against the troika of Bond, Stocks and Dalager who rubber stamp anything that results in increased traffic regardless if it complies with the General Plan. The Planning Commission has been overruled three times in a row now by these three. What can you do -- get involved instead of whining, read the EIR instead of watching TV, act like a citizen and show up and make your voice heard. This project is much larger and has much more impact than just on the surrounding neighborhood.

  10. I can see it now, the next campaign slogans will be "SCALE BACK THE HOSPITAL AND BUILD THE HOSPITAL"

    Unfortunately, I believe the BUILD THE HOSPITAL slogan "sounds" better.

  11. I have no respect for people who can't formulate an idea without using profanity. What a dreary world they must live in where everyone is an a-hole, or a f**k head -- yuck.

  12. We need to replace both of the incumbants (Barth and Dalager) and get new blood. Lets find new representatives!

  13. Scripps is not building the ER first - for which there is "dire" need, but a Medical Office BUilding that will have ocean views and generate 80% of the increase in traffic. This is pure commercialism at the expense of the taxpayers who subsidize public zoned property. Build the hospital not the MOB!

  14. As someone who has live in Leucadia for over 10 years - I would say that Cardiff needs to become it's own city or get over it!

  15. The hospital is in Old Encinitas, not Cardiff.

    Encinitas will never let Cardiff go. There's too much property tax revenue in Cardiff that they need for their elaborate plans.

  16. 10:27 - I bet you have not read the EIR. Read it, then tell us about truth.

    Also, trashy language = trashy person.

  17. To Leucadia and any other area in Encinitas that has an elevation above sea level.
    The hospital wants a helipad. If you think that because you don't live in the vicinity of the hospital that the mega expansion won't bother you, think again.

    Helicopters aren't regulated by the FAA and can fly one foot from your roof because there are no rules for helicopters. That information is from the FAA. If the pad is approved, there will be no way to regulate where the helicopters fly or how low they can fly.

    If you are unhappy with the train whistle, steady yourself for your house shaking around you with helicopters flying overhead.

    There is no need for a helipad on this hospital.

    Stop the helipad. Tell Scripps, the Planning Commission, and the Council - NO HELIPAD. Remove the helipad from the EIR.

    Do you want to be stuck in Santa Fe traffic while you wait to get to the Scripps hospital?

    Mitigate the traffic problems. Help the neighbors of Scripps. Traffic is everyone's concern on the ground and in the air.

  18. I wouldn't be so concerned about the heli-pad as much as the drug and alcohol rehab center they want to build and house. Junkies and alkies walking near your homes all day, helicopters once a week. No comparison at all.

  19. Druggies and alcholics must live somewhere close. Don't be surprised if rental homes in New Encinitas become the housing of choice for the organizations that provide that service.

  20. No one is against the hospital, just asking for the basic protections to keep the adjacent residential neighborhood and all who travel to this facility safe.

    Read the EIR on the City's website and attend the PC meeting this Thursday Nov 20th at 6pm to see for yourself what is planned:

    A 68,000 sq. ft. medical office building 56 ft. tall
    A 14 ft. high 2,500 sq. ft. service yard.
    A 78,000 sq. ft. critical care building, 66 FEET tall with a helipad and mechanical penthouse on its rooftop
    A 92,000 sq. ft. acute care building - 59 feet tall
    A central energy plant
    A 48.5 foot tall parking garage with rooftop parking
    Toll booths with pay to park requirement
    And finally an 11,000 sq. ft. expansion of the main hospital to increase the size of the Emergency Dept. from 12 to 27 beds.

    We question why, if Scripps says there is a "dire need" for the ER expansion is this portion of the expansion listed as Phase 4 or Phase 5 in the Phasing Options of the EIR??

    The square footage will increase 162% from 333,380 sq. ft. to 874,692 sq. ft.

    The recently completed parking lot at Santa Fe (roundabout) will be the future home of the 59 & 66 foot tall buildings.

    You will left wondering if you have left Encinitas as you drive down Santa Fe!

  21. Scripps should be a good neighbor and build the internal road and a 6' wall along the entire length of their property on Devonshire to keep patients, employees and visitors out of the adjacent neighborhood.

    Would you pay $3.00 to park when you can park for free and walk right in?

  22. Read the North County Times Article from November 15, 2008 regarding the purchase by Scripps of the Sharp Mission Park Medical Group. It's now called Scripps Coastal. The article explains how the patients of that group will now be directed to Scripps Encinitas and not Tri-City in Oceanside. Is this a community hospital? Do we really want to provide a hospital and take all the traffic it will bring for patients from Oceanside, Vista and Carlsbad? Even the blog at the end of the NC Times article is clear these people would rather continue going to Tri-City. Stay in your immediate neighborhood for your medical care.

  23. I was with Sharp Mission Park Medical and am now supposed to come to Scripps Encinitas all the way from Vista!!! I don't want to, but I have no choice. I tried to call and get an appt. in Encinitas for a routine procedure and they are so busy they can't see me for 2 months. I can get right in at Tri-City!!! Scripps Encinitas is taking on more then they can handle, even with an expansion.

  24. I've parked in the residential neighborhood when I have been to Scripps!! It's much easier than driving around that small, poorly planned parking lot they have!! Build the parking garage and make the ER bigger, but put the rest of it somewhere else!

    Don't ruin the Encinitas Highlands area!

    Why can't we protect the things we all love about Encinitas? Why do we always have to build everything here and then invite all of the traffic?

  25. Attend the PC meeting on Thursday, November 20th before it's too late.

    6:00 pm!!

  26. Why is Scripps not building a wall around the whole place? It's the right thing to do.


  27. I don't live in Cardiff, but I support the neighbors' concerns about the expansion for Medical offices. The neighbors will be impacted by parking and by traffic.

    Do we really need an expansion in these times of economic insecurity? Will our population be increasing, now?

    I also am tired of a bully (or two, probably primarily the same guy) dominating all of JP's posts with his rude, crude and meanspirited comments.

    Yes, what will end up happening is that more and more people will stop posting on this blog, turning away in disgust.

    We can be civil and calmly discuss the issues, whether we agree or disagree without using profanity and calling names, including NIMBY's. I wish we could put this person right there in the thick of the traffic, right under a helicopter pad!

    All we can do, for now, is to either not post, or to completely ignore the disparaging remarks constantly made by this repeat, anonymous "flamer."

  28. If you build it they will come......

    do you want it?

    better act before it's too late.

    This is not fear's reality!

  29. If Scripps stands to gain so much with this expansion, why can't they do the basic improvements that the neighbors have asked for?

    Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

  30. Yeah, I agree, let's have an intelligent discussion. Keep your rude comments to yourself.

  31. To: November 17, 2008 8:12 AM

    The CITY is the party that divided the public on the Hall Sports Park.
    They told some of the community to design their park and told others that the property was purchased for an active use sports park.

    Jp had a blog on the Hall stuff.
    Read it and you will not agree with your statement.

  32. Coming soon to our City HallNovember 17, 2008 8:15 PM

    San Diego County's pension fund lost $1.1 billion over three months, raising the likelihood of increased contributions from the county government at a time when tax revenue is slowing.

    The losses are almost certainly even deeper than that, as those numbers did not include October's historic downturn in the stock markets. The fund's performance last month is scheduled to be released Thursday.

    If Wall Street does not recover during the next several months, the county government will need to pay millions of dollars more into the pension fund than it paid last year, according to the fund's chief executive. That's because the county is contractually obligated to maintain pension funds above a set level.

    The county's pension fund would need to increase contributions from taxpayers in order to keep up with benefit payments because its plans assume the fund will average an investment gain of 8.25 percent per year.

  33. It looks like Santa Fe will be the new medical cetner for ALL of North County! BOOOO!

  34. We need a bigger Emergency Room, but that's all. I know so many people who refuse to go to this hospital. They need to improve the quality not the size.

  35. 7:46 == we took a vote and we are all going to ignore you rantings and ravings peppered with profanity and tired semi-witticisms and platitudes. So, Salut, Arrevederci, Au Revoir, Bein Te Vu, No Wanna Heara From You Againa, and Adios. You can post, and post and post and strain and strain and strain, but your rancid vile will only implode your colonic domain.

  36. Roundabouts again are the solution to the negative impact from traffic generated by new development. Four new roundabouts to be placed within 1/4 mile span of road, including four highway offramps going south and north and three signaled intersections. I like Formula One tracks especialy with lots of chicanes, so all those anti-speed drivers, nah, nah, nah...if you can't beat them join them... if you can't join them, get them to drive in circles, if they can't drive in circles then put a cement light pole for them to run into, then to hell with them......ha ha hahah ahhahahahahahha.......

  37. Stocked and SabinedNovember 17, 2008 9:20 PM

    I never post on this blog, ever. And I never, ever, give favors for money, well, almost never. And, let it be said, I am not an arrogant ass with my thumb up my nose. Okay, now that we have cleared the air, so to speak, who wants to buy a nose hair from my left nostril which just happened to land squarely on the right fore finger of my counselor, Mr. Sabine, where it mixed in reall gud with his black nuckle hair so's that youse can't really seems to see any disconjuction betweens the real hairs and the alien's hairs. Uyrs trsuly,

  38. Wow- Someones drinking tonight.

    Please don't drive.

  39. don't drive pleaseNovember 17, 2008 9:45 PM

    or you will end up waiting in a long line at scripps E.R..

  40. Scripps poster boyNovember 18, 2008 12:23 AM

    As someone who's life has been saved by Scripps several times, I'll have to excuse myself from complaining on a conflict of interest.

    When I was a kid, I was afraid of one thing. Lockjaw. At age 5 I thought it was the number one cause of death (next to the certain rumour of the Russians taking over). But then I grew up and discovered there are not two but thousands of things to avoid that cause death. But for some illogical reason, I'm less afraid now than I was at 5. I still have yet to meet anyone with lockjaw, or hear an ad on TV asking for donations to a Lockjaw Foundation. And the Russians never invaded either, and where did all those air raid sirens in Glendale CA go?
    But if I did get lockjaw, my prefered hospital would still be Scripps.

    1980 Strep (thought I was gonna die)
    1985 Stabbed through the heart by a theif (did die for 20 min. but the Scripps Trauma Center brought me back. And as my dad said to someone who asked him: "Was there any brain damage?" Dad said: "We can't tell".)
    1999 Bloody nose from inhaling toxic fumes from the Escondido fire. (thought I was gonna die)
    2008 July; Heart failure. Quad by-pass with valve. Feel better now than I have in 10 years.

    But my life isn't full of tragedy and dispair. I won the Big Deal of the Day on Let's Make a Deal on Sept. 23rd, 1975. A trip to London for two. Had lunch last week at Ruby's on the pier with the Cardiffian lady who accompanied me:(Taysay Mo Mo) What a woild. But enough about me...Let the Scripps debate continue....

    I will say one thing. I cannot BELIEVE they fill up that parking lot every day that used to be where that funky stained glass church was. But they do.


  41. I live in north Leucadia. They should build the ER first if that is what is needed, not a for profit office building at our citizens expense. I live here but can not use Scripps Hospital or Scripps doctors because my insurance won't cover Scripps. Many insurances won't. Does yours???? Also, read the EIR before making negative statements.

  42. Get better insurance!!

    How do you think hospitals stay in business?? By profits!! How do you think any business stays in business?? By Profits!!

    This socialist, we shouldn't have to pay for anything doesn't work, just look at Eastern Europe. Backward and 3rd world.

    Long live free enterprise and capitalism.

  43. Good point regarding insurance. Last year Scripps would not take Blue Cross's California Care HMO. This year they do. However, there is an on-going problem with Scripps and health insurance companies. For large employers with multiple sites, whether Scripps takes a particular insurance may not be a big concern. Interestingly, it seems SHARP, UCSD, etc. take most of the insurance companies. The problem is that Scripps' rates are out of line.

    Due to insurance, there is no real free market for health care. We're way past that. BTW, it's the "3rd world" that had a true free market for medical care - the rich get it and the poor don't.

  44. why your City's going brokeNovember 18, 2008 3:15 PM

    Pensions and salaries, that's where the money goes, and that's where the money should be cut to be used for services that people use. Take a look at this, which is not even updated for increases in the last couple of years:

    TOP FIVE PENSIONS (List complied early 2007, does not include last two cost-of living increases):

    Retirement Date=======Yearly Pension
    4/27/05============== $251,414
    4/1/02 =============== $242,226
    4/1/02 =============== $224,292
    2/3/06 =============== $221,407
    12/31/05 ============= $206,212

    TOP FIVE PAID CITY EMPLOYEES, list compiled in early 2005, does not include last installment of multi-year raise for general employees, last two pay raises for police, and last pay raise for firefighters. Also does not include pay increased by dozens of promotions since list was made):

    1. Fire Captain $242,138 *
    2. Fire Captain $212,009 *
    3. City Manager $210,739
    4. Fire Captain $188,844 *
    5. Retirement Admin. $188,393

    Comparing the two lists, it's clear to see that city worker pensions are outrageous. Many are paid more in retirement than in actually working.

  45. That's a mighty gov teat.

  46. Carlsbad anticipates spending $16.5 million on its retirement expenses this year, city Finance Director Lisa Irvine said.

    Encinitas tops 10 million per year for retirment payments. Plus they pay full healthcare.

    That $10 million a year could sure build alot of nice parks and other needed improvements like moonlight beach.

    Cut the fat. Cut the pensions.

  47. Bondi - why don't you just sign your name, we all know it's you repeating the pension message.

  48. You can't be a NIMBY if the hospital is already in the backyard. Same goes for the park. The neighbors support a park, just not a mega sports complex. Duh.

  49. I get it! The neighbors support the park and hospital, if less people can use them.

    I hope one of your family members don't get turned away from using "OUR" park or "OUR" hospital!

    At least, if it's an emergency, we can have them helicoptered to the emergency room - oh yea, you don't approve helicopters making emergency landings at the hospital either.

  50. The City of Poway is building a huge mega sports complex according to the NCTimes. So, why do we need one too? Ship your kids to Poway to let them play soccer.

  51. Better yet, move to Poway!!

    You obviously don't care about our quality of life here.

    So long, farewell1 Plenty of open space out there. Your kids can play soccer and ride a horse!!

    Don't let the door hit you on your way out!

  52. We have a damn good quality of life in Encinitas -- we have fields on which our kids can play soccer and we have a hospital that serves our community. Now, with local globalization, Carlsbad and environs are using us to provide public services on our dime. Scripps bought 50 acres in Carlsbad but are not putting a hospital there --- only MOBs which send patients to us to clog our streets and make us wait longer for doctor services. Carlsbad is building Ponto into a glorified commercial strip mall so they can send their kids to us to host soccer games, and we are paying half the cost of improving La Costa Blvd --- which in its present state doesn't need improving. Are we Encinitas, or are we Carlitas? If Carlsbad is our fate -- ugly, gang ridden and populated by yuppie wannabes, then the city is doing a bust up job.

  53. "I get it! The neighbors support the park and hospital, if less people can use them."

    It's hard to imagine a more irrational comment. Less than what? Less than having no park? Less than how many people use the hospital today? Come back when you've got a bit of a better grasp...

  54. don't forget, every time you shit, it ends up in Carlsbad, every time you turn on a light whitch, the energy comes from Carlsbad.

    We all share resources. So if we can't come to your hospital whell then keep your shit.

  55. 10:46

    Not if Cardiff and Leucadia bond together and secede from Encinitas.


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