Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Solana Center Composter

The Solana Center offers free composting workshops and e-waste drop off events in Encinitas. They also sell subsidized compost bins to residents and work with local schools to start recycling and compost programs.

The Solana Center Composter

Always wanted to start composting but aren't sure how? They are having a workshop at Quail Botanical Gardens this Saturday.


  1. The Solona Center is celebrating 25 years this Friday. That is pretty impressive as most of this country was sound asleep about composting 25 years ago. Happy Anniversary Composters.

  2. We LOVE the Worm Factory composting bin we got from the Solana Center, sold to Encinitas residents at a very reduced price (other nearby cities have variable prices, depending on subsidies).

    I tried worm composting (vermiculture) with a homemade bin a few years ago, but separating the worms from the castings was too laborious and time-consuming and I don't think the worms liked the conditions very much anyway.

    The Worm Factory three layered bins do nearly all the work of separating castings from worms and unconsumed food scraps and are an excellent design for the worms and the humans. My worms now seem really happy (I know, how does one tell?). They go through a lot more kitchen scraps than before, with very fast accumulation of nutrient-rich organic castings. Harvesting the castings without too many worms included is easy and fast.

    I keep a re-purposed plastic milk bottle under the open spigot all the time to catch excess moisture and to collect the best worm-casting tea to add to my watering can. My potted plants love worm casting tea!

    I'm thinking about getting another worm bin. No, I don't think that will make the worm density in my garden problematic, nor do I think my worms will have a problem with another black box showing up a few inches away.

    The earthworms in the soil nearby may have a height issue, though, especially if they see more worm bins on tall legs showing up en masse.


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