Friday, November 14, 2008

Streetscape Workshop Reactions

NCT story: ENCINITAS: Community voices off on face lift for Leucadia's historic corridor

The city has budgeted more than $4 million through 2013 for streetscape projects to enhance the 2-mile stretch of North Coast Highway 101 between A Street and La Costa Avenue.

At workshops held in February and May, consultants presented alternatives that provided for one northbound lane and two southbound lanes along the highway, as well as bike lanes, center medians, additional parking spaces and as many as five roundabouts at El Portal, Jupiter, Grandview, Sea Bluff and La Costa Avenue.

On Thursday night, Peltz and others presented a fourth alternative that they said would save 92 percent of the trees along the route and increase parking capacity by 22 percent. The new plan was said to encourage walking and bicycling, and reduce traffic speeds.


  1. An excellent plan that will be great for the community of Leucadia and the entire City Encinitas. Thanks for all that participated in coming up with this great plan. I can’t wait for phase one to be constructed.

  2. Parking is a major issue for our future. Is designing a plan around Eucs that are at the end of their life cycle and reducing parking options wise?
    Well, it will be a long time before the North side will be started.
    That decission will be make for us in the future

  3. It’s pretty simple,

    The Encinitas Chamber is a vocal advocate and cheerleader for David Meyer and density bonus projects that ruin our local neighborhoods in Leucadia and elsewhere.. Each project slowly eroding the quality of our city by packing in way to many people and way to much affordable housing (11 out of 70 units subsidized by taxpayers in a residential area zoned for 45 homes.) It is not pro commerce to degrade our neighborhoods into cracker jack boxes that game the density bonus law at the expense of the neighborhood.

    The Chamber also wants to keep our Leucadia a “drive thru” corridor so as not to impede commerce in downtown Encinitas.

    Andreen writes “Leucadia tree canopy at risk” “As many as 84 eucalyptus in the historic canopy are designated for removal/restoration.”

    Further he writes that Charlie Marvin supports the eminent domain and closure of Leucadia Glass for a roundabout.

    This ongoing narrative of deception and utter falsehoods as above, is designed to stoke fear is not helpful to finding out the best solutions for the community.

    Leucadia Glass and El Portal have no private property taking issues. Charlie Marvin does not support Eminent Domain, nobody does, and it is simply a red herring that Mike knows will get folks fearful.

    At last nights meeting 92.5% of the existing trees remain, and 1000 new trees are planned for the restoration of the tree canopy along the 2.4 miles. Only one tree, ONE TREE, that has a trunk diameter of ten inches or more would need to be removed if we wanted to keep an existing turn lane.

    That is called preserving the existing canopy and restoring the canopy that has been lost the past 50 years or so.

    Bravo Peltz and the project team for accomplishing this goal!

    Leucadia businesses need more parking, more access to their shops and a design speed of 30mph, Just like downtown Encinitas, so that they too can prosper, and have the district enjoyed by it’s residents and visitors alike, as opposed to being a barren, marginal, dust blown "drive thru" district on the way to downtown.

    …and get rid of the quacky back in diagonal parking, replace with diagonal parking like in downtown Encinitas.

    More parking
    Better access
    30mph speed limit.

  4. I think I may have mentioned a long time ago that Charlie Marvin is not friend to Leucadia. You just would not belive me. And you were stupid enough to make him the Leucadia 101 president. If I didn't feel so sorry for you I would say you get what you deserve.

  5. To:November 14, 2008 8:23 AM

    You do not know what you are talking about. Mr. Marvin is dedicated to helping Leucadia. He has offered his time, energy and wisdom to get input from the entire community and do what is best for the community.
    His stewartship as President of
    L101 Mainstreet is a benefit to all of us.
    Please explain what would make you believe otherwise. Facts please.

  6. The answer to a thoughtful post?

    anon 8:23 gives us a personal slam.

    Mr Marvin and his wife own and thoughtfully restored the Gold Coast Plaza and the Leucadia Beach Inn.

    Two of the nicest and well kept original buildings in Leucadia.

    He volunteers hundreds of hours to where he lives, and where his building are.

    There are folks that love to tear down other people and have a 20 year history of doing so. Hopefully their voices will be known for waht they are.

  7. Leucadian Business OwnerNovember 14, 2008 8:44 AM

    Chamber of Commerce better watch their shit for trying to keep our Leucadian Businesses in the dump. They are starting to act like the Chamber of Anti-commerce

    If they were smart, they would part ways from the two toxic little men being Mike Andreen and Gary Tucker. Both are poison to Encinitas and are giving the Chamber a really bad name.

    Below are the current board of the Chamber. Please contact them and tell them to cease this negative campaign against Leucadia. Most are good people, and I don't thing they want the blowback from our whole community, but who knows. I personally hope it’s just the little toxic men run amock.

    President: Ken Gross
    Wealth Management Associates, Inc.
    (760)487-1582 Fax: (760)230-1341


    Vice President: Michelle Johnston
    Health Insurance
    Cell: (760)994-9924

    Vice President- Dave Peiser
    Peiser Solutions
    (760) 632-0068
    Vice President: Mary Purviance
    San Diego Trust Bank
    (760)807-0351 Fax: (619)525-1705

    Past President: Dr. Michael Klein
    DMD – Dental Office
    (760)634-2082 Fax: (760)634-3805

    Secretary: Joan Faust
    Pacific Coast National Bank
    (760)635-5636 Fax: (760)635-8650

    Board of Directors
    Mike Andreen
    Encinitas First
    (760) 944-8885

    Claudia Carrillo
    San Diego Gas & Electric
    (858) 650-6149
    David DaCosta
    Jamroc 101 Caribbean Grill
    (760) 436-3162
    Dave Brookes
    AIG Financial Advisors
    (858)558-2090 ext. 1044 Fax: (858)558-2021

    Maria Kamon
    MK Productions, Meeting & Event Planning
    (760)943-0558 Fax: (760)943-0558

    Pam Kenney
    Adcentive Group
    (858) 278-9200
    Denise Hardman
    Liberty Mutual Insurance-'Auto-Home-Life'
    (760) 635-1472
    Julie Lee
    Scripps Memorial Hospital
    (760) 753-6501
    Katherine Wichmann Zacharias
    Insurance & Financial Services
    (760)635-0479 Fax: (760)635-0479

  8. Finally a nice plan in which some nice improvements can be made in Leucadia.

    I am tire of spending 20 years of tax dollars and not getting any improvements in our community as millions are spent in every other one of our communities.

    We have waited for over 20 years, It’s our turn for some tax dollars.

  9. BOB-Shut the fuck up!!! Over two hundred Leucadians went to city hall last night to hear the 4th Streetscape project and all we got to hear was your idiot voice yammering about native species. Hey BOB, you are not native to Leucadia, go back to Vista!!!

    Over 100 people attended their first H101 streetscape workshop. Errr where wear you village idiots for the past 6 months??? Glad you could finally drag yourselves away from Dancing with the Stars to get involved!!

    Lynn- join BOB in the SHUT THE FUCK UP club!!!
    Russell - go smoke what ever it is you smoke. The 60's are over and Jerry is dead. Sorry to be the one to tell you that, but life is hard. Grow up!!

    BOB, what are your credentials for telling everyone how to live?? No I don't want to hear about your self appointment to various committees that you create for yourself. What are your credentials for design?? Have you graduated from any major school or university?? Do you have a degree in anything other than being a douche bag.
    Great leaders don't have to shout to be heard. Many have spoken in whispers. Learn something BOB!!

    Most importantly, I had 2 people come up to me and tell me they voted for you and how happy they were that you were NOT ELECTED!! Every time you open your mouth you make enemies. Every time you get out of bed you make an enemy. WOW, what a legacy.

    The 4th streescape project as presented will turn Leucadia into a destination not just a corridor for commuters. Hell BOB you might have to open a 2nd cafe to deal with all the wonderful people that will be visiting Leucadia, that is if you can pull yourself away from being an ASSHOLE everyday!!! But I won't be holding my breath until that happens.

    Now it is up to the city to have the balls to put this project in work!!

  10. Have you ever considered trying Decaf?

  11. Or perhaps anger management classes? Yoga? Prozac?

  12. Education is a good thing. Last night, a whole bunch of people got educated about the Highway 101 Streetscape planning process. Yes, they should have paid attention the last six months, but at least they finally came out and spent personal time getting educated. As someone said last night, the first time he heard about things like reduced traffic lanes, roundabouts, etc., he was scared that the plan was ill advised, but after he went to the workshops and thought about what was being proposed, and why, he became a believer, and asked everyone to keep an open mind.

    Those who are just knee jerk opposed, without taking the time to be educated, are like the kid who gets a scholarship to college, but decided not take it because he/she will have to study, and change his/her life style for awhile. Most people would agree that a college education is a good investment in time and energy. So is this planning process.

    Many of us love Leucadia, but we want to make the corridor more walkable for our families, which in turn benefits business. Let’s do this!

  13. I think either ignore Bob or punch Bob, either would be great.

    Bob the duesche bag looks like he may have found a new girlfreind judging by his recent company.

  14. I was offended by the guy who said "Roundabouts are great - just not in Southern California". WTF? Is he suggesting we are stupid, or what?

  15. Follow the money.
    Why does the chamber oppose the streetscape project??
    Follow the money.
    Why does the chamber send their henchman to make noise at the meeting??
    Follow the money.
    Where was the chamber 6 months ago?
    Follow the money.
    How will the chamber pay the rent on it's bloated visitor center after the city cuts off funding??
    Follow the money.

    Money trapped my and cost me my presidency. Follow the money.

  16. I've been to a few of the meetings and really like what they've done; particularly saving a high % of existing trees.
    My primary wishes of slower speeds and a more walkable, pedestrian and biker friendly road look to be met.
    I understand its less than ideal for some of the individual businesses, and I am a bit concerned about some of the side affects, like traffic on Neptune Avenue, but for the most part I'm really happy with all the work that's gone in and look forward Leucadia getting some of the attention we deserve. If you have not studied the plans, you should. Make your thoughts and feelings known.

  17. Why would the Chamber of Anti-Commerce believe that reducing speeds works in downtown and is not good for Leucadia?
    I find it difficult to believe that this is the view of the real Chamber of Commerce. If this is true, why aren't the board members stopping the spread of untruths and personal attacks that are being spread by those two guys?
    I do not think that this is beneficial to anyone and certainly tarnishes the view of the EncinitasChamber of (anti) Commerce.

  18. Why are we spending so much time, energy and money on funky Leucadia that is fine the way it is? It looks like a subsidy for business and property owners at the expense of the rest of us. How much money will they borrow to build this? How much will they borrow for the Hall property improvements? How much will they borrow for employee pensions? Pretty soon there will be no money for basic necessities.
    Before they spend any money on this project or the Hall property they should build new restrooms and a lifeguard station at Moonlight.

  19. I think it might be wiser to actually voice genuine concerns, questions and possible answers as opposed to bickering??? Just an idea. My concerns are "one lane going north" and "reverse back in parking". Regardless of the traffic report, common sense seems to show that two lanes carry more traffic than one and the latter will lead to congestion and drivers taking alternate routes through the neighborhoods. The "back in parking" brings up a couple of concerns: the exhaust fumes being directed towards businesses (many of which are restaurants) and directed towards the "moms with the baby strollers" and the others enjoying the new and improved walkability. And where are we going to get the money for this endeavor? Lastly, I heard a few interesting pieces of information last night one of which was mention of the sidewalks and gutters recently installed in Leucadia as being "temporary"?? Did the city really just spend that much money on "temporary" improvements??

  20. Yes the city did spend the money on sidewalks that are to be removed when the Street-scape is completed. The Idea was that at least we would have a safer place to walk while waiting the 20 years it will take for the street-scape to be completed if at all. As you well know Leucadia is always the last on the list for improvements and the 1st for high density development like 71 bonus density homes on Saxony. In other words we were thrown a bone with the sidewalks.

  21. This comment was posted on the nctimes article from Mr. Andreen representing the Encintas Chamber.

    It is very telling.

    "what about the 101 property-owners who are attempting to use public money to increase the values of their properties under the guise of 'traffic calming'; what do you call those people?"

    Now traffic calming is a "guise" ? You foolish leucadians traffic speed is not a problem, cut through traffic is not a porblem, it is all a "guise"

    Was the Downtown Encinitas streetscape a ruse that benifite only property owners?

    How come the chamber and Bob moved there if it was and they are not property owners?

    He very adeptly seeks to devide the property owners from the merchants from the residents. Devide and then play one off against the other.

    The paragraph makes it very clear that Mike and the Chamber are out to kill the Leucadia Streetscape project, not debate the merits of the content.

    Downtown Encinitas rocks and all including businesses, property owners, residents and the city have benefited.

    Leucadia will as well. It's all good.

  22. Sure downtown Encinitas looks nice but was is there to do at night but eat Italian food and drink overpriced wine.

  23. Leucadia ResidentNovember 14, 2008 5:11 PM

    Encinitas has shops that are not going bankrupt. Unlike Leucadia.

    If Leucadia streetscape was complete, we probably wouldn't have lost Wade Koniakowsky’s art shop to the walkable Cedros district in Solana Beach and Long Board Ghrotto wouldn't have closed.... the list goes on and on. There goes City sales taxes.

    If we want stores like Just Peachy to remain in business we better do the streetscape.

    Why would the Chief offensive officer and tool of the chamber, Gary Tucker and Mike Andreen, be focusing on making it worse for businesses in Leucadia. Those little pricks should be run up a light pole and displayed as public art.

    Bob- You better watch your shit. We will not run you up a pole, because you'd be smiling the whole way up. But if you don't start respecting Leucadia, you will not exist in Peace in our Sheltered Paradise. You are being very disrespectful to many Leucadians.

    You might want to move to where ever the Chamber tells you to move, or hillcrest because your starting to where out your welcome here really quick. Maybe you should reconnect with your roots in Vista. You will start to notice alot of stink eye the more you hang around those two tiny pricks.

    Hey Chamber Board- Know I know who you are. I thought the Chamber represented all of Encinitas. I didn’t know it excluded Leucadia and focused on keeping the Leucadia businesses in the failure mode. What up Chamber, why are you letting two little pricks represent you like this?

  24. Just an observation...
    Encinitas is being attacked by angry hate-spewing midgets.

  25. There are many, many concerns with the four alternatives put forth by staff and consultants. Maybe the plans are way to grandioso. Cut out new curbs and sidewalks on the east side. Its kinda nice that no cars park on that side while driving north. Maybe leave the new sidewalks and just widen southbound lands into the median?
    I can't understand how having two lanes inbetween roundabouts merge to one lane for the circle turn, then back to two lanes will be better. If one of the objectives it to slow traffic, a cop with radar will work. How many of you speed through Carlsbad? They enforce their speed limits. The net gain from reverse back in parking is around 100 spaces for 2.5 miles. I dont know if it is worth the amount lane space it will take up. The bicyclists need room, lots of room as we all know from one end of town to the other.
    There are a lot of concerns regarding such a huge undertaking that will change our main drag for the next 100 years so I ask that we act civil and work this out.
    Maybe if the locals worked out a plan instead of staff, (one staff member said she only lived here 1-1/2 years) we could come back with a traffic calming, business friendly solution with no new lights or stop signs. And no roundabouts. Thanks.

  26. Mike Andreen seriously needs to be run out of town once and all.

  27. Anon 5:11 - Well said!

  28. There's a word for individual(s) who spew such vitriol anonymously: COWARD. (Wo)Man up.

  29. 6:14pm- YOu sound as dumb as Lynn.
    Move to Vista with Bob.

  30. I feel like all the bitching we did about the enormous tree loss of Plan #1 has paid off. I'm really happy to see that now over 90% of the trees can now be spared with Plan #4.

    Bob was very conscientious passing out a huge two page list of native plants and trees that can be planted (and I'll be googling pics of those cause I'm plant illiterate). I usually enjoy Bob's enthusiam, but I could have done without his negative outbursts during the presentation last night terrorizing the speakers.

    I still don't understand why a nortbound left turn lane at Keno's was not present on Plan #4 last night, because I had taken a picture of it on the latest version of #4 at the viewing at the Library just a few weeks back. There was no notation on the previous map removing the left turn lane from the median but there it was last night.

  31. So Fred, besides Bob's rude bitching like a little spoiled Vista tweeker girl are you saying you like or dislike the current plan?

  32. Hi everybody,

    A couple of quick things;

    If you would like to ask any of the Encinitas Chamber Board some questions, someone has been kind enough several posts above this one. Or, you can write us a memo at, or leave a voice mail 760 753-6041. No need to be afraid, we would love to speak with you.

    On the 84 trees for restoration? As Peder would tell you, there have been a flurry of changes to the 'restoration' part of what was previously Alternative #1 and is now called Plan 4.

    The reduction of the number of trees being 'restored' in all of the Alternatives began to descend right around the time the first E-Blast from the Chamber began decrying the ruse of calling cutting-down trees restoration; until we brought it up most readers did not know that.

    Second, let me restate once more; the Chamber's concern is supporting its Members in this process.

    The reduced lanes, reduced lane size, the realigning of the tree canopy, reverse-in parking and the five roundabouts/choke-points do not appear to the businesses that have signed the petition against Alternative #1 to be designed to increase business.

    This plan was decided long-before the first Workshop when Dianne Lanager chose her project team; specialists in roundabouts. Mr. Burdon travels 280 days a year...teaching about roundabouts. The final results are dictated by her choices of engineering, architects etc...talent chosen by Dianne.

    When we first questioned this Atlernative #1, Mr. Marvin asked for a retraction. The Chamber compared the newsletter article with the information on the City site, and found the article to verifiably correct.

    Marvin demanded an almost immediate presentation to the Chamber Board which did not go well when hard questions began to go unanswered by Mr. Marvin's team.

    Now, is Mr. Marvin a good guy, with a great family and some beautiful properties? Yeah, he is.

    And has Mr. Marvin done a lot of great things in this town? You bet! Why, he and I even collaborated on the Chamber Mission Statement together.

    But we, the Chamber currently disagree both with his vision and his certainly his tactics. And we believe someone needs to stop telling people that Rick Smith and Ray Yargeau are on board with Leucadia 101 and Alternative #1, because they are decidely not.

    All the Chamber has done is ask questions and get the word out to as far east as Rancho Santa Fe Road. 101 belongs to everyone, it is not exclusive.

    Prediction: There will be even more people at the next Workshop at which at least an hour will be another session with the Consultant who will exclaim about how much we all love roundabouts and we will stay on that exercise until we all finally do.

    THat is most likely, Mr. Marvin's Plan. And the City's Plan. But it is not the Chamber's Plan; that is still forming as more and more information becomes available.

    In closing:
    A couple of quotes from earlier posts are curious.

    First, "The Chamber also wants to keep OUR Leucadia a “drive thru” corridor so as not to impede commerce in downtown Encinitas."

    Actually, Mr. Marvin, it isn't 'your' corridor, it is everybody's. And yes, cutting off business to downtown is a concern, for everyone, as sales tax generation is paramount to keeping parcel taxes low.

    Second; "This ongoing narrative of deception and utter falsehoods as above, is designed to stoke fear is not helpful to finding out the best solutions for the community."

    Nothing we have questioned has fostered fear.

    Please feel free to contact the Chamber Board Members listed on the Chamber site. Please don't be afraid.

    Charlie, Mr. Marvin, I am continuing to sign my name to the posts here.

    I think it is about time you did too. No reason to risk Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    Mike A.


    And I want all my friends to be assured. I'm not going anywhere. I will continue publishing every week, every month and the Chamber that is in its 61st year, will carry on.

    And, Yes, the Chamber will persist in our questions about this project as presently designed. Politely.

    Mike A.


    Mr. Marvin, Plan 4 showed 'takings' at Encinitas Glass and beside Mosey's; encroachment or emminent domain, call it what you will, but deny it not; it was there in black-and-white, Mr. Marvin; check it out or ask Rick and his wife, Kathy.

    Sweet dreams everyone. Sundowner Tuesday night!!!

  33. Mike Andreen is in a fairy tale land.

    I can't believe they are taking credit for the tree preservation at the same time slamming Diane and Peltz and Associates who are exactly the ones that worked like crazy, listened to the public, and made the preservation and retoration of the tree canopy a priority in the plan.

    From his post:

    "The reduction of the number of trees being 'restored' in all of the Alternatives began to descend right around the time the first E-Blast from the Chamber "

    Their first eblast is below. What is amazing about it is that it contains no mention of the trees what so ever and is chocked full of yellow journalism.

    The Chamber/Mike is so tuned in a different direction that they did not even know the trees were the higest priority to Leucadia.

    The truth is that through workshops one and two, through numerous public meetings, through input at the L101 table at the art walk and hundres of idividual meetings and comments, including this blog, the desire to "preserve" and "restore" was emerging.

    Mike's insistance still to this day that Encinitas Glass "Burb" I think he meant Leucadia Glass, is going to suffer takings or Eminent Domain is just 100% wrong. I suppose the idea is that if you say it enough it will someday be true.

    Well, facts arn't going to stop Mike because his motive is something entirly different and has been for 20 years. Wirefire, surf city times ect.

    But in case your not boared yet here is their first eblast. Notice the absense of any concerns for trees whatsoever.

    Hwy 101, doesn't it belong to everyone?

    On May 29th the City of Encinitas held the second in a series of
    workshops regarding the North Coast Hwy 101 Streetscape. The workshop
    was attended by 88 citizens. 61 response sheets were filled out
    addressing the three alternatives derived from a prior workshop and citizen input.

    The results/plan developed by those present and already presented to
    the city is Alternative #1

    Alternative #1 was preferred by 77% of the respondents,
    1 northbound lane, two southbound lanes, 5 roundabouts, 1 stoplight
    328 parking spaces

    NOTE: This is Hwy 101 they are deciding about. After two workshops of
    citizens in Leucadia, the 101 Czar and Leucadia 101 MainStreet have
    proposed to the City that there be 5 new choke points/roundabouts
    along Hwy 101, (Pacific Coast Highway) between La Costa Avenue south
    down to Encinitas Boulevard.

    The plan only leaves ONE northbound-lane between Encinitas Blvd. and
    La Costa Avenue that has fire protection professionals wondering about
    evacuation routes and the two remaining southbound lanes appear to be
    reduced in width to accomodate back-in angle-painted parking places
    that bring traffic to a halt in the far-west lane when someone is,
    well, backing in.

    Leucadia Glass ownership believes they've been targeted under an
    imminent domain-like 'taking', a sort of sacrifice for a

    Join us on OCTOBER 1, 2008 for an INFORMATIONAL OPEN HOUSE 4-8 pm.
    NEXT WEDNESDAY about the 5 roundabouts, single-northbound lane,
    backing in parking etc...from 4 til 8 pm in the Encinitas Library Community Room.

    This is an opportunity for the public to view the concept design plans
    to gain a further understanding of the project alternatives. The
    workshop summaries will also be available to assess the results of the
    workshops. Staff and the project consultant will be available to
    provide information and to answer questions. This will be an informal
    setting without planned presentations.

    NOTE: The City financing of this project comes from all five
    communities of Encinitas and therefore residents who live and own
    businesses outside of Leucadia are invited to learn more about and
    participate in the development of this plan.

    Nobody should tell anyone that this is none of their business. Because
    if you are in business in Encinitas, then this is definitely your business.

    There is also another workshop after next Wednesday.

    Community Workshop #3
    October 28, 2008 from 6-8 pm
    City Hall

    The refined version of Alternative #1 and other design options will be
    presented for public comment and feedback. The public is encouraged to
    attend the workshop and be active participants.


    More info:
    Please go to:

    This plan is going forward, but it is based on a premise that Hwy 101
    only belongs to the 88 people who attended the last workshop and
    slightly more that attended one prior. Hwy 101 is a major artery into
    our city and a lifeline to our economy and anyone living here over 15
    years ago remembers what happened to Encinitas west of 5 when Carlsbad
    closed down Hwy 101 for six months.

    The E-Chamber will continue to monitor and report on this issue.
    Please find time to visit the meeting next Wednesday, Oct. 1 between 4
    and 8 pm in the Community Room at the Encinitas Library.

  34. "Bob's rude bitching like a little spoiled Vista tweeker girl"

    Love it!

  35. Can someone please explain how advocating for native species is anti Leucadia?

    If I am not mistaken native flora and fauna predate the western settlements of Eatonville, Merle and Leucadia.

    Planting native species is also a key water conservation strategy.

  36. Hey Bob- If you quick sniffing the crank, you might be able to sleep before 3:30 am in the morning and hold a thought in your head for more than 10 seconds without letting it run out of your diarrhea mouth. You’re rotting your brain, tweeker bitch. Whats up did your new girlfriend Mike A-hole keep you up all night?

  37. Don't forget that blog master JP lobbied hard for a new alternative that preserved the tree canopy with emails, private meetings and phone calls. Mike Andreen can try to take all the credit if he wants but a lot of other people are working hard on a good streetscape plan.

  38. Leucadian Business ownerNovember 15, 2008 7:45 AM

    Dear Mike Andreen and Gary Tucker,

    You really need to educate yourself on the issues and the history of the project before spouting off. You sound like morons with all the untruths rolling out of your head.

    A few comments to try and educate you, so you don’t appear so foolish.
    “Mr. Burdon travels 280 days a year...teaching about roundabouts. The final results are dictated by her choices of engineering, architects etc...talent chosen by Dianne.”….

    Go back and watch the videos of Dan Burden….. his educational portion of the meeting was focused on how making a walkable mainstreet is good for the businesses and the community. He was not pimping roundabouts in any way. The public came up with that as a preferred alternative to low performing signaled intersection. Face it Mike, most people understand that roundabouts are far superior to a signal flashing green and red colors with no logic.

    ” The reduced lanes, reduced lane size, the realigning of the tree canopy, reverse-in parking and the five roundabouts/choke-points do not appear to the businesses that have signed the petition against Alternative #1 to be designed to increase business.”

    These uneducated business owners need to be educated, not slammed mistruths from you and the other misinformed……. The plan is definitely a positive for all businesses , residents, business revenues, sales tax, TOT tax, and property tax. A nice downtown Leucadia would be a compliment to our very nice downtown Encinitas. It would encourage more people to hang out, shop and eat in Encinitas on their days off, because Encinitas would be that much more of a destination.

    “The reduction of the number of trees being 'restored' in all of the Alternatives began to descend right around the time the first E-Blast from the Chamber began decrying the ruse of calling cutting-down trees restoration; until we brought it up most readers did not know that.”

    Reality. All the workshop participants have been focused on preserving and restoring the tree canopy from the onset of the project. Go look at every meeting minutes. Its always the top priority. The design team has heard this consistent no 1 priority and adjusted their plans accordingly. The chamber had little to do with it.

    Its seems more like to me, that the chamber is trying to kill this project because they fear what a successful Leucadia mainstreet will bring in the future. They should realize that it will be good for all of Encinitas, because it will encourage more people to spend time out of their cars, in our shops, and eating in Encinitas because all of Encinitas will be the cool place to be in north country.

    The streetscape will be good for all existing businesses in DEMA, Cardiff, and all throughout Encinitas. The leucadia businesses will be a positive synergy to the existing business, not compition. Secondly, the streetscape will be good for the residents considering we all want a nice and successful mainstreet. Thirdly, the streetscape has a great rate of return for the City. Small investment in infrastructure will return higher revenue from Sales Tax, Property Tax and TOT tax.

    Wake up Chamber and get on board with this very positive project for Encinitas.

  39. Dear Chamber of Commerce of Encinitas.

    Mike Andreen is making the entire Chamber look very unsupportive to the improvements along N.Hwy 101.
    His comments are filled with untruth and bias statements.
    He depicts the desires of the community to improve the unsafe
    unpedistrian friendly and to create a better business environment as an affront to downtown. Would downtown be safe and prosperous if cars whizzed by the bossiness at 50mph? If there were no sidewalks? Your Chamber representative says the Streetscape is driven by a few property owners. Again, Not True.
    He states the Chamber saved the day.
    Not True. The Chamber was invited six months ago to have input in the planning. The Chamber choose to not get involved at that time and did not even respond to the invitation. And now, with out appearing to know the facts and what caring community have been offering, seems to want to kill the improvements needed along
    N.Hyw 101.
    Hey, Encinitas Chamber Members, do you all want to stop the improvement plans for our area?
    If this is what you feel, then I and others will do what we can to publicize the fallacious comments the E Chamber is offering through your representatives and your unsupportive business stance.
    You are being justly defined as the Chamber of Anti-Commerce because of your false, bias, mean spirited statements by YOUR REPRESENTATIVE Mike Andreen.
    I will be forwarding all your representative's comments on this blog and in your publications and see what the the press, the public and the city feels about what roll the E Chamber is playing to unjustly impede positive progress.

  40. The new plan is the strongest effort yet to get create destination and get people to slow down thru our business district and perhaps get out of their cars and walk. We're collectively on the right track.

    Now, if Mike Andreen and Gary Tucker will leave their egos at the door, and quit being so concerned about taking credit we might get this done. There really is no problem with constructive dialog, that makes us and the plan better.

    so, don't worry so much about who brought what to the table, just jump in, get educated, open your ears to others, point out what we may have missed or propose an alternate idea and ultimately this will be a better finished product.

    Get past having your name on the title page.

  41. So let me see if I understand this correctly. BOB cut down a tree so he could print on PAPER a list of native trees. Hmm, me smells a rat!! Is this the same BOB that one week after the election said in his Coast news column that we need to go electronic and that paper signs by the side of the road was not good for the environment?? Yet here he is cutting down trees to hand out lists of native trees. Couldn't you have done this electronically BOB?? Well of course you could have, but you didn't because you are a self serving SOB capitalist pig just like all of us. Yet you embraced the CLAIM of green all to enrich your pocket. So in reality you are a hypocrite!!

    Fuck off BOB!!

  42. (Is it getting toasty in here?)

    To 11:34
    I like 90% or more of the current plan now. And bring on the 1000 new trees ASAP!

    And that was kudos I gave to Bob for bringing the natives list yesterday, not anything anti-Leucadia if that's how it sounded.

    And yes, JP and his bloggers far preceed the Chamber when it comes to announcing interest in saving Leucadia's trees. Were any Chamber representatives at either of the first two Leucadia Streetscape workshops?

    In the mid 90's when Ron Edde was Chamber president and learned Carlsbad was going to mitigate $20,000 to Leucadia Merchants Association for an event, Edded immediately wrote them forbidding to give LMA any money at all, and requested that THEY get the funds for an event they wanted to "hold in Leucadia to help the merchants" called an Oktoberfest. I still have the letter.
    Carlsbad then retracted the offer and didn't give us a dime. And curiously now, the Oktoberfest is held every year but not in Leucadia. So I hope this sort of an agenda isn't some sort of pattern problem that a few heavies at the Chamber can't get over.

  43. Where O where does all that chamber money go?? Follow the money!! Chamber members need to start asking questions of the leadership. Follow the money!! Where o where does all the dues money go?? Follow the money!!

    The closer you get to the money the more the chamber will squirm, follow the money.

    No more blank checks from the City of Encinitas. Follow the money!!
    No more free use of the visitors center. Follow the money!!

    Following the money cost me my presidency, what will it cost the chamber?? Follow the money!!

  44. I to like 90 some percent of Alt.4 plan Peltz listened to the Leucadians who spoke their piece and reacted with a new plan. Sure there's things to work out but 1000 trees and a safe place to walk are good ideas. Mike Peltz did an amazing job trying to make a plan we could agree on and one hell of a job of crowd control while continuing to explain his vision. I think there's far more good going on in the new street-scape plan then bad and was encouraged. Mike

  45. Hey guys,

    I'm moving over to the New Encinitas Blog where I will identify myself by name with any communications there.

    Ian, Bruce, Maggie, Beverly, and especially, Charlie Marvin, you can find me there.

    Mario Cuomo used to say,"When people run out of ideas, or cannot support their ideas they profess; they often resort to personal attacks."

    Many of you believe that the rest of the City sees this workshop project on 101 the same as your buddies in this echo-chamber.

    There was a gentleman Wednesday night on this blog who claimed that 70% of folks in Encinitas prefer roundabouts.

    I pointed out to that fellow that he was in for a big surprise on Thursday........and he was.

    Signing off on this blog and moving east where people can sign their names, identify themselves and find a way to work together even though they disagree.

    The amount of people who attended on Thursday evening at City Hall was an example of how large the disdain is out there in the other communities for this project; of course, I'm sure Peder is telling everyone that wasn't there Thursday that Alt. #1 prevailed...Nobody seems to admit much less acknowledge that a vast majority of the businesses are against it and it was they who came to the Chamber for help after they felt ignored specifically by Peder and Mr. Marvin.

    What about the Leucadia businesses threatened with boycott who have expressed disdain for the roundabouts. How do you think that is going over in the business community?

    I'm sure we would all like to know the results of the survey handed out Thursday night, so under the California Information Act, the Chamber will be securing copies of the sign-in sheets and the survey sheets from the other night.

    For some reason people participating on this blog believe that I am working independently of my board. Nothing could be further than the truth.

    Please fell free to contact the Chamber board officers with your complaints; at least then you would have taken action in the light of day.

    The irony to me is that it was both Charlie Marvin and I, as Surf City Times, wrote $250 checks to underwrite the first Leucadia Nights, that was fantastically successful.

    So many people showed up that night I said to Charlie at the time,"No one ever has to worry about Keeping Leucadia funky ever again."

    How wrong I was.

    The vast array of businesses in the workshop district either are against this plan, or have not been contacted. Some of those who wished to take action against received a visit from a Member of Leucadia MainStreet 101 telling them that their business will be boycotted if they raise a voice against it.

    It is NOT the Chamber who is bullying Leucadia businesses; not by a long shot.

    As soon as we get back the results of the survey from Thursday night; we will make it available to everybody; everybody outside this echo-chamber.

    Goin' to the beach, now.


    Mike Andreen

  46. Bye Mike,

    Thanks for helping make Leucadia great.

  47. Mike Andreen and Gary Tucker have mastered the Straw Man Argument

    From Wikipedia...

    A straw man argument is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent's position.

    To "set up a straw man," one describes a position that superficially resembles an opponent's actual view, yet is easier to refute.

    Then, one attributes that position to the opponent. For example, someone might deliberately overstate the opponent's position.

    While a straw man argument may work as a rhetorical technique—and succeed in persuading people—it carries little or no real evidential weight, since the opponent's actual argument(position) has not been refuted.

    Nice way to say the Chamber's argument is BS.

  48. You roundabouts lovers have rocks rolling around in your head where brains should be. There will never be any roundabouts on coast highway because 99% of Encinitas doesn't want them. You been smoking with Louie way too much. I also noticed that every city in the county and everywhere else in California is installing them. Move back the arm pit you came from and leave us alone.

  49. Leucaidian GrandmaNovember 15, 2008 7:27 PM

    By Bob's Bitch Mike Ahole-

    Don't let the door hit you in the ass. And if it does, its a lot softer than most of us Leucadians would like to hit you.

    You are fricken weasle and deserve everything you get. I hope the chamber kicks you out for trying to further damage Leucadian Businesses and our community as a whole. You Suck and are bad for Encinitas!

    We love a good good bye from losers like you.

    Don't come back now, ya' hear!

  50. Hey 7:07-

    Encinitas installed 3 to date, they work great, and we love them.

    You are so far out of reality it’s scary.

  51. Yeah, the city, with its government employees let three be installed and they all suck. Lots of people want them removed. The reason they have a city position is they are incompetent and can't get a job in the real world. You losers fall into the same catagory, probably not working, on some gov assistance or a trust. Or just lazy. Someday when the real workers strike you will starve. The reason we got three now is you people are like rats, doing your evil deeds when real people are working, sucking up to city staff with your goofy ideas thinking this is heaven on earth. Normal people don't have time to check up on the doings of weirdo's trying to ruin this town. Like I said before, if it ain't good enough for you move back to LA or Texas or Flordia or NY or NJ or the hole you came from. This town was a hella lot better better before you moved here. That kinda tells you something.

  52. Awe shucks Mickey,

    Just because you fuck up the sand tax election and lost don't be bitter.

    Just because you were looking forward to nailing the sand man Steve Aceti if if he lost the election worst than you, don't be bitter because dude manned up, kicked ass and one the election.

    Just because your intelligent guidence of Harriot Sheldon landed her in last place, don't be bitter,

    Just because your buddy boy bob, whom you promised to deliver New Encinitas for if he would do your dirty work and the Chambers dirty work finished sixth don't be bitter.

    Just because your wonderful orchestration of the Harry Eiler, Mike Andreen, David Meyer Jerome Stocks, Quartet writing the score to oust Maggie landed her in First Place again, don't be bitter.

    Just because you and the Chamber did not support the purchase and preservation of the Encinitas Boathouses, in fact tried to subvert it hoping it would fail, after all it was a 1 in 1000 oddws that they woulcd actually do it, don't be bitter.

    Just because you have demonstrated over a twenty year history a well earned reputation in town that is tp be polite, less than your mother would be proud of, don't be bitter.

    Just because your a kept man don't be bitter

    Mike, I'm sure you will make the New Encintias Blog just as succesful as the rest of your pathetic adventures, a long line of failures

  53. Ahhhh Haaaa Haaa Haaa Haaaw.

    Mike the little twerp. Called out for what he is....


    Wow. I bet the Chamber is proud to be associated with you, little whiner bitch.

    You screwed up when you tried to screw the whole community of Leucadia and now you will pay.

    Bye Bye Little Bitch called Mike Andreen.

    You have been bad for Encinitas for a long time.

    You Screwed Jerome, Jim and Doug; when you posted Bob's ugly ass on the windows last election.

    I bet they are happy with you are hanging with the crack baby Bob.

    You have hung yourself on this one Mike A-hole.

    Surf City Times, Little Bitch Likes Money, Russian Wifes…. whatever you like to publish... when it has your name on it, It will be acknowledged as Crap.

    Go to bed early tonight Ms. Andreen, you've been working hard these last few nights and you need your princess sleep.

    Best luck to you in HIll Crest or whatever community will accept you.

  54. Hey Bob-

    Are you awake yet?

    Try red bull. It doesn't have quite the lasting effect of what you were on last night.


    Leucadian Native.

  55. Shit! You guys are harsh. Before long Leucadia will have no friends to left. So far we have lost Dr. L, Mike, the RSPB, and others. If we want our funky part of town to continue to be this way do we really want to piss of so many people that don't live here? Usually the Council has picked on Cardiff. They have not liked those people. Now they might really run on us. Just a thought. You reep what you sow.

  56. What are you talking about?

    Mike Ahole is not a City Leader. He is a little negative pie hole.

    He is really screwing up the Chamber. I feel bad for them.

    Any time he is involved in something, it’s worse off. I am glad he is off this blog.

    As to the others, they departed because of some stupid prop 8 comments. No big deal.

    Since Bob became his best bud, I am glad Bob has signed off as well.

    Leucadia is already getting better from their recent departure and I think everyone at the City will see that as being a good thing.

    I have not read any attacks on the City in any way. I think the City is going the right thing by completing this much needed project. The City is doing a very good job on this project. Thanks to all the good work from Staff and the support by Council and the planning commission.

    Good Times ahead in Leucadia without the little twerp stinking up the place. Yeah!

  57. Bring on the roundabouts I'm sick of straight pipe Harley's taking off from stop signs and signals. Let's face it any moron can negotiate a roundabout if them just pay attention and yield to the driver in the roundabout and drive the speed limit.

  58. Wow - Mike A. is leaving the blog - OMG. We are going to miss you, just like the USA would miss Venezuela, Iran, & North Korea causing trouble and then negotiating with us to “solve” the problems. There are some eerie similarities between the Chamber and those rogue nations – not much to offer, except causing headaches. It would be so nice if they would just focus on their mission – to promote business in Encinitas. Leucadia Streetscape is going to be good for business!

  59. No kidding. Admitting you don't like a roundabout is like telling people you are stupid.

    They are so easy to drive and save millions of hours of people's precious time. Plus their safer.

    The people who I have heard say they don't like roundabouts are usually the one not playing with a full deck.

  60. Whoops. I meant they are safer.

  61. Anon:9:55- You are an idiot! What hppened to Bob being a good guy? What happened to the others? It was NOT over Prop 8. It was over some flamers who don't know shit from shinola. Most of the true activists are in Cardiff. Think of Donna Westbrook, Jerry Sodomka and Dr. Lorri. She is the one who asked J.P., to find out if we wanted bathrooms at Beacon and he posted it.You think she now cares? The City is going to be on our case big time and let Cardiff have what they want. How stupid can you get.

  62. No kidding. Admitting you like roundabouts is like telling people you are stupid.

    They are so such a pain to drive and cost millions of hours of people's precious time. Plus their more dangerous.

    The people who I have heard say they like roundabouts are usually the one not playing with a full deck.

  63. Whoops. I meant I'm a dumb s--t.

  64. I guess we should feel sorry for people that find it difficult to maneuver through a simple roundabout.

    But honestly, if you have difficulty with that small task, you probably should not be driving.

  65. I like roundabouts because you don't have to wait needlessly like at a signal when no cars are coming, and stopping for no reason at stop signs and signals.

    I guess some people hate to have to use their eyes and mind when driving.

  66. You know, I think one or two anonymous "flamers" are blasting those who do have the courage to put their name to their posts.

    You have no right to defame people behind the shelter of your anonymity.

    It did appear that Charles Marvin thought it was "his corridor" and that "we think the La Costa roundabout is essential" at the last Council Meeting.

    Many people filled out surveys at the last workshop. Those will be telling. I do feel that more parking would benefit a few business owners at the expense of residents. These kind of improvements will enrich the few at the expense of the quality of life of the residents, who will be subjected to more traffic.

    Just as there is cut through traffic when I-5 is congested, there will be cut through traffic on Vulcan and Neptune if our historic North 101 Corridor is reduced to only one lane going North. And this increase in traffic would probably be more significant at evening rush hour, when most of the freeway and highway traffic is traveling North.

    I didn't agree with the Chamber of Commerce publicizing and promoting Jerome Stocks as Mayor in "Encinitas First," and I didn't agree with its move from the Smart & Final shopping center to downtown, further impacting parking, there.

    But I do feel it is wise to do a survey of all the businesses affected, and to consider the hundreds of "anti roundabout development" petition signatures that have been gathered.

    If this were truly a good idea, the five roundabouts, and only three traffic lanes on a main highway, then the posters here would not have to resort to name calling and character aspersion to vainly try to "make their points."

    I think one manipulative and angry person is posting over and over. To me, most people would have been quite happy with a couple more stop signs (besides the three way stop at Marchetta), reducing the speed limit to 35, enforcing it, and restoring the already removed trees, protecting the trees remaining. Why should taxpayers pay for more parking for a few businesses? The walkability is already greatly improved. Parking is NOT a priority.

    Peltz and Associates said they would give about a 45 minute presentation, leave the rest of time for questions and "brainstorming" at the tables, where the consultants and staff would circulate. We were left with about half an hour, had to go get a copy of the survey from Dianne, in Council Chambers, as they were not being circulated throughout the Poinsettia Room and the Carnation Room.

    Bob was only trying to advocate for native species. This was supposed to have been a "workshop" and people should have been allowed to publicly express our feelings. At least Bob doesn't wait until he can come to this blog and post anonymously, rudely and deceitfully smearing a select few targets with whom he may have a divergence of opinion.

    The person flaming people here is doing so to "divide and conquer." It isn't going to work.

  67. Save the Canopy:

    So Parking is NOT a priority? I beg to disagree. Parking is a huge issue, and it is impacting business now. I suspect most reasonable people would agree that if you can’t park, you can patronize businesses in an area.

    And you comment about Bob “he just wanted to advocate for native species”. Native Species are fine, and he should advocate for them all he wants, but in a respectful way. Does anyone like heckling when they are giving a presentation? I know that I don’t. The presenters were just trying to tell the story, and in the process clear up all the mistruths that have been spread by Mike Andreen and the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. Fear mongering does tend to increase attendance at these types of meetings, but it not efficient to tell the community lies to get them to participate.

    Peltz had done a great job of incorporating feedback from the other workshops. Please continue to give them feedback (they did change the plan to save 92% of the trees, by the way).

    If you want no change, then just state that and don’t confuse the issue. Your opinion is your opinion, but I live here and I want Leucadia to get some much needed improvements for the Leucadia 101 corridor.

  68. Parking is most definitly a major issue now and in the future.
    This was one of the major concerns many years ago when the Specific Plan was first drafted. It has not changed.

  69. Dear 12:15:

    I mean this with the utmost respect and I bet to differ; You are completely wrong.

    I was in the carnation room and was politely given a survey to complete by a nice representative of the design time. The surveys forms were abundant in all the rooms for anyone wishing to complete a survey.
    They were also very cognizant to make sure they only gave out one form to people to keep the comments equal among participants. The results of the survey will be very interesting.

    By your writing, I believe you may likely be Lynn, the infamous roundabout hater, who regularly uses the label “save the canopy” as a post name. Since saving the canopy has been addressed, you might want to change your handle.

    I am sorry you get confused on how to drive through a roundabout. I know some may think it looks scary, but its quite simple; yield to a car on your left. If you don’t know what yield means, look it up in the CA drivers license manual.

    The beautiful part is 90% of the time when I travel through them, I don’t have to stop my car and save time and gas. The Roundabout acts like a conductor for a beautiful traffic orchestra.

    Considering there are many unforeseen issues that can occur while driving anywhere and you might get frazzled, you might want to quit driving and leave the driving to others.

    The good news is our safer mainstreet will have nice bikelanes to travel, so you can leave your car at home.

    God bless you and I hope you have a nice week.

  70. Parking not a problem? What?

    Where do you thing all of those cars for the high density developments will park like the one next to Caldwell antiques or Moonlight lofts? They don't have adequate parking on site. For the 4 condos and 8 businesses, they only have 4 on site parking stops.

    If not on Hwy101, the neighborhood streets.

    In my opinion, everyone should embrace more parking as a priority, because if you don't add it in the plan, the surrounding neighborhoods will suffer in the end.

  71. To solve perhaps the City should look in to purchasing a couple of the vacant lots for parking.This way we could skip the problematic angle parking and provide the needed parking. As for new construction they should be required to provide their own parking.

  72. If you want more parking, you need to change the zoning, not an easily task given our pro development council majority. Until then, parking is a major issue for the neighboring resident. watch how the moonlight lofts unfold. Parking is a big issue.

  73. Some of the long time business property owners, like Charles Marvin, are paying very low property taxes, because these are determined by the value of the property at the time it was purchased.

    These properties were purchased and developed with limited parking. It is my understanding that Mr. Marvin was in favor of blighting "junky" Leucadia? That he wanted to sit on the board of the Redevelopment Agency? I am very glad the people of Leucaida rallied and Council, under Christy Guerin, did decide not to go through with an RDA.

    The businesses as they now exist can support parking, with some parallel parking along the North 101 corridor. Also, some cars do park across the street on the east side, and are not ticketed unless they are in the bus stop area, across from the Roadhouse, for example.

    Mr. Marvin got an excellent "deal" when he purchased his properties, partly because rents were low back then, and parking was always limited. Yes, neighboring residents are affected by lack of parking as anyone near Lou's knows. However, very little parking could be added at that location, ESPECIALLY if a roundabout goes in at El Portal, next to Leucadia Glass.

    The reason this last workshop was so well attended is the publicity given to it by Rick and Cathy of Leucadia Glass and Ray of Sub Palace. They are also circulating petitions against having the roundabouts and most of the people who attended last Thursday were against the concept of developing more roundabouts and giving up one traffic lane, northbound.

    Most people who attended the 1st workshop wanted to "Keep Leucadia Funky." We do not want to be another "Birdrock, La Jolla, particularly how it is now. When the Leucadia Specific Plan was designed, we envisioned artisans and crafts people living above their shops and studios in lofts. That is NOT what is happening at Pacific Station and Moonlight Lofts where three story structures are allowed, or in La Jolla, where similar mixed use zoning allows greater and greater density bonuses.

    All of these so-called improvements are really development at taxpayer expense which primarily benefit a few property owners who can charge higher rents, and who will get more parking at taxpayer expense, both in money, and in terms of how long it will take us to traverse the North 101 corridor when driving either North or South.

    I am glad that a plan was addressed which would save more trees. I continue to feel that roundabouts make more sense in places such as Mexico where there are more intersections and more lanes involved, and in places that are not historic highways through more "laid back" locations.

    I have also noticed more black dirt than ever at the base of Stone Steps. Yet there are still cobbles when one goes north, past Beacons. Dumping more and more dirt on the beach only helps to armor the coastline to protect private property owners. It is filling in the finger reefs and killing the kelp, adversely affecting surfing conditions. Too much sand does not prevent cobbles from washing in, either! The plan is now that when Pacific Station excavates its huge amounts of dirt for underground parking, this will also be dumped at Moonlight Beach. This should not be allowed without a complete analysis of the sand, and an EIR, not a "negative impact declaration." Dirt is NOT SAND.

    That muddy stuff we have now is NOT sand. Going north to Ponto, I did see beuatiful white sand on their beach, today.

  74. I have read a lot about "no roundabouts" by a few folks here. Keep in mind the purpose of these roundabouts is allow for continuous movement while slowing traffic.

    Setting aside what you hate for a moment, tell me what you would suggest that would render the same result.

  75. Wow- Anon 4:00pm. You lost me. Did you have a point in that garble? It sounded like the same old ranting junk not funk.

    I agree with Left Coast.

  76. Yep, 5:36

    What is the real motivation for the anti-roundabout rant? And what are their suggestions for creating less emissions coming from cars that have to idle up to 5 minutes a time at places like Leucadia Blvd intersection? I'm all ears.

  77. 4:00

    Charlie Marvin's businesses have more on site parking per square foot than most existing businesses in Leucadia (and all of new businesses built here in the last 5 years).
    (and car lots don't qualify as parking lots but I wouldn't put it past some developers to COUNT them as such.)

    Calypso has a little parking, but utilizes the east side of 101 for their vast clientel. A curb should be put there to show people exactly where they can park for our entire 2.3 miles. That alone would create hundreds of new parking spaces in Leucadia without interfering with the trees. I would hope they could work parking on the eastside into the Streetscape, but I don't think they intend to.

  78. Again I have to say, I know why you all moved here, but once you are here why do you want to change the very things that make the area so great? 101 has been here a lot longer that most of you just like it is, two lanes in each direction. It doesnt work perfectly, but what does. Why can't we wait until the freeway widening gets through to Carlsbad before putting in roundabouts? Why can't we pressure council to lower the speed limit to 35 and enforce it?
    It seems that to many of you are jealous of the other areas of Encinitas that get "improvements" and just want money thrown your way. Count your blessings, its great the way it is. Do you really want more snobs coming up here? Keep them where they are, in town, new Encinitas, Cardiff or anywhere else.

  79. Really- It’s pathetic that the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce has become the Chamber of "Anti"- Commerce.

    The last post has it completely wrong. The road doesn’t work. There is one tenth the traffic from 20 years ago. The current road is bad for the community, is unsafe, ugly, dusty, and treeless.

    Why does the Anti-Chamber of Commerce want the Leucadia Businesses to fail and keep Leucadia unsafe?

    I hope the board really takes a good look at their goals and mission for Encinitas. It seems the current leadership of the chamber is heading in the wrong direction and damaging Encinitas as a whole.

  80. You know, we are gonna have to agree to disagree on this issue, but there are a lot of citizens of this town who dont want these major changes to 101.

  81. There was “a lot” of people that didn't want Down Town Encinitas's streetscape to happen either.

    How did that turn out for the businesses, residents, and City?

    Ask Paper Rose or Wade Koniakowsky if safe walkable road conditions with a peacefull charator and parking matter.

    You see Leucadians like Bob setting up his coffee shop were the streetscape is complete, not in old fast, loud, unsafe, junky, dusty, treeless Leucadia's business area do you?

  82. We've been shown that in other cities that reduce traffic lanes, reduce speeds and add roundabouts it improves air quality, safety, walkablilty and efficiency. Either Peltz and other cities are lying to us or not. If they were lying to us, I'd think other cities would have them behind bars instead of praising them.

    I guess it boils down to one of two things:
    Either the people who don't want inovative change on the Hwy BELIEVE it wouldn't be beneficial (for whatever reasons)...or
    the people who don't want change want to deliberately stifle real progress here.

    I'd like to hear any good reasons WHY people don't think it would work if that's the case. I can't find any.

  83. Be happy we forced a 4th alternative that saves the trees. Thank Peltz and the city for hearing the residents concerns.

  84. over $700,000+ a pop, a viable solution? I don't think so. Not for Leucadia. Stop-lighted intersections are approx $200K per intersection. Driving south on 101 through Solana Beach to Del Mar isn't so bad. Especially if the lights are calibrated correctly. I'm all for beautifying, making 101 easier to walk, adding more parking, slowing the traffic...I just don't see round-a-bouts being the answer. One thing that isn't made clear is how the two south bound lanes will have to merge into one lane to enter the round-a-bouts. Any amount of traffic is going to back way up. There is always going to be some idiot who never learned to merge.

    Any one else concerned about the additional time its going to take emergency services to reach the location of a crime or accident scene? If you or a loved one is caught in a life threatening situation, seconds count. The Fire Department can't protest because they are city employees. Somebody needs to speak up for them. Again, round-a-bouts are NOT the answer.

    Isn't this forum a place for people to share their ideas freely? What's with all the childish name calling? Even if you don't agree, people's thoughts should be respected.

  85. Downtown Encinitas already had sidewalks, diagional parking and parking lots. All they did is gingerbread up what they had with a few popouts for planting. That is a WHOLE lot different than FIVE ROUNDABOUTS. And Fred, 101 through Leucadia has always been "blighted". There is nothing wrong with that, but you and the tweeker motels, etc, are the blight. What do you want, carpetbaggers coming in and making it like downtown just so your property values go up at our expense? How much do you pay in property taxes a year? Not much I would think. How much on your earnings? Sounds like redistribution of wealth from the successful to the failed.

  86. You did not give a logical argument for an alternative other then roundabouts.

    Roundabouts will work great. As shown in statistic study after study, over 80% of the population love roundabouts.

    Most people love the roundabout idea including myself.

    We want more roundabouts not more life wasting and dangerous signals.

    If you want to live in a unsafe dusty ugly envirnment, move to Vista.

    Signals are so generic, don't perform well and are ugly. We want positive unique funky change. Roundabouts please!

  87. Anonymous pull your head out of your ass Fred is not the blight you jerk.

  88. Roundabouts are about as stupid as you can get on 101. If they were so great we would definetly not be the first to install them. This is just your pie in the sky idea that when it fails we will be stuck with it when you move somewhere else. I am going to start a petition to have the three we got now removed. They suck.

  89. Last post is clueless. Roundabouts are on Hwy101 PCH route in Birdrock and will be in most Cities along the coast in a few years.

    Signals are as bad as a Carlsbad planned subdivision.

    Open your eyes and souls and accept the benefits of roundabouts.

  90. You seem to be a product of our liberal educational system that if it feels good it must be right and I want it now, now, now. Get over it and get a job.

  91. 10:11

    I couldn't agree more. I was happy they went for #4. That means there's time for #5 or #6. Good things take a while to iron out. Unless you're in some sort of political loop, getting this kind of info out to the public is hard.
    So the chamber has "helped", in a bizarre way.

    BTW, JP, which topic has had the most posts? Looks like we're setting a record here.

  92. Signals and wide roads are a mistake of the past and are not a highlight of America's intelligence or ingenuity. Others past mistakes include massive tract subdivisions, subprime loans, the Hummer H2, the Viet Nam war, and Iraq war.

    Show intelligence with care for unique character, show support for roundabouts.

  93. It might be different if we were starting from scratch, roundabouts could be incorporated into the design and folks could choose to live there if they wanted. But in this instance we are trying to shove 10 pounds of you know what in a 5 pound bag. If roundabouts are so great, move where they are located but do not change the character of our community just because some consultant or staff (not from around here) tells you its close to nirvana.
    There are many faults with them, you lovers just refuse to believe.

  94. Still waiting for that alternate proposal that allows traffic to flow continuously while decreasing speed.

    All you roundabout haters, let's hear it.

  95. Perhaps ANon.4.20 could explain all the faults the roundabouts have. I find the ones on Leucadia Blvd and Santa Fe to work seamlessly. The roundabouts slow people down and most often let you continue down the road without stopping.However I think 3 or 4 roundabouts would be enough.

  96. I am happy we have roundaboutsNovember 18, 2008 6:14 PM

    I love roundabouts.

    A few grumpy people need to open their mind alittle and let the light shine in.

    Life is great. Enjoy It!

  97. Alternate proposal: reduced speed limit of 35 mph enforced by Sheriff.

    1. Change the character of historic Leucadia and 101 forever.
    Its been this way for 60, 70, 80 years or longer.
    2. Private property improvements at taxpayer expense. Sounds like a subsidy.
    3. Each roundabout will be a choke point, two lanes narrow down to one just before entering. Wadda thinking?
    4. Fire and Sheriff will have longer and more dangerous responses.
    5. They will require much longer emergency evacution times for residents. This day will come. (choke points)
    6. Obstacle course for residents just to slow non-residents.
    7. Dangerous to pedestrians. Trees in middle obscure vision. Most drivers only attending to other vehicles, not those walking.
    8. Big trucks get stuck. 101 was designed for truck traffic. They have to access business.
    9. Alternate roads bordering 101 will be negatively impacted with increased traffic warranting more drastic measures to calm traffic. Its never ending.
    10. Reverse back in parking, who thought this up? Let me guess, a consultant of city staff?
    11. Dangerous to bike riders. Ask them.
    12. One lane north just to have reverse diagional parking. Come on.
    13. Roundabouts not required to plant more trees or restore the canopy. Plant more trees!
    14. The businesses people want will always remain. Those destined for failure shouldn't get a subsity. And this is a subsidy.
    15.If your business dosen't have parking now, don't expect taxpayers to provide it. How many businesses are bootlegged in and dont have adequate parking now want us to pay up?
    16. This is driven by a few, namely city staff and their chosen consultants, transplants, the misinformed, those wanting a handout, those in flowing robes, hippies and the jealous.

  98. Not a logical alternative.November 18, 2008 7:04 PM

    "Alternate proposal: reduced speed limit of 35 mph enforced by Sheriff."

    You would need a cop every block for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We can't afford that option.

    without that kind of enforcement the speeding will continue.

    1. Change the character of historic Leucadia and 101 forever.
    Its been this way for 60, 70, 80 years or longer.

    That roadway used to be a two lane road or smaller for longer than a four lane road. We are actually returning some historical character to the historic public road.

    2. Private property improvements at taxpayer expense. Sounds like a subsidy.

    Nope not at all. All Encinitas properties and residents will benefit. What is different about this project from DEMA streetscape or any other project. Sorry Wrong.

    3. Each roundabout will be a choke point, two lanes narrow down to one just before entering. Wadda thinking? wrong the only backup will be at the problem Leucadia Blvd. Intersection. that is the problem child.

    4. Fire and Sheriff will have longer and more dangerous responses. Absolutely not. Plus the street will be much safer so much less accidents, injuries, and deaths.

    5. They will require much longer emergency evacution times for residents. This day will come. (choke points)

    there are no choke points and the safety improvements outweigh a few seconds more of travel time to enjoy our mainstreet coastal route. Otherwise, use I5

    6. Obstacle course for residents just to slow non-residents. I like the roundabouts, they are much better than stop signs or signals. I'm a resident and love them.

    7. Dangerous to pedestrians. Trees in middle obscure vision. Most drivers only attending to other vehicles, not those walking.

    Completely opposite to the truth.

    8. Big trucks get stuck. 101 was designed for truck traffic. They have to access business.

    Completely opposite to the truth. Remember there are 5 existing on Hwy101 and we already have 3 in town that handle all types of trucks. you must either think we are stupid or you are really stupid to even say that.

    9. Alternate roads bordering 101 will be negatively impacted with increased traffic warranting more drastic measures to calm traffic. Its never ending.

    Not with minor mitigation like a few stop signs and such. The speeding commuters will chose to use I5 because it will be faster.

    10. Reverse back in parking, who thought this up? Let me guess, a consultant of city staff?

    Its proven safer. I like it.

    11. Dangerous to bike riders. Ask them.

    I did. They love alternative No. 4. Maybe you should bike in Birdrock and then on our current street. You will know how much safer roundabouts are.

    12. One lane north just to have reverse diagional parking. Come on.

    We don't need the extra pavement as an auxiliary lane for I5 traffic. We are using the area for higher priorities.

    13. Roundabouts not required to plant more trees or restore the canopy. Plant more trees!

    roundabouts have no negative impact to the trees. Tree will be planted.

    14. The businesses people want will always remain. Those destined for failure shouldn't get a subsity. And this is a subsidy.

    I don't agree. The whole city benefits. Just ask DEMA if they enjoy their streetscape.

    15.If your business dosen't have parking now, don't expect taxpayers to provide it. How many businesses are bootlegged in and dont have adequate parking now want us to pay up?

    Once again the whole community benefits not just a few property owners. I don't own property along their and fully see the benefits for all residents and tourists alike. Plus the City makes greater future revenues. Its all good.

    16. This is driven by a few, namely city staff and their chosen consultants, transplants, the misinformed, those wanting a handout, those in flowing robes, hippies and the jealous.

    Completely the opposite. This is driven by the Leucadia community and I believe must in Encinitas understand the benefits far outweigh the costs.

    Please provide some logical reasons why you don't like roundabouts or an alternate suggestion that slows traffic but keeps it moving.

  99. You kinda remind me of a character in the comic strip Bettle Baily, Zero.

  100. Ouch... that really hurt...Wow…. what a flamer.

    Thats OK. I'll take the hit and smile because I know a safe mainstreet with historical character and roundabouts is on its way to our wonderful town.

    Good night Name Caller and I hope your flame thrower gets a good night sleep as well.

  101. What the hell is "Bettle Baily"?

    Is that some comic strip that people in Carlsbad read?

  102. what is so historic about roundabouts? 101 is an old road and should look old but maintained == kinda like Dick Clark. La Jolla Blvd. doesn't look historic at all, it looks like a legoland ride through yuppieville gone beserk. Hardly an E ticket.

  103. I don't recall a blog topic breaking 100 comments

  104. fred (the blight)November 19, 2008 1:04 AM


    Thanks for setting the record straight on all those misleading points that 6:36 is attempting to establish with scarey sound bites. Obviously, a few (thinly veiled annonymous folk) out there are deliberatley being poisonous to our Streetscape and want to keep Leucadia from getting needed improvements. For whatever political reason.

    Jeepers Mikey! Go back to attacking candidates!

    Much love, Fred

  105. Ditto, Fred

  106. Who the hell stays up to 1:04 or 1:09 in the morning? Tweekers, or those who don't work or those who live off an inheritance or those employed by the government (welfare with dignity).
    Let me go to work now so I can pay taxes for your follies.

  107. Regarding roundabouts:

    A great test is Leucadid Boulevard between Vulcan and I5. Go drive that road and you tell me if you like the stop sign vs. the Roundabouts (I like the Roundabouts and wish they would finish the job and install the third one).

    If you think stop signs would be better on 101 - go drive Rancho Santa Fe road where they put in a ton of stop signs - I don't want that for 101.

  108. I lived in Del Mar 20 years ago when they installed the two stop signs on the North end of 101. They didn't work on the first day and they don't work today.

    The one thing they did accomplish is to create a gauntlet that most people don't want to navigate.

  109. Del Mar installed the stop signs to address the huge flow of cut through traffic degrading their community. It worked.

    Roundabouts will work better because the volume remains flowing and the speeds are reduced. Its the speed that kills character, businesses, property values, and people.

  110. Look at the skidmarks on the roundabouts islands today. There are a ton of them. Real safe. It's just not going to work on 101.

  111. There are skid marks on any bulbouts. Thats why there are curbs. People need to wake up or sober up before driving.

    If you can not easily move through a roundabout, you should not be driving.

    Plus, the drunks tend to bump the curbs in a roundabout and slow them down, which is better than bumping and killing pedestrians or children.

    Roundabouts have (already 5 along the Hwy101 coastal route) and will work great in Encinitas.

  112. Look I can drive the roundabouts without any problems and see far less then the rest of you. Is the problem most want to speed down coast hwy? I just don't get what all the whining is about, the new plan saves 96% of the trees makes the Hwy more walkable slows down the speeders reduces noise from vehicles leaving from a complete stop. A roundabout at Grandview would allow a easy left turn on Hwy 101 are there gripes about that to?

  113. 8:55

    Beetle Bailey was a syndicate comic strip by Mort Walker. It was a weekly that was highly popular in all the newspapers druing the 60s' and 70s'. The Bailey character was a slacker kind of guy who was in the military and had an almost Gomer Pyle attitude about him, but with a little Catch-22, that is, when Mort could get away with it.

    I forget who "Zero" was, but that's a great name for any number of people for any number of reasons.

  114. "Who the hell stays up to 1:04 or 1:09 in the morning? Tweekers, or those who don't work or those who live off an inheritance or those employed by the government (welfare with dignity)."

    Nope. Just me and Bob

  115. Qualudeia, Leuquadia or something like that back in the 70's. Someone didn't just think that up without it being based in some facts. This is what you get with what you have left after too much experimenting. Roundabouts are like large zero's, similar to youse guyz. Aren't you afraid of getting stuck driving in the circles? You must love watching your dog chase it's tail, while amusing it never gets anywhere.

  116. Wow. that added alot to the discussion. thanks.

  117. driving round in circles now wouldn't that be fun right a morning rush hour when the hoards of cut thru traffic from Carlsbad are trying to move south to work, round and round and round and round and round and round and round you go.

  118. I agree. Morning traffic will be an nightmare. The whole plan sounds well thought out with the exception of the round-a-bouts. People who live north and south of Leucadia are going to completely avoid the corridor, which in turn will be bad for local businesses. Its hard to believe that business patronage by locals will compensate for the lost revenues of those who are no longer passing through our community.

  119. The majority of those passing through the community at 8am are doing just that. Passing.
    So the argument that commuters though Leucadia are valued customers is not so.

    With the advent of roundabouts, MORE traffic will be able to pass easier through Leucadia at a lower speed. I believe that. That's what the numbers show for infrastructure in other cities Peltz has redesigned.

    I'm for a slower, safer, and more efficient North Coast Hwy 101. Why wouldn't anyone else be?
    * Uninformed (best reason)
    * Disbelief (next best reason)
    * Deliberately derailing
    Leucadia's future for personal
    vendettas. (bad reason)
    * Siphoning monies allocated to
    Leucadia for some other area.
    (bad reason plus)

  120. Tell that to Tom at Leucadia Donuts. Tell that to the owners of Pannikin.
    Tell that to the owners of Captain Keno's.
    Tell that to the owners of A Little Moore Cafe.

    Commuters through Leucadia DO contribute to local business.

    Thanks for not caring about your community. Feel free to continue with your egocentric beliefs.

  121. All four of the above businesses will gain more customers and higher revenues than now.

    Leucadia will be a destination people want to go to, shop, eat and hang out. Not a highway people want to haul ass on and get through as quick as possible.

  122. Leucadia has always been funky motels, gas stations, liquor stores, greasy spoons, etc. I love that! Should the whole character of 101 be changed forever (long past when we are gone) just to make it a destination for locals and tourists. Or is this just an attempt by those who will profit immensely with higher property values? Or city staff set on spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on study after study just for something to do with their time? A lot don't live here or just moved here. (remember Amy) Or outside consultants bent on change for the sake of money. (they would never tell you the status quo is best, there would be no money in it for them) When is the city going to build new stairs at Beacon's? That was promised a couple years ago. How about new restrooms and lifeguard tower at Moonlight? I think staff has ADD or is just bored and wants something to do with all their free time. Its not like they work or anything. Welfare with dignity, just what backers of this plan want for themselves. Before spending any money on these studies, there should be some attempt to secure funding, what's this project going to cost? When's it viable? Are our grandkids going to have to pay for it?

  123. Yes. I would like a mainstreet that I could walk and bike some nice stores.

    30 years ago, there was 1/100 the amount of people here. No More, its crowded. that was what really changed the charactor.

    Since its so fricken crowded, I leaving Encinitas and would like a nice mainstreet so I could spend my money local.

    How are the Leucadia sales doing compared to Encinitas Downtown?

    Maybe you want a shity downtown Leucadia, but I dont.

  124. I suspect Mike Andreen is still posting - he seems so obsessed with the theory that just a few property owners want to improve Leucadia. He is wrong - lots of people want the streetscape to proceed, and when it happens, everyone will be happy with the result.

    I just drove home from PB through the roundabouts at Birdrock and they were fantastic, especially compared with the strech of highway before and after.

    PLEASE - everyone who is still wondering what this strech of highway could be like, go take a drive to Birdrock.

  125. I spend my money locally: Tool Shed, Roberto's, Cabo, Mobil,(bigtime) Leucadian, Royal Liquor, Scotties, Just Peachy, Post Office, Leucadia Surf, A Little Moore, Petite Calypso, Apu' Mexican Store, Karina's, Sub Palace, Leucadia Liquor, Calypso, Roadhouse, Pannikin, Lou's, Leucadia Glass, Juannita's, Harris, but not the Colonics place, Keno's, Hugo's, Encinitas Surf and Rhino.
    I don't need to drive through anywhere to know what I like and don't like, what Leucadia is today is not at all different from 1950, 1960 or 1970. I know.
    When the freeway is widened an extra two lanes to Carlsbad, traffic in the morning will ease up a lot, I can see the difference with it being widened just to Manchester.

  126. And when you say everyone, I think there are only about three of us left

  127. 11:17

    "Commuters through Leucadia DO contribute to local business."

    No, commuters by definition go from home to work and back. Here is the actual meaning according to
    "5. to travel regularly over some distance, as from a suburb into a city and back: He commutes to work by train."

    It's Patrons that contribute to local business, not commuters in and of itself.

    Of course SOME commuters stop in Leucadia to eat and get gas. (not necessarily in that order). But what commuter shouldn't mind getting through Leucadia more safely, quickly and efficiently? And would that inhibit them from taking the Coast route? Of course not. It would encourage them to come here. The lower speed limit would however discourage commuters who prefer to drive like a bat out of hell from coming here and who needs them?

    And Captain Keno's only has one owner (who opens at 6am everyday for the last 38 years and has the best breakfast deals in town btw). Jerry has taken time to review these plans and IS on board with the Streetscape. He has come to the workshops to voice his ideas and concerns. He's even offered to dedicate part of his property if needed for turning points for travelers and emergency vehicles.

    "Thanks for not caring about your community. Feel free to continue with your egocentric beliefs."
    If wanting the best for my community and working for many years to achieve that makes me egocentric, I'm the worst of the worst.

    I wish the annonymous posters who complain about the Streetscape would name themselves and let us know WHAT beneficial things they've done for our community lately and let us know what their ideas are for making Leucadia safer, more efficient and enjoyable in the future. I hope they don't say more stop signs or stoplights. Talk about "choke points".

  128. Absolutly not one additional stop sign or traffic light. It is not needed and can never be removed. A lowered speed limit that is enforced will work. Why have government if they can't even enforce the limit we have now? What makes you think they can solve any problem?
    And living here my whole life, raising my kids, working the entire time, (no handouts or government assistance) paying hundreds of thousands of dollars of property and income taxes qualifies me to have a say on the biggest change to 101 ever.
    You know, I'm not sure which side will prevail in this matter but I feel that I must try to preserve this stretch of road because there is not and will never be another like it around here. Change is not better in this case. We all know how funky it is. I think there are people who envision getting rid of the car repair shops, car lots, rental yards, used window and door stores, etc. But these are all businesses that I frequent. I dont want to see them go. If some of you don't like them you are free to purchase the land and change to whatever the code allows. Or don't patronize them. We didn't shop F Street and they closed. When the Lumberyard was developed downtown they didn't ask for a handout and we got a nice center with new sidewalks they PAID for. If you want to upgrade your property, knock yourself out. Just that will increase sales.
    If it changes to roundabouts a lot of people far and wide will be sad to see it go.
    Off to work.

  129. Sorry last post-

    As someone who was conceived near the stairs of Stonesteps and raised in Leucadia and currently lives and owns a business in Leucadia may I suggest; you might consider educating yourself on the area issues and effective solutions.

    Simply changing a sign from 45 to 30mph does nothing for driver behavior and safety. People will still drive 50 to 55 mph.

    We don't have enough sheriffs in town now; we surely can't have 3 or 4 sitting on our N. Coast Hwy101 making sure people go the posted speed limits.

    The current road was designed straight and wide for 70mph speeds. And thats why people feel so comfortable driving so fast and blowing through our town. The road needs some changes to better serve our community of today, now 80 years ago when flower fields lined the street and there was not 1 million people living in N. County.

    As you heard, the big trees can stay and the town will retain its funky feel. The streetscape will just make it more enjoyable, a little more peaceful, and more safe. I suggest you focus your energy on the specific plan if you want to address the funky feel and business types along our coastal stretch.

    I am with Fred on this one. You few naysayers, give some specifics of what you don't like because you don't make sense. Your rant of “the existing conditions are great” does not address the speeding issues, safety issues, dust bowl issues, and parking issues. Get specific; why don't you want a safer, more peaceful and prosperous mainstreet area?

    Off to drop off a donation to a non-profit for the holidays, then to work, and then off to go pick up cigarette butts along Hwy101 this evening.

  130. I agree with 6:06 -- 101 is a straight stretch of road and with huge trees and classic barriers. It has an elegance and dignity the the newly yuppized Birdrock lacks. If the dust bowl NCTD area is a problem deal with that, but why re-engineer one of the last straight stretches of 101. Use stop signs -- they are also classic. Before living here, we used to drive 101 just to enjoy the funky shops and beautiful canopy over the highway -- because it was something you couldn't find anywhere else in San Diego. Now, it will look just like every other "improved" "streetscape" -- generic, plastic and strip mauled.

  131. I feel somewhat educated about issues regarding the area. May I suggest a group of concerned citizens going to council requesting more patrols to cite speeders along 101 where there is a problem. The fines would more than pay for the officer. Once again, people don't speed through Carlsbad, at least not if they have half a brain. It can be done here before such a grandiose plan is implemented.
    The dust bowl issue will not be solved by roundabouts nor will the hazardous Leucadia intersection.

    May we all pitch in and help those less fortunate. Donations are down at all charities and God will reward those who help feed and clothe the downtrodden.

  132. Speed bumps keep the traffic flowing too.

  133. I got it. Let put in more all way stops on Hwy101 and see how people like stopping all the time like Rancho Sante Fe.

    I bet that won’t go over well. Try all you want, but I don't see Council or a planning commission approving a bunch of stop signs.

    Most intelligent people know, roundabouts are so much better than a stop sign or a signal. Why stop, when you don’t have to….slow to 20 or 25 mph and carry on your way.

    Wow. Some people just don’t get it. Oh well, luckily we have intelligent planning commissioners and council, unlike some of the morons posting on this blog.

  134. No stop signs, Zero.


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