Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Blackout

Police cars blocking off the Leucadia Blvd train tracks on Christmas night 2008.

How many babies will born 9 months from now due to the Christmas blackout of 2008?

ENCINITAS: Thousands without power Christmas night


  1. You didn't get condoms in your stocking?

  2. Geez, a little frickin' late posting this.

  3. complain, complain, complain . . .
    do you know my wife, anon 7:58?

  4. The worst part of the blackout was not knowing if RSPB was okay.

  5. Exactly what was the cause of the blackout, anyway? Heard something about wind,etc? Did not bother us, we just cranked up a fire, lit some candles, and listened to a little music with battery power...

  6. What it always is: moisture invading two transformers. Boom. Heard a rumor that it was a Eucalyptus falling on a wire. But we all know who started that.


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