Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fire Station Update


  1. Is this smart use of our money?December 21, 2008 11:06 AM

    Wow...that’s one fancy building. That place is the Ritz!

    Do the fire crews really need a $6,000,000 million dollar ocean view super swag sleeping quarters and garage for the equipment?

    Could the $6 million have been spent on other priorities that provide more benefit to the Citizens?

    Why do we need trophy stations at each location the equivalent of our trophy library to house resting and storage areas for our crews?

    Should the City really build two more fire stations of this caliber for the downtown Encinitas and Cardiff location?

  2. Just read the 12/19 version of Coast news letters to the editor. Too funny.

    Our very own Village Idiot was posting her rambling nonsense again.

    One thing I know, when Lynn Braun is against something, I am for it.

    It’s great to see Lynn Braun teaming up with the Encinitas Chamber of Commerce. Its shows how far the Chamber has swade from being a beneficial organization for Encinitas.

    I am canceling my membership this year. Go chamber… maybe you could make Lynn your CEO. Haaa Haaaa Haaa!

  3. Livin next door to millionaires never bothered me.

  4. Where exactly is this one?

  5. Orpheus Avenue and Leucadia Blvd.

  6. Tsk Tsk, we all know the real village idiot is Jerome Stocks. Peace Bro.


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