Friday, December 26, 2008

Is Flooding an Issue?

Not that long ago Leucadia's flooding was the big issue at city hall. We were told that we needed a $30 million dollar storm drain and we would need to turn Leucadia into a redevelopment district to pay for it. City hall stopped talking about our flooding, after Leucadians fought against big brother government control and being declared blighted. Did the problem just go away? Was the problem overhyped as part of the redevelopment campaign? Is the problem being swept under the rug?

We still have a pump at Leucadia Roadside Park.

We still have those really weird no parking zones on Hermes, near Deputy Mayor Dalager's house.Years ago staff told me these signs went in because of the flooding and that they would get pulled out after the drains were installed. It has been years since the drains were installed. Do the drains not work well enough to eliminate the flooding problem on Hermes? Did the city just forget to clean up this loose end?

Is the drainage situation no longer in need of attention?


  1. A solution to the flooding should be found before the Streetscape begins.

  2. Nonsense. There is no major drainage problem. Go down the road and look for yourself. We just had 2 good rains and no problems.

    The first phase of the streetscape is for the southern part of our mainstreet which has no drainage problems. The construction of the northern reach is years off.

    All is good in Leucadia.

  3. El Camino Real has been experiencing worse flooding this winter than Leucadia Hwy 101.

  4. No problems? Sure, if you don't consider puddles large enough to cover an entire lane of traffic a problem! Sheesh.

  5. Those puddles last about 1 hour. Big deal. I don't mind them at all. We don't need that second outside lane anyway. Let the water drain into cisterns and drain into the soil.

  6. How about the blackout Christmas night?
    I think that most of Leucadia in an area bounded by I-5 and the 101 between La Costa and Encinitas Blvd went dark from about 6 pm to 11 pm.

    There had to be at least one ruined Christmas party.

  7. The power outage was obviously instigated by Jerome and his pals at SDG&E as payback. We all know that he hates Leucadia. Merry Christmas.

  8. The Power CompanyDecember 27, 2008 7:35 AM

    The blackout Christmas night was caused by forces of nature (i.e., wind). It was not the result of a conspiracy between Jerome and SDG&E (Jerome and God, maybe--but not SDG&E).

  9. It was dark all along Saxony (east of 5)too.

  10. Yeah, Christmas night we couldn't watch TV and had to talk to each other. Now I know why they inbented TV.

  11. Vulcan has a bad flooding problem that doesn't drain in one hour, more like 48 hours with no rain. If that sign isn't necessary, then it's blight and should be removed.

  12. Stocked and SabinedDecember 27, 2008 7:22 PM

    Scamming the Gavel
    Scene: Fifteen fingers down round shots at the Faux Ferny Bar in Cbad
    Stocked (trying to sing): Dannyboy, oh Dannyboy, I long to seeee youse... garble garble
    Dannyboy (smirking): Jerrybomb, hic, aint’s like you won’t be sittin next to me no mores...he....he...guess you won’tcause now youse gets to warm the end of the pilings.
    Sabined (banging gavel): ‘Tension, ‘tension... this here’s order o’the cumberbunds comes to ‘tension!
    (All three salute with the secret sign of the cummerbunds...rubbing abdomen area with left hand and rubbing head with right hand, in opposite directions).
    Sabined: Now, we must all agree to pass this here gavel to the next mayor in waiting with the utmost propensity notwithstanding the lack of ceremony occasioned by the electoral results which clearly did not create the establishment of a secure and thorough trumping of the unfortunates who with no real chance cluttered up our electoral ballet. Harumpph!
    Stocked (with emotion): Glennbobbitt, can I jess have one more fondle on that there stick befores it is rehomed.
    (Sabined reluctantly offers gavel to Stocked and they play push pull with it until Stocked grabs it with both hands, yanking the iconic mayorial symbol from Sabined, his momentous effort careening Stocked backwards, back pedaling through the open door of the men’s room, arms flailing for balance. The iconic historic gavel is launched airborne, spiraling in slow motion up up up and then down down to land on the head of the esteemed What’s My Name Bond who was so cozily sitting behind the stall door reminiscing. WHACK. Eyes rolling in head from the knock, JimBob exits the stall, pants dragging round his ankles, exposing the Vulcan hand salute tattooed on his bum to the horrified customers before collapsing. Our three heroes rush to his aid, flash the Vulcan hand salute and yell “live long and prosper.”
    The mayorial gavel is fished from the toilet bowl.

  13. Hilarious! Thanks for another installment. And Happy New Year, anyway, despite the election results. . .

  14. why would not parking for one hour in the morning and a couple hours in the afternoon on M-F help with a flooding problem? Is that when pumps are scheduled to dump water into that area? Bunch of nonsense.

  15. Maybe we should include water calming for the streetscape.

  16. Are you kidding?!? That's to keep parents from parking there when dropping off/picking up kids at PEC Elementary.

  17. why does that property get special parking restrictions and the other residences don't? isn't that public parking? smells like a rat


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