Friday, December 19, 2008

LTC on the Leucadia Streetscape

Dear Leucadia Town Council Members:

I am writing this letter regarding our streetscape on Highway 101. The LTC Board has been involved in this process from the beginning and we met with Diane Langager to go over the plans before the 3rd workshop. Our concerns at that time were the speed with which a decision was made to proceed with Alternative 1, and the fact that alternative 1 would remove lots of trees.

Also, our Board encouraged Diane to make the plans known to more people. We suggested having the plans at the Leucadia Artwalk in August and L101 was gracious enough to keep their office open so it could happen. There were Board members from both LTC and L101 and City Staff there to answer questions about the Streetscape. Diane also suggested having an open house at the library so that the community could view the plans and have their questions answered, which they did.

This is a very important progression for Leucadia. We do not want to change the character of this community. I think that pretty much sums up how the Leucadia Town Council Board feels. However, we look forward to improvements to our 101 corridor. Please remember that the first phase will start at Encinitas Blvd. and go up to North Court. I think you will all agree that adding more trees and improvements to this area is greatly needed and will be welcomed.

My goal as President of LTC and as an activist in our community has always been to involve the community. I hope that all of you are behind the efforts of the City to improve our corridor so it is safe to walk, landscaped and designed to slow traffic down so people can enjoy our businesses and restaurants. That is what will make Leucadia vital. We are in the planning process now and all members of the community who have an interest should seek out information so that we have a good base of consensus once the plans are completed. You can contact Diane Langager at 760 633 2714. There is also information on the L101 website I have also attached a fact list that was composed by L101 to answer some questions, which have come up during the workshops.

The most important thing to know is that this is a planning process. The consultants and City have gone out of their way to hear the community and everything is subject to change and improvement. I hope anyone who has questions will contact Diane or do their research so that we can move forward as a community with everyone’s concerns addressed.

Thank you to all of you who love and treasure Leucadia as I do. I wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!



  1. Rachelle has a nice soul.

    Well done Rachelle. Thanks for all you do for Encinitas.

  2. Ditto

    Rachelle is a friend of Leucadia.
    Support our Streetscape.
    I saw two letters in Coast News.
    What would create bottle necks are stop signs, not roundabouts. Drive up Leuc. Blvd, Del Mar or Bird Rock. You drive through the roundabouts and stop at the signs. Roundabouts are safer for drivers, walkers, bikes, increase traffic flow even at lower speeds offer landscape beutification and are wiser enviornmentally. One lane going north would allow for the canopy to be restored, increase parking, provide safe bike lanes and allow for a trail on the east side. NCTD is not going to replant trees. All of these issues were brought up when the Specific Plan was drafted and when the public was invited to participate in the design. The city, staff, Peltz and Associates have done a commendable job in taking all these issues into account in the design options.

    Don't be scared. Keep an open mind. It may be different, not bad.

  3. 7:26 - Agree complety. Please put your post in the form of a letter and send to the Coast News!

  4. I completely agree with the above comments. The Streetscape will make Leucadia greener with big trees and safer for vehicles, pedestrians, and bikes.

    I sure love the current direction of the streetscape plan and like roundabouts much better than stop signs.

    Just drive up Leucadia Blvd. and you will tell which one causes the bottle neck and which one you prefer.

    I do recognize that some like the current fast road that kills people and caters to commuters at the sacrifice of our town’s safety, beauty and peacefulness, but I am not one of them. Our business supports the streetscape. Thanks City! Keep up the good work.

  5. Merry Christmas Rachelle!

    Your the Best!

  6. Roundabouts won't be different or make Leucadia unique. They are the rage across America. They are super trendy.

  7. Stop signs and signals are Generica. I'll take a roundabout over some road interest ion that looks like it could be in the middle of Vista or Escondido.

    Roundabouts are better for their qualities.... Its funny when people refer to an intersection control as trendy. Wow... How Britney Spears. Right.

    I will take a roundabout that looks worldly and functional over a Generica signal or stop sign.

    Roundabout are so popular around the world, because they work the best and look great.

    The minority is stretching. Luckily most of us residents know that roundabouts work much better than Signals and Stop signs. Just drive down Leucadia and you'll know why.

  8. And what would you propose over a Roundabout, a traffic signal and stop sign that would cause more mayhem in Leucadia?

  9. Happy Belated birthday Rachelle...woof woof!!

    say "hi" to Barney from me, thanx

  10. I think we need at least 2 more years of public input before a decision should be made. There should be workshops about every three months for the next 2 years. That way people who are not aware of the project now will have a better chance of hearing about if over the next 2 years and with 8 more workshops they should have time to attend at least one of them. We need to make sure all of the businesses, residents, renters, commuters, surfers, tourists, and people who do not even drive 101 but live somewhere in the City limits and pay taxes all have an opportunity to provide comments and help design this project. I think after 2 years then the City can say that they did everything they could to get public input even if it makes a camel out of a horse. Kind of like Survivor, those that attend the most workshops and make it through to the end win. Personally, I love driving the single lane roundabouts and think that if incorporated on 101 with funky artwork pieces in the center island like I have seen in France along with other street improvements, would make Leucadia a funky place to stroll through.

  11. Ahh lets make it ten years..... that’s what the minority grumps would like.

    Hell, its only the best investment in our City, that our tax dollars could make.

    Lord knows, I have been paying taxes in Leucadia for 42 years now and since we incorporated have been waiting for the City to help our problems and make our town a safer place to live.

    First was downtown, second was El Camino Real and opening up the east to funky old Leucadia.

    We have the nicest properties in Encinitas just like Cardiff composer district and hence the highest tax base.

    We have waited long enough. Its time for some Love to your highest tax base and diversified community.

    Phewweee on those that want to make Leucadia the cesspool of Northcounty.

    I look forward to the streetscape to bring peace and prosperity to our Sheltered Island in southern California.


    Leucadia Native

  12. 10:09
    But in 2 years you and many others won't even live here any longer.


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