Monday, December 15, 2008

Other Coast Highway Trees

While the city of Encinitas has seemingly declared war on the 101 trees in Leucadia, especially the Eucalyptus, the coast highway trees in the Torrey Pines and UCSD area are thriving,


  1. How can we fight this destruction? Protest city council? Write city council members? Bodies standing around the trees to protect from scheduled destruction?

    Arborists, can these trees marked for destruction be saved if they are treated and allowed to be nurtured?

    I am sincerely just asking the questions here. Seeing these Torrey Pines pictures makes the loss more dramatic.

  2. Encinitas ArboristDecember 15, 2008 12:46 PM

    Do not fight its useless against our powers.

    People in San Diego and Rancho Sante Fe are stupid

    Eucs are evil. They must come down.

    Now go back to your meager life and pay no attention.

    Every year we will wean out the trees until you have only have 10 year old trees. then we will start the same process again.

    Get back to work and let us do our job!

  3. Encinitas Arborist ROCKS!

    Cut these trees down!

    And please add to the list of stupid people those from Del Mar that allow their Urban Forest to grow more fuel than needed for the inevitable enferno to come.

  4. The super paranoid: Trees mean fire!!!


  5. Eucs are not a good tree for our new canopy. Sad, true.

  6. Eukes are the best canopy tree, Hasbro.

  7. Not fire, enferno; as in DJ Enferno.

    damn trees.

  8. There's something missing in those pic's of old 101 in La Jolla, oh yea, its roundabouts. How stupid of them. I bet they are comming soon though.

  9. I like roundabouts. they are must better than stop signs or signals. I am glad they are in our plan.

    The ones on Leucadia Blvd. and Sante Fe work great. I am sure glad they didn't put in stop signs or signals at those locations, and I am sure glad they are putting them on the Hwy101 in Leucadia.

    Lets reclaim our downtown from the current unsafe commuter hell that now exists.

  10. I like Torrey Pines - they are native, and they grow with mimimal water, but grow fast with water.

    Perfect solution.

  11. Torrey Pines has more eucalyptus trees than Leucadia does.

  12. 7:20

    Glad you brought that up. Solana Beach will get their roundabouts before we will. We may be the last ones on the block to remove our blockages.

  13. torrey pines are not drought resistant like euks...and have more diseases. Euks thrive in So Cal because our climate is similar to their native land, Australia. There are euks planted the same time as the oldsters on 101 in our County that are thriving because they have been cultivized as opposed to marginalized. What we see on 101 is the result of neglect, whether intentional or benign. Look at Rancho for euks, huge beautiful trees that are vibrant and alive. Don't see Rancho systematically chopping them down.

  14. Stop this nonsense talk-

    Big tall trees are a hazard and must come down.

    I down do you job, now don't worry about mine.

  15. "I down do you job"?

    Is language your second form of communication?

  16. the difference between the Eucs at Torrey Pines and Leucadia... maintenance.

  17. Meathead-

    Yes. English is my second language. I am a tree surgeon not an English teacher.

    Now go back to eating your sausage.

  18. Torrey Pines are draught tolerant! There are much older Torreys around than Eucs - at least 400 years old at Torrey Pines Reserve.

  19. 8:01

    I think you mean drought tolerant. Also, Eucalyptus live to be 400 years old as well.

  20. Torreys are extremely drought tolerant and do very well in Leucadia. We have Eucs and they are part of the fabric of Leucadia. I think it would be cool and wise to grow a canopy with 2-3 types of trees (Eucs, Torreys, and ______).

  21. Meathead,

    Can you show us where to find a 400 Eucalyptus?

  22. Kevin-

    Cyress are way cooler than Eucs. The spiritual forefathers planted them in our roadside park.

  23. The cypress have super funky canopies and would be an interesting feature if we had them lining a section of 101. I vote for them to have a place in Leucadia, especially in the road side park.

    Check out the Scott Saw painting on the right bar and the pictures I posted on the previous post.

  24. Big Trees are goodDecember 17, 2008 10:12 PM

    There were/are still a bunch of Cyress along Hwy101 up and down the coast. They should definately be a part of the big tree selection. Plus they don't poison the undergrowth like Eucs do. Poo the Eucs. Yeah for Cyress.

  25. Stop signs would be better than roundabouts. Most people filling out the surveys at City Hall did not want roundabouts, did not want diagonal back in parking, did not want No. Hwy to have only one lane northbound. Also, signal lights are not a good alternative, for they would lead to more speeding. Why were not adding some stop signs and some u-turn lanes an alternative to five roundabouts or stoplights?

    We do want to preserve, protect and restore our canopy.

  26. 8:39- WRONG.

    Most people attending the public work shops do want roundabouts. They work much better than a stop sign or a signal.

    Get your facts straight.


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